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Hidden Love


The streets were filled with the usual bustle of chaos and confusion as countless people scurried about their business. Angela did her best not to be swept away by the crowd but there was always the monotonous thud of an elbow or a force pushing her forward by some unknown person. What really got her nerve was the fact she was going through all of this for a few spices so her mother could make a special meal for a possible father in-law. The man despised her and she despised him. If at all possible she'd leave as soon as she got home.

Finally Angela found a street vendor who had the spices she needed. A few points of a finger and some squabbling of the usual excessive prices she handed over a couple silver pieces and took the small jars of spice into her hand-bag. It seemed coming back from the streets of the market was quicker than entering at this hour. Time had slipped her mind and it was nearing sunset and the markets began to get rowdy at dark when the bars open. Luckily traffic was heading back out towards the residential districts. It was an easy walk with the flow.

The walk seemed to take much less time than before as Angela rounded the final corner to home, or what was considered her home. She never felt it was home and definitely didn't feel like she belonged any more now that 'he' was there. It was good she had someone else that actually listened and respected her just another short walk away. Finally as the sun was setting over the horizon she came upon the front door of 'home'. Stepping inside she removed her shoes and brought the spices to the counter where her mom was already working her special meal for her boyfriend. Angela quickly made to grab her cloak before her mom halted her.

"You know you can stay. He's not so bad once you get to know him."

Angela's heart sunk. She wanted to stay with her mom but it was clear he didn't want her presence in the house at all while with her mom.

"No, he's done enough."

She turned and ran out into the tree-line behind the house. Quickly changing her pace from a sprint to a walk once she crossed into the woods. It was already nearing full dark but she knew the woods enough not to trip or walk into any trees. It was just past this small wood to the mountain bottom where the one who took on all her heart-aches only to return a comforting warm shoulder resided.

Coming up on the clearing Angela could smell the familiar musky odor of him. The long shadowy figure sprawled out in the grassy clearing was him. Another shadowed figure showed that he had brought fire-wood this time instead of having her find it.

"You're still adamant that dragons don't breath fire?"

A deep but soothing voice replied.

"We don't breath fire at all and what good would it do? There would be lots of burnt and destroyed forests if we could breath fire and then no food."

Angela shrugged and produced a flint-rock and her knife, scratching it and igniting the pile of fire-wood. Illuminating the large shadowy figure. Laying down before her was a dragon. Long as a horse minus his tail which doubled his length and as dark and blue as the night sky. His wings were folded but extended no doubt could cover her mother's house. It really was a grand display when they were spread. His face reminded her of the books of western dragons she saw but more soft in feature and in heart. This dragon meant no harm to any being that wasn't necessary for feeding. The fire made his scales sparkle like thousands of tiny sapphires. A jagged ridge ran down from his neck following his spine to mid-tail. Hind legs were much more built than his fore-legs which were noticeably more nimble and dexterous. 3 clawed toes on both sets of legs though the fore-paws had longer toes near resembling fingers and a fourth digit which at some evolutionary point could have been the start of a thumb.

Angela stood back from the fire and her features lit up as the flames danced light across her pale flesh. She was tall by a woman's standards but proportionate to her height. Her face showed past pains that have somewhat begun to heal into a hardened heart, which wasn't quite broken yet. Her heart still had a person it belonged to. Her hair was shoulder length and a dark brown. Eyes green as the forest itself.

"Your mother is having that man over again isn't she?"

Angela startled at the remark and moved to sit beside the dragon.

"He didn't hurt you again did he? I told you I would be more than happy to end him for causing such pain for mere pleasures."

Her quickened heart beat slowed down as soon as she touched the dragons side and sat down. His presence alone was enough to calm her nerves.

"It's that obvious Seloran? I already told you though, if you showed up in town we'd never be able to meet again."

Seloran closed his eyes in thought for a moment before finally coming to a conclusion.

"Not if you came with me."

Angela took a short breath.

"And leave my mother?"

"From what you've told me she's as strong a woman as you've become. We can leave note and visit after a short time. Maybe after the man wizens up or leaves."

Angela's mind raced. Seloran's touch calmed her once again. It was strange how his touch was so powerful to her. Just his presence was calming and being with him she felt safe and secure. Living a life with a dragon. "But how? Where will we go and....."

Seloran grinned as much as he could without baring teeth. Angela still took startle with teeth bared and it was understandable. He could already tell though that this really wasn't what she had asked. The fact that she couldn't finish her sentence where she had meant something more intimate had crossed her mind. The thought had crossed his mind a couple times on the occasion.

Angela's eyes couldn't help but glance at Seloran's lower belly. Seloran caught the glance and widened his leg showing his groin. The tip of his penis was peeking through the slit. She had never seen another man's penis let alone a dragon's. Her heart beat sky-rocketed and she shied away in shame, face blushing cherry red.

