tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven's World Ch. 02

Heaven's World Ch. 02


(It is recommended that you view the previous chapters before reading on. These stories deal with several areas of sexuality that some may find uncomfortable in a bad way. If you wish to read on you do so at your own risk. All characters portrayed in these stories are completely fictional and only exist in my mind and those of my readers.)

Shannon woke up happy, which has rarely ever happened in her entire life. It was like a new spark became part of her. The elements twirled around her, invisible to the naked eye, revitalizing her. About a foot from her face was the face of an angel, Lydia was beautiful and only she could see this. Shannon never truly knew the pain in which Lydia held for so long, the pain of loving someone but not knowing how much if at all they loved her back. Now, this day, the pain was lifted. Shannon just lay there, observing Lydia, her best friend and now a lover. Their adventures were just beginning and the first step was already taken. Both of them knew naught where it would lead them, but perhaps, in the back of their minds they would find the key together. It was true; ‘Heaven's World' was a world of new beginnings and of great adventure.

Several minutes passed and Lydia's green eyes opened up slowly, focusing on the face across from her and looking into Shannon's blue eyes and onto her fair skin. "That is the best vision to wake up to. You're face and eyes. I would love to wake up to this every day for the rest of my life."

"Yes, it is a great thing to wake up to. It is going to be a great day." Shannon moved closer to Lydia and kissed her on the lips, her arms slipping out of the covers and over Lydia's shoulders, hugging her tightly.

"It's morning?"

"We must have done more then dozed off. I'm assuming that we woke up briefly to slip under the covers. Otherwise if we didn't do it then who did and what would they think?"

"The door auto-locks if I'm in this room for any length of time. So I'm sure we slipped under the covers ourselves." Lydia assured Shannon. "Besides, if it was someone else they would have a lot of explaining to do."

"I suppose so, so what should we do today?"

"Well first, I think a shower is in order. We must have sweat a lot yesterday not to mention if we just woke up now we used more energy then intended." Lydia smirked. "Then we can get you in some better clothes for mall hopping like we were going to do last night but got slightly sidetracked."

Shannon smiled at the sidetracked comment. "You know who's to blame in that area right?" She smirked. "Yeah, but it wasn't like you were showing any objection to the event." Lydia kissed Shannon.

Shannon slipped her tongue between her lips and licked side to side opening Lydia's lips and mouth. They kissed passionately, playing with each others tongues. Shannon pressed her closer, each of their nipples were hardening.

Lydia pulled away regretfully. "Mmm, there is plenty of time for that. We should leave the estate sometime this morning." She rolled onto her back and pushed the covers down looking at Shannon's naked body, she wanted to touch and slide her hands up and down Shannon's skin and across her breasts and pinching her nipples. She shook her head in an attempt to clear her lusty thoughts from her mind. But she knew it was a pointless endeavor.

"Something on your mind?" Shannon grinned knowingly.

"Like you have no idea, look at you, and look at me. Perhaps next time you can get more leave time but right now, we have limited time to enjoy ourselves together on the most luxurious, expensive and adventurous world in the galaxy. I would love to just slip between your legs and eat you wholly making you cum many times before the day was over and you doing the same to me." Lydia reached out her hand, offering it to Shannon.

Shannon held her hand and sucked on a couple of her fingers that she knew so well from the night before. She could still taste their intermingled juices on Lydia's fingers. The taste was like a highly addictive and sweet drug.

"Mmm, come on, stop it and come here." Lydia said stepping off of the bed and standing on the opposite side. "Let's have that shower." Gently pulling on her arms.

"Nothing sweeter then seeing the water glisten upon your skin. Something about wet bodies is so erotic." Shannon slid over and stood up in front of Lydia, their hands holding each others. Shannon kissed Lydia again.

"Come on, this way." Lydia tried to restrain her excitement of sharing a shower with her best friend. She of all people knew what was going to happen, but this time they will not doze off.

Shannon followed Lydia into the large bathroom. The bathroom had a four person jet-bath, at least a six person shower, two sinks with a huge mirror above the marble countertop and a multi-luminescent light-bar that ran the same length of the mirror. In the corners of the bathroom were large clear windows. Lydia pressed a button on the shower and the water came on and within seconds was warmed to the perfect temperature for both women. Lydia pulled Shannon into the clear shower and closed the shower door, the glass instantly became opaque. The shower had two main shower heads and twelve other shower heads that misted both bodies almost instantly when the door was closed.

The water glistened on each of their bodies increasing the attractiveness of the already beautiful women. They stood for a moment and then Lydia kissed Shannon, pressing her against one of the shower walls. The kiss was passionate and full of wanton lust, their tongues danced together rhythmically and in tune with a song that neither of them heard but both felt. Lydia slid a hand down Shannon's body, gliding smoothly and stopping between her legs.

Shannon spread her legs slightly not diverting any attention from the kiss. She felt Lydia's fingers moving up and down the slit of her already soaking pussy and one of Lydia's fingers penetrated into her, moving in and out slowly with the same rhythm as their tongues. It was one of the most erotic things ever, perfect harmony between both tasks. Shannon's arms were around the back of Lydia's neck.

