Helene's First Time


It did not escape Helene's notice that he had just called her by her name for the first time, instead of calling her Popcorn.

After they finished eating, Helene announced that she was going to clean up and went to use the guest room shower, although she could easily have gone upstairs to her own bathroom. He noticed that she was keeping the sex separate from where her family lived. As she left, she asked him to stay away from windows because she didn't want the neighbors to see that she had a man in the house while her parents were gone. Especially a naked man.

His feeling of domesticity had passed when Helene left the room. He had just had first sex with this girl and it had been great, much better than he expected, but he really didn't know her all that well and she lived a very different life -- and a nice life, compared to his growing up. Had Helene really picked him, after all, of was he just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time? Freddie thought about jumping in the shower with her but he was tired and that suddenly seemed somehow too intimate. He always thought of himself as a player but now he felt like a dirty secret, sneaked in by the back way. That feeling passed, too, and he started to get his confidence back. She wanted to fuck him again.....well, they all did, right? He'd give her a ride that would have her coming back for more!

When he was done, he went back to the guest room, walking quickly through the living room so the neighbors wouldn't see a nude man with his dick swinging. Helene had put the babydoll back on and Freddie noticed a wet spot where she had wiped off the come with a wet washcloth. She was bent over, taking the bloodied towel off the sheet to start it soaking in the laundry room so the spot would get out when she washed it. He came up behind her.

Helene giggled as Freddy flipped the hem of her negligee up and put his hands on her cheeks. His thumbs went into her crack and pulled them apart. She knew he was staring at her anus.

"Freddie," she asked softly, "what are you doing?"

"Just looking at your rosebud," he said. "It's pink and pretty. Want to see how it feels?"

"No, Freddie, I don't," she said, straightening up. "Maybe someday I'll try anal but not now. I just had sex for the first time and I'm still learning how. I just want to take it one step at a time and I'm not ready yet for that step."

Freddie shrugged. "OK. No harm asking." His hands were still on her butt. "Are you ready for a repeat of the first step?"

"Brush your teeth," Helene said. "And put this on." She handed him a condom. He sighed.

When he came back, Helene had fluffed up two pillows and was lying on the bed. "Wanna do me doggie style?" she asked, invitingly. "That way you can look at my butt all you want."

That sounded good to him and after some preliminary fondling and stroking she threw herself over the pillows sideways and hunkered down with her bottom over the edge of the bed. It was an odd position but it was for a purpose. She was really small and he was fairly tall and although it felt great for spooning and sex in the missionary position -- she felt completely dominated and protected by his much larger body -- they didn't match very well doing it doggie. So she figured out that if they were going to do it back to front they had to do it with her raised up on the bed and bent over all the way. It worked. Her babydoll was flipped up over her bottom but gave her a demure look, as if she had been caught napping and seized for sex. Her little flat ass and her pale white thighs framed her pussy, with the perfectly-shaped thin labia he had played with when the night began and her pink, wet entrance, inviting him in.

Angling his cock downward, it still took a lot of pressure to push his cock into her tight cunt. This time there was no hymen to block progress but it took him several minutes to feel her cervix and then touch bottom, this time just a little deeper than three-quarters of the way. She was so tight it was unbelievable. She would have been tight around his little finger.

The mattress gave them a nice little bounce as he pounded her. It felt like his penis was going to poke out through her navel. She liked the position because his dick was pushing right on her G spot but she didn't like it because her clit did not get any stimulation, but that was because the pillows were in the way. She finally decided that doggie had potential to be even better than missionary but only with a guy that matched her size.

None of that analytical thinking kept her from fading into lustful arousal and ripping off a huge new orgasm that left her panting for breath.

"Oh, that was good!" she exclaimed when she could catch her breath. "Now lie down on the bed!"

He did, wondering what she had in mind, and she got on him in cowgirl position. That was even better, because she was in control and because he could diddle with her front. She moved her pelvis to get the most pleasure for herself and to time the thrusts just right and in the meantime Freddie, who didn't mind waiting for his relief this time because what Helene was doing was really hot, pinched and pulled gently on her nipples with one hand and ran the thumb of his other hand over her clit. It didn't take long for her to have her second orgasm and she flopped down on top of him. Freddie's cock was bent backward, still in her. She stretched her legs out, because it felt good on her clit.

