tagLoving WivesHis Surprise Birthday Gift

His Surprise Birthday Gift


Friday afternoon I came home from a long days work, anticipating spending a weekend with my wife of 20 years, Traci, celebrating my birthday. I was turning 45 and Traci had promised me something very special. I pulled into the garage and was surprised to see Traci's car as I entered. I hadn't expected her home for a couple of hours. Our house connects to the garage through a long "mudroom", with laundry. When I entered the "mudroom", there was a glass of wine on top of the wash machine, and a note taped to the entry door to the house. The note said "Have a nice drink, then shower in the guest room and get your NAKED ass to our room"

This event was very intriguing, and exciting. So I followed my instructions and downed the wine and took a shower. When I walked upstairs toward our master bedroom, I could see the foot of the bed, and at the foot of the bed was a photographers tripod with another note on it, and a video camera pointed right at the bed.

This note read "Press record on the camera, and play on the stereo. Then sit in the chair and don't move until I tell you to". Again, very intriguing I did as the note said, and waited to see what was next.

The stereo started playing an old Bog Seger song, "Fire Down Below". As soon as the song came on, I heard the door to my den open, I turned to look and saw my gorgeous 40 year old Traci come strutting down the hall, doing her best stripper strut. Traci looked great, she stands 5' 6", weighs around 110 , with shoulder length blonde hair, and has a killer figure (38-26-36). She was wearing a skin tight black leather skirt, with a matching black button down blouse, fishnet nylons and a pair of black 5" fuck me stiletto's.

Once I caught my breath, I thought to spin the camera in Traci's direction so I could capture her "performance". She really got into a rythmatic bump and grind, she was really working her beautiful hips, squatting down and spreading her legs. If I didn't know better I would have thought that she could have been a professional. After around a minute of her strutting she stopped with her legs spread wide, looked at me, and tore her blouse off. buttons and all! Under the blouse she was wearing a black, under-wired, bra-less corset. Her nipples wear standing out what looked to be almost an inch, her tits looked great. She immediately started dancing again. After another minute of dancing, she again stopped with those fantastic legs spread, this time with her back to me. She slowly bent at the waist, undid the side zipper of the skirt and let it fall. Under the skirt was a garter belt, the before mentioned fishnets and her bare ass!

By now my 8 inch cock was at full attention, and Traci started dancing again. When she turned to look at me she had the sexiest, horniest look in her eyes that I had ever seen. She was shaking and rubbing her great tits, slowly swaying her hips, and occasionally running her fingers through her hairy pussy. I followed her with the camera as she slowly worked her way into our room, and onto the bed. As the song ended, she lay on her back with her feet towards me, and her legs slightly apart. (Her timing was perfect; I had to wonder how long she had rehearsed this.) I started to get up and come to her but she shook her head, waved a finger at me and in her sexiest voice said "Oh no, not yet, we're just getting started"

There was about 20 seconds of silence, and then another song started to play on the stereo. This time it was a smooth jazz instrumental, and I was wondering what could be next? To my surprise, I heard the den door again; when I looked I was shocked to see another woman, this one a tall, close to 6 foot redhead with hair almost to her waist, totally nude except for same "Fuck Me stilettos" that Traci was wearing, strutting towards the room. She was carrying a silver butler's tray over her head with one hand, while the other hand was seductively on her right hip.

The redhead walked up to me, bent over and gave me a big French kiss and introduced herself as "Heather". Heather got onto the bed beside Traci, placed the tray down next to her. Now I could see what was on the tray, there was a small silver bowl, a couple of folded towels, some scissors and a hair trimmer. Now I knew what was happening here, Heather was going to give Traci a grooming. Traci liked her bush natural and I had wanted her to trim it down for many years, but she didn't want to deal with any itching when it grew back.

I was so turned on, I almost forgot about the camera, I focused and zoomed in on Traci's cunt, and I could tell she was getting excited as well because I could see moisture glistening off of her pussy hair.

Heather had Traci lift her hips off the bed, and placed one of the towels beneath her crotch. Then using the scissors she stated trimming Traci's bush. She started clearing the hair away from the pussy lips, then started thinning the hair on her mound. Next came the trimmers, cropping the hair even tighter, at first I thought Traci would be left with a thick "landing strip", but soon this was thinned out as well. Just when I thought Heather was done, she pulled a straight razor that I hadn't seen, off the tray dipped it in the hot water in the bowl and started shaving all the rest of Traci's pussy hair off. She was actually going bald!! I couldn't believe it. Once Traci's cunt was fully exposed, Heather used the other towel to wipe down Traci's crotch.

Just when I thought this couldn't get better, Heather looked over her shoulder at me, stuck two fingers in Traci's cunt and proclaimed "Now, Doesn't that look good enough to eat?" And that's exactly what she started doing. I was amazed once more, to my knowledge Traci had never been with a woman before, and now she was going all out. Traci was moaning loudly, and pulling Heather's face deeper into her pussy. Then Traci said something that brought me back to my senses, she said "Well, don't just stand there, show Heather how much you appreciate her work!"

