tagErotic CouplingsHero's Life Ch. 02

Hero's Life Ch. 02


"The sexiest, raunchiest thing I've ever done... is this."

Heather carefully licked her chopsticks clean, spun her long blonde hair into a bun, and slipped the chopsticks into the bun to keep it in place. She stood from her chair and sashayed her way around the corner of the conference table towards me.

I turned my chair towards her. "Peaches, this is probably the sake doing the...

"Hush Hero. Nobody is going to get hurt." She stopped in front of me and kneeled.

I leaned back in the leather conference chair as she reached forward and unzipped my slacks. Her little pink tongue darted out to lick her lips in anticipation. She spread my legs wide and eased herself forward between them. Her small hand slipped into my pants and rummaged for the entrance to my boxers. My view was spectacular. Her blue eyes had darkened with lust. I could see down her shirt too. Her enormous boobs, clad in her silky camisole, were pressed together by her light blue bra into a tight cleavage that swayed with her movements.

She grinned when she fished my cock through the hole in my slacks and held it in her hand. "Oh my. If I'd known you were sporting this around, I would have come after you sooner."

(OK, I'm not huge. At my absolute proudest, I top out at 6 inches long. But when I'm hard it's nearly 7 inches around. No joke. My last girlfriend had called it a "stuffer.")

Heather's attention now centered on my cock. She leaned her head forward and took a slow deep breath then let it out in a sexy sigh that sent her warmth across me. She licked her lips once more then stuck her tongue out to tentatively touch my pink knob.

"Ohhh...." I murmured and reached up with my hand to touch the side of her head.

She looked up at me and wiggled her tongue on the sensitive underside. Then she crinkled her blue eyes in a smile and, tilting her dead down until I could only see her hair, she opened her lips and slid her mouth 2 inches down my cock.

It was warm and moist and nothing short of heaven.

Heather made several, slow ups and downs with her head, each bobbing stroke taking another half inch of my cock into her mouth until she had managed to take two-thirds of me. I felt the brush of the back of her throat. She gave a little cough and let me slip completely from her lips.

"OK, that was a test run. Wow, you're thick. I can barely get this thing in my mouth much less deep throat you. You're not going to get the full treatment tonight." She gazed at my hardness and stroked its full length with her hand.

"What you were doing just then sure felt like the full treatment. Please, please continue. That is if you don't mind."

"Mind? You'll be lucky if you ever manage to pry my mouth off of this juicy dick of yours." She tilted her head back down and again swallowed two-thirds of my cock. I craned my neck to the side to see her lips wrapped around my shaft. It looked impossible. Her tiny teenaged mouth was stretched to fit my fat rod.

She wrapped one hand on the unswallowed base of my cock then went still for a few moments in this position. I quickly learned why. She let saliva drip from around her lips encircling my girth to her hand below then gently stroked it a couple of times to make sure it was slippery.

And that was when she commenced the finest blowjob I had ever received.

It began slow. On the upstrokes she followed her mouth with her hand, twisting her grip as it rose upwards. When her mouth came up to the tip of my cock, she swirled her tongue around its head for awhile then plunged back down until her mouth and hand covered me completely.

Up-twist-swirling-down. Up-twist-swirling-down.

This slow treatment went on for a few minutes until I rocked my hips up to meet her a few times and she recognized my plea to speed up. She up-shifted into a steady rhythm, inhaling at the top and exhaling at the bottom. I felt her fabulous boobs rocking back and forth between my legs.

Up-twist-swirl-swirl-down. Up-twist-swirl-swirl-down.

A couple of minutes of this steady motion and the bun in her hair started to slip. The chopsticks were giving way. I reached up and gathered her hair into a ponytail with one hand and plucked them out with the other. Without breaking stride, she glanced up at me and smiled a thanks. I tossed the chopsticks on the table and held onto her hair, keeping time with the ups and downs of her skillful cocksucking.

In another couple of minutes, she sped up again. It became almost impossible to hold her hair. There was no time for her artful tongue swirl now. Her technique became a rapid, smooth sequence of cocksucking skill.

Up-twist-down. Up-twist-down.

She was panting openly through her nose now. I wasn't going to last long at this pace.

"Uh... huh... Uh... huh.." I moaned as my orgasm approached. I felt light-headed and was losing feeling in my feet.

She sensed my approaching release and removed her hand from the base of my cock. Still bobbing her head up and down.

