tagBDSMHiliad's Special Gift Ch. 04

Hiliad's Special Gift Ch. 04


Putting on the robe and sulking for an hour, I swallowed what little pride I had left and went downstairs, though I had no clue where I was going. But by the time I hit the foyer I let my nose lead me. I was starving, and it seemed Hiliad played up on that particular weakness of all humans. I walked into what appeared to be a little-used dining room, of course, where the table had plates upon plates of food, all covered to keep warm, baskets with an array of biscuits, rolls and crescent rolls, and pitchers of lemonade, iced tea and water. I hadn't eaten for over twenty-four hours, not a week.

"Eat," came a voice behind me that scared me so badly I jumped as I twirled around to face Hiliad. He was staring at me oddly, but I let it go.

"Okay, so, I'm here. Tell me what I want to know," I said firmly.

"Eat," he repeated.

I had no appetite. "Hiliad, please," I started, softening my voice, "just tell me."

We played the 'Stare the other down till the other looks away' game for five minutes before he said, "You eat. I'll explain."

Sounded fair enough. I sulked over to the chair with the place setting and sat down. Hiliad did not. He leaned against the wall and watched me like I was prey. Hell, in a way I was. I looked over the food and I had to be honest, I was famished.

So I ate while Mr. Hiliad Fildri, Naluchra Club owner, Dom Extraordinaire and last but not least vampire, gave me the whole scoop. I wasn't expecting to hear how my former Master, lover and friend had betrayed me in the cruelest of ways.

"I met Daniel six months ago when he came into Naluchra. He was highly ... interested in our kind."

"What? Kidnappers, masochists and straight up bastards?" I asked with a mouthful of food, not polite, I know, but we were far from etiquette rules.

"God, seeing that makes me glad I don't eat human food anymore." He snickered. "Anyway, as I was saying," he cleared his throat impatiently, "I traded my life's story for you."

"That's a flat-out lie! He would never—"

"Well, he did, I'm afraid."

"You didn't know me before we met," I stated.

"Oh, but I did. He'd inform me where you two were. I'd watched you very carefully. I watched your every move, and how you satisfied your Master, and when you misbehaved."

"I never mis—" I couldn't finish that because it might have been true. I put my fork on the plate and sipped the lemonade to gather my thoughts. "Okay, what else?"

"That doesn't bother you?" he asked incredulously.

"What else?" I repeated, leaning back against the chair.

"I didn't have to tell him that much. It seemed he already knew quite a lot of information. When he was satisfied, and only then, did he tell me you are—were his slave."


"So, we worked out a deal. He told me your limits, most of them, and I agreed that he be there while ... my side of the deal was met. He didn't like that."

Good. "And he agreed for you to whip and fuck me?"

"No, that was a bonus."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Bonus?"

He pushed himself off the wall and was standing beside me in a heartbeat. I was startled as well as impressed. "Call it a favor, a bribe, whatever you want. By the way, you have me intrigued, little girl."

"I am not a little girl!"

He glanced down at my cleavage and grinned. "That I can attest to." I pulled the collar of the robe over my chest. "You were a good slave, and I wanted to find out for myself."

Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

"Daniel was happy with you—for a human," he chortled harshly. "He was proud of you for carrying yourself to his standards when you were at the club."

Okay, I didn't know that and of course, I knew the latter part, too. But that still didn't answer my question.

"It was an even trade. Two meetings, over and done with. As far as your situation now, I had nothing to do with that."

Hmm, do I believe him? "Then ... then why did he—"

"I can't answer that, Connee. But you are aware that sometimes Masters—"

"I know that! Okay, so answer me this—you brought me here so apparently you aren't done with me. What do you want with me?"

"To make you an offer." He put his hands on the arm rests, just as I had done to him at the club.

I stood my ground—or ass, as the case was—and raised my eyebrows with curiosity, but also with dread. "And what might that be?"

"Daniel tells me you are an accountant."

"Yeah, so?" I was beginning to see where he was going with his little offer, but I had to hear it before I got my foot stuck in my mouth.

"I need an accountant for the club. You do that for me, and I shall be your new Master."

"Where's the logic in that?" I asked dumbfounded. "You get an accountant and a slave?" I shook my head. "Doesn't sound fair to me."

