tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer New Toy Ch. 04

Her New Toy Ch. 04


"The other girls are coming home tomorrow. What are we going to do?"

We were in bed when Dani asked the question that I'd been avoiding all day. We were cuddled together, one of my hands wrapped up in her dark hair, the other gently cupping her cheek. Dani was lightly stroking me with her fingertips. My cock was half hard, heavy, thick. And long, the tip just brushing the bottom slope of my breasts. Dani said that she liked to play with it when I was long. But neither of us were quite in the mood to have sex right now. We had calmed down some since Ali had left in the morning.

The day before had become a bit... intense.

Something about having Ali and Dani together drove me to new heights of lust. I had fucked Ali in the ass with my massive cock, thrusting my thick length deep into her most secret place. And when I came, I passed out from the sensation. Once I'd finally woken up, four hours later, I'd shown Ali how much control I had with my cock, making it long enough that I could suck myself. Ali and Dani had joined in, and I'd ended up cummng all over the three of us. Once we were cleaned up Ali told me that she had put her entire hand in my pussy while I was sucking myself. Along with three of Dani's, admittedly tiny, fingers.

That surprised me. I knew from experience that I wasn't a fan of fisting. One of the first girls I had ever been with, way back when I was a freshmen from the suburbs trying to figure out my sexuality, had tried to fist me. She had much more experience with women than I did, but interpreted my fake self-confidence to mean that I was up for anything. I wasn't. Our relationship didn't last.

Ali, ever the doctor, had a theory for what had changed. My cock seemed to be the result of a medical treatment, one designed to quickly repair damage to the body. But maybe instead of just repairing damage, my body had started to actively prevent it. The way my pussy had stretched to accommodate her hand certainly supported that. She didn't have a good explanation for why it had felt so good.

We didn't have much time to fully investigate Ali's new idea. We spent most of the day fucking. The short periods where we lay in an exhausted heap on the floor didn't offer much time for scientific study. But we did get some fairly compelling evidence late in the night. We were on my bed, I was taking Dani from behind. At some point, I don't remember when, I had brought out my toy collection. Ali was busy pleasuring herself with one of my vibrators. A big smile came over her face, and she got up on her knees behind me. None of us were talking at that point. We probably hadn't said ten words in the last two hours. So I didn't have any warning when she slid that vibrator into my ass.

I had never really like anal. I'd tolerated it, when you fuck college guys you kinda have to. But I'd saved it as a special gift for guys I liked. It was always uncomfortable, and often painful. Not my idea of a good time. This was different. It was like a bomb had exploded in my brain. I came immediately, flooding Dani's pussy with so much of my cum that a pool of it spread out beneath her. I couldn't even breathe properly as Ali continued to fuck the rubber cock in and out of my asshole. It was all I could do to sit on my knees and frantically jerk my cock, sending ropes of cum flying onto Dani's back.

We all passed out soon after that, trading my cum soaked sheets for the relative cleanliness of Dani's bed.

Ali left early in the morning. I woke up as she was getting ready. Dani was still asleep, arms and legs wrapped around me like a human octopus. Ali looked perfect in her work clothes, her hair done up in the same loose bun she had wore when she arrived. You certainly couldn't tell that she'd spent the better part of a day fucking. She smiled a little when she saw I was awake, and she leaned down to give me a gentle kiss. I could smell soap on her skin. She must have taken a shower at my place. I fell back asleep as she left. Neither of us said anything.

Dani and I took it pretty easy all day. We made breakfast, cleaned, did school work. I even put on pants and went outside. The last time I had done that was when I picked Dani up at the airport, two days before. Sure, we had sex a few times. But this was gentle, languid sex. More about enjoying each other than about fucking. Nothing like the frenzied, lust filled assault of the night before.

And then we were in bed, wondering what we would tell our friends.

"Do we have to do anything?" I wasn't happy, and I was whining a little. "Couldn't we just tell them that you're a lesbian now, and that we're in love or something?"

Dani raised her eyebrow and threw me a look to let me know she wasn't amused. "No, we can't do that. Whatever I did with you and Ali, it made me at most bisexual. I still like cock." She hefted my thick rod in one hand. "Maybe I like this cock more than others, but I still like cock in general."

"I guess you're right. But... I'm worried."

"About what?"

