tagBDSMHis Kitten Again 02

His Kitten Again 02


His smile was tight-lipped, but I could see by the look is his eyes that he wasn't entirely negative about me being there, lying on his bed. "Emma."

"S-Alex..." I never called him Alex, except in my head after we broke things off. It was always sir. Calling him Alex felt wrong somehow, but I knew that calling him sir wasn't appropriate. He wasn't my Master right now. Implying that he was would be wrong.

"Are you alright?" He reached out a hand, gently touching one of the many fading bruises on my cheek. His tough ignited a feeling inside of me, one that I hadn't felt in a very long time. I wanted to reach out a hand, press his palm to me and hold it there forever. Instead, I let out a small breath and nodded. His brow furrowed, and I could tell he wasn't convinced.

"Emma..." Oh god, his voice. Whenever I made a mistake when he was training me, he used this voice of his. His stern voice. And he would always say my name, warning me, and it would always send shivers down my spine. That part of me hadn't left, apparently, as the shiver still traced its way through my body, making me look up at him shyly.

He sighed, and ran a hand roughly through his hair. He wouldn't look at me anymore, and his frustration was becoming more and more apparent. I sadly lowered my eyes, studying my hands that were clutched together in my lap, knotting themselves together tightly.

He stood up from his spot at the end of the bed and came closer to me, and knelt down by the bed when he reached my head. "Emma, please. You need to tell me what to do to take care of you. I can't bear for you to be suffering if there's something I could do to help."

I gulped, and my hand instinctively settled over my abdomen, clutching it to me. Alex's eyes followed the motion, widening as they did so. "Are you..?" His voice trailed off. My throat tightened, and I didn't answer him. I don't think I could have gotten the words out, even if I'd wanted to.

"With... him?" The venom in his voice scared me, and I instinctively curled into myself. Whenever Jordan had used that voice, a beating was imminent.

"Emma..." he whispered, his voice sounding strained and caught. He took my hand in his, squeezing it gently. "What happened?"

I shook my head. I knew that if I told him, he would be so disappointed in me, and I don't think that I could handle that. I started to tear up, and a single tear rolled down my cheek. If I pulled away my hand to wipe it, he'd figure out that something was seriously wrong. I didn't want him to know.

I closed my eyes, trying to contain my tears. Damnit. The doctor said I'd be more emotional, but I didn't think it would be like this. I hate crying! I felt a thumb on my cheek, and opened my eyes quickly. Alex had reached up, and was gently wiping the tear away.

His thumb made its way down my cheeks, lingering on my lips. I whimpered softly, reveling in the feel of it, then jerked back into reality.

Rapidly, I scooted back away from him, curling myself into a ball as far away as I could. "Emma..?" Alex sounded panicked, but I tried to shut it out. "Emma!" I could hear the panic rising in his voice, and I let out a small shout of frustration. Why wouldn't he just go away?!

"Emma, look at me right now." Oh shit. It was his stern voice again. That was one thing that, no matter how far gone I was into my own world, I couldn't resist. I looked up, tears pooling in my eyes. With my vision blurred, I could barely see him.

"Damnit, Emma, I used to hate when you did that to me. Scared the shit out of me. You need to stop doing that, understood?" He raised an eyebrow at me, daring me to say no. I lowered my eyes and nodded slowly.

"Good girl."

I shivered again, cuddling into the comforter. Why was he doing this to me? I wasn't his submissive anymore. Why was he treating me like this, making me feel this way? Better yet, why was I reacting like this? His words should have no sway over me. And yet, they did.

He let out a long breath, and looked away from me again. "I'm sorry Emma. It's hard to remember the rules now that you're not mine. I'll try and behave myself while you're here, okay?" He looked back, this time a small half-smile adorning his face.

I nodded, giving him the same half-smile back.

I don't know how we did it, but somehow we did. I think part of it was that Alex hadn't been just my Master. He was my lover, my confidant, and my friend. Even now that he wasn't my Master, confidant, or lover, he was still my friend. Even after all that time, the bond still remained.

I think it always would. It just took us meeting up again to rediscover it.

Alex got up from his position on the ground by the bed and jerked his head towards the door. "Do you want to go take a shower or something? You know, get cleaned up?"

