tagToys & MasturbationHis Sweet Virgin Ass

His Sweet Virgin Ass


You walk into the room with the hairs on your neck tingling because you know that I have told you that this night will change you. There's no going back after this one night. You look around wondering where I am and notice that by the bed, under the phone there is a card. Pulling it out, you read the words and your cock jumps. It tells you that you are to remove your clothes and lay on the bed on your stomach and wait.

Pulling it out, you read the words and your cock jumps. It tells you that you are to remove your clothes and lay on the bed on your stomach and wait. A smile appears quickly on your lips; not a grand smile, but a small nervous smile, as you pull your shirt over your head.

From my hiding place I notice the coolness of the room making your tight little nipples hard but you do not notice me as you bend over sliding your jeans down your thighs. Your small tight ass looking so sweet from where I watch you makes me wet knowing that it is mine tonight.

I watch your tight muscles in your back as you step out of your jeans the movement spreading your cheeks apart. I get a glimpse of your tight little hole, briefly, like you're intentionally teasing me. You move to the bed laying flat on your tummy and you wait as instructed. As I watch I see you relaxing more, your mind drifting to what might happen and then I come close to you quietly.

You feel a tickle on your ankle and jump slightly as I connect the bonds to it. Your head moves slightly but you cannot see much as I bind the other ankle, from behind you, as well.

I slowly slide my tongue over your ankle as my hand roams up your inner thighs caressing your skin. My fingertip tracing over your ball sack which is barely showing. I tell you quietly to "Lift your hips!" then I smack your ass cheek firmly.

You raise your hips and I slide two pillows under you, which causes your hips to be raised well off the bed causing your cock that is lying on the side of the pillows to get nice and hard. My fingers dance over your cock and balls briefly as I move towards the head of the bed to secure your wrists. Leaning in to kiss the back of your neck telling you "how sweet your ass looks, do you know how much I want it?" I reach over and open the drawer on the table, and take out a few toys, one at a time, sitting them up as you watch. First the small, slender anal vibrator with the buzz it puts out doing more then all of the other toys in the drawer.

Next the astroglide and then a flat wide bristle brush. You look at it and I see your ass cheeks tighten, as if you feel it on your skin already. Then I reach in the bottom drawer and pull out the two plastic dildos. Holding them close, letting you see the veins in them and watching your ass cheeks contract. I get wetter as I know they both look so much like a real cock. You look in awe as one is almost 6 inches long, not very thick, but the other one is over three inches longer and thicker, much thicker and your eyes widen but you say nothing continuing to hold your cheeks tightly together.

Leaving the toys on the table I take the lube and move down to your feet. Climbing on to the bed I slide my hands over your ass cheeks and tell you "After tonight you'll truly understand how sexy your ass is to me". Running my fingers between your cheeks, skipping over your tight hole causing you to tremble. I then cup your balls in one hand, squeezing them slightly as I lean over and slide my tongue between your cheeks. My tongue grazing over your tightness, tasting you and I get more excited as I knew how sweet you'd be and I was not disappointed.

. My tongue quickly pushes into your tight sweet hole, feeling it give as my tongue slides in. It tightens slightly then releases and I push it deeper into your ass, hearing you moan softly and your hips move, pushing back onto my tongue. Your moans and your male musky scent exciting me more so I pull my tongue out and thrust it back in again.

I want you to wiggle more so I squeeze your balls as I thrust my tongue in again. Your hips jump as you push back against my face and I feel your balls on my chin and I slide the other hand down to tease the head of your cock as my tongue darts in and out of your sweet ass causing you to moan and wiggle more. The head of your cock is starting to get wet making it smooth as my thumb slides over it and pinches the juices out slightly. My tongue slides up and down your crack several times before I stop and turn towards the table, where I pick up the vibrator. I lay them on the bed as you watch me move back onto the bed and I see your cock jump and know you are ready.

I take the lube and drip it between your cheeks, watching as its coolness touches your skin and you are quivering. I suddenly thrust my finger deeply into your ass, holding it there for a few seconds and you moan as it invades your tightness, and your hips start to move slightly. You now have a slight clue as to the pleasure your ass can feel so I pull my finger back out and slide it back in slowly, the lube spreading as my finger pushes back into your ass causing you to moan loudly.

Dripping more lube between your lovely ass cheeks I slide two fingers completely into your tightness and your ass is stretching open as you push back, eager for more, as I knew you would be. I reach for the small vibrator and turn it on and run it gently over your balls as my finger works in and out of your ass.

