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Jefferson Gets Some Help


The following is a parody, and is not associated in any way with any television series or its characters.

It was another, all too typical evening. Peg was sitting, watching her latest favorite TV show, and Al was at the nudie bar after coming home, complaining about all the fat women who came in to buy shoes today. And they always wore skirts, not jeans or slack, so he couldn't help but see things he didn't want to see.

It went on this way far too much for Peggy, home alone (sort of), Al either at the nudie bar, bowling, or working, and Bud and Kelly getting ready to go out for the evening. She was sure that Kelly and Bud were getting their fill of sex, going out every evening as they did, but hadn't paid as much attention to her lately as they used to. She wanted this all to change. If they were going out to fuck their friends then why shouldn't she want them to stay with her, fulfilling her needs.

Besides, she had been noticing that Bud has really been filling out in the genital department. He would think nothing of parading around the house in only his briefs. She couldn't help but stare at the outline of what appeared to be, a long, thick cock. She would occasionally grab Bud by the crotch as he walked by, sexily smiling at him each time, thinking of the times they had shared. But it had been awhile now, and his cock outline appeared even larger than she remembered when she caught him jerking off and ended up helping him. Although it had been bigger than Al's even then. She wanted so badly to grab him through his underwear as he walked by, force him to the floor and sit on that cock she knew so well, but restrained herself, each and every time. She thought that when the time was right again, they would both know it.

She needed some relief and was determined to find some tonight. She was just about to call Marcy to come over so she could get some ideas from her, since Marcy was a great one for role playing and inventing fantasies to satisfy, when the doorbell rang. Walking over to the door she saw that it was Jefferson, and let him in.

"Hi Peggy, can I talk to you a minute?"

"Sure Jefferson, I was just about to call Marcy", she said as she turned and walked towards the phone. Jefferson followed her and asked if she could wait to call Marcy for a while.

"Sure, what's on your mind, Jefferson?"

"Well, it's Marcy. She's always creating new, sexy scenarios for us and I wanted your opinion as to what I should do."

"I'll do what I can, Jefferson, but don't you think you could work this out with Marcy, without my help? It seems that you should be thankful that she wants to have sex as much as she appears to."

"I do appreciate it, and it is exciting Peggy, but she's become rather aggressive recently. I'm always put in the role of being a submissive, and I don't know how to talk her out of it. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the role and she never fails to be an excellent dominant, but I would like to take charge sometimes."

Peggy could see that Jefferson was getting excited talking about it by the bulge that was growing in his slacks. She thought that this just might be her opportunity to help Jefferson and get what she wanted, as well. She had always checked out Jefferson whenever he and Marcy came over to visit.

Since he was used to having an aggressive woman, she thought 'What the hell', she would take a chance and make her move. Looking into his eyes, she said "It can't be all that bad Jefferson, having a strong willed woman take charge in the bedroom, is it? Don't you enjoy it when a very horny woman wants you anyway she likes?" as she cupped the hardon she saw he had, through his slacks. She could feel it twitch and swell even more as she slowly rubbed his hardon.

"Well ... uh ... I guess it's not all that bad, Peggy. If the truth be known, I do enjoy being the one who is ordered to please her, but sometimes it just has to change".

Peggy could hear a low moan escape Jefferson's lips as she tugged the zipper down. Snaking her hand inside, she gripped his hardon through his boxers.

"Peggy, do you think that you should be doing that, not that I don't like it, but aren't Kelly and Bud at home?"

"Oh, don't pay any attention to that, Jefferson. We are a VERY close family", she said, leaning in close to him so that their faces were only inches apart.

She found his lips with hers and kissed him, feeling his mouth instinctively open to accept her penetrating tongue. Kissing him hard, forcing her mouth against his, she loosened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and let them slide to the floor. There was no objection from Jefferson. He was enjoying the feel of Peggy stripping him and reaching once again for his stiff cock too much and her tongue playing with his.