"I'm going to come!" I warned, not sure if she wanted to swallow or get out of the way. I certainly didn't expect her to do what she did.

She plunged her head all the way down. I felt the tip of my cock slide through her mouth, bang into the back of her throat, then angle down into her spasming gullet. Her tongue, laying flat at the bottom of her mouth to make room for my shaft, began to wiggle back and forth deliciously on the underside of my shaft. She panted through her nose into my stomach and moaned. In surprise, I lost my grip on her silky blonde hair and it flopped down to cover her head and my crotch.

"Oooooh!" I exploded. Come erupted from my cock into her throat. She swallowed loudly and the ripple of her mouth and throat muscles along my pole spurred me on further.

Spurt. Swallow. Spurt. Swallow. Spurt. Swallow. Spurt. Swallow.

It didn't feel like it would ever stop. At least eight full jets of come rode up my shaft and down into her esophagus. Black spots swirled into my vision and my eyes closed involuntarily.

I finally stopped coming and melted into my chair. A few moments later my orgasm-induced stupor was broken when I felt Heather shuddering. I opened my eyes and looked down as she removed her mouth from my shrinking shaft. When her mouth was free, I realized that her shuddering was in fact laughter. Sweet, rattling laughter.

Giddy, I started laughing with her in a wheezing snicker.

Heather flipped her hair away and leaned her cheek against my thigh, looking up at me. "Ha! Holy shit, that was intense. I got a little inspired at the end there." Her pretty, young cheeks were flushed. She was red around the eyes too from her deep-throating finale. We both panted for a minute to catch our breath.

Heather stirred and caught her lower lip between her teeth sexily. She started crawling up my body. Her full breasts brushed my thighs as they cleared my crotch. She came up and curled into my lap.

"You know, you've got the best tasting come." she observed. She leaned in for our first actual kiss and paused politely to ask "Mind some 'cream' with your Peaches?"

"I'll take that compliment. And, yes I'd take my peaches with cream."

Our lips touched, then parted. Our tongues met in a gentle dance of rubbing and slipping. She tasted of beef lo mein and come. All things considered, it was perfect. I wrapped one arm around her.

"So what did you think? Not bad for a widdle girl was it?"

"I'd say you have a unique gift. That was easily the best I've ever had. Where and how did you ever learn to do that? I swear to god, if you say 'YouTube', I'll scream."

"Tsh tsh. Girls have to have a little mystery. Soo....got any energy left to do something nice for me? Sucking cock makes me horny. If I don't come tonight, I'm going to be cranky tomorrow."

"Wouldn't be much of a hero if I left a girl in distress now would I? What would you like?" I offered, as she rose from my lap and I stood up.

She starting shimmy-ing out of her jeans."I don't need preliminaries. I need to come. Mind returning the favor?" The downward slide of her jeans revealed a light blue thong that matched her bra strap. Their further descent uncovered smooth tanned thighs. Her legs were toned and muscular. Years of varsity field-hockey and lacrosse showed with well-defined quadriceps and calves. Easily the sexiest part, though, was the hourglass-shaped gap between her thighs where they curved into her little hips. The keyhole space was three fingers wide and screamed "fuck me."

She kicked out of her jeans and slipped off her shoes, leaving her top on. She made a quarter turn, and I saw a side view of her juicy little round ass pressing against the conference table before she limberly hopped up then scooted backwards until just her feet rested on the edge of the table. She leaned back on her forearms. Her camisole rode up in the process and revealed a few inches of her tanned, flat stomach. She tilted her hips back and spread her legs at the knees. The front of her light blue thong panties had turned dark with moisture.

"Come here and show me what those ten extra years of yours can do for me." Heather invited as she reached down and tapped the moist front of her panties.

I reached for her jeans and picked them up from the floor. "For starters, they get you this." I folded her jeans in half, legs together, and rolled them into a tight denim tube. I leaned across the table and slipped the improvised pillow under the back of her head.

"I want you focused on what I'm doing down here..." I brushed her teenaged thigh "... not getting distracted by the hard table on your elbows. Now lean back and get comfy, girlie. I think this is going to be fun for both of us."

I slid to my knees in front of the table between her legs and admired her thong-clad pussy. Her moistened blue panties clung to the outline of her puffy lips. It was a beautiful sight. I leaned forward and inhaled in a slow, silent sniff. Through her panties, she was sweet and musky; her scent a mix of bubble gum and new leather.

