tagRomanceHo, Ho, Ho

Ho, Ho, Ho


Lindsey was in the gym working out. She had been most of the day. It was two days before Christmas but that did not mean much to her. Her next competition was on the third of January and she needed to bulk up and cut some better definition if she wanted to keep winning.

She had a dumbbell in each hand that would have scared most men and was doing slow steady alternating curls. From across the room the manager of the gym yelled, "Lindsey, the phone."

"Take a message," she yelled back.

The manager frowned and spoke into the phone. A moment later, he lowered the phone and grinned. "The guy says he's Santa Clause and needs to speak to you personally."

Lindsey laughed. It could only be one person, her ex husband. "I'll be right there."

She grabbed a towel and dried her arms, the upper part of her chest, and her face as she walked across the room. Picking up the phone, she said, "Hello,"

There was mock heavy breathing on the other end of the line for a moment and then a deep male voice asked, "Have you been naughty or nice this year, little girl?"

Lindsey laughed. She was far from little at six foot tall in her bare feet and she was even farther from being a girl at thirty three. Some people argued that she was not even female. "I've been naughty some and I've been nicely naughty even more," she replied with a grin.

"Then Santa needs to tell you about his two for one special on spankings."

"Is that right. I seem to remember the last time Santa tried to spank my ass, he damned near broke his wrist and my ass is harder than ever."

There was a laugh from phone. "Yeah, hotter and tighter then ever is more like it. Anyway, Santa always was a glutton for punishment."

Lindsey smiled and asked, "So, where are you?"

"The North Pole, where else."

With a shake of her head, she said, "No really, Don, where are you?"

"OK, I'm on a flight over the North Pole. That's what gave me the silly Santa idea," Don said.

Lindsey smiled. "It's not silly, it's original. I think so anyway and that is all that counts."

"Yeah, you're what counts," Don said and then sighed. "I think the Russian job is finally over. Six years in Siberia was way too long."

"Tell me about it," Lindsey said. "Three, three day visits in all that time. I would have done better if you had been in prison. They do have conjugal visitation in this state right?"

Don laughed. "Nope, not to my knowledge anyway."

"So, when do you land?"

"I'll be in Chicago in three hours and then in Houston sometime tomorrow afternoon. That is, if everything goes fine with the assholes in Chicago. They had it in their heads that I was staying for the duration of the job."

"It will be about ten days before I have to leave for my next competition," Lindsey said. "Is that enough time to get your shit together and marry me again?"

"Hey wait a minute, do you mean to say that you haven't found one of those guy bodybuilders that would marry you?"

Lindsey laughed and said, "I've had dozens of offers but none included marriage. Anyway, why would I want to marry a guy with a dick smaller than my clit?"

"But that was the deal when I divorced you. I was going to be in the frozen wastelands of Russia and you were to find you a real man instead of a ninety seven pound weakling," Don said softly. He weighted more than ninety seven pounds but not much more. But then again, he was only five foot, three.

Lindsey shook her head. "When did you gain two pounds? They must have fed you too well."

Don laughed and replied, "You're kidding, there is no way not to gain weight on boiled musk ox and boiled potatoes three times a day."

"Then hurry your ass home and I'll work off those extra pounds. Mama be horny," Lindsey said with a grin.

"That makes two of us. Do you know how hard it is to catch a female musk ox?"

Lindsey glanced around to see if anyone was close by. "Yeah, it's probably a tough job but I remember you well enough to know how satisfied that musk ox would have been. Damn it, now I have visions of that dick of yours floating around in my head. I'll never get any work done now on anything but my clit."

"You leave that thing alone. I'll take very good care of it when I get home," Don said and then added, "By the way, those spankings will be with a wooden paddle."

"Promises, promises, as long as the bruises heal in time for the competition."

Don laughed and said, "OK, you get back to work while I daydream of tying you to the bed."

"Why tie me to the bed?" Lindsey asked.

"Horny bodybuilders have a tendency to break things and I don't want to be one of them," Don replied with a chuckle.

Lindsey laughed but before she could reply, Don broke the connection.


The next day, Lindsey went to the gym early. She wanted to get her workout out of the way so she could devote the evening to Don. She was doing leg curls and each time she lifted her ankles the weight squeezed her rock hard thighs together. She could feel the pressure on her overly large clit and it tingled more the longer she worked out.

