tagSci-Fi & FantasyHidden Magic Ch. 04

Hidden Magic Ch. 04


The truth of it...

Kethry sat in silence, unsure of how long they slept or why she had lost control over her senses and indeed, over herself. She focused on the flickering flames of Jude's fire. It's warmth keeping her body comfortable. She wished it could do the same for her mind.

Around them, beast grazed, ignoring both humans as he snorted and enjoyed the cool grass and foliage. Kethry watched him instead of Jude, although she was well aware that his eyes never left her. Portions of food were shared in an awkward silence caused by the awareness that even without speech, they seemed to know what the other was thinking, like a seventh sense that was for him and him alone. It was as if her mind had been invaded and she would never be truly alone again. The thought both stunned and frightened her.

"Who are you?" she asked, the words a mere whisper of sound, more to herself that him.

A smile spread across his lips as he chewed a healthy chunk of bread and cheese.

"You know."

She did, in some strange manner, she did, though she had never met him in her past and he had only given the vague story of their past. Sighing, she ran her long, slender fingers over the cold steel daggers strapped to her thigh, toying with over their smooth handles.

"Okay, so I know who you are. Suppose you tell me again about why I'm supposed to be with you. Maybe I don't want to be with you."

"That isn't for you to decide, Keth." He replied quickly, almost coldly so.

Prickled, she straightened her spine and glowered at him.

"You must not know me very well. I am my own person and I do as I choose. I've had my share of being told otherwise."

His grin was easy, thoroughly enjoying the way she bristled and flushed when she got worked up. She was beautiful in a fiery sort of way when she lost a little of the cool, icy control.

"It is your fate, Keth...your destiny. You and I are and have always been, a part of something greater. Your parents knew it as did mine, which is why we were set to be together until things took a strange turning. But now, we can finally be together as we should."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "For god sakes man, please just TELL me what you are talking about because all this cryptic talk isn't getting us anywhere."

His chuckle was soft as he poked at the fire with a slender stick. "Do you believe in Fate, Keth? Do you believe in The Fates?

Her shoulders lifted, then dropped slightly. "I believe all things seem to happen for a reason, even when the reason eludes us."

He gave a grunt, watching the flames flare for a second, then settle back down. Standing, he walked around the fire to sit beside her, turning her body to his.

"They are real, Keth, and we are part of them." Her eyes widened slightly at his words and the tone of them. "We are T'averen...a sort of helper to the Fates...only we are different than the others," he said, his voice hushed and deep as he grasped her fidgeting hand, pushing it against his, flattening their palms as he had done the first night. He watched as the glow gently built between them. "They wove our destinies together. So without one, the other will weaken. We are meant to be together. Our strength lies with each other...soul mates in the truest way."

The incredible heat made her shier, but somehow, through the swirling chaos of her mind, she managed to ask the question that forced itself forward, seemingly against her will. "What about the third?"

Lacing their fingers together, he tugged her closer. "Third?"

"There are three Fates, as you well know. Why are we only two?"

One of his cryptic looks spread across his face as though he was up to no good. "The third will join soon."

"When?" she insisted.

Jude grinned and kissed the back of her hand, her slight gasp fueling his need to be closer still to the frosty beauty. "Soon," was all he persisted in saying, his warm lips trailing up her bare arm.

Kethry whimpered, tugging at her arm in a feeble attempt to gain her freedom, but the fire he churned through her body was unrelenting. And as their lips touched, it burst out of control.

Raging fires...

It was as if the earth stopped spinning and everything else faded away. A glorified love story only told by mindless little girls giggling over the most handsome man in site. These types of things didn't happen and yet it was. To her. His lips sent her mind spinning out of control and set her body on fire. There was no softness there...not anymore. The fires they created by a mere kiss was shocking and exciting all at once and this time he had no plans on stopping. He had to make her his. Brand her body and soul and start their new life as one, together.

