tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHis Favorite Birthday: The Next Day

His Favorite Birthday: The Next Day


Author's Note: This story is intended as a follow-up to my earlier story "His Favorite Birthday" under the topic "Loving Wives". You'll see why I reclassified this one.


The morning after his birthday, Ross had quite a vodka-induced headache, but he was smiling as he made the coffee. Maybe it was more like smirking. The day before, his wife Kate had given him one of the best blowjobs he had ever had, a sloppy but very satisfying hand job, and fucked his eyes out. He absent-mindedly rubbed his penis and noted that it was actually a little bit sore.

The fact that their friend Tonya had done a little strip tease for him was certainly icing on the cake, birthday or otherwise. For a prude, she had certainly stepped out of character. The surprising part was that she hadn't seemed overly nervous or self-conscious about taking off her clothes right in front of him. It was almost as if she was enjoying it. He had committed to memory every second she had been naked, right there in front of him, and it had been for over an hour. He never would have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.

"She's always been one of my favorite women friends", he thought to himself, "she's so pretty, great face, smile and eyes that sparkle, easy to talk to, smart and funny. Now I can add the mental image of her naked breasts, hips, thighs, butt and pussy to that picture, and I will certainly remember that for the rest of my life."

No sooner had he poured his first cup of coffee, he heard his wife Kate coming out of the master bedroom, humming to herself. She was in a good mood already, so that bode well for the day.

"So honey, whatcha got planned for me today?" Ross asked. "Can you top yesterday?"

"No way. Your birthday is over. You'll have to wait another year, at least, maybe more," she replied.

"So, I gotta know. How in the hell did you talk Tonya into all of that? She was the last of your friends, I mean our friends, that I would have thought would participate in that kind of thing. I always thought of her as more than a little prudish. Bev, Jody, anybody else, maybe. But Tonya? Never in a million years. What did you promise her? How did you talk her into it?"

"Relax," Kate said. "It wasn't that big a deal. She just took off her clothes in front of you. It wasn't like she agreed to spouse-swap or anything. In fact, she made it quite clear that she didn't want any pictures, and there wouldn't even be any mention of swapping or anything sexual."

"Well, that never even crossed my mind," Ross replied, but the faraway look he suddenly got in his eyes told Kate he was certainly thinking about it right now.

"So you enjoyed that, huh? Who else in my circle of friends would you like to see naked? You've seen Bev a bunch. You've even seen Gwen a few times, and I think she's almost as prudish as Tonya." Kate moved close to Ross and looked up into his eyes. "And would you like to sleep with any of them? Who would be your first choice?"

"You," was his quick reply.

"Right answer," Kate shot back. "Seriously, if you could have sex with any of the women we know, even women from work whom I don't know, or other places, wherever, who would it be?"

"OK, in this fantasy world, do I have your permission? And are you sleeping with her husband, or is this just a one-sided affair?"

Kate mulled it over for a second and said, "To make this simple, let's say you have my permission, and I am not sleeping with her husband, and he and I won't even know of your little tryst."

"Hmm. Hmm. I guess my answer is still you. I like making love with you. I like how hard you come, and I know all the tricks to get you there. I'm not sure I could perform with another woman."

"Liar!" Kate laughed, but she hugged him harder and rubbed her body against his, enough that she could feel his penis begin to harden. "Mmmm, all this sexy talk seems to be working." She slipped her hand down into his pajama pants and took hold of his cock, feeling it stiffen quickly, causing him to shudder slightly. "Wanna have some morning sex right now, right here in the kitchen?"

But before Ross could answer, they heard steps coming down the stairs, and his buddy Pat bounded into the room. Ross laughed, and had to turn against the cupboards to hide his bulging pants, silently cursing Pat's timing.

Pat went straight for the coffee pot and didn't notice. "So, Kate, how did you ever talk my wife into getting that wild last night? As long as we've been married, I've never seen her get like that. She was like a different woman. What did you put in her drink, and how can I buy a lifetime supply of it? And, if I may say so, she even kept me up late into the night. We needed that, so I thank you."

"Nothing, I did nothing," Kate said, "Except maybe help her release her inner tigress." All three laughed heartily.