I couldn't look her in the eyes. "What if they can't accept what's happened to me? What if they're afraid?"

"Baby." She reached out to hug me tightly. "I accepted you, I'm not afraid."

"But that's another part of it. What if Ali is right, and everything that's happened is all because of some pheromone that I'm giving off? Maybe you wouldn't want to be here without that. Maybe I wouldn't want to be here."

Dani smiled, a small thing, just ghosting across her lips. "It doesn't matter. You can't change what's happened. We can only go with it."

I bit my lip and nodded.

"Think of it another way. If what Ali said is right, there isn't much you'll be able to do about what happens tomorrow." Dani started stroking my cock with a purpose. "This whole house must be saturated with your scent by now. You're going to fuck them. You should probably accept it."

Just the thought of it made me rock hard. I rolled over on top of Dani, lining my cock up for entry. "No," I said, leaning down to kiss her as I slid inside. "We're going to fuck them." I started going to work, thrusting my length into her dripping pussy.

Katee and Kelly got home late the next morning. My heart started beating faster as I watched their car pull into the driveway. Dani and I had talked over how we were going to approach this, but we didn't have a real plan. We were just going to trust in science and biology, and hope that got us where we wanted to go.

Katee and Kelly were definitely not identical twins. They shared the exact same face, with its button nose and sensuous lips. And their bodies were almost the same, full breasts and round asses straining at their clothing. But they were light and dark copies of each other. Kelly was blonde haired and blue eyed. They had been on the coast, visiting cousins, and Kelly's skin had tanned a dark brown. Katee didn't tan. But her pale skin never really seemed to burn either. She had long brown hair and green eyes. They were different in personality as well. Kelly was more open, more outgoing than Katee. She was on the soccer team, and was an unashamed jock. Katee was the quiet, academic one. Not that she was shy, she just didn't talk much. Of course, I knew from experience that Katee was the real wild one. She may have come off as a bit of a bookworm during the day. But get a few drinks into her at night, and watch out.

It was great to have my friends back. We all hugged, and Dani and I exclaimed at how refreshed and glowing they looked.

Kelly couldn't resist commenting on my wardrobe. "Emma. You couldn't have put on some real clothes to welcome us back?"

I was wearing a tank top and some tiny, hot pink booty shorts that I had bought for a dance concert. They didn't cover much. I turned around and shook my ass at Kelly. "You know you like how I dress."

She slapped me in the ass, hard, and grabbed my cheek. That was completely normal for Kelly. The finger that slid under my shorts and grazed across my labia for an instant wasn't. I pretended not to notice, but on the inside I was shouting in triumph.

We settled down in the living room to catch up. Katee and Kelly mostly had stories about laying on the beach, drinking, and getting rowdy with their cousins at the bars along the shore. It sounded like fun. But I wasn't really paying much attention to their stories. I was trying to stay alert for any signs that I was having an effect on them. At first it seemed like nothing was going to happen, like Kelly's stray finger was just an accident. But then I started to notice things. One of them would give me a strange look, and I could see the confusion in her eyes, before she looked away, blushing. I caught Kelly licking her lips, staring right at me. It looked like Ali was right about the pheromones.

We had been talking for a little while when Kelly's eyes lit up. "Oh! I almost forgot. We have something we need to show you guys."

Katee blushed. "Kel, are we really going to do this?"

"Yes. This is awesome." She turned to Dani and me. "We'll be right back." She ran from the room, with Katee reluctantly following her.

I looked at Dani and shrugged. I had no idea what they were up to.

When Katee and Kelly came back into the living room it took every ounce of control that I had to keep my cock from bursting out of me right there.

They were wearing the most scandalous bikinis that I had ever seen. Tiny triangles of fabric were perched on their tits, barely covering their nipples. I could see just a hint of areola around the edges of their tops. The bottoms covered even less, if that was possible. The tiny pieces of cloth hardly covered their slits, and it was perfectly clear that Katee and Kelly had recently shaved their pussies.Their bare mounds were in full view, and I could see their smooth outer lips.

"What do you think?" Kelly spun in a slow circle as she asked the question. Her ass was completely bare, with just the smallest of strings running between her cheeks. They had picked colors that complemented their skin, Kelly in pale purple, Katee in dark blue.