Peggy pushed against him, allowing her ample tits to brush up against Jefferson, breaking their kiss and asking him "does that feel good, Jefferson?"

"Oh, yes Peggy .... aahhh, I've wanted you to do that since we moved in next door."

With that, Peggy pulled out Jefferson's cock through the flyof his boxers. She pushed the fly down a little so that it caught below his swollen balls and lifted them out. Now Peggy had him completely exposed and available to her.

"Maybe I can take your mind off Marcy for awhile. Would you like that, Jefferson?"

"Oh, yes Peggy ... oh yes."

"Now, as I said we have a very close family here."

"What do you mean, Peggy? I always thought that the four of you got along well, if that's what you mean."

"Well, that and a little more, Jefferson. Not being as well off as people like you, we have learned to share everything."

With that, Peggy called upstairs. "Kelly, come on down here."

"I can't mom, I'm getting dressed to go out."

"That's OK Kelly, come on down for a minute. I have something to show you."

Kelly came down the steps half dressed in a see-thru baby blue, bra and thong, her legs encased in nylons, held up by a blue, satin garter belt.

"What is it mom? I'm kinda in a hurry."

As she got to the bottom of the stairs, Peggy and Jefferson turned towards her, Peggy still holding Jefferson's swollen cock.

"I thought you might want to change your plans for tonight, baby. See what I've got for us."

"Hello Mr. Darcy. I've never seen you like this, but I definitely like what I see. You're so big. I've always wondered if you were just a pretty boy with a tiny dick, or hung like women like. I see that Mrs. Darcy probably hasn't been disappointed. I'll bet it feels good, mom?"

"Call me Jefferson, Kelly. It seems we've gotten too personal for you to be calling me Mr. Darcy."

Peggy, looking at her hard-bodied, big titted daughter said, "Kelly, I love the way you look tonight. You look so sexy in that underwear."

"Thanks mom, but don't you think you may be a little overdressed? Let me help you."

With that, Kelly walked over to her mother and began to unbutton Peg's flowered, silk blouse. She paused as she unbuttoned the last button, sliding her hands up to caress Peggy's firm tits in her lacey bra. Flicking her fingers over Peg's hardening nipples, she smiles and reaches up and kisses her mother, opening her lips to let Peggy's tongue find its way into her mouth.

They could hear Jefferson's heavier breathing as he watched his neighbors. Kelly slid one hand down and replaced her mother's hand with hers, wrapping it tightly around Jefferson's cock. She started stroking him as Peggy shed her blouse, and then bra. Her tits stood proudly; even though she is not the teenager she once was, like Kelly. She slid her fingers in the waistband of her Spandex pants sliding them down slowly watching Jefferson's expression as she did. She could tell that he was unmistakably theirs for the evening. Stepping out of her pants, she stood there naked, since she never did wear panties.

Peggy moved over, behind Kelly, and undid Kelly's front-opening bra, cupping her daughter's tits as the bra opened. She pressed up against Kelly, pressing her tits into Kelly's back as she tweaked Kelly's hard nipples. All the time looking directly into Jefferson's eyes, seeing the raw desire they were creating in him.

"Take off his shirt, Kelly. I want us to all be comfortable."

Kelly let go of Jefferson's cock and began to unbutton his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders and taking it off completely. Jefferson stood there, naked, except for his boxers, which really didn't hide anything, as his cock and balls were exposed.

Kelly led Jefferson over to the sofa by his cock and pushed Jefferson backwards so that he sat on the sofa looking up at his two neighbors. Peggy slid her fingers inside the waistband of Kelly's thong, and quickly stripped it off her.

Looking at Jefferson, she said "You've always wanted to see Kelly like this, haven't you? I saw the look in your eyes when you first moved in next door, checking out Kelly whenever you could, watching her tight ass and ample tits. I could see that she aroused you by the bulge in your pants whenever you saw her, wanting to play with those tits of her's and get in her panties. You like her tits, don't you Jefferson?"