"You are no fool, Connee. You need a Master, do you not?"

"No, as a matter of fact I don't!" I said confidently. "I don't ... it's too soon."

He came closer to my face and snickered. "It's never too soon."

Yes, it was. I'd been without a Master for just over twenty-four hours and I had more confidence in myself than I've ever had, as well as strength to stand up for myself. "I've got a job," I stuttered.

"I could pay you handsomely."

"I don't accept orgasms as payment," I barked.

He laughed long and hard at that. "God, I like your spunk. Let me ask you this: Where are you going to go? How much money do you have for a new wardrobe considering you had none in your car?"

Oh, that's right. Daniel threw my suitcase out the door, but I didn't grab it when I left.

"Who's going to take care of you?" he challenged.

His face was only inches from mine and my blood started to boil. "I can take care of myself."

"Leave if you want. See how far you get." He stepped back and leaned against the dining room table. "You have until ten o'clock tomorrow night. My offer ends then." He headed out of the room before turning back to me. "There is an outfit in the bedroom closet. Your car keys are by the door."


What am I doing? What am I doing? What the hell am I doing? Those words went through my mind as I walked into Naluchra right before six o'clock on that Monday morning.

I left Hiliad's place the night after Daniel released me, and I found a motel near work. I cried myself to sleep. The next day at work I did my job.

I thought of Daniel. I thought of Hiliad's proposal. I did my job.

Visions of Hiliad flogging me made me wet in the pants. Remembering how he felt inside me gave me blue balls—you know, when you're so horny and your clit is in desperate need of attention that it actually hurts. I did my job.

The orgasm I had after taking Hiliad's drop of blood convinced me I'd become addicted rather quickly to the V-juice. Thinking of Hiliad drinking my blood set me over the edge—I had to get myself off in the bathroom. I did my job.

And I made a decision. The last thing I did that day was give my boss my two week notice.

I went back to the hotel room and waited until 9:55 came around—too damned slow if you asked me. After all, Hiliad had given me until ten and didn't want him to think I was too eager. I called the club and Liza answered. I asked for Hiliad. He got on the phone but didn't say hello. I knew he was there. I could feel he was there.

"Monday the 16th will be my first day there," I told him then hung up without waiting for his reply.

And then I was starting my life over. I was no one's slave. I was my own woman. And I knew I wouldn't make it very far. I love being someone's sub/slave. Being capable of allowing my Master/Dom his dominance and control over me was always enough to sustain me. For three years I was with Daniel, and I did love him. I thought he loved me, too. Apparently I was wrong. I would never be used like that again.

The 16th I walked into Naluchra looking for Doug, a human who watched the club during the day. Hiliad sent me a letter of instruction for my first day—or evening, as it turned out—to the hotel room. I never knew how in the hell he knew where I was.

"Connee Byers?" a man asked as he approached me.

"Yes," I mumbled, my heart pounding from nerves.

"This way." I followed him to a room in the back and looked him over more closely. He was normal which surprised me. I thought he'd be all goth and such. I couldn't help but grin when we passed the room to the basement, aka the dungeon, a place I thought of fondly and too often, if you asked me.

"Ms. Byers?" I heard Doug say. I turned to look at him and he was standing in a doorway, waiting for me. "This is your office."

I entered my new office, put my bag on a chair by the desk and Doug handed me a thin manual. I assumed it was just notes from Hiliad to get me started until he showed up for work.

"Everything you need is here," Doug said as he pointed to a corner of the room. "Refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine. Just let Mr. Fildri know what else you need."

He used the title of Mr. Fildri? Ha! "Thanks, Doug."

He left me alone with the door open. I looked around the room before I sat behind the desk, took a deep breath and opened the manual from my new boss. He had the neatest handwriting for a man, er, vampire, but then again, how many centuries had he had to work on it?

'Ms. Byers, Welcome to Naluchra. I am glad you have chosen wisely. I hope you found everything to your satisfaction. Please let me know anything else you may need ... Your office hours will be 6pm till 2am. If you cannot meet these hours leave now ...'

I looked at the door with a smile on my face.

'You will do as I ask when I ask and you ... you are now in my employ. I have high standards for my employees. I hope you will not disappoint me ...'

Playing on my submissive side? The bastard.