Ten minutes later, the tingle was an itch and one that was beginning to demand scratching. Lindsey was grinning as she unwrapped her long muscular legs from around the leg curl machine and stood up. She could feel the outer lips of her pussy rub against her clit as she did several deep squats. It she did not watch out she would have an accident.

"Hey, Lindsey, the crazy guys back on the phone," the manager yelled from across the room.

"I'll be right there," she told him as she grabbed her towel.

"Hello," she said into the phone a minute later.

"Do you know why Santa is always so jolly?" Don asked.

"Uh, no, I don't," Lindsey, said in confusion.

"Because he knows where all the naughty girls live."

Lindsey chuckled in spite of herself. "Where are you?"

"Trying to find a cab at the Houston airport. I woke everyone up last night, so we could get started on my retirement. They were not happy but I did not really give a fuck. I have better things to do than wait on their lame asses."

"I can come pick you up," Lindsey said quickly.

"Nope, you head on home and I'll meet you there," he said and then asked, "What are you working on this morning?"

"Leg curls so far but...."

There was a deep chuckle in Lindsey's ear and then Don whispered, "Your clit is tingling like mad."

Lindsey groaned softly as she squeezed her thighs together tightly. "I'll race you home," she whispered.

"Oh no, anticipation is the name of the game right now. You drive safely and carefully. Oh and do not take a shower when you get home. I love the smell and taste of you fresh from the gym."

Lindsey squeezed her thighs together again and moaned softly as a vision of Don with her clit in his mouth flashed behind her eyelids. He did not seem to care if it was an inch around and three inches long and she sure as hell didn't.

Her hips were flexing back and forth slightly as Don said, "Settle down horny and head for the house."

"If you keep talking that way, I'm going to come standing right here," Lindsey whispered.

"It wouldn't be the first time," Don said and then disconnected the call.

Lindsey groaned and nodded to the buzz of the dead line.


When she was home, Lindsey normally ran around naked or with just a bikini bottom on. If she had to dress it was in a big billowy housedress that zipped up the front to the throat and came down to her ankles. Her head, hands, and feet were all that showed of her magnificently muscled body.

She had on the silver one as she waited for Don. She had automatically headed for the shower when she got home but stopped in the hall when she remembered what he had said earlier. She had stripped out of her jeans, blouse, and overly large man's shirt and slipped the housedress on. She had left her shoes and gym bag by the front door.

At the sound of a key in the front door, Lindsey took a step forward and then halted. She put her hands behind her back and shivered hard as she squeezed her thighs together tightly. Her clit was bigger and harder than ever. It shot little jolts of pleasure all along her nervous system. As the door opened, she released the pressure with her thighs and moaned softly.

Don came inside pulling a large suitcase behind him. He had a large flight bag and computer case in the other hand. He parked the suitcase and sat the bags down. His eyes were on the tall woman in a silver dress. Her feet were bare, her hands were behind her back, and her head was bowed, her eyes on the floor.

He took off his coat as he crossed the room and tossed it in a chair. Standing directly in front of his ex wife, he unbuttoned his sleeves and took his time rolling them up. When they were where he wanted them, he reached out and unzipped the silver dress all the way to the hem. Opening the dress, he was now eye level with Lindsey's massive chest and hard breasts. Her thick nipples were hard and stuck out a full inch.

Leaning forward, he licked one nipple and then the other. Lindsey groaned softly at both touches of his warm wet tongue. He stepped around behind her and slipped the dress off her shoulders and pulled it down and off her arms. It joined his coat on the chair. Lindsey stood naked in front of him. He shivered hard as he looked her muscular body over from the back.

Her ass was rock hard as he ran a hand over it. Her thighs were the same way but with even more well defined muscles. Her back was magnificent in its definition, even with her arms behind her back. He took off his necktie and wrapped it around her wrists in a figure eight several times before tying the ends together.

With her arms secured, Don felt safer. He really wasn't if she got really wild but it made him feel safer. He walked around in front of her and stepped back to take all of her in. Her arms and shoulders were massive, roped with well defined muscles in places he didn't think he even had. Her chest was even more spectacular than the last time he had seen her.