I blushed. He'd confided with me during my time as his slave that he had an intense fantasy about taking me while I showered, and I couldn't keep the thought from my mind. The color and heat filled my face as I remembered the slow, seductive way he'd told me. The chills that coursed through my body, how wet I'd gotten, and how he made me fuck myself with a toy afterwards.

It took several long moments to shake myself back to reality, and to remember that I wasn't his. He wouldn't use me that way, especially not when I was laying on his bed after I'd received a beating from my Master...

Wait, what had happened to Jordan?


He looked up at me. "Yes?"

"What happened to... the guy who... did this to me?"

Alex studied me for several long moments, letting things drag out for a good long while, before he spoke. "Who was he, Emma?"

Frustration boiled up in me. I wanted to scream and shake him. Just tell me what happened to him! Instead, I remained calm, taking a deep breath to steady myself. "He was my Master."

Alex's face hardened, and I knew he was upset. "I'm sorry," I instantly said, used to apologizing to him whenever I saw that face. Old habits die hard, I suppose. Even though it had been a while, I was still used to being a submissive for him.

"Emma, don't you remember what I told you? That if we separated for some reason that you needed to be careful when you looked for a new Master. Some days I swear you just don't listen, kitten."

I froze. Did he just..? Alex froze too, looking at me carefully. "I'm sorry Emma, it just slipped out. I know that you're not mine anymore." He ran a hand through his hair, and I wondered for a moment if that was a tick he'd developed over the time we'd spent apart. He seemed to do it quite often.

"God this is hard."

He said it so softly, I wondered if I'd even heard it.

"I'm so sorry, Alex. I'm sorry." He looked at me. His eyes seemed so tired, and so worn out. Something inside of me clicked, and I knew what I needed to do. "Why don't you lay down while I go shower?" I suggested, seeing the little spark light in his eyes. Yes, he wanted to sleep.

I hopped out of bed before he could say anything, and winced as the bruises and aches from previous days settled in. I was still wearing the shirt and shorts that I'd put on the day I'd left for the plaza, but I thankfully saw the bag I'd packed nestled in the corner of the room. Alex must have gotten it for me.

"Bathroom's just right down the hall and to the right. There should be some towels in there, if not, just give me a shout. I'm here if you need me."

"Thank you." I reached out and laid my hand on his arm gently, trying to convey my appreciation to him. I smiled shyly, and he reached over and squeezed my shoulder.

"Of course."

I started to walk out the room, but stopped when I heard his voice.



"Even though you're not my slave anymore, I hope that we can still be friends."

I smiled to myself, and continued down the hall without saying anything. His mind was just where mine was. It seemed like that happened between the two of us a lot, but that could just be me.

I walked down the hall and into the bathroom. The tile was cool under my toes, and I flexed them involuntarily. I hadn't realized that Alex had taken off my socks and shoes until now. I wondered what else he'd done that I hadn't noticed but, after a precursory glance, nothing else seemed out of place.

I quickly slipped off my clothes, then stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I was a mess. My face was bruised, and they were yellowing and obvious. My arms were sore and aching, and the marks of Jordan's hands on them were blatant. My breasts looked tortured. My nipples were bright purple and angry-looking, and when I ran a finger over them, my knees almost buckled because of how badly it hurt. A moan escaped my lips, but I clamped them shut quickly. I didn't need Alex coming in here and seeing this.

After I examined my body, I stepped into the shower, slightly discouraged. Alex didn't have the best variety of shampoo and conditioner, but I gladly helped myself to what he had. It would work well enough, and I wasn't really in a place to complain.

I soaped myself up, letting the hot water work its way into the aches and bruises. Hopefully, this would be the last time I ever had to shower them away. Next time, I would choose a Master that would only mark me when I deserved it or desired it, and he would be someone that I trusted implicitly.

I finished showering and shut the water off, letting the water finish rolling down my skin before I stepped out. The towels were piled in fluffy stacks in the corner, and I pulled the one off the top. I wrapped myself firmly in it, making sure it latched in place, then padded down the hallway back towards Alex's bedroom.