Lydia pulled her finger from Shannon's pussy, broke the kiss hesitantly and had her hands retreat back. She took a step back and reached over to a bottle and a sponge. She wet the sponge and squeezed some of the bottles contents onto it then placed the bottle back in its holder. She rolled the sponge together and soapy bubbles appeared all over the sponge and Lydia's hands. She leaned forward and took one of Shannon's nipples into her mouth, nibbling and sucking on it gently. She pressed the sponge against Shannon's belly and began to move it around in a circular motion. As she soaped Shannon up she tirelessly paid great attention to her nipples.

Shannon was breathing much heavier then before. Lydia continued to soap everything on her body, paying great attention to her waist and pussy. Lydia released her hold on Shannon's nipples allowing her to move all the way down to her feet with the sponge. Lydia moved the sponge back up and rubbed it against Shannon's pussy which made her shiver with passion.

Lydia moved the sponge from Shannon's pussy and up her belly and to her breasts. She circled the sponge up from the base of her breasts, finally arriving at her hard nipples then spiraled back down and continued above them around her neck, down her back and circling around her tight ass cheeks and back along her pussy. This final pass along her pussy with the sponge made Shannon cum the first time this morning.

Shannon held her position throughout the orgasm and Lydia came back up to her face and gave her another passionate kiss. "Enjoying yourself?" Lydia smiled.

Shannon nodded and kissed her back. Lydia grabbed a wet cloth from a holder and wiped it up and down Shannon's body dissolving the soapy suds. Again she spent extra time with Shannon's pussy and breasts. One of Lydia's fingers pressed against Shannon's clit from beneath the cloth. She stroked her slit many times then pulled away from Shannon's body, placing the cloth back over the holder.

"My turn." Lydia smiled. She pressed her back against the shower wall.

"Gladly." Shannon said lustfully. She took a moment to look at the round gently tapered hour-glassed shaped soap bottle and thought of something. She picked up the sponge and the soap bottle and squirted a couple more drops onto the sponge. She mimicked the way Lydia lathered up the sponge and placed the bottle back into the holder. She pressed the soaped sponge above Lydia's breasts and slowly moved the sponge in a circular motion around her neck and down between her breasts then gently circled the sponge around each of her breasts. She moved the sponge expertly around Lydia's breasts, not missing a spot. Then slowly she went around her arms then down her belly, again not missing a spot. Crouching slightly she soaped up Lydia's legs, moving the sponge up between her legs and stopping just before Lydia's pussy. Shannon edged forward and pressed her mouth against Lydia's pussy, and stuck her tongue in, licking up and down; she caught Lydia's clit between her lips and began to suck on it.

Lydia was breathing heavier then normal. She began to move her hips in unison with Shannon's tongue. She closed her eyes in enjoyment then felt Shannon's fingers probe deeply into her, stretching her and making her approach orgasm.

Shannon finger fucked Lydia, one at first and adding another and another until four fingers were in her. She continued to fuck her and Lydia started cumming.

"Oh fuck yes mmmm, yes fuck my pussy with your fingers." She was shaking and seemed to be losing her strength in her legs.

Slowly Shannon slowed and replaced her fingers with her mouth and tongue. She drank Lydia's juices, licking up and down her slit grabbing what juices she could. A couple moments later she moved away from Lydia's pussy and rubbed the still soapy sponge between her legs. She glanced again at the soap bottle; it was approximately two inches in diameter and about eight inches in length. The bottom of the bottle was smoothly tapered and the design was hour-glass shaped with smooth two millimeter ridges from the bottom to the top.

Lydia started to come back into reality after her flight to the heights of passion and felt another thing pressing against her pussy; it was smooth and felt soapy. She looked down to notice the soap bottle. It was against her pussy; slipping slowly into her the ridges of the bottle began to enter into her as well she let out a moan of intrigue. Her pussy contracted around the bottle and the ridges sent sensations throughout her body, the bottle stopped moving. She had taken the grand majority of the length of the bottle into her.

Shannon looked up to her with a wicked smile on her face. She slowly pulled the bottle back until just an inch of the bottle was still in her. She pressed it into her again this time slightly faster.

The ridges rubbed against her pussy walls again and the sensation was getting more intense. Soon Shannon was fucking her with the ridged bottle.

"Oh my fuck. I'm…. mmmmmm." Lydia jerked violently from the spasms of this intense orgasm, her hips rocked back and forth causing the bottle to continue fucking her deep and powerfully. She released an impressively loud yell of pleasure and started to slow down, spasms darting up and down her spine.

Shannon slid the makeshift dildo from Lydia's pussy which sent another shock through Lydia's system. Lydia slid down the wall and sat on the wet floor.

They both calmed down shortly after and finished their shared shower without anymore incidents. Stepping out of the shower Lydia leaned against the counter Shannon moved behind hugging her, hands gently squeezing her breasts.