His eyes dropped to her stomach. Calling the muscles there a six pack was like calling a jumbo jet a small airplane. Compared to most people, her six pack had six packs. Then his eyes dropped lower to her hips and her sex. There was a v-shaped set of muscles pointed at her flat mound. And below that was what looked like a miniature dick. It wasn't though, it was her clit. It had her inner and outer lips spread wide and stood up tall and proud. The end of it was red and swollen looking.

He knew what that meant. Just a flick of his tongue and she would come her brains out. Now he had a decision to make. Quick and fast now and slow a little later or keep building her up until she came on her own. The latter would be best he knew but the other was more exciting for him. Less dangerous also.

He walked up to her until his face was only inches from her chest. Looking up, he grinned and whispered, "You are more awesome than you ever were."

Lindsey shivered and replied, "Thank you and welcome home."

Don smiled and whispered, "I know you want to hug me but that will have to wait until you calm down. Right now you'd mash me flat."

She nodded and he licked her right nipple. She jerked and groaned so he licked her other nipple with the same reaction. She was super sensitive and highly turned on. He sucked on her right nipple and then chewed on it gently. Lindsey rocked her head back and moaned long and loud. His hands went to her hips as he switched nipples. She kept her head back and continued the moan as he chewed the other nipple. Her hips jerked and flexed even after he released her nipple.

He stepped back and waited for her to calm down. She pulled her head forward and looked him directly in the eyes. "I was almost there, you little asshole," she whispered fiercely.

"Yes, you were," he replied holding eye contact with her. "But I wasn't ready for you to come yet."

She whimpered softly and dropped her gaze to the floor.

Don walked over and put his hands on her shoulders. He took his time running them over every square inch of her chest, sides, and stomach. She whimpered and squirmed as he did so. He moved around behind her and did the same thing to her back, sides, and butt with much the same reaction. She did not like to be touched like he was doing it now but it turned her on deep down inside. Her own hands when she bathed or rubbed down with oil before a show, turned her on also.

When he traced the crease of her ass with two fingers, she came up on her toes. "Do you remember when I used to fuck that tight ass of yours?" he asked softly.

Lindsey nodded and shivered hard. "I... loved it so much, when you did."

"Maybe I should bend you over the arm of the couch and give it a try tonight."

With a soft groan, Lindsey replied, "I'd love it but you know it won't work. I'd hurt you."

Don chuckled. "Yeah, I don't relish a crushed dick or a ripped off one either."

Lindsey sighed. "Maybe I should quit the bodybuilding."

Don walked around in front of her and shook his head. "No. That is who you are and when you are the happiest."

With another sigh, Lindsey nodded.

"Take a step to the right," he said suddenly. When she did, he said, "Take a step to the left." Her feet were spread slightly more than shoulder width.

Don went to his knees in front of her and looked up into her eyes. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. "You... you... you..." she said in a stammer and then she threw her head back and screamed as he sucked her large swollen clit into his mouth and sucked on it as his tongue swirled around and over it.

Lindsey's hips jerked and bucked against his mouth and face as her world went up in flames and sizzling sparks along her nerve endings. Rivers of pleasure flowed outward from her clit and devoured her, mind, body, and soul.


With a gasping groan, Lindsey woke up sprawled out on the floor. Her hands were untied and there was a blanket over her. She shivered hard as her eyes closed. Don sucking her clit as she came flooded her mind. He had continued as her legs gave out and she squatted down. He had followed her down and held on as she rocked back onto her ass and then lay back on the floor.

She had almost been out of her mind with pleasure when he suddenly released her clit and got to his knees. He quickly undid his belt and lowered his pants and underwear down around his lower thighs. His hard dick was sticking out away from his body. It was dark red with blood and looked bigger than ever.

Lindsey whimpered softly as she remembered him pressing the head to her opening and then ramming his hips forward and down. He had entered her fast and hard. She remembered screaming again as his dick stretched her insides and filled her to the point of almost pain. Then she was coming again as he fucked her long, hard, and deep.

Her eyes opened suddenly and she looked around. Don was asleep on the couch. A small blanket covered him from head to ankles. Lindsey groaned softly as she sat up, her head swimming slightly. When she rolled to the left to get up on her hands and knees, she felt the slick slippery feel of her juices and his cum between her ass cheeks and also between her thighs.

