Helping Tina


[Note: This story only reflects my tremendous admiration for Miss Turner. She is one of the greatest singers ever, and one of the strongest people (mentally) on the planet.]

I was just finishing some minor repair work on my house when I heard the sound.

I live in a deserted area by choice. My family is one of the wealthiest on the planet, and I grew up in Boston living a life of luxury as a young man. My father insisted that finishing prep school should not be considered enough work for one lifetime (if I wanted to inherit), so I went to medical school and got full training as a doctor. Already I knew I didn't like the pretentiousness of the "lifestyle of the rich and famous", so I accepted a job as a doctor in a public hospital in Boston's poor area. 4 years later, the hospital went under.

"What are you going to do now, Alexander?" my family asked me when I came home that evening. "I have an idea," I said. "It requires the following to happen..."

1 month later, I had $20 million in the bank and was living in Pullman, Washington, while my house was being built. My sisters and brothers thought I was nuts, having "sold" my share of the inheritance for $20 million instead of getting $500 million as my piece when dad eventually would kick it. I didn't need the $500 million, and just wanted enough so that I wouldn't need to work for wages if I didn't want to. I was abandoning most of modern life and returning to a simpler time. The house I was building, on a dirt road in a forested glade 45 minutes from Pullman, would be 5 miles from the nearest neighbor. It would have a television (with satellite dish), a video-game console (PlayStation 2, naturally) and a large refrigerator with separate freezer. They would be the only modern things in the house. Not connected to electricity, I had 4 large generators in the basement with plenty of fuel stocked to generate power: that avoided the problem of power lines coming down in one of eastern Washington's blizzards. I didn't even have a phone.

I did, however, bring my medical supplies with me. I also had a rifle (for self-defense and the occasional deer for fresh venison) and my pickup truck (for trips into town to restock.)

The sound that broke my concentration from fixing a leak in the bathtub was a car approaching. Very few cars passed this way. I applied the last bit of sealant and stepped outside. The road was icy due to a blizzard/ice storm in the morning: it was a beautiful early afternoon, but driving conditions were still dangerous. The car, a beautiful black Ferrari convertible, was having trouble maintaining control. The driver, a dark-skinned woman, was trying to reduce her speed to a safe amount, but on the ice the brakes weren't gripping. I watched in horror as the car went into a skid, then spun and smashed into a tree. It instantly burst into flame as thick black smoke filled the car and the air.

There was no time to think. I raced towards the crashed vehicle. I unbuckled the woman's seatbelt, which was still holding her in, and slung her over my shoulder. I raced away from the vehicle and flung myself and the woman into a ditch as the car exploded, sending glass and shrapnel everywhere. The woman was unconscious, probably due to smoke inhalation.

I took her back to my house, stripped off her shredded clothes, and began to clean her up. It was then that I looked at her face and realized just who she was. I was staring at the beautiful Tina Turner, my all-time favorite singer. Even though she was in her 60's she was in fantastic shape. I had made a special trip to San Jose, CA to see her in her farewell tour several years before. Now I had saved her from certain death.

I picked out the glass fragments from her skin, washed her body with soap and water using a sponge, and applied antibiotic cream to her cuts and bruises. It was while I was doing this that she started to wake up. "Where am I?" she moaned. "Lie down, Miss Turner," I told her. "I have to finish this so your cuts don't get infected." I finished applying the cream, then gave her a sedative, dressed her wounds, and put her in the bed in the main room (living by myself, I didn't have a separate "bedroom".) I covered her with blankets and slept on the couch.

I awoke before she did and fixed a meal: eggs, venison sausage from my last kill, and orange juice. I ate my share, then went back into the main room. She was just waking up. "What happened?" she asked me. "Where am I?" "Your car crashed and burned," I told her. "I was fortunate to be able to get you out." "I don't feel well," she said. "I hurt all over. Thank you for saving me." I guided her into the kitchen and sat her down. "Eat," I told her. "You must be starving. And I'm just happy I could rescue you. You're my all-time favorite singer." I showed her my collection of CD's: all of her albums, and very few others, were present. "It's wonderful to have such a loyal fan," she told me. "You were there when I really needed it!" I smiled.