I didn't need to be told twice, so I jumped up and buried my face between Heathers cheeks and started eating her pussy for all I was worth! There were so many noises coming from our room, I thought we would startle our neighbors. Traci was screaming "I'M GOING TO CUM", Heather was making loud slurping and groaning noises, and I was just sucking away at her clit. I could see Traci's face and could tell she was about to let go, she shuddered, and started bucking like a bronco, filling heathers face with her cum. Traci, then again surprised me by declaring "I want to try some of that hot pussy". So I stepped back while Traci crawled under Heather in a 69 position, and she started lapping away at her first pussy. I re-positioned the camera so I could get a good shot of Traci's face and tongue doing a number on Heather. Traci was suddenly in a sexual frenzy, she stopped munching on Heather and shouted "Get in here and fuck her, I want to watch your cock at work!". How could I refuse, I came up behind Heather, dipped my meat down to Traci's mouth for a little moisture, and started rubbing the head against Heather's cunt lips. I could hear Traci saying "That is so hot, it looks fantastic from here". Soon I had all 8 inches slamming in and out of Heathers cunt, she was pushing back against me as I drove into her, and still eating Traci's pussy at the same time. Traci was alternating between licking Heather's clit, licking my cock, and sucking on my balls.

Soon we were all reaching orgasm, Traci started shuddering again, Heather's pussy was spasming around my cock, and I could feel my balls tightening getting ready to shoot. I told the girls I was going to cum, and Traci told me to "Fill Heather up", so I grabbed Heather's hips, gave her one more hard deep thrust, and started to pump her pussy full of my cum. Traci screamed from her second orgasm, and Heather just collapsed on top of Traci, gasping for air. I slowly pulled my cock out of Heather's cunt, and Traci immediately gobbled my cock up and cleaned my cum and Heather's musky juices off of it. Once she was satisfied that she had gotten all of the juice off of me, her face was still staring at Heather's swollen, wet cunt lips. Traci saw that cum was slowly dripping from Heather's pussy, she cried out "I want more cum" and started sucking Heathers cunt again, trying to get more cum to eat. She even used her fingers to try and scoop even more cum out of Heather.

We collapsed in a hot sweaty heap on the bed and fell asleep together.

When I awoke, the girls were gone and I could hear the shower running, with a lot of giggling come from them. I walked into the bathroom and enjoyed the show of them washing each other playfully. When they finished I hopped in to clean up. When I shut the shower off, I could hear the girls going at it again, I was thinking that tonight had turned Traci into a wild animal, and I was excited about it. When I got to the bedroom, I quickly saw that I was right; they were deep into another 69 session, this time with Traci on top. I was behind Traci, watching Heather eat her pussy, when Heather winked at me and stuck a finger into Traci's ass! Traci let out a little whimper, but didn't stop eating pussy. As I stood watching Heather slowly worked a second finger up Traci's ass, then a third, then she slowly started finger fucking my wife's gorgeous ass in front of me. Traci had never let me stick anything in her ass, other than an occasional tongue!

While I was staring at the scene in front of me, Heather had somehow come up with a tube of KY, and while fingering my wife's ass with one hand, gave me the lube with the other hand. Since Traci, seemed to be enjoying three fingers up the ass, I figured why not, and put a generous amount of KY on my cock and worked my way closer to the action. When I was about a foot away from Traci, Heather pulled her fingers from Traci's ass, Traci cried "Don't stop, that feels great". I took that as my cue, and stuck my cock head into her loosened up ass. Traci jumped with a start, but didn't loose a beat of her pussy eating. Once I was balls deep into her ass, Traci exclaimed "I don't know why I never let you have my ass before Darling, this is fabulous! I think I will need my ass pounded on a regular basis."

With Heather working on Traci's clit, and me pounding her ass, it wasn't long until Traci had her third and strongest orgasm of the night. She started with her usual shuddering; her ass was clenching my cock and at the top of her voice screamed "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME!!" and collapsed. I pulled my cock out of Traci's ass, and put it to Heathers lips, ready to coat her face in cum, but she had other ideas and took my cock all the way into her mouth, as I pumped my cum down her throat.

After Heather left, Traci and I discussed our evening. It turns out that Traci works with Heather, and she knew that Heather had a crush on me. So two month ago Traci told Heather she could have me, but it had to be on Traci's terms, and those terms where for her to be a one-time –only birthday present to me. Traci then went to a dance studio and took three weeks of "Pole Dancing" lessons. She and Heather even started to hand out at strip clubs to study the girl's moves. Traci said she and Heather had spent another week choreographing Traci's striptease till she had it just right.

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