"Wow, you fucked me good with that bottle. I would have never thought of using it in that way, it was just so wrong but it felt so amazing. I'll need to fuck you with it sometime." Lydia smiled at Shannon in the mirror.

"Mmm, how about now?" Shannon smiled at Lydia's reflection.

Lydia dropped and arm down and pressed her hand against Shannon's pussy. "Hmmm, you're definitely wet enough." She slipped a finger into her, moved it around a bit and pulled it out and brought the finger up to her mouth. "I think you might need a little more though." She turned around and kissed Shannon. "I think I know exactly how to make you wetter." She smiled.

Shannon looked at her. "Tell me what you want me to do and I'll gladly oblige."

"Get your cute butt up on the counter."

Shannon smiled and sat up on the counter, legs still closed.

"Now, spread those beautiful legs for me, so I can see that oh so wonderful trimmed pussy of yours."

Shannon did as she was told and spread her legs wide for Lydia.

Lydia moved into the shower for a moment and produced the make-shift sex toy that Shannon used on her earlier. She placed it on the counter just behind Shannon, her juices still glistening on it. She crouched down enough to be face to face with Shannon's pussy. Lydia placed her hands just slightly under Shannon's ass and pulled her soaking pussy closer to the edge of the marble countertop. Lydia moved her face closer to Shannon's sex and slipped her tongue out touching Shannon's clit.

Shannon gasped as the not so foreign tongue touched her clit.

Lydia began to lap up and down Shannon's slit, paying attention to her opening and her clit. She pulled her hands out from under Shannon's ass and began to finger fuck Shannon at the same time as she was eating her out. One finger then two, setting a certain rhythm in and out of Shannon's sex.

Shannon gasped once more and began to moan as Lydia's fingers skillfully probed her inner sanctum and the expertise of Lydia eating her out.

Lydia slowed slightly and slipped a third finger into Shannon, gaining speed slowly until Shannon's pussy adjusted to the new member.

Shannon moaned louder and moved with the skillful rhythm, her panting became heavier and it was only a matter of time. Then a forth entered into her, again slowly moving until Shannon was adjusted and moving faster. She could feel Lydia's knuckles slip past her lips and into her.

Lydia could feel that it was almost time and slowed down, gently pulling her fingers and knuckles out of Shannon. She backed away completely for a moment then reached for the bottle. "I think you're ready now." Lydia smiled.

Shannon looked down and felt the fat bottom of the bottle press slowly past her lips. She felt the first ridge and then the second.

Lydia stopped for a moment, an inch of the bottle was already in Shannon, the fat inch. She waited a moment, pulled it slowly out and then pressed it back in to the forth ridge and the second inch which was slimmer. She slowly pulled the bottle out again and pushed it back in, sixth ridge, third inch and held it there.

Shannon almost lost it a few times as the bottle slipped into her and was pulled out. It took almost all of her focus to stay focused and to not let it end too soon.

Lydia gently pulled the bottle out and pressed it back in, eighth ridge, forth inch. Again she held it there.

Shannon moaned as the forth of the eight inches slid into her. Her eyes were glazed over in passion. "Stop babying it and just fuck me with that thing." Shannon blurted out.

Lydia heard the request and pulled the bottle out, this time she pushed it into her faster. Seven inches were in Shannon. Lydia continued the assault, fucking her with the ridge bottle, moving quicker and quicker.

Soon, after maybe the sixth hard thrust or maybe seventh Shannon gave up. She could not hold it in any longer. She bucked against the make-shift dildo. "Fuck…. I'm cummmm…" She went into violent sexual spasms. She was cumming hard and enjoying every second.

Lydia continued the assault into Shannon's sexual spasms, moving the bottle in an out at almost a blur.

Shannon's spasms slowly subsided maybe a minute afterwards. Her breathing was still relatively erratic.

Lydia stopped the onslaught, the bottle still mostly immersed in Shannon's pussy. She held it there until the spasms came to almost a stop; gently she pulled the bottle out of Shannon.

The ridges of the bottle slipping out of her sent micro spasms throughout her body. When the fat part of the bottle was pulled out completely and her lips pressed back together another volley of micro spasms sent Shannon into another orgasm.

Lydia placed the bottle back behind Shannon and went to work cleaning Shannon up with her tongue.

Shannon leaned against the mirror and just enjoyed Lydia paying attention to her this way.

Lydia finished with the last little bit of Shannon's ambrosia, kissed her clit and then kissed Shannon passionately with tongue, letting Shannon taste her own juices. She wanted to stay indoors with Shannon all day, preferably naked, but they had stuff to do.

"Wow!" Shannon said. "That was awesome."

"Now you know how I felt." Lydia smiled.

"I think we need another shower or a bath now."

"Nah, I'll just wipe you down." Lydia smiled.

Shannon smiled.

Lydia grabbed a cloth, wet it and began to wipe Shannon down gently until she was back to being fresh out of the shower. "Good, done, now let's get a robe on you then we can head downstairs for some breakfast. We have a busy day of shopping ahead."

(Check back next time…)

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