I couldn't even answer. I was just stunned by how much of themselves they were putting on display. Without their clothes, the little differences in their bodies became clear. Kelly was hard and toned. Her muscles sculpted by exercise. Katee was softer. Not fat, just more rounded, more lush. Both of them had amazing breasts, so full and firm that I was shocked that the scant fabric of their bikinis could contain them.

Dani thought the whole thing was incredibly funny. She was giggling as she looked over the twins. "Where did you get those?" She laughed again. "And did you wear them on the beach?"

Kelly shrugged. "There was this store in town. They specialize in, let's say, very small bikinis. We went with our cousin Monica. And no, we didn't wear them on the beach. I just thought you guys would get a kick out of them."

I certainly got something out of them. Kelly was still modeling for us, striking poses and then giggling when she found some funny new position. Katee was standing behind her, still blushing. But there was a strange look in her eyes. One I'd seen a few times in the past, right before things started to go really crazy.

Katee stepped up behind her twin sister, wrapped her arms around Kelly's waist, and began nuzzling her neck. Kelly's breath seemed catch in her throat. "Oh! What are you doing?" She didn't make any move to push Katee away.

"I don't know, but it feels right." Katee began kissing her sister's neck and shoulders, and then moved up to nibble her ear. That drew a sharp gasp. Her hands slid up Kelly's toned stomach, before coming to a halt on the lower slopes of Kelly's breasts. Kelly leaned her head back, and they shared a passionate kiss as Katee finally palmed her sister's tits.

That was enough for me. I stood and walked the couple of steps to Kelly. Dani joined me, and walked around behind Katee, reaching out to squeeze the full globes of her ass. The sisters broke their kiss just as I arrived, and I replaced Katee's lips with my own. My hands moved up and covered her's on Kelly's breasts. I squeezed, pushing Katee's fingers into the soft flesh of her twin's tits.

Kelly was moaning into my mouth. Her hands were on my arms, not pushing me away, but pulling me closer. When our lips parted I looked into her eyes, and I could see the confusion and lust warring in them. "What's happening?" she gasped.

I just smiled and kissed her again. I pulled my hands away from her breasts, Katee was squeezing them roughly on her own, and reached down to grab Kelly's ass. She was so hot, it felt like her skin was on fire. My tongue slipped deeper into her mouth, sliding along her teeth and flicking across her palate. She was panting into me, one of her hands had found my tit and she was pinching my nipple, her thigh pushed between my legs to rub at my pussy. I needed more.

I pulled Kelly towards the couch, kissing her the whole way. We went down together, barely controlled, our lips parting when her back touched the cushion. Dani was right beside me, pushing Katee down next to her sister. I started kissing my way down Kelly's body, my tongue slipping over the hollow of her throat, my lips nipping at her collarbone. I made one long lick down the deep valley of her cleavage, and then pushed the tiny triangle of cloth covering her nipple to the side with my lips. I flicked my eyes to the side for an instant, and saw one more difference between the twins. Kelly's nipples were dark, sitting in sharp contrast to her skin. Katee's were pale pink, blending in with her light complexion. They were both hard as diamonds. I took the stiff nub into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipple. Kelly was moaning above me, and she cradled my head with both hands as I suckled on her tit. I lightly bit her nipple and flicked my tongue across the very tip of her. She seemed to like that.

Even though Kelly was enjoying it, I had to leave her breast behind and seek more spectacular treasures. I kissed the hard planes of her stomach, running my tongue around the rim of her belly button, before I found myself between her legs. The pale purple fabric of her bikini bottom was soaked with her juices. Her lips had swollen with her arousal, and the tiny piece of fabric was slowly being sucked deeper into her. I couldn't have that. With a quick motion I slid them down her legs. The heat coming off her pussy was intense, I could feel it on my face as I moved in. She was already dripping wet, her nectar making a dark patch on the couch below her. I plunged in without hesitation. The first taste of her pussy was intoxicating. My tongue spread her pillowy lips and pushed deep inside of her. I had my mouth open, trying to cover all of her cunt with my lips. I mostly succeeded. I was using every trick I knew, licking and sucking, nibbling and biting. I would flick my tongue across her clit and then pull her inner lips into my mouth, trying to spread her petals. Kelly was moaning wordlessly above me. Suddenly, she became much more quiet. I looked up and saw that the twins were kissing again, their tongues sliding into each other's hungry mouths. It was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen, and it took all of my willpower to stop myself from unleashing my cock and fucking Kelly senseless right there. Instead I intensified my oral assault. Dani was on her knees next to me, head buried between Katee's thighs, obscene wet noises accompanying her every move.

