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High School Reunion Payback


I'd like to thank my editor Wolf Vixen for her help on this story.

I wrote this for all the non-jocks, the people who were never good enough to be in the "In" crowd and all the students who studied there asses off, made it and could finally get the last laugh years later. As they say, "This one is for you."

I read the announcement and as I did, I remembered all the names I was called, dweeb, nerd, moron, geek and a slew of others I tried not to remember. It read, the high school class of 1983 announces its ten-year reunion. It will be held Saturday May 18th at the Holiday Inn and so on. I hadn't been back there since I graduated from college because I hated that town and almost everyone in it.

I was an only child of blue collar working parents. They had at best a high school education and held menial jobs so money was always tight. A lot of times I wore second hand clothes to school and kids always made fun of how I dressed. God how I hated high school, it was like a four yearlong nightmare.

I had very few friends; mostly geeks like myself who were the social outcasts and only one girl in four years had ever talked to me, Brenda. The rest of my class would pick on me and taunt me whenever they could.

I remembers going to a dance and finally getting up the courage up to ask one of the popular girls to dance. She laughed at me. The bitch laughed at me and her boyfriend then pushed me to the floor in front of everyone.

Fucking assholes I thought to myself as I crumbled up the paper and threw it across the very well decorated room. College was a lot better but not great either. I'd gotten a four-year scholarship to a good school and graduated with my masters in computer science in just over three and a half years. You see I was smart, not just your average smart, but also a math genius it seemed.

Just out of college I started a small software business that grew rapidly. I had no social life so I did nothing but work and it paid off big time. I loved to play fantasy games, which to me were a lot more fun than my real life. I devised a software program in which the player could change the flow of the game and make it almost interactive. Think of it, you could change the way the game was played every time.

It took me over a year to get all the bugs worked out and the patent approved before shopping it to all the big companies. They'd all been working on similar software, but I had the first working model from which they could build on. Now the big three were all jumping through hoops to acquire my software. They wined and dined me and I even lost my cherry during one negotiation session.

One of the big companies made me a fantastic offer over dinner. It was a twenty five million dollar buyout of the patent, a seat on the board with a six-figure salary and full control over my present and future work. It was a great offer but I had others, so I asked for a couple of days to think it over.

"No problem Keith, I'll send up the formal contract later tonight and if you like it, we can work out the details next week," the C.E.O. told me.

We shook hands and I went up to the suite they'd provided for me. I was getting the taste of the good life and loved every minute of it. Playing one of my games, I heard a knock on the door. I opened up the door and came face to face with a beautiful redhead dressed in a business suite caring a briefcase.

"Hi, my name is Karin," she said reaching out her hand. "Mr. Thompson asked me to drop off the contract for your review," she said walking into my room. Taking it out of her briefcase she laid it on the coffee table. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything?" she asked.

"Not at all. I'm just passing the time playing a few games," I replied.

Just then, there was another knock at the door,

"I hope you don't mind, I ordered a few things to eat and drink while we go over the details," she said letting the waiters bring in the carts.

What a spread. There were exotic fruits, chocolate, pastries, meat and cheese trays, sodas, beer, wine and a few bottles of champagne.

Looking at everything, I laughed. "Karin, it looks like we've got enough food for the entire weekend."

"Who knows how long it's going to take to go over this contract," she said unbuttoning her coat.

Karin took off her jacket and shoes to get more comfortable and we had a drink or two while we reviewed the details. God she looked hot and smelled great. She was probably around 5'8", a hundred and forty pounds, short brown hair and a killer body it looked like. She wasn't too big anywhere, more so just right. I was sitting right next to her on the couch, within inches of her, as we went over the proposal line by line. A couple of times we brushed up against one another and I felt my dick begin to grow.

Hell, if my attorneys didn't find any hidden flaws, this was the best offer by far. After going over about a third of it, Karin asked if we could take a break.

"This place has a hot tub doesn't it?" she asked.

"It sure does," I replied.

"Good, lets grab some drinks and relax for a bit," she replied.