A few days later, she was almost healed. "Thank you so much for taking care of me," she said. "How can I repay you?" "Miss Turner," I told her, "just being able to save you and help you recover is more than enough." "Don't be so formal, Alex," she said. "Call me Tina." She reached over and gave me a huge hug. "You've been so nice to me," she said, "and you deserve to be rewarded."

She was stronger than I thought she would be. Scooping me up in her arms, she carried me to the bed and laid me down on it. Stripping her clothes off, she posed in front of me. "Do you find me attractive?" she asked. My eyes were almost bugging out of their sockets. I managed to stammer out, "Y-yes, Miss Tur – er, Tina, I think you're beautiful." She walked over to the bed, leaned down, and kissed me on the lips. "Take your clothes off," she instructed.

I did as I was told. She lay next to me on the bed and pulled me against her. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I wasn't about to argue. I put her facing downwards on the bed, moved behind her and began to slowly massage her shoulders, then moved down her back. I took a bottle of edible oil and began rubbing it into her skin. "Mmmmm," she moaned. "That's good."

I massaged her back, then started at her feet and moved up the back of her legs, rubbing the oil in with my gentle fingers. Tina's body was responding to my massage, as her legs spread further apart as I moved upwards. I gave her inner thighs a long, sensuous rub, gently grazing the outer part of her pussy-lips with my fingertips. She gasped with pleasure.

Turning over, she said, "You're quite the expert at massage." "Thank you," I responded. "It helps when the recipient is beautiful." She smiled. I continued my massage on her front, moving down from her neck to her lovely breasts. Her nipples were rock hard, and I pinched them gently, causing her to purr with pleasure. "Keep that up," Tina informed me, "and I may have to move in with you." I couldn't tell if she was joking, but my mind was reeling.

I finished the massage by doing the front of her legs. "Now for the good part," I said, flipping her over. I then slowly licked every drop of the edible oil off of her, from her back to her legs. Flipping her again, I licked her front half clean, pausing to suckle her nipples. I then spread her legs. "Open wide," I told her. I opened up her dripping pussy-lips and flicked my tongue over her clit.

Having been thoroughly heated up by my tongue bath, she was more than ready. A few flicks of my tongue caused her pussy to explode with pleasure, flooding my face with her delicious love juice. I slid my tongue into her pussy to lap up every drop of her nectar, as she clamped her legs around my head.

Finally her orgasm subsided and she released me. "I haven't had an experience that good in 20 years," she said happily. "Now it's my turn." She reached down and stroked my dick to its full 8 inches. Then she spread my legs, got down in between them, and began to slide her tongue up and down on my rod. She would circle the base, then lick up to the tip. I was getting very turned on and felt like I was getting close to blowing my load.

She stopped suddenly and said, "I think you're ready." She pushed me back on the bed and mounted me, sliding her superheated pussy down onto my engorged member. She proceeded to ride me, bouncing up and down while I sucked on her nipples. I could feel my climax starting to build. She began to buck very wildly, and with a yell, of "Oh, my God!" she climaxed hard. Her spasming pussy squeezed my dick, and I couldn't hold back. I shot my hot man-juice deep within her as she collapsed onto me. "That was awesome," she said. "I haven't had a man make me feel this good in a long time. That's why I dumped my companion last month: he wasn't good enough in bed anymore."

"Does that mean you were serious?" I asked. "About moving in here?" she said. "If you want me to, I'd do it in a flash. You proved how good-hearted a person you are by rescuing me when you didn't yet know who I was, you nursed me back to health, and you are a wonderful lover." My heart was pounding in my throat.

"Tina," I said, "I would be most honored to be your companion for as long as you want me to." She leaned over and kissed me.

Three weeks later, her stuff – and the gorgeous Tina Turner herself – were residing at my place. It's been a year since than, and it looks like my favorite singer is here to stay. The lesson I learned: saving someone's life, even a celebrity, sure as heck makes them like you.

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