I knew Kelly was close. I slipped two fingers inside of her and curled them back, looking for the special spot inside of her. My tongue was flying over her clit. She broke her kiss with Katee and tilted her head back to scream. I felt her pussy ripple around my fingers, and I pulled them out and replaced them with my tongue. She flooded my mouth when she came, so much nectar pouring out of her that it overflowed my lips and ran down my chin. After I had swallowed her cum, I looked up. Kelly was gasping, head back as she took deep, shuddering breaths. I began to kiss my way back up her. But a sudden thought made me divert. I leaned over, sucked one of Katee's nipples into my mouth, and then made my way up to her lips. Dani had done her job well, Katee seemed just as incapacitated by her orgasm as her sister. She didn't react at first, but then she began return my kiss with a hunger. She pushed my head back a little and began licking her sister's juices off of my chin, cleaning me of the sticky fluid. Once she was done I stood up, and then Dani was repeating my move, but with Kelly.

We sat there, silent for a moment. Kelly and Katee looked at us, and then looked at each other. They were on one another in an instant. Kelly leaned over and sucked one of her sisters nipples into her mouth. Katee moaned and reached down to desperately rub at Kelly's pussy.

I stood up and stripped off my tank top and my little pink shorts. They were soaked with my own arousal. With a thought, my cock slid out of me. Katee and Kelly were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't even notice. But Dani was there, leaning forward to take my head in her mouth. Her talented tongue flicked across my tip, drawing forth a burst of precum, which she happily sucked down. The pleasure that Dani was giving me was intensified by my view of the twins. They were kissing again, their hands buried between each other's thighs. I watched as Katee grasped one of her tits, pushing it up. Kelly quickly moved down to swallow her sisters nipple, mouth open wide to take in a much of her pale breast as possible.

Katee noticed my cock first. Her head was back, eyes half closed, as she savored the feeling of her sister's mouth. She looked over at me and Dani for an instant, and then closed her eyes, moaning as Kelly did some new thing with her tongue. It took a moment for her brain to process what it had just seen. And then her eyes shot open.

"Holy shit!" Katee had gone as stiff as a board, sitting motionless as she stared at my cock. "Kel? Kel, stop, and look at this." She grabbed her sister by the hair and pulled her upright, pointing her in my direction.

Kelly's jaw dropped. "What. The. Fuck is that?"

Dani pulled her mouth off of my cock, gasping a little, her lips wet with spit and precum. "We'll give you the details later, but Emma has a cock now. You're gonna love it." She kissed my tip gently, and then pushed me in the direction of the twins. "Go get 'em."

My rod led the way like a meaty spear, pointed right at them. Kelly looked shocked, and more than a little apprehensive. Katee, well, Katee was the wild one. Once I was in range she leaned forward and swallowed my head without even thinking about. Her mouth felt incredible, hot and wet, her tongue doing wonderful things to my crown. She pulled off of me with a gasp. "Oh wow. You taste amazing." She pushed my cock towards Kelly. "Kel, you have to try this."

Kelly looked shocked, but she took the plunge anyway. Her tongue snaked out, flattening against my head as she started licking down my length. Once Kelly had moved down a little Katee resumed sucking on my head. They made a good team. Katee was licking, sucking, even nibbling a little on my crown. Precum was spilling into her, overflowing her mouth and running down my shaft. Kelly was cleaning it up. her tongue and lips in constant motion on my skin. They worked me over like that for a little while, and then they traded. Kelly moaned as she swallowed my head. I looked into her eyes, and I could tell that any apprehension was gone, buried under the mountain of her lust.

I let them suck me for a while, trading whenever they needed to. But I had better things in mind. I stepped back, pulling my cock from Katee's lips. I reached down and took her hand, pulling her closer to Kelly. "Get on top of her," I whispered in her ear. She smiled at that, and threw her leg over Kelly, straddling her hips. They kissed, moaning into each other's mouths, before Katee shifted up a bit and pushed her tit into her sister's waiting lips.

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