I brought my hands to the outsides of her knees and slid them up her legs to her hips. Curling a few fingers around each side of her thong's waistband, I slowly pulled the waistband downwards. Heather arched her back and raised her ass from the table. The stringy back of her underwear slid free from her asscrack. The front of her panties clung to her pussy a moment and released with a little wet sucking sound - a testament to her sticky excitement. There was no doubt about it, her cocksucking session had left her heated and juicy.

Her uncovered sex came into view and made me pause. She was completely hairless. Her pussy lips were a neat, smooth, unbroken vertical line of labia. If I didn't know for certain that she had just graduated from high school, I would have mistaken her for a much younger girl. I glanced up at the generous tits perched on her chest. From the waist up she was an adult fantasy. From the waist down she was a taboo dream.

I leaned forward until I was less than an inch from her pussy and breathed gently through my nose. I touched my lips to hers in a soft kiss then, with the tip of my tongue, I parted first my lips then hers. I found her clitoris easily - it was already full and swollen - and centered my mouth on it.

I began my own test run of sorts. I touched the flat of my tongue, a quarter inch back from its tip, to her clit and rolled my tongue up and down in a few short slow licks. Years of ardent pussy eating had refined three default oral patterns, at least one of which accommodated 90% of the women I had slept with. The up-down tongue roll was pattern one. Heather cooed her appreciation. She cooed a little louder when I paused to suck my tongue dry and repeated the up down rolling treatment with my now drier and therefore slightly rougher tongue. Rougher tongue is a minor variation that some seemed women to like. Heather was a member of their club.

I shifted to pattern two, a clock-wise swirl that circled the rough topside of my tongue against the underside of her clit from below then circled up and around so the smoother underside of my tongue rubbed against the top of her clit from above. It was a little complex and some women enjoyed the contrasting angles and textures. I circled her bud half a dozen times like this and got no special reaction from her.

On to pattern three. I again sucked my tongue dry and again touched the flat of my tongue, a quarter inch back from its tip, to her clit. This time I wriggled my tongue from side to side across her bud - rubbing up along each of its tiny sides. Heather's sharp intake of breath signaled a winner. The breathy "Just like that!" exclamation that followed was unnecessary but sexy as hell.

I started a lazy rhythm of half a dozen side-to-side licks followed by a pause to let Heather's pleasure sink in. I still adhered to Tracy's pussy eating commandment.

Lick-lick-lick-lick-lick-lick. Pause. Lick-lick-lick-lick-lick-lick. Pause.

"Mmmm.... Mmmmm..." Heather moaned after a little while, getting more excited. I glanced up over the huge swell of her chest and could see her eyes squeezed shut.

Her one foot slipped from the edge of the table to rest on the arm of the chair I had been sitting in. Her other foot slipped off the table too and I gently brought her leg up and onto my shoulder. Her knee bent over my shoulder and her muscular leg hung loosely down my back.

After a minute, I connected more side-to-side tongue swipes, maybe 8 or 10, before each pause.

"Yeah-huh." Heather squeaked. I watched her tanned, flat stomach roll. The motion shifted her gigantic tits up then back down. I reached up with one arm, the one whose shoulder held her knee up, and laid the warmth of my flat hand across her taut young belly.

I continued my assault on her teenaged clitoris. Every minute or so, I added a few more licks to the sequence. Heather made little mewling sounds.

I reached my free hand up, under my chin and teased the drooling entrance of her vagina with the flat pad of my thumb. I pressed and withdrew just at her opening, feeling her young cunt suction onto my finger.

"Ooooh." Heather moaned as her legs gave a few little involuntary shakes. Her orgasm was on the way.

I cocked the shoulder holding her leg up. It tilted her hips back and her pussy up. Sliding my slickened thumb downwards, I blindly confirmed with a soft brush that it also gave me access to her tight upturned asshole. I pressed my thumb to it. It was slick with her juices and pulsing with her impending orgasm. I gently teased her little nether hole.

Heather registered the lewd contact and drew a sharp breath. "Muuuhh," she moaned and pressed her tiny ass down against my thumb until it just began to slip into the hot tight flesh of her sphincter. She froze for a few seconds, accommodating the intrusion, then rocked her ass back and forth slightly. My thumb tapped just inside her tight bung.

"Yes! Yes!" Heather sat up, gasping, and grabbed the back of my head with both hands. Her taut belly rippled under my palm. Her young face squeezed tightly in concentration. With both hands, she pressed my face to her crotch.