With a soft moan, she shifted her hips and wiggled her ass. The slip and slide felt so good. She lowered her upper body until her cheek was on the floor. Her ass was sticking high up in the air. This was the position she loved to be in while Don fucked her in the ass. She sighed and started to push up onto her hands.

"Hold!" Don said sharply and Lindsey froze. She lowered her cheek back to the floor and whimpered as her mind supplied a picture of Don sitting up on the couch taking in the complete view of her ass and sex.

A moment later, there were hands on her ass cheeks. "Relax," Don said softly as he tried to spread the cheeks of her ass. Lindsey relaxed and allowed him to do, as he liked. His hot tongue on her ass cheeks and then in the crack of her ass made her moan.

Don smiled as he licked his ex wife's ass from her anus to her tailbone. Lindsey whimpered and moaned the whole time. He could taste her rich flavor and a hint of his own. He licked her several more times and then concentrated on the tight pucker of her anus. Lindsey gasped and wiggled her ass slowly from side to side.

Sitting back on his heels, Don kept his left hand on Lindsey's tailbone and dipped a single finger into her drenched open pussy. It came out coated with a mixture of their juices. He smeared the slippery stuff all over her anus and then probed it with the fingertip. He just barely could get the finger to stretch the strong muscles.

Lindsey whimpered and shivered hard as the finger worked at entering her asshole. She tried her best to relax and let it in but it wasn't working. Don kept at it, inserting the finger in her sex and then back to her anus, over and over again. He smiled as he watched her large clit start to grow back to its full size.

"You want it, don't you?" He asked suddenly and Lindsey nodded and whimpered even louder.

With a smile, he drew his hand back and slapped her hard on one ass cheek and then the other. His hand stung from the two blows. Her ass was like hitting a rock but there were two faint handprints on her ass.

"You stay put while I get a couple of things out of my bag," he said as he stood up. "I was going to save them for Christmas but... and a might fine butt it is, needs some attention now."

Lindsey wiggled her ass as a smile crossed her lips. "I'll bet you say that to every female bodybuilder you see on the floor with her ass sticking up."

"Nope, just the one I love," Don, replied as he unzipped a pocket on his suitcase. The surgical steel butt plug he pulled out of the pocket was a little over four inches long with three balls along the length of the shaft. The first was a half inch, the second was three quarters of an inch, and the third was a full inch in diameter. The t-handle at the end was round with rounded ends.

"I found the perfect thing for your ass at a little shop in Paris," he said as he reached back into the pocket and pulled out an egg shaped vibrator on an adjustable ring. "I also found the perfect thing for that magnificent clit of yours."

Lindsey wiggled her ass from side to side and moaned softly. The moan got even louder as Don's footsteps approached her upturned ass. His cool hand caressed her ass and she shivered. When something cold probed her sex she gasped. As it slipped in deeper, she groaned. It wasn't that big feeling in her pussy but she wondered what it would feel like in her ass. It also felt heavy.

Don's fingers on her large clit made her shiver even harder than before. Then he slipped something around her clit and tightened it. A moment later, she gasped and jerked as a slow deep vibration started against her clit. The vibrations stopped and she whimpered softly.

"Don't worry, we'll get back to your clit shortly. That was the lowest speed of six, by the way," Don said as he laid the vibrator control down and reached for the handle of the butt plug.

He worked the series of balls in and out of her pussy for a moment and then pulled it out. It had a nice coating of their mixed juices on it as he moved it up and pressed the tip to her anus. The tip and the first ball entered easily so he fucked her ass slowly with it for a moment. Lindsey moaned the whole time the plug fucked her ass.

Reaching down, Don turned the vibrator on to the second setting. Lindsey jerked and gasped again and then moaned as the second ball entered her ass. He held it still for a moment and then pulled it all the way out. When Lindsey's ass moved from side to side, he shoved it in again slowly.

"Oh damn, that feels so good," she whispered a few seconds later.

He fucked her ass slowly with the two balls until a shiver ran up and down his ex wife's spine. At that point he pressed the third ball against her anus and held pressure on it. It slowly stretched the muscles of her asshole and then popped inside. Lindsey gasped loudly and pushed up a little with her hands. Don held it still until she lowered her cheek back to the floor.

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