Alex was snoring heavily, sprawled out across the bed. I giggled quietly, bending over to gather my clothes from the bag. Casting a second glance over my shoulder, I affirmed that he was sleeping, and dropped the towel to the ground. I quickly slipped on my panties and bra, wincing at the tight grip of them on my skin, then yanked on my shirt and pulled on some jeans. They fit a bit snug, but I didn't pay that much mind. I straightened and stretched a little bit.

Something was different.

Alex wasn't snoring anymore.

I looked over at him to find him looking at me, his eyes seeming to trace up and down my body. But he didn't look aroused or even interested. No. He looked angry.

"I'm sorry Alex, I thought you were sleeping. I wouldn't have changed in here unless I did. I'm sorry. I should've left."

"Stop." His voice was firm, and I could hear the angry undertones to the word, and I instantly shut my mouth, my head lowering into a familiar submissive pose.

"Emma, why did you let him to do that to you?" Alex whispered, getting off the bed and coming over to me. That sent a shock through me, and I bit my tongue to keep myself from saying something I would regret later. He stood in front of me, and lifted my chin gently to look at him.

"He did this to you... while you were pregnant?" Alex seemed to have a hard time forming the word, and swallowed hard after saying it, as though it left an unpleasant taste in his mouth when he did.

I couldn't stand to hear the word. It had taken this long for it to settle in that I'd had a miscarriage. For a week now, I'd pretended that everything was okay. Jordan had never brought it up, and so I never felt the need to address it.

I turned away from him, tears springing up in my eyes. "I miscarried, in case you were wondering."

I heard his sharp intake of breath, felt his hands come around me, turn me, and pull me into a tight hug. It felt so indescribably comforting to rest my head on his strong chest, and hear his heart beating under my ear.

"Emma. Emma I'm so sorry."

That was my breaking point. I sobbed into his chest, tears streaking down my face and soaking his shirt through. The whole time, he held me, rocking me back and forth, whispering soothing words into my ear and gently stroking my back and hair.

He carefully lead me over to the bed once my sobs lessened slightly, sitting with me cradled in his lap on the bed. I snuggled into his warm and comforting arms, not even caring that I wasn't supposed to be his, that we'd never even met in person before.

His voice was one of the most soothing noises I'd ever head, and it quickly succeeded in calming me to a reasonable point. "Are you okay?"

I nodded against his chest, refusing to let go, and he didn't make me. He just held me while he talked. "When you left me, I was devastated. I didn't know what to do. I was so upset and frustrated that you didn't realize that what we had together was so much more important than being able to find a 'real girl' to please me. You made me so happy. You were my beautiful kitten."

I nuzzled closer to him, and he tightened his grip, laughing. "I knew you'd act like this, all cuddly and cute. That's why I called you kitten, you know. Because you were like one. I'm not the kind of Master that would make you crawl on the ground, although I definitely wouldn't have minded collaring my sweet kitten."

He paused for a moment, stroking my hair gently, and for that moment, everything inside of me felt so right. "I never should have left you sir."

"Damn right you shouldn't have. But I think it's a little early to be calling me sir, don't you think?"

I looked up at him, a little scared. "I'm sorry. It just feels so right to call you that. I honestly hate calling you Alex..." I muttered, and he laughed.

"I hate hearing it. But, for now, it's what you need to call me. I'm not your Master, Emma. You're not ready for a Master yet. But you do need a friend and a comforter, and right now, I can be that, if you'll have me."

"Of course I will. Do you think we'll ever be more again?" My voice was hopeful.

He laughed again and pulled me tighter to him. "So you want to be my beautiful kitten again?"

I whimpered, curling close to him, nodding quickly.

He tugged gently at my hair, holding my head away from me. "I think you're just horny."

Truth be told, my sex drive wasn't back yet. It had been gone for a long time, but around Alex, I thought that it just might return. "I... I'm not, actually."

He raised an eyebrow. "You've lost some of your slutiness then," he teased, smirking at me. I smiled back, loving how willing he was to tease. He wasn't treating me like a fragile little doll, and was instead helping me get through this.

"Maybe I have..."

"Shame. I was going to help you orgasm tonight before bed. But if you're not horny then I guess I won't have to." He looked at me to gauge my reaction.

"I guess not," I say, completely honest. His brow furrows, and he pulls me close to him again.

"That dick really did do a number on you, didn't he?"