"Oh yes, Peggy. I do love looking at Kelly. She has always been the forbidden, young teenager next door that I've wanted to get inside."

"You want to fuck my daughter, eh? Does Marcy know about this?"

"Actually, she does. We talked about your family one night when we were in bed, and we both realized we wanted to play with Kelly and Bud, and really you and Al, too."

"Well, that's good to know! I've always wondered what you and Marcy would be like in bed. I'm glad to hear that she might want me and Kelly in her bed, as well as Al and Bud. I've always thought she had the hots for Bud and I've always been attracted to a slutty woman myself. I'll bet she's as much of a whore in bed, as I think she may be. Is she, Jefferson?"

"Yeah she is, Peggy. She can go from the prim and proper bank executive to a slutty whore behind closed doors. She's even thought of inviting the four of you to join us some nights. I know she would like to get into Kelly's panties and wonders if Bud is as hung as she suspects. Actually, I was wondering the same. I've seen Bud in the yard and it looked like he was well endowed from the bulge in his shorts and you know I've always wanted to fuck Kelly."

As Jefferson related these tidbits to Peggy and Kelly, Kelly was getting more and more turned on, thinking of being the meat in a Marcy/Jefferson sandwich. As Jefferson spoke, she knelt between his legs, slid her hands up his thighs, letting her nails lightly trace the path. She could see Jefferson's cock begin to twitch as she did, and noticed his pre-cum on the tip of his cock.

She lowered her head and licked the underside of his cock with her warm tongue. It was almost too much for Jefferson. He lifted his hips; as to try get find Kelly's mouth with his prick. But Kelly kept him just far enough away so as to tease him, occasionally flicking her tongue over his dickhead and on the swollen vein of his prick.

Peggy kneeled on the sofa next to Jefferson and fed him her right tit, that he eagerly took in his mouth, letting his tongue trace a path around Peggy's hard nipple. He lightly took her nipple between his teeth and Peggy leaned into him, wishing he could swallow her breast as she did.

Meanwhile Kelly was slipping the head of Jefferson's cock between her lips, teasing him, know that he wanted her to take it deep into her mouth. Letting loose of Peggy's tit for a moment, he begged Kelly to take him in deeper. "Suck me, Kelly. Please, take it all in that fucking mouth of yours. Please, Kelly, I need you to suck me off."

Peggy was even more turned on now, hearing Jefferson beg her daughter to suck his cock until he came.

"You like the way Kelly sucks cock, don't you? She's had plenty of opportunity to practice in this family the last couple of years. She's only 20, but she's probably the best in the neighborhood. Just ask Al and Bud. They'll tell you."

Peggy leaned down and forced her mouth over his and drove her tongue as deep as it would go into his mouth as Kelly sucked almost the full length of his 8" cock into her mouth. Jefferson ground his mouth against Peggy's as he lifted his hips off the sofa to try and get deeper into Kelly's willing mouth. Kelly bobbed up and down on his cock, hearing him start to moan even louder now.

Peggy pulled her mouth away from his. "Fuck her mouth big boy. Fuck Kelly's mouth good and hard."

Jefferson tried as best he could to force his swollen cock into Kelly's mouth as Kelly took even more of him into her mouth. Suddenly, Jefferson's hips began to involuntarily shake, as he felt the cum making its way to Kelly's mouth.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH .... Suck me baby .... suck me ... AAAAHHHHHHH" Jefferson cried, as he emptied his load into the Kelly's willing mouth. She didn't miss a beat, taking all of his sticky cum into her mouth, swallowing most of it.

Peggy leaned down and kissed Kelly deeply, tasting Jefferson's cum as she did. They French-kissed for what seemed an eternity, with Jefferson watching them intently, wondering how long they have been this close.

"Now do me, mommy. I'm so hot. Sucking off Mr. Darcy has gotten me REALLY needing some satisfaction myself."

