tagHumor & SatireHenry Humps Around

Henry Humps Around


The Boy With The Whopper Wee Wee, Henry Humper stars in:

"Henry Humps Around"

A brand new short story by Victor C. Nathan


Eighteen-year-old Henry Humper unfastened his Levi's jeans and dropped them to the floor, kicking them free of his legs with a smile as they sailed across the room and landed in a heap. He glowed with pride at the stiffness that made his briefs jut out nearly a foot.

"Meet Mr. Trouser Snake," Henry announced in a grandiose fashion to the blonde busty cheerleader who sat on his bed with a look of awe on her face as he peeled his Fruit Of The Looms down without hesitation. "He's good for sucking, fucking and all around entertainment. I think you'll find him very user friendly."

Henry's giant penis stabbed outward from his crotch area and was further accented by a ballsack that was about equal to the dimension of a baseball. The cheerleader, a slutty blonde named Wendy Biggs, sat in the middle of his bed wearing a white bra and matching panties. The brassierre she wore was actually about a size too small and her triple E sized knockers squeezed cutely from the tops of the deep and equally wide cups. Wendy's basketball boobies were the main and obvious reason for the giant erection that pointed in her direction and was engorged with blood and pressure and wanting to squirt its jizzy satisfaction. Henry's thick sausage link wee wee had to relieve some of that pressure pretty soon and he hoped it would be in as gratuitous a fashion as possible with this cheerleader he had just met during the first day of a new school year.

"Oh, gee! Oh, shit, Henry!" Wendy exclaimed, tossing her blonde mane a bit as she gaped at the pecker that stood uncovered and ensconced in tumescent hardness. "It's too big! That thing will never fit in little ol' me!"

But minutes later: "Ohhhhhhhhh, yessssssss!" young Wendy screeched, her legs widely splayed and her ankles resting on Henry's shoulders. "Oh, stick it in! Fuck me, Henry Humper! Fuck me harder, harder!"

"How's it fitting, Wendy?" Henry breathed through clenched teeth, not really caring one way or another, but simply cocky as hell as he fed every inch of his wee wee into her that would go and humped his body hard at the hips. "You can bet that sweet ass of yours that you've never had one this fucking big in your little cunny. Some girls describe it as an awakening. Whatever the metaphysical ramifications are, I don't really give a shit. It just feels good to Mr. Trouser Snake.""Aren't I tight?" Wendy asked him, smiling and huffing and puffing, her big boobs jumping to and fro as she white-knuckled the bedposts.

"No," Henry flatly spoke, plunging his weenie into the depths of her feminine sheath like a madman. "Just full."

"Am I ever!" Wendy laughed while her pussy swallowed his throbbing tool whole, her titties getting palmed by her Humper and her hips making the bedsprings cry as they sailed up and down with the momentum of the fuck of her short, but wee wee-filled, lifetime. "I feel like you're about to break me open down there, you sweet cock, you. Gimme, gimme, gimme! I love getting fucked by a boy with such a huge snake in his trousers!"

"Hell, yeah, baby!" Henry cried out with a whoop as he squeezed and kneaded her ripe and oh-so-young headlights that were probably what his mother's tits had looked like in regard to size when she was this chick's age, while still drilling Wendy's slick slot with the baseball bat between his legs, pitching into her as he hit a home run and kept an eye and his hands on the mounds. "Baby, if titties were brains, you'd be a fucking genius! No shit!"

"Oh, Henry! You are so damn romantic!" Wendy Biggs cooed, her eyes alight with sexual glow and her round ass making squeaking sounds as it slid against the sheets rapidly as if she were trying to lose a whole ten pounds on a new diet fuck plan. "Tee hee hee! Ohhhhh, shit! Ohhhhh, geez motherfucking, wee wee-sucking Louise! Henry, your wee wee is so far in me now that it must be poking my womb. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nothing has touched me this deep since my sis let me use her new Super Size Battery Operated Boyfriend!"

"And she gave that up after I stuck this foot long in her," Henry laughed and then grunted as he ground his dick into the cheerleading bimbo so hard that it practically nailed her full-fleshed fanny to the mattress. "Then last week, your mom sucked my stick like she hadn't had wee wee in years. You chicks are three little minxes."

"How sweet of you to say! Tee hee!" Wendy giggled inanely. "Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, yeahhhh! By the way, Henry. I think I'm almost there."

"Me too, Wendy," Henry hissed through his fucking as he did some last minute virtuoso log-jamming, planting and replanting his staff deep in the folds of her girly slot. "You know, you are actually pretty good in the sack. One of the better fucks I have had lately."

The snug way that he and the buxom blonde fit together made the sex that much more pleasurable and intimately enjoyable. It left him wondering if she also gave good head. He would have definitely bet that she did. She had the DSLs, or Dick-Sucking Lips for the job. Henry couldn't wait to have her wide mouth on his prize wee wee very soon, slobbering away on his penis until he shot a robust series of wee wee juice streams into her oral cavity for Wendy to swallow gratefully down. No girl ever refused the semen Henry squirted her.

"Oh, fuckkkkkkkkk!" the copulating youngsters moaned in unison as they arrived together.

"Oh, shit, but that was good, Henry," Wendy cooed as the last wave of orgasm shook her and the last stream of jism left his penis and entered her pussy. "How'd you get so fucking good in bed, sweetie?"

"Just something I was born with, I guess," Henry bragged, pulling his sticky wee wee from her slick tunnel. "You ready to suck him, Wendy?"

"Ohhhh, golly, baby!" the giggly tart squealed. "That would be swell!"

"Speaking of swell," Henry chuckled. "I think Mr. Trouser Snake is up and ready for another round. It's sucky time."

Henry's dick stood tall once more and he grinned arrogantly as the big-breasted blonde went to her knees with a smile and slid his wee wee into her mouth. Wendy's head bobbed up and down on his foot long pecker and her mighty boobs heaved with the effort. It was on days like this that Henry knew that his grandmother June was right. Everything good and enjoyable in life truly did come from between his legs.


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