tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHema Malini: An Anthology Ch. 01

Hema Malini: An Anthology Ch. 01


Those who have seen Baghban would definitely be thinking, "How the hell did Hema Malini look so fucking young? Was it a facelift? Was it cosmetic surgery? Damn, what is her fountain of youth?"

Just look at her. Her face is wrinkle-less, lips as lusciuosly red as ripened strawberries, teeth even and white, the neck is smooth, her big breasts are nice and firm, the stomach is flat, and those famous rounded buttocks of hers have lost none of their attributes that made them so worshipped. Fuck, even her daughter Esha pales in comparison. In fact, there is no comparison and if given a choice between the two I would certainly choose the mother.

Anyway, the answer to her smashing appearance does not lie in cosmetic surgery or facelift or botox injections. She has been doing what women in India did until a few hundred years ago - have a lot of sex! Sex releases hormones and these kept these women looking young.

But, even those women are over-shadowed by Hema's exploits. This woman has a voracious apetite for sex, and all kinds of sex with any kind of kink involved. Her favourite thing, though, is to douse her face with semen. She uses it as a face pack and it seems to work for her.

She likes her men young, somewhere in the age of 20-28, especially the newcomers in the industry because they can be trusted to keep their encounters with her a secret. It is not possible to find an actor of the present generation who has not been devoured by her - Uday Chopra, Hritik Roshan, Jimmy Shergil, Madhavan, Shahid, Karan Nath, Dino Morea, Arjun Rampal, Bikram Saluja, and even the established ones like Salman, Akshay, SRK, Saif and Aamir. She loves women, too but that is an issue I will take up some other day. For now, I would like to tell you about some of her sexual exploits with men.

Hema has an apartment pent house in Mumbai, which is solely for the purpose of her satisfying her carnal instincts. This is where all her lays are brought. This is where she evaluated all the actors and actresses who played her sons and daughters-in-law in Baghban, and decided who was worthy of playing the produce of her womb. And, this is where her step-sons Sunny and Bobby became men.

That was a long time ago. She had just about married Dharmendra and Sunny was none too pleased with her. She decided that she had to change his mind. Sunny was young then, about 19 I guess. And, a step mother does have some privileges. She calls him over to that pent house for a 'meeting' to sort things out between them. Sunny could not believe what he saw when he entered the apartment. She was bloody sun-bathing on her private terrace stark-naked, if you discount the dark glasses and the hat that she wore. Sunny stood there transfixed. He had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. She said to him:

"Hey, surely I am not the first woman you have seen in the buck!"

She wasn't the first of the female species he had seen naked, agreed. But, she was the first woman he had seen naked. None had such succulent white breasts with pink aureoles, a flat stomach that ended in a slightly rising mound at a smooth-shaven pubis between two milky muscular thighs that were made strictly for the purpose of closing themselves around a man, and a derriere that gave the word curvaceous a whole new meaning. And, her body glistened, partly due to the sun and partly due to the sun-tan oil. Yes, this was a woman - a woman who was aware of her sexuality and knew how to put it to good use.

Sunny felt himself rise. He saw her looking at him and realised that she had planned all this. He let himself go.

"My, my" she said looking at his swollen crotch, "We are big, aren't we? Come here, come to Mamma, dear."

She unzipped his fly and dropped his trousers. There was a big wet spot on his underpants - precum. She was beginning to like her stepson more. Her hands squeezed his bottoms and she loved their feel. This guy had potential and someday he would go very far. Soon, his manhood was out of the restraints of underwear and in her lovely hands. He was big, like his father, about 8-9 inches. And he shaved down there, unlike his father, which added to the appeal of those big balls of his. Her lips parted as her tongue moved over them in anticipation of what was to come. Slowly, her mouth closed in on him, as her hands kneaded his sack.

He was in seventh heaven. He was beginning to understand now why his father chose to marry this woman. He had thought his mother was the best cock-sucker but this woman was way better. Her tongue was in all the right places, her teeth biting him slightly in tiny unexpected ways. Her hands moved all over his behind. At times, she had her finger in his anus. She was amazing. Soon, he felt his load rise. She knew he was there and went on faster and harder till he could hold no more and shot his wad at the back of her throat. She gulped down every preciuos drop. But, she was not finished.

His cock was beautiful and she wanted more. She stood up, and put her tongue right down his throat. He felt the taste of his residual semen in her mouth and that seemed to have had the desired effect. She felt his dick hardening against her cunt. She placed his hands on her ass and pressed herself closer to his rising shaft, taking care to not break their kiss till they ran out of breath.

She, then, guided his mouth to her quim. He did not have much trouble finding her clitoris - it was engorged with blood and seemed to throb with a life of its own. Every lick brought her nearer, and nearer until she exploded in one big orgasmic shudder. She lay on the bed on all fours and asked him to take his pick of the two holes - the anus or the vagina. He did not have much difficulty choosing. He took the bottle of lube from the bedside table and applied copious doses of the oil to her puckered hole and his glans. Then with one big thrust he entered all the way up her ass. He waited a while for her to gather herself and then started fucking her slowly and steadily. He cupped her tits as he increased the tempo of their fucking. She went into raptures of multiple orgasms, one of them was so intense that her spinchter relaxed and she peed on the bed!