As I said before, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck and I knew exactly where this was going; she was a little added incentive to sign the contract. I filled the tub and slipped in, drink in hand. Karin came out of the bathroom in a robe and dropped it as she got to the tub. As you might have guessed, she had nothing on under it as she eased herself in the warm water.

She moved over to me and we toasted each other with glasses of champagne. Putting my glass down I looked at Karin.

"We both know why you're here tonight and speaking frankly, I'm really looking forward to it. I've never been with a women before and from what I can see, you're all women," I told her.

Karin looked a little startled. "You're a virgin?" she asked. "Well honey, this is one night you're never going to forget," she said as she moved next to me.

Chugging down the champagne Karin came over and kissed me, lightly at first and then slipped her tongue into my mouth. Karin took me under her wing that night. If she didn't like the way I was doing some thing, she'd let me know just how a woman liked it done to them.

We went from kissing to touching and then to oral stimulation. Nibbling on my nipples, I never knew they were so sensitive; she licked her way down to my dick. Grabbing it in her smooth hands, she licked the under side and head before putting the whole thing down her throat.

I didn't have a clue if she was good at it, I just knew I had died and gone to heaven. I lasted a whole minute before shooting my wad into her mouth. Karin didn't stop until I started to go limp.

"My turn," she announced as she laid back on the bed and pulled me on top and between her legs.

We kissed for a while then she fed me her breast and nipple.

"Be gentle, lick it to get it wet and then suck it between your lips," she told me as I followed her instructions perfectly. Karin then moved me lower to her stomach and then to her pussy. She was shaved smooth except for a little tuff at the top.

"Lick the outer lips and then spread them apart," she said. I was licking the lips and pulling at them with my mouth as I watched Karin for her reaction to what I was doing.

"I have a new toy to play with that's a lot more fun than a video game," I thought to myself as I licked away.

With her lips spread, she told me to lick her clit using a lot of spit.

"Lubricate it well and watch it grow, just like a tiny cock," she told me.

I licked and sucked her clit until it came out from under its hood.

"Lick me all the down to my ass and stick your tongue in my pussy hole," Karin instructed as she pushed my head a little lower.

I thought at first this was going to be really gross, but after a few minutes, I found I loved it. She smelled good and tasted even better. I licked, sucked and even slipped a finger in her snatch as Karin started to moan and wiggle beneath me.

I found that I could lick her snatch and at the same time reach up and play with her hard nipples. Now for the moment I'd waited a lifetime for. I took my rock hard cock, wet it with her pussy juices and eased it into her pussy.

"Go slow at first so I can get use to your size, and then speed up the strokes," she moaned.

After about thirty seconds, I was banging away at her pussy. I would pull my dick all the way out and then shoved it all the way back in one single stroke. This was like a hand job only a lot better. You couldn't beat a warm pussy that was squeezing your cock on every stroke.

Not wanting this to end, I thought about my mother, software problems and anything else to get my mind off of what I was doing, but it didn't work. As I shot my first load, Karin erupted into a screaming climax; that only made me pump harder. Lifting her legs over my shoulders, I pumped the last three loads into her. I fell exhausted on the bed next to her.

"So that's what it feels like," I said out loud to myself. "I could get use to this very easily," I said almost laughing. Looking at Karin, I asked her if she'd liked it.

"You did great for the first time and if you don't know it, you're really pretty hung."

I hadn't thought much about it, because in gym class, I was too self-conscious to look at the other guy's tools so I had nothing to compare myself to. Well I wasn't going to argue with her, and at this point I didn't care if she was lying to me or not; I was enjoying myself way too much.

We never left the suite all weekend. We sucked and fucked until Karin could barely walk. I found that I could get it up twenty minutes after shooting and we did it seven times on Sunday before she cried uncle.

Karin finally introduced me to the joys of anal sex when her pussy gave out. She wasn't able to take me comfortably all the way in, but I loved it just the same. By the end of the weekend, I had tasted all of her pleasures and she said I was as good a fuck as she'd ever had stroking my ego even more.