'... occasional requirements needed of you in the basement ...'

Asshole! I was so pissed I slammed my hand on the desk. Who the hell did he think I was?

'You will answer to me—no others, including Liza ...'

Wasn't that just kind of him?

'You are on a 60-day retainer. If I elect to let you go, you will leave promptly.'

I sure as hell wasn't going to stand back and take his bullshit! I turned the computer on, opened Windows and began to type my own requirements.

'Mr. Fildri, I accept your work hours requirements and 60-day retainer. I will not, however, accept being your part-time slave in the basement of this club, your home or anywhere else ... I was hired to do a job, and that I will do. I will do nothing more ...'

I looked at the clock; it was only 7:15. The club's hours were ten till four a.m., so I knew it would be a while before Hiliad showed up. That would give me plenty of time to calm down. I set about tackling the papers in the 'In Box,' put papers in the 'Out Box' and grabbed a banana I'd brought for a snack. Going back to the computer, I was concentrating so hard on the work that when Hiliad announced his arrival I jumped about three feet. I looked at the clock on the bottom right of the monitor. It read 10:32. Yep, right on time.

"Shit! Uh, evening," I stuttered as I looked at him leaning against the door frame and looking like a Greek God! He must like those tanks because that's all I've seen him wearing, not that I was complaining. He looked good. He looked damn good.

"I trust you've gotten yourself settled?"

"Yes, thanks." I rambled what I'd done thus far. "Oh, and Hiliad," I said as I stood, grabbed his manual and my requirements and walked to him, handing him his manual. He didn't take it. "Were you high when you wrote this?"

He smiled that damned amused smile. "No."

"This is bullshit, Hiliad, just thought I'd let you know that." Aretha Franklin's song Respect popped into my head.

"Really? What exactly didn't you like about it?"

"Here. These are my requirements." I handed him the single page and swallowed hard.

He read it over and laughed. He laughed hard. "Ms. Byers," he said, again amused, "the files are kept in the basement, and sometimes you will need to go down there."

"Riiiight," I snickered, not believing him. "And I am to take your orders?"

"You are my employee. I am your employer. That's what employees do."

"Understand this, Hiliad, I will do my job and that is all. I was not hired as your sub or slave, so if you feel the need beat, control, flog or fuck, find a willing human in your club."

He shook his head before nodding slightly, turned and walked away.

I knew at that moment I wouldn't last a week. But I hung in there. Day after day, week after week I kept working—working to keep my mind off of Daniel, who seemed to never get out of my head. God, I hated that man! He left a message for me to retrieve my things, but as far as I was concerned he could keep them. I had no intention of going back to him, and there was no emotional connection to any of my belongings.

Once I got over that, my mind would wander at seeing the human women Hiliad would have sitting at his feet and sometimes men. The power he had over them was astounding. Hiliad busted me a few times watching him when I walked by on my way out for a break. And I was ... jealous. I was doomed being a Scorpio.

The few times I had to go down to the basement I found myself smiling remembering the time I was strapped to the Pommell horse. And the poor equipment was crying out to be used. I was in some deep shit.

One particular night Doug knocked on my door. "Ms. Byers, Mr. Fildri would like to see you."

"Okay, thanks."

I took my sweet old time answering Hiliad's call, going to see him on his throne a good half an hour later. And he wasn't pleased. He sat in his chair smug as hell, his chin resting in his fingers, his eyes narrow and threatening as he looked me over. The expression on his face killed me, too. It was stern and pissed off. I never liked to see that on my Master, or on my boss for that matter.

"Sorry I'm late, Hiliad. I needed—"

"Don't want to hear it. Let me ask you something." I nodded. "If the club was on fire and I sent someone to get you out, you'd burn before you'd comply."

"That wasn't a question," I stated. Ah. I just loved head games. But then I was in the position to play along.

"No, it wasn't. Let me rephrase that. If your old boss called you would you wait half an hour before you went to see what he wanted?"

Hmm. What is he doing? "No." What else could I say?

"When I need you, I will call you. Do you have a problem with that?"

He was right. "No. I'm truly sorry." We stared at the other for several tense moments. "What did you want?" I asked nervously, finding it odd my heart was beating so hard and fast.


I shook my head, rolled my eyes, returned to my office and got back to work.

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