"OK, Helene, now it's my turn!" He grabbed her by the shoulders, almost roughly, and turned over with her so that she was stretched out under him, his rampant cock still buried in her. It helped that her vagina was holding on so tightly. Her eyes shone brightly -- she knew she was going to get ravaged now!

Freddie was not a rough man but this was as rough as he ever got. He pounded her little pussy every which way: legs straight, knees up, over his shoulder, angled down, lifting her up with every thrust, and even pinning her wrists to the bed. She had used him for her pleasure and now he was using her for his.

The two orgasms she had were just the beginning. She went into multiples for the longest time, one following the other as Freddie, with staying power from his marathon fucking last night and stamina from a hearty breakfast, kept it up for what seemed like an hour or two. Helene came again and again and again, until she was sweating and her pink blush stopped fading between comes. They only stopped once, to pull off her babydoll. The feel of skin on skin made every move they repeated feel different.

Finally, Freddie had had all he could take. With a grunt that sounded like a strangled roar, he thrust himself with all his might into the little female object of his lust and let loose with the most powerful come he could remember in a long time.

To Helene, it felt like someone had set off an explosion in her pussy -- he thrust up her so far she was feeling a wrench deep in her belly and his dick was lifting her pelvis up by her pubic bone. She felt his dick swell up and throb. Suddenly the thought came into her head that if he didn't have the condom on he would be impregnating her at that very instant, flooding her cunt with powerful semen and altering her body forever just as he did a few hours ago. That thought was with her as she slipped into a long and delicious orgasm that matched his, so the two of them were convulsing at the same time, wrapped around each other, holding on tight, connected by their sex and lust in the moment.

They both drifted back down, experiencing the postorgasmic bliss together, feeling the warmth and little movements of each others' bodies and the sense of fullness.

Helene felt so wet she wondered for a moment if the condom had ruptured, but it was just her body expressing its approval of what had just happened. I want a lot more experiences like that! it seemed to be saying. But for now, Helene was satisfied. So many firsts in her life had happened in the last few hours. She had allowed -- no, demanded -- another person, of her choosing, to change her body physically forever, show her new paths to sexual satisfaction, reveal new things about her own body, educate her about the male body, end forever her girlhood, and make her a woman at last. As the drained feeling that followed her orgasm gave way to an energized glow, she felt alive and bright.

Freddie felt so sleepy, he dozed off holding Helene tightly. She did not want to doze away the morning, so she disentangled herself from his arms and pushed him over on his back, to rest without her.

Freddie woke up about an hour later. He noticed that the room had been tidied up.

Helene had changed into jeans but this time, instead of jeans and a T-shirt she wore a jean skirt with a halter top that was tight around her small chest. Instead of a ponytail, her hair was still down. It was hot outside, summer after all, so clothes that were cool were good and she could at least look female while she did her work. She would strip the bed as soon as Freddie got up and put everything in the wash. She'd take the tarp back to the garage. Then she'd run Freddie back to his bar and from there make her work circuit to the three laundramats. She had already loaded the back of her car with another box of little detergent packets, while he slept.

Freddie was groggy, hung over from being tired, his nap, and most of all his marathon sexual performance. Helene hurried him up. It was getting late. He peed, dressed, and tried to dawdle but Helene wouldn't let him.

Damn, Freddie thought to himself. Could I do it one more time? That was the best sex I ever had! He tried to figure out why.

"C'mon, Freddie Boy!" Helene sang out. "Let's get a move on!"

On the way back to the bar to pick up his car, Freddie tried to make conversation. And failed.

Finally, he said what was on his mind. "Helene, last night was really special. Do you think we could see each other again? Maybe go out on a date?"

"No, I don't," she said firmly. "Freddie, you live in a different world from me. You were really great last night and I'll always be grateful to you but we're too different, you and me. We would never work out, just like David and me would never have worked out. So let's not pretend it there could be a relationship, ok?"

It was the first time in his life that Freddie had been shut down by a girl who wasn't rich. He brooded for a while and had nothing to say when Helene dropped him off. Seeing that he was not in a good mood, she just gave him a peck on the cheek and wished him all the best. No long goodbyes.

He saw her about two and a half years later, while he was driving a cab in the city. She was walking across the street in front of him headed toward the Psychology Building at State. She was wearing a dress and looked happy.

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