Your hips thrusting faster onto my fingers and you moan louder as the vibrations run all the way up to the head of your cock. I remove my fingers and reach over and grab the smaller cock and lube it well leaving the vibrator buzzing on your balls. Slowly I press the head against your virgin ass to tease you, not trying to enter you yet, but your ass pushes back and pulls in the head of the six inch dildo. I hear your moans change as your hips still and you pull forward trying to get away from the cock. Instead I slide it with you, not letting you pull off of it, knowing after a few seconds the muscles will relax. I take the small anal vibrator and slide it down your crack, causing vibrations to add to the plastic cock entering your ass and I slide the cock deeper in your ass.

Watching it move deeper and deeper, as I see you relaxing more. Saying "Oh yes baby, it's almost full now." Your ass is taking the cock deeper and deeper and your hips are again moving, pulling the cock deeper. I lay the anal vibrator down beneath your balls, to vibrate the entire area and add to the sensation, as I reach over with one hand and put a harness on.

Something you had not seen with the toys and I see the stunned look on your face but I continue pulling the cock slowly out of your ass. I take the thicker one and place it in the harness and slowly move off the bed to walk up to face you. Watching your eyes widen as you realize what is about to fill your ass, but I just stand there watching you. Your hips are still moving with the vibrator lying beneath your balls as I move in saying "I know you, and I know you want this cock!"

!" I reach down and stroke it, as I have seen you do with your own cock many times, but I still wait. I move closer rubbing the head against your lips, telling you "Suck the cock. Suck it as well as I have sucked yours!"

I look into your eyes seeing your mind working out a way out of sucking the huge cock, and I stand at the head of the bed, pressing the cock against your lips. Knowing that you cannot protest and do anything in your tied state your mouth opens slowly and you suck the head in slightly. When I see you barely sucking I get upset and I reach over to the table to pick up the brush and smack it across your ass cheeks roughly. You moan and I thrust the cock deeper into your mouth watching as it fills your mouth, as your cock has filled mine. Thrusting in and out of your mouth, as you have fucked my mouth many times before I notice you have started sucking with earnest as I am eagerly thrusting the cock at you.

I push it deeper into your mouth and you gag but continue to suck it, as you have made me do many times. Liking what I see and wanting more I smack the brush on your ass again and again, not very hard this time, just enough to keep you sucking.

My hips thrusting the cock faster fucking your mouth until I am satisfied that you are a good cock-sucker. Then I quickly pull it out and walk to the end of the bed looking towards your ass, and I suddenly thrust three fingers into your still wet, yet tight ass.

"How badly do you want this ass to be fucked. How badly do you want to feel it filled?" I ask, while thrusting my three fingers in and out over and over again. Your hips are thrusting wildly now, pulling my fingers deep into your ass, so I don't wait for an answer. I wiggle them deep into your ass and pull them out and quickly shove the head of the thick nine inch cock in your open hole and hear you moan loudly. Watching your tight hole spread wide as the huge cock sinks slowly into you.

Your hips still; as I press it in deeper but your moans tell me you are enjoying it. I slowly slide the rest of the thick cock in your sweet ass; completely burying it and feeling you gasp at the fullness. I hold it deep in your ass and I reach down and pinch your balls gently and your hips, no longer able to stay still, push back and forth onto the cock, taking it deeper and deeper as you relax more.

Seeing you relax I pull the cock completely out and then suddenly thrust it in again watching it stretch your once virgin ass. Your hips are now shoving back to meet each thrusts and your moans are making me want to work harder to make you cum. I reach down and grab your hips and thrusts the cock deeper, pulling your hips back as the cock rams completely into your ass.

I then lean forward, holding it deep in your ass as I rock my hips in circular motion grinding into you over and over again. You're bucking now, your hips going wild as you pull the fat cock deep into your ass. I reach down and grasp your wet cock your precum oozing out the head as I slam into your now wide sweet hole. Your cock swelling as you start to cum and I hold the cock deep as your hips push back onto it. You start cumming, pumping it out in spurts and you keep cumming onto the bed and pillows.

As I slowly pull the cock out of your ass I place my head between your legs and begin licking the head of your cock feeling it twitch as I slowly, gently suck the head letting you finish cumming on my waiting tongue. My hands caress your ass cheeks trying to decide which is sweeter your cock as it cums or your tight ass as my tongue teases it.

Knowing you are spent I slide down untying your ankles and my hands move up over your ass and back as I lean over untie your wrists. I kiss your neck again and slide down to snuggle against you as your body recovers from your orgasm and we rest a bit before it is my turn to enjoy your reaction to your first strap on fucking.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/13/18


So fucking hot. I can only dream of this happening to me

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by Anonymous10/06/18

Good story

I wish my wife would do this for me to me.

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