Sunny knew he was going to come soon. He pulled out and pointed his cock in her face. He masturbated a couple of times and shot his cum all over her pretty face. He was surprised to see her rub it in like a cream.

She said, "Don't you have to pee?"

"Now that you have mentioned it" he said, "yes."

"Well, let's not waste it then. Pee in my mouth."

He was taken aback by that request, but wanted to try it anyway. He put his flaccid member in her mouth and let go. The woman did not let one drop spill out. She drank it all like it were the sweetest honey. He knew now that they would get along together just fine. Bobby would have to wait till he hit 18, though!

Back to the present. She is above fifty now and her sex drive seems to be increasing with every passing year. One man just won't do anymore. She employs half-a-dozen men who are always on call, ready to serve her anytime, anywhere. These men are all trained in the arts of pleasure and do whatever she commands. But, they are her last resort - she uses them only when she is unable to find actors, which is a rarity.

Just the other day, she had an orgy with Uday Chopra, Dino Morea and Aftab Shivdasani. They knew they were into something very kinky, but none thought that she could be this kinky. Hell, they loved this woman. She always knew how to make the act of copulation pleasurable.

As soon as they arrived at her pent house, she gave them black g-strings and leather belts to wear. These were modified g-strings that had a kind of a cup that held the cock and balls so that when the men had erections, the cup rose along with the man. This was not only comfortable to the man wearing it, but it provided a very good view to the person seeing the man in the aroused state. The men were hard almost instantaneously on wearing the g-string and the belt - three hard members. Uday was the biggest at 8 inches, followed by Dino and Aftab who measured in at 7 1/2 inches. All were uncircumsised with no pubic or any body hair.

Hema arrived, dressed in a cupless bra and a strap-on 9 inch black dildo dangling between her thighs, carrying a wooden ruler. The men almost came seeing her bare assed and topless.

"You boys have been bad," she said, "Bend over that table all three of you."

What a sight it was! Three smooth rounded bare bottoms, side by side, pointing upwards as if saying, "Do me, do me up the ass!"

She moved her hands over each man's booty - strong and muscular these men worked out the right areas alright. She took a fancy to Uday's backside. It was beautiful. She put her hands in the crack of his ass and squeezed his balls. Then, smack the ruler went on his ass-cheek leaving a red trail after itself. A few more thrusts followed till he was red all over his butt. She decided to spare the other two for the moment.

"You two," she said to Dino and Aftab, "What the fuck are you doing just bending over? Soothe Uday's ass!"

The men got on with it. Dino on the left cheek and Aftab on the right cheek licked and planted soft kisses on Uday's wounds to hasten the process of healing. She cupped her breasts as she watched them pay homage to a wonderful ass. Uday's cock was rock hard - harder than she had ever seen him. One look at Aftab and Dino and she knew that they were pretty pleased, too.

"OK, that's enough. Dino, lick Uday's anus and make it nice and slippery for me. Aftab, come here and suck my dildo."

Dino liked the taste of Uday's anus. He got so into licking it that Uday had to ask him to slow down to prevent himself from cumming. When she was satsified that he was prepared enough, she went behind him and thrust herself deep in his ass. She entered in one smooth motion, and soon they managed to build up a steady rythm. Hema was at Uday with gutso - she pumped into him and stroked his member with her hands at the same time.

Looking at Hema fuck Uday got Dino and Aftab so hot that very soon they were locked in a passionate kiss, their cocks pressing against each other, and their hands all over their naked bodies. Dino was soon out of his g-string and Aftab quickly engulfed him in his mouth. Aftab giving Dino head was just too much for Hema and she exploded in an orgasmic spasm. She then dismounted Uday and asked him to strip himself and Aftab of their g-strings. When the men were naked, she had Uday in her mouth and her hands were busy applying lube to Aftab's ass.

Now, she had Uday mount Aftab while she mounted Dino. They were fucking close to each other and thus Aftab and Dino could have their tongues locked while Hema and Uday gammed their boots in them. As uday fucked Aftab, he slapped Hema's white ass cheeks to impart them some colour. Hema loved every contact his hand made and burst into a mini-orgasm each time.

When the men knew they were close to cumming, they dismounted and held their cocks for Hema. She took every man in her mouth, sucked him till he was about to cum and then held the cock to her face so that he could shoot all over it. She then took off her bra and strap-on dildo and lay on the floor with her leg spread wide. Then men knew what to do. They pointed their penes at her cunt and let go off their warm yellow fluid on her clitoris. This jacuzzi-like sensation brought her another orgasm, and she drifted off to a dreamless sleep. The men knew she would want more when she awoke.

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