"No, seriously," Pat continued, "how did you ever talk her into it?"

"It's a long story, but suffice it to say that I kind of shamed her into it by intimating that I thought she was a real prude."

"Which she is," said Pat, "and I should know, better than anybody in the whole world."

Ross had recovered and turned to face the other two. "Well, I am glad I was there to witness it all. And believe me, I witnessed it all. She has an even better body than I would have guessed, what with all the baggy, loose-fitting clothes she usually wears. She sure could strut her stuff if she wanted to dress the right way."

"Well, maybe this is Tonya V2.0 we're witnessing this weekend," suggested Kate.

"I can only hope so," Pat shot back. "It would certainly make things better around our house."

"OK, enough of that," Kate said, obviously trying to change the subject. "What do you have on tap for today?"

"I'm going fishing, and real soon. Down to the Pere Marquette River, looking for rainbows and steelhead," Pat said. "What about you two?"

"I'm going to go shopping in town, but I'll probably wait for Tonya to see if she wants to go along," Kate said. "Oh, and I have to take the trash and recycling to the dump."

"Oooh, big time plans," Ross snickered. "Me? I'm just recuperating today. I'm just going to sit at the end of the dock as long as it takes for me to feel better."

Pat packed his fishing gear and was off, promising to be back by about 4pm. Ross went out to the deck and lay down on a chaise lounge in the morning sun. Kate ate a little breakfast and putzed around the kitchen until Tonya came downstairs about 11am. "Whoa, it's almost noon," Tonya said. "I guess I needed to sleep, huh?"

"Yeah," Kate smiled, "based on all that noise we heard from the upstairs last night, you might have gone to bed before midnight, but you and Pat didn't actually get to sleep until much later."

Tonya blushed and looked at her nervously, "You didn't actually hear us, did you?"

"Relax Tonya. You've turned over a new leaf, remember? Besides, Ross and I were out on the dock having our own fun, and I've got a story there. Don't worry, you have nothing to be ashamed about. I hope you don't have any regrets, because it was you who made Ross' birthday special, not me. He even mentioned it this morning."

Tonya looked even more nervous. "Oh no, he didn't really, did he? Oh, I'm starting to think that I should never have agreed to all of this. How can I look him in the eye again?"

Well, you're about to find out," Kate said as Ross walked in the door from the deck.

"Tonya! How are you doing today?" Ross was positively beaming, and it immediately caused Tonya to relax. "I'm so glad you and Pat made it up here for my birthday. Otherwise, it would have been just Kate and me, and we can be pretty boring."

"Well," Tonya said, "I hope I didn't embarrass myself last night. You two might be used to partying like that, but it's a bit new for me."

Ross tried to reassure her by saying, "Thank you for making my birthday so memorable. It was truly an honor to have you and Pat here. I'm glad you came."

Tonya looked at him closely. There was no leering or anything lewd or lecherous about his expression. He wasn't staring at her breasts like many guys do; he was looking her right in the eyes. He seemed sincere and there was definitely an appreciative tone to his voice. She suddenly felt sexy again, just like last night. This weekend was the first time in a long while that she had felt that way. She was coming to the realization that she liked that feeling and wondered how often other women got to feel that way. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Ross refilled his glass of orange juice and said, "My headache is just about gone, so I think I'll make it. It was nip and tuck there early this morning. Pat must have been OK because he was out of here about an hour ago. Do you think he might actually bring back something for dinner?"

Tonya replied, "No, he always does catch-and-release. Says it's more humane and doesn't deplete the fishing stock. I think it's just an excuse so he doesn't have to admit he didn't catch anything."

After Ross went back out to his chair on the deck and the girls had the kitchen to themselves, Tonya asked, "So Kate, what's the story you have to tell me about being out on the dock last night?"

"Oh boy, where do I begin? Let's just say that Ross and I were at it hot and heavy out there at the end of the dock, and I have to admit I was probably making enough noise to wake the dead. We thought we were alone until we figured out that our neighbor Ruth was on their dock with her friend. I'm sure they got a great show. I'm surprised they didn't give us an ovation when we walked back to the house."