My side-to-side licking became an uninterrupted blur. No more teasing or pausing now. She rocked her hips more savagely. The tip of my thumb fucking into her tight teenage ass. Once. Twice. Three times.

Heather came with an "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" and writhed on the table. Her ass clutched and sucked on my thumb. Her free heel kicked at my back involuntarily as I continued slowly and gently licking her bud through her orgasm to keep her riding high. I gently wiggled my thumb in her tiny butt for the same reason.

We went on like this together until, with a sighed "Wheeeeew," she collapsed back onto the table and released my head. I gently pulled my thumb from her ass and leaned back. I kept my palm on her stomach and circled her belly lazily.

"That... was... amazing!" she gushed. "We are definitely even."

I dropped her leg from my shoulder and stood. "Uh-uh." I disagreed.

"Are you kidding? That was fantastic". She picked up her knees and rolled sideways into a partial fetal position, exposing a round, tanned butt cheek. "I came so hard I'm actually kinda dizzy."

"Yep. But that orgasm was yours. Note mine. You got yourself three quarters of the way there from sucking me off. The way I see it, I only get 25% credit. That's a failing grade." I crawled up on the table and spooned in behind her. I wrapped an arm around her waist. "You going to keep that top on all night?" I asked the back of her neck softly.

"I think I'd like to. Is that weird? You're not obsessed with my boobs and I like that. I mean, you look at them but you don't watch them. You see but don't stare. It's nice."

"You're giving me too much credit. Maybe I'm too busy peeping at your ass."

"An assman huh?" She laughed. "Well, even if that's the reason then I'm enjoying having someone look somewhere else for a change."

"There's plenty of nice things about you to see, girlie. Seriously, aside from my healthy fear of rejection and a hesitation to pick someone up at work, I think I've been a little scared of you. You're young and beautiful. You're bright and a hard worker too. If we can just get you to buckle down at college when you start in the fall..." I tickled her ribs. "...you're going to go far. You're a complete package, Peaches. Your superboobs are just the bow on top."

"A big bow?"

"Yeah, a big, big bow."

"You're already in my pants Hero. You don't have to..."

"Maybe that's why you should believe me. Now, I think it's time for me to finish making good tonight." I slid off the table.


"Yes, more. If you're ready, that is."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Depends on how much you trust me. Do you trust me Peaches?"

"That's easy, Hero. I trust you."

"Then scoot that Grade A, barely legal tush over here and bend over this table."

She complied, scooting across the table and bending her delicious ass across the maple surface. Her round, juicy little cheeks were pressed together into a tight cleavage. Below that I could make the mound out her hairless pussy. "Hero, do you have a condom?" she asked softly.

"Nope." I answered, stroking her ass gently.

"I'm not on the pill." she cautioned

"Not what I had in mind." I explained, parting her asscheeks to reveal her miniature sphincter. It blended in smoothly with the paler skin in the cleft of her butt that was covered by whatever skimpy bathing suits she wore.

"Uh, I've never had it back there and you're really, really thick so..."

I reached a hand beneath her ass and into the delectable keyhole space between her thighs. I stroked her clitoris gently with my thumb. "Hush Peaches. Nobody is going to get hurt."

"You're such a goofball. I don't understand what..." I interrupted her again by pressing my face to her ass and lapping gently at her little rosebud with the tip of my tongue. She jerked then relaxed with a sigh, "Uh... Uhhhhhhhhhh.."

I backed out from between her smooth buns. "That OK for you?" I asked. Peaches' earlier reaction to my thumb in her butt had suggested, but did not guarantee, that she might like this sort of attention.

"That's fantastic. I've never... well... I've just never. Keep going." She reached back and ran her fingers through my hair briefly, then made herself comfortable on the table.

I circled her clitoris lazily with my thumb and at the same slow rate I gently circled her crinkled star with my tongue. I wanted this to last for her and for me; I had fantasized about doing this to her. I took my time, circling and circling her sphincter. By minute degrees, I increased the pressure of my tongue against her butthole. It began to loosen under my patient treatment. I continued to swirl my thumb against her clit. When her ring had relaxed a bit more, I began to pause periodically in my circling to press the tip of my tongue to her opening, wedging it just a tiny bit into her tight ass. Each time I did this, Heather's knees quivered a little and she moaned a quiet "Oh!" into the table top. Then I would pull back out and continue my patient circling.

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