However, Monday it was back to reality. The lawyers went over the contract, gave their approval and the deal was signed the following week. Over the next few years a lot changed. I set up my parents in a new home close to mine; I let my hair grow out and hired a personal trainer to get my body into a chiseled state. After one workout I looked down at my six-pack and wished I'd had this body in high school. The last thing was a little tweaking of my nose and chin. After I was done, I looked the same but much better.

Karin was the first of many women I tasted. When you have a lot of money, you don't look for beautiful women, they find you. I had them all. Asian, black, Indian and my favorite, Latin women with a healthy back side. I was no longer shy and became very forceful on what I wanted.

I loved to have my cock sucked while I drove. Feeling a woman's warm lips around my cock just made me tingle. It wasn't just the warm good feeling, but more so the power I had over them. They would do whatever I asked, almost without question.

I recalled taking Debby out to dinner and a club one night. Deb was a black woman who had a body to die for. We flirted shamelessly at dinner and at the club I danced so close that we were almost one. I left her at the table for a minute and went to the restroom. Upon returning I noticed two black men sitting at my table with Debby. Coming up behind them, I told them that this was my table.

"Beat it white boy," one said. "Me and the lady are just getting to know each other." Debby was looking at me as I tipped the chair over that the black guy was sitting on.

"The lady is with me, so move along," I told them.

The taller of the two threw a punch that I blocked, before spinning around and hitting him with an elbow to the side of his head. He went down like a ton of bricks. The other guy then grabbed me from behind and said he was going to break my back. I stomped on his foot and drove the back of my head into his nose breaking it as blood gushed all over the two of us. With one guy out cold and the other screaming it was time to go.

I took Debby to my house and as we lay nude on my bed, I told her that no one would ever fuck with me again.

I loved her nipples, long, black and hard. I would suck and nibble on them until they stood out almost an inch in length. I petted her short-cropped bush and pulled her over on top of me in a sixty-nine position.

Every woman I was with had a different taste and I especially loved the way Deb tasted and her apple bottom butt. It wasn't huge, but was far from being flat. She was the perfect size for me. I could eat her pussy with ease as she sucked me off without stretching to get in my full length. Deb was the best cocksucker I'd ever met. She could take my whole length and rest her lips on my balls. She had a technique that would bring me to almost shooting before backing off at the last minute.

I didn't want her mouth tonight but her lovely ass. Lying on her back I continued to eat her pussy and finger fuck her. Moving lower to her starfish, I licked it and drove my tongue into her asshole as she screamed. Taking the finger out of her pussy, I inserted it to the knuckle in her ass and moved it around. Taking pussy juice and spit, I moistened another finger and forced it in also. With two fingers in her ass, Deb was moaning and rubbing her own clit.

Putting her on all fours, I got behind her and after lubing up the head of my dick I pushed it into her tight ass. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. Taking a little KY, I lubed up my shaft and push in deeper.

Deb's head was now on the bed with her ass high in the air crying out that it was too damn big and that I was ripping her apart. Pulling out completely, I put a gob of KY in her ass followed by my dick. Moving very slowing at first, I picked up the pace and told her to relax. It took almost five minutes before I was all the way deep in her ass.

We fucked like that for another ten minutes before I pulled out, ripped off the condom and shoved it right into her pussy. An ass is nice, but a tight pussy was much better. Playing with her clit, I banged away. Debby was now pushing back at me almost as hard as I was fucking her. She climaxed first and I followed shortly thereafter. Going around to her mouth, I had her clean all the fluids and juices off me. She was so hot.

We fucked twice more that night. Once finishing in her ass, and the other shooting my wad down her throat. I drove Deb home kissing her as I walked her to her apartment door. She was beautiful and a great lay, does it get any better than that?

On my way home I passed a school and thought again about my high school reunion. No one knew I made it big because both my parents and I were long gone before that happened.

Thinking back, there were two people I still hated. Linda, the leader of the cheer leading squad and her boyfriend Jim the football jock. When I got to work Monday I made a few calls on who was still around and who was married to whom. Linda had married a rich guy and Jim, after blowing out his knee in college, was working in sales.