Tonya asked, "What were they doing out there at that time of night? And they couldn't have seen anything, the moon had set, and it had to be pretty dark by then. I know I could still see pretty well when we were skinny-dipping and climbed up on the raft, but that was a couple of hours before when the moon was up."

Kate explained, "Well, they've got these night-vision binoculars that they use to look at the stars. They really are amazing. You look at the Milky Way and what seems to be a cloud to the naked eye, you can tell that it really is millions and millions of stars. We've been over there a couple of times on clear and starry nights and gotten to use them. Maybe I should ask her if we can borrow them tonight, because they really are fascinating. Anyway, if you use the binoculars to look around you, not up in the sky, it really does make it look like it's daylight, and it zooms in on the details too. We didn't know that Ruth and her friend were out on their dock until one of them dropped the binoculars. You could hear the two of them giggling quietly, like they knew they were busted. And Ross said he saw the little reddish infrared illumination light pointing straight at us, so it was no accident. They were definitely looking at us. Funny thing was that as soon as Ross knew we were being watched, he came, and he came hard. I think he got overly excited at the voyeur aspect of the situation."

"So how long were they watching you? Do you know?" Kate was surprised that Tonya seemed so interested.

"We had been out there for quite a while, and we would have heard them walk out on the dock, so I figure they were there the whole time. I'll have to ask Ruth. She'll tell me. I just saw her out in her yard, so maybe I'll go over there right now. Want to come?"

"No, I don't want to get in the way of your conversation," Tonya laughed. "You can probably get more details if you're alone. So go ahead without me."

"OK, suit yourself. I'll be right back," Kate said as she headed out the door.

Tonya walked out on the deck and sat down on the other chaise lounge chair near Ross. She thought he might have fallen back to sleep, but he immediately turned to her and smiled. "So how are you feeling this morning?" he asked.

"I'm fine, but I didn't have as much to drink as you and Pat," replied Tonya. "It may have seemed like I had lots to drink, but I didn't. I was actually relatively sober all night."

"Really?" Ross looked at her. "I would have thought that it would have taken a lot of alcohol to get you so, how should I say, uninhibited. Yeah, that's a good word - uninhibited. So, if you don't mind me asking, what the heck got into you? Please don't take this the wrong way, because I truly appreciate being the beneficiary of it all, but it seems a little out of character for you. Really, I really do appreciate you and Pat coming up here for my birthday, and you personally made it really very, very special. I hope that doesn't come out in a lecherous nature, but it probably does. Oh well, I'll stop babbling now."

Tonya blushed and smiled to herself. Ross was actually flustered. She was the one who should be embarrassed. She was the one who had done a little strip tease routine for him in a brightly lit room. Of course, at that point, he had been the first to lose in the strip poker game and was already naked. But, like most women, she was usually more selective and careful when it came to nudity. She thought to herself, "Why is that? Guys will get naked at the drop of a hat. Why are we women so concerned with covering up? We spend so much time and money buying clothes and make-up, when men would simply appreciate less of both."

She sat back in the chair and continued mulling over the topic in her head, "Why exactly did I do all of that rather risque stuff last night? How did Kate talk me into it in the first place?" Tonya knew that she had her reasons. It started when Kate accused her of being a prude. Tonya was actually a little hurt by that assessment. She didn't really consider herself a prude, and it was sort of a shock to hear that apparently everybody else did, especially to the degree that Kate was making her out to be.

Tonya actually had other reasons for singling out Ross. Deep in the recesses of her mind, she remembered a number of occasions when Ross had made some of his off-hand, flirtatious comments or when he glanced at her in a certain way or how he flashed that just right kind of smile that made her feel sexy, desirable and beautiful.

Ross was never leering or creepy, and he had never came on to her, at least not overtly. He was too much of a gentleman for that. Tonya specifically remembered the previous New Year's Eve party when he had mentioned that he was really smitten by the faux tuxedo she had been wearing. He had made a point to say that her outfit really struck a chord with him, and she noticed he was watching her all night. He had also made more than a little conversation with her that evening, so much so that she felt more of a connection with him than anybody else, even her own husband.