I didn't answer, just cuddled close into him. We sat like that for a very long time, before Alex gently scooted me off of his lap and onto the bed.

"Stay," he warned me before exiting the room.

I laid back on the bed, thinking everything through. It was hard to figure out how everything had worked out, but somehow it had. I was escaped from Jordan's grasp, and now I was laying in the bed of my ex-Master, who had left me here to go and do something.

My mind wandered a little bit, back to times I'd spent with Alex. We never met in person throughout the duration of our relationship, but it was more real than anything I could have ever imagined. I fell hard, and I fell fast. He was my first love. The time we spent together gave me memories that I often looked back on and enjoyed remembering. Before I met Jordan, I often masturbated to thoughts of being with him like I was now.

It looked as though things weren't going to go just like an erotic short story, where the young lady arrives and the second she does, the man fucks her and takes her breath away, giving her orgasm after orgasm, and leaving them both is sweaty, contented bliss.

No. This time, the girl is broken and scared, and not really sure what she wants from the man, and the man has been hurt in the past, and isn't quite sure what he wants either. The fucking would wait as friendship started to build instead.

That sounded good to me.

I just hoped Alex wanted it as well.

I lay on the bed, snuggling into a few of the pillows. They smelled like Alex, and that fact was entirely comforting to me. The longer Alex was gone, the more I cuddled into the pillows and the drowsier I got. My body was still feeling the after-effects of being with Jordan, and the things that he'd done to me were taking their toll.

At some point, I drifted off to sleep, my face buried into the smell of the man I could now call my friend.


My mind was whirring as I trotted down the steps, trying to get her out of my head. She was my beautiful kitten, she'd sat in my lap for the first time, and I didn't know what to think. I knew she'd been hurt badly. The fact that she'd turn down an orgasm proved that the damage went deep. I couldn't press her too hard, otherwise I'd scare her away, and I could never do that.

The whole speech about being friends was my attempt to keep her here. I wasn't sure whether or not she would stay, but I wanted her to. It was shocking to see her here, to feel her, to hold her. It did things to me that she didn't need to know about yet.

My first stop was the bathroom. I splashed cold water on my face, trying to shock myself out of it. There was a reason why things didn't work out last time, and that's because she didn't think she was good enough for me. The first thing I needed to do was build up her confidence to get her to realize that she was good enough for me, and that I loved her.

I loved her.


After all of this time, I still did.

God she was beautiful.

Her smile, her face, her breasts, her legs, her pussy, her everything. I could stare at her for hours on end, soaking every aspect of her in. My cock started to stir, and I groaned.

I needed to stop thinking these thoughts. We were going to be friends for now, and friends didn't think about friends like this. God, and those lips... I pictured them wrapping themselves around my cock, and couldn't stop myself from reaching down into my shorts and giving it a gentle tug.

Before long, my shorts and boxers were on the ground around my ankles, and I was groaning and moaning as I jerked my cock, feeling everything build until I came, whispering her name. Once I was finished, the guilt began to build.

She didn't need this. I had to go slow with her, and be her friend. That's what she needed right now, and that's what I could give to her. I sighed, pulled my shorts up, and wandered down to the kitchen.

It only just occurred to me how hungry she must be. It had to have been a while since she'd eaten. She'd been here since yesterday morning, and god knows when her last meal was before that.

I pulled out a pan and popped some chicken nuggets on it. It was the best I could do on short notice. I hadn't gone shopping for a while, and my stock was running low. I was pretty sure she'd settle for eating just about anything at this point, so that didn't really matter much.

I placed the tray in the oven, setting it to the right temperature, and sat down to wait for them to cook. I was feeling entirely impatient, knowing that she was waiting upstairs for me. I urged the food to cook faster, bouncing my leg up and down, then standing and pacing across the room.

Finally, the oven buzzed, announcing that the nuggets were finished. I pulled them out, and quickly shifted them onto a smaller plate. Taking this, I carried it up to my room quickly.

I got up there, and the sight I saw almost stopped my heart.

Emma was curled up on my side of the bed, her shirt pulling up slightly to show her slightly bruised stomach. She had her face buried in my pillows, and her arms were wrapped around one, pulling it closer to her while she slept.

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