tagIncest/TabooHer Mother's Hot Twin

Her Mother's Hot Twin


Tina awoke from the first night of her two week stay at her mother's house; the images from last nights spying flooded the eighteen year old's mind. She had suspected that her mom had a very powerful sex drive but was shocked and thrilled at the extent of the perversity and lust that she had witnessed through the two way mirror yesterday evening.

Tina sat up on the side of her bed and stretched out her legs to admire the white fishnet stockings she had fallen asleep wearing.

"I've never had an orgasm like that in my life," Tina thought to herself, sliding her hands up and down the insides of her parted legs. "My GOD, I can't believe I want to FUCK my own MOTHER, fuck, my pussy is soaked at the thought."

The young girl spread her legs wide, bent her head forward to look at her own cleanly shaven cunt then drew her hand up to the parted lips and easily slipped three fingers into the slippery folds.

"OH my GOD," Tina whispered to herself, bringing her fingers up to her face to marvel at the volume of clear, drippy fluid that coated her fingers.

"Suck my pussy mom, SUCK IT," Tina said aloud to herself as she began to lick and suck her own pussy juice from her fingers.

Sadie's horny daughter rolled onto her back, drew her legs up and attempted to cross her ankles behind her head as she had witnessed Sadie doing the night before. It was difficult at first but with a little stretching and twisting, her years of gymnastics paid off and both of her lithe young legs were firmly locked behind her pretty blond head.

Tina was amazed at how close her own face was to her bald labia in this position; the thought crossed her mind that with some practice and more stretching she might be able to lick her own cunt. She became very excited at this prospect and vowed to make it happen.

Tina was fucking her long fingers in and out of her gaping hole as she fantasized that her mom was standing over her in black latex stockings and gloves pumping her own cunt with her fingers as she watched, eyes bulging in the crazy, lust induced trance that she had witnessed last night.

Her fantasy continued with her momma's long tongue hanging out, slobbering drool from her mouth onto her daughter's wobbling tits. Tina stuck out her tongue as if to catch the slobber with it and opened her mouth and eyes as wide as she could to mimic her mom's insane stare.

"UUUNNNGGG, UUUNNNGG," Tina grunted aloud as she flexed her legs to get her outstretched tongue closer to her burning clit. She was only inches away from sucking her own clit now and her hand was a blur, sliding four fingers in and out of her slopping wet pussy down to her palm and back out to her fingertips.

The girl was lost in her incest, crazed fantasy as she rubbed the insides of her cunt, thumping away at her G-spot while her clit extended from it's hood and grew and grew until it was an inch from the panting girl's tongue.


With that insane thought in her mind, Tina flexed her body as tight as she could and the tip of her long tongue made contact with her engorged, red clit. Now she was fisting her stretched pussy hard pulling her pelvis closer to her head with each plunge, licking at her thrusting clit as it came forward towards her mouth.

Tina franticly brought her free hand up to her mouth and spit a large amount of slobber into it, and without missing a beat from her other hand, which was now sliding easily in and out of her gooey cunt up to her wrist, she shoved two fingers deep into her rectum, causing her to go completely rigid and freeze, trembling.

Tina was locked in that state for a good ten seconds on the brink of an earth shattering orgasm, eyes and mouth fixed open in a silent scream. Tina's cunt made a popping sound as she pulled her fist from it and pinched her throbbing, two inch clit violently between her fingers, digging her nails painfully into the tender flesh.

She came, a huge stream of cum erupted from her cunt straight up into the air and down onto her face, into her open mouth, blast after blast shot into her gaping mouth, just the idea of what she was doing made her orgasm last for what seemed to be an eternity.

Tina struggled to catch every drop of the liquid and was swallowing mouthfuls of her own sweet ejaculate, savoring the taste and letting it roll from her tongue onto her neck.

After several minutes of enjoying the pulses that radiated through her body, Tina unhooked her legs from behind her head, laid out flat and marveled at what she had just been able to do. The girls face was drenched in cum as she lay there, sucking on the fingers that had just been buried in her snatch. "Oh my god," Tina giggled, "I just licked my own CLIT."

Tina wiped off her face, peeled of her fishnets, rolled out of bed, threw on her nightie and headed for the bathroom.

After a long hot shower, she went back into her room and picked out an outfit from the pile of new clothes that Sadie had laid out for her. She was bolder today and decided to look extra special for her mom.

Tina chose a pair of nude colored polka dot vintage stockings, transparent, crotch less panties and garter belt, brown suede 1940's pumps, and a tan, satin half bra that left her nipples exposed. Over this decadent lingerie she donned a knee length, tan, vintage silk dress with a deep "V" in the front that showcased her ample cleavage very nicely.

At her vanity, Tina applied false eyelashes and heavy eye makeup with bright red lipstick, and put her hair up in a style that made her look just like a pin-up girl from 1943. Satisfied with her appearance, Tina jigged down the stairs to greet her mom.

"WOW, don't you look HOT," Sadie exclaimed as she rose from her morning coffee to greet her daughter.

"Morning, mom," Tina answered, giving her mother a peck on the cheek.

Tina's eyes ran up and down her mom's body as she fixed herself a cup of coffee, Sadie was wearing tall black patent leather heels along with black, Cuban heeled, seamed silk stockings. Her knee length dress was vintage like Tina's, but black with ruffles at the low cut neck, sleeves and hem. Tina's mother also had long, false eyelashes and red lipstick.

Sadie smiled contently as her beautiful daughter's gaze drifted down from her face to notice her mom's nipples which, as usual, were jutting out rudely under the sheer, semi transparent fabric that barely contained them. Tina could make out the dark, round areola of her momma's proud nipples and she was distracted from staring only when Sadie remarked, "Aunt Bev should be here soon dear, are you anxious to see her?"

Aunt Bev was Sadie's twin sister and just as sexy as Tina's deviant mother. "Oh yeah," Tina remarked, a little disappointed that she had to share her mother's company that evening.

"Wait till she gets a load of you," Sadie said, winking and diverting her glances to her daughter's hard nipples that were erect and also slightly visible.

"She might just try to hit on you, Tina; you know how she likes young girls." Tina blushed and looked at the floor, trying not to picture herself sucking Aunt Bev's jugs while her mom watched, sucking her own huge boobs.

As the two women chatted over their coffee, the doorbell rang and Sadie said, "That's probably her now," then walked to the front door to answer it.

(To be continued)

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