"You know why I keep coming back?"

Angela knew the answer but was afraid to say it. Why she didn't know. His question rang through her mind and he gave her time to think about it. She had to ask herself the same question. Why did she keep coming back to him. There was something deep down inside that drew her, but she was afraid saying what it truly was.....with a dragon.

"It's because I've given my heart to you. At first I just wanted to help and swore to myself that once you were ok I would leave this place for good, but I couldn't."

Angela was now staring eye-to-eye with Seloran and all that she could see in his returning gaze was love. Her hand seemed to move on its own and she cursed her own body for it but quickly her heart overtook her thought and was holding his snout returning the same loving gaze. She wanted to kiss him but it seemed awkward to be kissing a dragon, yet she just stared at his love tool. The words were difficult to form and she spoke shakily.

"The same thing has been drawing me. All this time and I never saw it."

Seloran was all to happy to break the ice and gently gave a soft lick to Angela's lips. A kiss wasn't at all a dragon thing but he knew human's ways and it suited him well enough. The wetness from his tongue mirrored the wetness she began to feel between her thighs. Seloran again opened his leg exposing his now fully erect penis. Two half egg shaped bulges formed at the base. His shaft was a bright pink with black edging about a broom handle width and fore-arm's length. The tip like a man's but elongated and nearly pointed.

"Can I?"

Angela asked. Seloran gave a dragon's chuckled.

"Of course, I've not opened myself to you for nothing."

Her heart was pounding throughout her body and dizziness filled her head at what was happening. It was so wrong to want a dragon like this, but for love there were no boundaries. Realizing this she decided it was her turn to show her body as well. Dropping her cloak she wore a simple maidens summer dress which also fell to the ground on top of her cloak. Wearing no undergarments she was completely naked in front of the dragon. Her petite breasts glistened in the fire-light and the dragon's eyes traveled from there and down stopping at her slit. She noticed the dragon's shaft throb yearningly as his eyes found her slit.

Seloran laid to his side so his member was easy access. Angela moved over and hesitantly stroked it. Seloran began emanating a deep humming sound from his chest as she moved her hand along his shaft. When her hand met his knot he shuddered, so she massaged it while her hand met his tip. Seloran began running his forked tongue between her legs to her slit. Slithering it into her hole causing Angela to fall to her knees. The sudden pleasure caused her to cry out. He kept going intertwining his tongue inside her. Angela quickly began feel such pleasure she had never felt on her own and it came in wave after wave until she felt she could take no more. Crying out she felt her thighs, breasts, and slit surge with pleasure until his tongue left her.

"How was that my love?"

Gasping for air Angela happily replied.


"There's more. Law down."

She did as he asked and found Seloran standing over her on all fours and shaft hovering over her groin.

"But I'm still a virgin....."

"Then I'll take it slow."

Angela trusted Seloran with all her heart and spread her legs. She watched as he lightly probed his tip at her slit finding the right spot to slid it in. It must be odd for a dragon to make love this way but soon he found it and pushed. He didn't stop at her flower and pushed through till his knot was at her slit. Angela cried out in pain which soon changed to a throbbing pleasure as her flower was taken by her love, a dragon. Slowly he slid partially out and back in repeating the motion over, and over, and over. Angela gave sharp gasps of pleasure each time he went back in, never pulling out all the way. Slowly he quickened his pace. Her slit a warm, wet, plethora of pleasure. His shaft, a hot spear of pleasurable pressure that repeatedly pierce her.

Angela again felt pleasure begin to overwhelm her. Seloran was beginning to cum as well. Pleasure began to spike inside his lower belly. Angela began crying in pleasure once more as she reached a second orgasm. Seloran could no longer hold himself and started pushing his shaft deeper and deeper into her slit until his knot made his way into her. A sharp cry of pain escaped Angela as her slit was stretched and his shaft went deeper than what was normally possible. He pushed his shaft directly into her womb as his knot was swallowed by her slit. The pressure on his knot raged new pleasure and Seloran roared with pleasure as orgasm took him. Cum spewed forth from his shaft into Angela's womb. Her stomach seemed to rise with each pump of cum till she felt she would burst and cried in agonizing pleasure as she felt what no woman had ever felt. In fear of hurting his only love Seloran withdrew from her slit giving a couple squirts of cum over her body..........

3 months later Angela had laid 3 eggs. A supposed scientific impossibility yet it had happened. Another 3 weeks the eggs had hatched. At first they appeared as dragons but soon after hatching shifted to the form of humans. Two girls and a boy. Seleran and Angela made as much of a home as they could in a distant realm in a cave far from prying eyes with their 3 children and plans for many more.

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