I hired a firm to find out any and all the dirt on those two, no matter what the cost. If they so much as farted in church, these guys would uncover it. Also, I wanted to know what happened to Brenda, the only girl who ever showed an interest in me. It took three weeks but it was worth the wait.

Linda it seemed was the budding socialite with a boyfriend on the side. I guess the older guy she married couldn't satisfy her needs. Jim on the other hand was divorced and was still an asshole. He was a sales manager that everyone hated and was reportedly taking money under the table. His lifestyle didn't match his income so the extra money was coming from somewhere. Finally, Brenda had gotten her engineering degree but was low man on the totem pole in a small firm and going nowhere. She was unmarried and still living at home, taking care of her sick mother.

I continued to pushed the firm because I wanted exact details; names, places, amounts and such. I was going to fuck them over like what they done to me.

I RSVP'd and rented a room for the weekend. I didn't want to flaunt my money so I scaled everything back. By the reunion weekend, I had names and pictures of who was fucking whom and bank records and details of Jim's dealings. I put it all in my suitcase and headed out for what would be a most memorable weekend.

The Friday afternoon party was in full swing by the time I got there. Hardly anyone recognized me and those that did said how good I looked. Most of the guy's were married and out of shape and with few exceptions, all the popular girls were married, had at least two kids and had gone to pot. I spotted Brenda in a corner talking to one of the other high school geeks.

"Hi Brenda," I said.

She gave me a long look before saying, "Keith?"

"Yes it's me, I've changed a little."

"Not a little, a lot" she replied. "How and what you doing these days?" she asked.

"Just working like everyone else, how are you doing?" I replied. "Ok I guess, but you look fantastic. You even let you hair grow out."

We talked for hours and made it a point to get together for dinner. I told her I had a few things to do and I would call her later.

I had a messenger deliver a copy of Linda's pictures to her while she was at the party with a little note telling her that I'd call her later. I watched her open the envelope and look inside, she almost fainted. She went to a corner of the room and paged through the twenty plus pictures. I saw her look around the room and went to the bar and got a drink. Shortly thereafter, I followed her upstairs before going to my room.

Once in my I room, I called hers. Linda answered on the second ring.

"Hello," she said.

"Linda I see you got my present, I hope you like the quality of the pictures," I told her.

"What do you want?" she replied.

"I want you to come to my room right now so we can discuss this in person, room 812," I said.

"My husband is here and I can't get away for a couple of hours," she tried to say before I cut her off.

"Now listen to me very carefully. Unless you're here in five minutes, I'll walk down and personally hand your husband a copy of the pictures. I don't think you'd like that, would you?" I said abruptly before hanging up.

I set up the three hidden cameras and waited. Sure enough she showed up. I let her in my room and she immediately asked what I wanted.

"Sit down and lets talk, would you like a drink?" I asked.

"No I don't want a fucking drink, how much do you want to keep quiet?" she asked.

"I don't want your money I want you," I replied.

"Me?" she answered.

Linda didn't even have a clue who I was. I was just someone she needed to pay off.

"First of all, lose the clothes," I said.

"I will not" she replied standing up as if to leave.

"Then get the fuck out of here bitch, this isn't a negotiation session. You either do what I want or I give your husband the pictures, do you understand?" She finally realized I was not backing down and started to undress. "Slowly, I want to enjoy every minute of it," I told her.

"If I do this, will you give me all the pictures and negatives?"

"You have my word on it," I told her.

She still had a great body. Firm tits, round ass and a pair of legs that went on forever. When she was done, I told her to kneel in from of me and to take my dick out. She hesitated for only a moment and then did what I asked.

"Let's see how good a blowjob you can give me for the pictures."

Linda licked my dick and sucked it like a women possessed. At one point I had to slow her down or she would have made me shoot too soon. With her bobbing up and down on my dick, I felt in my balls tighten; I was close. "I want to shoot on your face," I said.

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