Unconsciously her body arched and accepted, arms winding around his neck as he nudged Kethry down and back onto the cool earth. Hot and hungry his mouth plundered hers, open, wet and willing, their tongues dueled again. Dancing a now familiar dance.

Breaths snorted softly through noses as they fought to break and taste at the same time. It was too good...the taste, the touch and within moments Jude tore at her shirt, shredding the material from her body. She gasped, but didn't fight, instead her lithe, pale body arched up as he trailed a large hand between her soft breasts, down her rips to dip slightly over her tight belly.

"Oh!" She whimpered, hips jerking in response. His fingers fumbled as he struggled with the buckle of her pants, swearing hotly under his breath. Her own cool fingers danced over his chest and drove through his hair, pulling his face down. He protested, but only for a minute before his fingers gained access and delved into her pants. She cried out and his mouth swallowed the sound. Long digits slipped over slick folds of wet, warm, feminine flesh. Her scent filled the air and drove him wild. He needed her, wanted her, desperately! His hard cock straining painfully inside his pants as he ground up against her hip.

"Jude...Jude!" She murmured into his mouth, pleading for him to stop the madness and let her return to some sanity. Hasty jerks and kicking legs sent her pants flying dangerously close to the fire before he kneeled between her spread lily white thighs. He shook his head, needing to clear it...needing some control, but was grasping blindly at straws.

She was magnificent! Her body fluid and firm, with the softness of womanly lines and curves that left him breathless. Her skin was flawless and smooth, breasts proud and plump thrusting and eager for his mouth to sample the raspberry buds that ached for attention and her sex...oh her sex sent him into a frenzy. Bare, and glistening, all pale and pink, the petals of her pussy gaping slightly, turning a deep shade of red as she spread her out and placed tip of his ardent cock inside her entrance.

A guttural growl rumbled up through his chest as he pushed forward and braced his hands on either side of her chest. "Keth...look..." He gritted out, teeth clenched in sweet agony until her eyes fluttered and gazed up into his face. She was flushed and just as breathless, her nails digging into his shoulders.

"Mine..." He hissed, the strange light of his eyes matching hers. "Say it...together, forever."

She couldn't have fought him if she had wanted. It was all coming together, meant to be...Fate. She nodded, her soft whimpery response of, "Yours...forever." unleased his thrust.

They cried out in unison as the shards of painful pleasure erupted, her pussy gripping him almost painfully as he buried himself to the hilt and held onto her. They clung, holding frantically as he began to set the pace. Hips clung and retreated, only to slap together again. Together, in unison, for always.

Her moans and whimpers joined his grunts and sighs, lips crushing, chests rubbing, legs entwined and working to a mutual pleasurable ending.

She strained beneath him, fighting for her breaths as the pressure build and bursts of rainbow light flickered behind her closed yes. "OOooooh!" She wailed, "Oooooh yeeees!"

"Hell yes!" He joined in and shoved and thrust, her muscles clamping down, his cock pulsing and then unloading, shooting jet after jet of hot creamy cum into her belly before their bodies collapsed.

Tangled and sweat slicked, Kethry blinked as her vision cleared and the scratchy feel of Jude's shirt regained some of her awareness. He hadn't even undressed. The thought made her spontaneously giggle. Drawing back, he grinned at her soft sound and kissed her lips. "I should have waited..." He told her softly, his voice roughened by the edge of lust. "But I just couldn't. Are you all right?"

She nodded, her nose nudging his, their bodies still locked together, "If this is all about Fate, then perhaps it was meant to be."

He chuckled and nibbled on her jaw line, feeling himself stir anew and watching her startled reaction to the twitch of his member within her softness. "Again?" She whispered.

"Seems like it..." He murmured thickly and gave a little thrust of his hips, drawing out a gasp. "Indeed."

Kethry grinned and wrapped her long legs around his bottom, pulling him deeper. Together they climbed once more to the peaks of heaven only to shatter into a million blissful pieces. Finally she was whole...the missing piece and her future was sealed. She was now part of something greater and within her, another magical moment took place to complete their circle...

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