tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoliday Blackmail Ch. 07

Holiday Blackmail Ch. 07


My hands shook as I pressed the keys on my cell phone, writing back angrily to Dave. Not this time! I swore to myself, cursing under my breath as I walked towards the bathroom. After reading the text I had told my husband I needed to pee, and he reminded me to hurry since our plane was boarding soon. Not this time! I repeated to myself again, blinking away tears of impotence and frustration.

It had all started with something so simple; a mistake made out of a desire to keep Dave happy with our "arrangement" and prevent him from becoming upset and carrying out his threats to expose his pictures and videos of my sucking his cock to the world. Thinking only to let him know I wouldn't be available for two weeks, I had told Dave about my vacation plans with hubby; that we were planning on leaving for Cuba in January. Foolishly, I even gave him our travel itinerary, so that he wouldn't think I was lying to him to get out of my "duties" for a few weeks. At the time, he seemed to take it all in stride, but suddenly two weeks later I found myself at the airport answering a text message of an appalling nature. I gritted my teeth as I pushed my way into the bathroom stall, sitting down while I waited for his response.

"I'm not doing this." I reassured myself quietly in the bathroom stall. "I'm not!"

My phone vibrated loudly, echoing in the enclosed space. I took a deep breath and opened the message.

"I'm coming in to the bathroom now." It read.

I nearly fell of the toilet in surprise as I read the message. What!?!? No, he can't be... my internal monologue was cut short as I heard the main bathroom door swing open, followed by sharp footsteps on the cold tile floor. I held my breath, hoping against hope that it was anyone else but Dave. A sharp knock on the stall door sank that hope to the bottom of an abyss as I heard Dave's confident voice follow it.

"We're alone in here, Lucia. Open the door."

"My husband is right out there waiting..." I began, before being cut short by Dave's immediate rebuttal.

"I placed a cleaning in progress sign by the door. We won't be disturbed."

I bit my lip, fighting back tears. "Dave, I just want to get on my flight..."

"And you will." he assured me. "The sooner you open this door, the sooner you can go and join your husband for your vacation."

Responding to my silent pause, he went on, his voice oozing charm. "I promise I'll be quick, and I won't make a mess. Just open the door."

My will to resist crumbled. I reached out and unlocked the door, pulling my hand back as it swung inwards to reveal Dave, grinning ear to ear as he stared down at me.

"Hello you beautiful cocksucker." he said, eyes alight with mischief and excitement. "Open wide."

Like some kind of blowjob automaton, I complied, resigned yet again to Dave's insistent demands on my mouth. Unlike the previous encounters, I found myself not at all aroused, and instead simply nervous and impatient to get things over with. Ten minutes and I can be on the plane with my husband. I thought to myself. Ten minutes of cocksucking and I can be on my way.

In an instant I found Dave's flaccid cock between my lips, the familiar scent of his manhood filling my nostrils. On autopilot, I busied my hands in pulling his pants gently to his ankles, and then tickling his balls as I felt his shaft begin to stiffen. I used my tongue to tease him as he hardened, and once he was firm enough I bobbed my head gently creating friction to help him grow still more. In moments he was rock hard, his dick filling my mouth and pressuring the entrance of my throat. I gagged softly, and swallowed the resulting saliva to prevent it dripping on my flowered sun dress.

"That's a good slut." Dave encouraged. "Suck that fat cock like you love me."

My nostrils flared as a sigh escaped through my nose, after which I picked up the pace of my sucking, working my hand along with my mouth. I stroked him up and down, twisting slightly to increase the friction and hopefully bring him to orgasm more quickly. Unusually, Dave made no move to help me along, but remained perfectly still instead of humping my mouth with his fuckstick. I felt his hands caress my hair lightly as I worked, and despite myself I moaned softly in appreciation for the minor scalp massage. Dave was quick to respond.

"That's it baby. Moan on my cock like the good whore you are."

Hoping to speed him along to completion, I did as I was told, moaning like a professional porn star as I worked over his stiff cock. Still, Dave remained oddly still, simply watching me suck him off with slightly less than my usual gusto. Just a little longer I thought, and it will all be over and I'll be on my way to Cuba.

As if reading my thoughts, Dave grinned down and taunted me. "Your flight should be boarding any minute now, slut. Better pick up the pace."

Sighing again, I reached behind Dave's butt, pull him into my an encouraging him to fuck my throat, exactly as I assumed he wanted. To my surprise, he shook his head slowly no, and leered down at me.

"Uh uh hunny. If you want this load you're going to have to earn it yourself." he said. "Fuck my cock with your mouth, and be quick or you'll miss that flight!"

Knowing he wasn't exaggerating, I opened my mouth wide, taking a deep breath around his shaft before impaling my throat onto his thick cock head. Gagging loudly, I was spurred on my Dave's moan of appreciation, and knowing it would be the fastest way to get him off, I began thrust my head forward over and over, loudly pistoning my throat onto his tool.

*GAK GAK GAK* my throat squelched and I gagged with each bob. I felt my saliva begin to pool, running down my tongue as I feebly attempted to suck it back into my mouth. My tongue outstretched as if trying to reach his balls, I continued to hammer my face home towards his crotch, desperate to reach my gate in time. I felt my eyes running with tears and my cheeks flushing with effort, and still I endured, desperate to make Dave cum.

My hard work was rewarded without warning. Shocked by the sudden flood of cum as Dave leaned his dick towards, pulsing jet after jet directly into my throat, I gagged violently, spewing cum all over the front of my sun dress. I tried to calm myself, and swallow what cum I could, but Dave deftly pulled back and wiped his leaking remainder onto my lips and nose, slapping his heavy and softening cock into my face.

"Good little slut, that should tide me over till you get back." Dave said with a laugh.

Suddenly the PA system kicked in, loud within the confines of the bathroom.

"Last call for boarding for CANJET flight 6026 to Varadero..."

"That's you, better get going my luscious cocksucker." Dave intoned humourlessly as he strolled out of the bathroom.

Working quickly, I ran to the mirror, trying desperately to save what I could of my makeup. Using a paper towel I removed Dave's cum from my nose and lips, and wiped the worst of it from my dress. Thank god its white! I thought as I rubbed quickly at the wet stains. Knowing I was running out of time I bolted for the door, and headed towards the gate. I was relieved to see my husband, ever the gallant gentleman, was already on board the plane without me, and knew I would have a last chance to wipe the remnants of cum from my face as I boarded the plane.

Breathing a sigh relief, I calmed myself, and showed my ID to the attendant at the gate, whose raised eyebrows at the state of my hair, clothes, and makeup let me know just what a mess I was. But I refused to be stressed by it, knowing that for two weeks at least, I would be free of Dave's insistent and demanding cock!

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