And then there was the time that she caught him openly staring down her blouse as she leaned over the picnic table to get some condiment or something. She had quickly realized that not having worn a bra that day with the loose fitting shirt was giving Ross a great look at her breasts. But rather than leering, he had this appreciative look on his face, she thought it was almost childlike, and she caught herself lingering in that exposed position, enjoying the attention he was giving her. She even made it a point to put the condiment bottle back in the exact same place, just so she'd give him a great second look. Thinking about it even a year or so later, his reaction still brought a smile to her face.

Ross was also the kind of guy who would help out a friend at the drop of a hat. One day, he had helped Tonya repair their lawn tractor before Pat could find out that she had knocked off the muffler by running into a tree. Ross didn't think anything of spending an hour fixing it. After he had finished, she had asked him why he was always so helpful, especially to her. He pondered the question for a few seconds, and he said, "A psychologist would probably have a field day with my deep-seated reasoning, but being a red-blooded, heterosexual American male, it probably is based somewhere in my subconscious desire to sleep with you."

Tonya was initially shocked at the forward nature of his comment. But she quickly realized that it wasn't a proposition; he had simply been making a comment about the inner workings of the male mind. Deep inside though, she kind of wished it had been a proposition. She never would have taken him up on it, but she thought it would have been the highest compliment. She knew he wasn't the kind of guy that would actually push the issue, but somewhere inside, she was secretly pleased that he was even referring to a desire to sleep with her.

"Nothing got into me," Tonya explained. "I was just got caught up in the moment, being spontaneous. I hope I didn't embarrass myself. This morning, when I got up, I was worried that you might not look at me the same way. I mean looking at me figuratively. Not literally. Oh boy, now I'm the one who is babbling."

"You have no reason to be embarrassed," Ross said, as he lay back in his lounge chair, his eyes closed. "In fact, you should be proud. You have a great body. You can tell that you've taken good care of yourself. You are one of the few women I know who still looks great in a two-piece bathing suit. And, if I may say so, you looked great out of the two piece bathing suit."

"Oh come on now, you're just saying that." Tonya didn't believe him, "My breasts are nowhere near as big as Kate's, and my thighs are too big, and..."

Ross cut her off. He opened his eyes and turned to face her. "What is it with you women that makes you so insecure, especially you women who are really gorgeous? It's like the more beautiful you are, the more unsure of yourselves you become. Tonya, you of all people should be holding your head high. Take it from me, because I'm being perfectly honest with you. You are drop dead gorgeous. You have a great body. Your breasts are perfect - ideally shaped, and if I may be so forward, I have to admit that I was particularly fascinated by your nipples and large areolas. I found your breasts extremely attractive, and it was all I could do not to gawk and stare. They're so different than what I am used to. All men like all women's breasts. Size doesn't matter. We are simply grateful every time we get to see them. But another thing, with you personally, what really catches a guy's eyes first off is not so much your body, it's your smile, your face, the sparkle in your eyes. And I say this in the nicest way, but I hope that I get another chance to see you naked again some day."

"How can I take that the wrong way?" Tonya asked, surprised at the graphic detail he was using to describe her. Moreover, she was thrilled that he thought so highly of her.

"I just don't want to seem like I'm coming on to you," Ross said, knowing that deep in the deep recesses of his mind, he probably meant exactly the opposite. He went on, "It's just that you women need to be more self-assured. You'd feel better, and enjoy life more if you were more secure."

They heard a scratching noise and saw Kate coming back from the neighbors through the bushes, with a pair of what looked like binoculars around her neck. Tonya was disappointed. She could have used more of this praise, but she was already feeling better about herself than she had in a long time.

"Oh boy, we're gonna have fun tonight," Kate quickly said. "They're going to Mackinac Island in an hour or so, so they gave me their night-vision binoculars to play with this evening." Ross rolled his eyes, remembering how he and Kate had been spied upon the night before. "Tonya, why don't you come inside and help me with prepping the marinade?"

Tonya got up, knowing full well that this was just an excuse to talk in private. She and Kate went inside, leaving Ross on the deck.

Once inside, Tonya refilled her coffee cup and took a seat in one of the high-backed chairs along the counter. She put her head in her hands and said, "So I've got to know, how much did they see? Did she apologize for being a voyeur?"

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