"Come here, baby", Peg said, as she sat on the edge of the sofa.

Kelly stood and moved between Peggy's spread legs so that her mound was only inches from her mother's mouth, as Peg sat next to Jefferson on the sofa. Peggy grabbed her daughter's firm ass in her hands and pulled her pussy to her lips. Peggy could hear a gasp as her tongue first met Kelly's soaking wet pussy. "Ah yes, mommy.... that feels so good."

Peggy kneaded Kelly's ass cheeks as she buried her tongue into Kelly's cunt, withdrawing and flicking the tip of her tongue over Kelly's swollen clit. "Harder mommy, harder. I'm so hot!" Kelly yelled as she wove her fingers into her mother's hair, forcing Peggy's mouth into her pussy as Peggy slid a finger in and out of Kelly and sucked her furiously.

As Peggy continued to lick Kelly's pussy, Jefferson started to stroke his limp cock, trying to get it hard again.

No one heard the basement door open as Bud walked into the living room. Witnessing the sight before him, his hand automatically dropped to his crotch, where he began rubbing his cock through his sweats. He was glad he was wearing them because they were loose and allowed him better access to his cock, as he never wore underwear below them.

He moved closer to the sofa and saw that his neighbor, Jefferson, was beginning to get a hardon after cumming in Kelly's mouth. Bud liked the look of a guy stroking his cock. He had done it so many times himself, even getting caught jerking off by EVERYONE in the family. And getting their help when he was "caught".

Bud walked over to the sofa, watching his mother eat out Kelly, who was groaning louder and louder.

Sitting on the opposite side of Jefferson, he continued stroking his cock through his sweats with one hand, while he reached out with the other and encouraged Jefferson to allow him to take over what Jefferson had started. Jefferson was only too willing and moaned as Bud wrapped his fingers around Jefferson's swelling dick. Jefferson could see the outline of Bud's cock through his sweats and gulped, as it looked to be a good 9 or 10 inches, and very thick. Jefferson and Bud were straight, but they both liked the way a hard cock felt in their hands, whether it be theirs or someone else's. And there was something powerful about having control over a guy ... all by using his cock. Jefferson couldn't help but place his hand over Bud's hard cock, feeling the size of it through his sweats.

Peggy could see out of the corner of her eye that Bud had come into the room and was stroking Jefferson's cock while she ate Kelly. She got even more excited and gripped her daughter's ass even tighter forcing her so hard against her mouth she couldn't breathe. She didn't have to worry about breathing as Kelly erupted in the strongest orgasm Peggy remembers her having. Pulling away from her mother, she collapsed to her knees, breathing heavily and smiling, know that her mother had not let her down, but brought her to a fantastic orgasm.

Kelly looked over at Bud and said, "Hi Bud, you should have been here earlier, but I see you have things well in hand. And you too, Jefferson. Bud has a nice cock, doesn't he?"

"Well Jefferson, we never really discussed what you wanted when you came over. I hope you don't mind. I do have an idea, or two that might help, though. We can discuss it later, if that's alright with you. It seems that you're enjoying Bud's attention right now. He's good at that, isn't he? He never got any complaints from Al. Sometimes he'll just come into our bedroom and jerk off Al while I watch, giving him instructions and encouragement, but not having the opportunity to stuff that meat in me. I think he then goes to Kelly's room and fucks the hell out of her, if she's in for the evening. I always wanted him to stay and fuck me while Al watched us, but he hasn't, YET. Oh, well. We're a very loving family, believe it or not"

Jefferson nodded, not really being able to speak all that well, having just witnessed Peggy eating out her daughter, the feel of Bud pumping his cock ever so slowly and seductively and the feel of Bud's huge cock in his hand. Kelly had regained her composure, a little, and was unconsciously caressing the inside of Jefferson's legs as Bud played with him.

Peggy got up and knelt next to Kelly spreading Bud's legs as she did. It was going to be the night Peggy had wanted, after all.

To be continued...

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