tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBad Blind Date Ch. 01

Bad Blind Date Ch. 01


Lucia was shocked when her secret work-nemesis Casandra butted in on a conversation with her friend Sam with the offer of a blind date with a hot acquaintance of hers. She had overheard Lucia's woes of finding a guy who wasn't intimidated by her high-powered job at a top law firm, and quickly jumped in with a wide and seemingly sincere smile to offer up hr friend's number. Though they feigned friendship while in the office, Lucia secretly hated her equally talented and beautiful co-worker, and knew deep down that the feeling was mutual. Though trepidatious at first, Lucia warmed to the idea as Casandra extolled his many virtues.

"He's a very traditional guy." Casandra said with a grin. "A gentleman who knows how to treat a proper lady. He has a great job, lots of money, confidence, and a great smile."

"Sounds like quite the catch!" Lucia replied.

Casandra laughed her deep hearty laugh, conveying genuine joy.

"I haven't even told you about the rumoured size of his 'fishing tackle' yet."

"I don't really care about that." Lucia said, blushing slightly. She did care of course, but was loath to admit that in front of Casandra and Sam.

"Well I'll bet Adam changes your mind. He dated a friend of mine in high school, and she told me he was hung like a damn moose!"

Lucia laughed dutifully and pretended the flush of colour on her cheeks was embarrassment rather than arousal. Cadandra grinned when Lucia replied that she would give him a call.

Adam seemed utterly unsurprised by Lucia's call out of the blue, and quickly agreed to meet her for dinner at a local gastro-pub. Though he was not talkative on the phone, he voice had a deep, manly tone, and he was both polite and gracious. Lucia excitedly dressed to the nines in a tight blue cocktail dress and tall black heels. She curled her long brown hair, and applied sultry makeup that accentuated her dark brown eyes. Looking at herself in the mirror, she knew she looked like an overdressed and high maintenance woman, but she didn't care, knowing her curves would leave Adam in awe of her. She decided to forego a bra or panties in the tight dress, counting on her good genes to keep her tits perky.

If she expected Adam to be awestruck by her when she met him, she was disappointed. Adam seemed rather nonplussed throughout the evening in fact, talking very little, and asking only a few simple questions about Lucia's education, work, and hobbies. He had seemed almost disgusted when she admitted she couldn't cook, but his otherwise friendly demeanour, good looks, and charm kept her interested enough to carry on. Lucia talked nearly non-stop throughout the date, getting worse as she poured several glasses of wine into herself. Adam seemed to go the opposite way, growing more quiet as the evening wore on.

At the end of the night, Lucia realized that she had far too much to drink to drive herself home, and accepted a gracious offer from Adam to see her there. As they drove, she grew sulky, disappointed with her apparent inability to seduce Adam and make him a puppy dog panting for her pussy. Unable to contain her emotions, she began to passive-aggressively lash out at Adam, nagging him about his apparent distate for beauties such as himself, his driving, and even his choice to take the scenic route to her place just outside the city. Finally, after she commeted about the likely embarrassing size of his genitals, Adam snapped.

"Okay, this shit has gotta stop." Adam blurted out, the anger in his voice palpable.

"What the...?" Lucia demanded, a haughty look on her face, as Adam pulled the car over onto the shoulder of the deserted country road.

"I'm sick of you flapping your god damn uppity lips. I've got a better use for them." Adam replied as the sound of the tires on gravel died and he rolled to a stop.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Lucia demanded, her eyes bugging out in horror as Adam unzipped his pants right in front of her, pulling out a massive yet still flaccid cock.

"Fucking your stupid whore mouth." He replied.

With an iron grip he reached over, grabbed and handful of her hair, and jerked her head down towards his lap. Guiding his cock in his free hand, he stuffed it into her mouth before she could say another word. Now using two hands, he began to jerk her mouth up and down on his shaft, jerking himself off with her drooling mouth, stretched wide around his thick shaft.

Lucia screamed aloud, muffled by his meat in my mouth. Her hands slapped ineffectually at his arms, but she was unable to drive him away, or pry his grip from her head. Rhythmically, inexorably, her mouth traveled up and down his hardening shaft in spite of her struggles. Breathless from her attempts to scream, Lucia's nostrils flared wide for air, which she soon found harder to come by as Adam's cock expanded further and began to plunge in and out of her throat. She gagged and coughed profusely, lubricating his entire length with her saliva as Adam mercilessly maintained his slow but deep pace.

Short of air, and exhausted from her attempts to resist, Lucia let her body go limp, and focused on relaxing her throat to avoid unnecessary and painful gagging. Adam seemed to take this sign as a provocation, and immediately pulled her down until her nose was buried into his stomach, holding her there, his cock deep in her throat. He held her till her eyes streamed with tears, her whole body was wracked with gagging, and her hands slapping at him once again.

Satisfied that she was struggling again, Adam now held her head firmly in place while he began to thrust his hips up and down, fucking her mouth hard and fast. Grunting with exertion, the head of his cock suddenly exploded in her mouth, shooting cum alternately into her throat and mouth as he continued to thrust unabated. Lucia gagged hard, and felt warm, burning cum shoot from her nose onto her upper lip. Eventually, with no other choice, she swallowed as Adam paused for a moment to pull his pants down to his ankles, one hand firmly holding her head in place. Kicking off his shoes, he removed his pants entirely, and settled into his seat more comfortably.

Lucia quickly realized her ordeal was far from over as Adam's cock never flagged at all. If anything, it grew more steely hard following his orgasm, and she soon found herself gagging on its wide head once again. He did not start slow this time, but rather pulled her head forward till he was in her throat, and then rocked his hips quickly back and forth, pausing only occasionally to remove himself from her airway to let her take a few breaths before pushing her back onto him. After only a few more minutes of fucking her tight, squelching throat in this manner, Adam groaned again, dumping a second thick, salty load into Lucia. This time he shot it all right down her throat, holding her deep until he stopped convulsing. He let his angry-red and half-hard cock fall sloppily from her mouth, where it slapped wetly onto his belly. Pulling her head back by the hair with one hand, he grabbed her throat with the other, forcing her eyes to meet his as she gasped for air.

"Learned your lesson yet, you mouthy bitch?" Adam asked, eyes gleaming.

Lucia gasped for air, trying to calm herself and find something to say that would get her out of the hellish situation. She opened her mouth to speak, and found it suddenly filled with his sticky, salty, leaking cock again. She gagged instantly on the taste.

"I guess not. You Don't fucking speak you whore!" He yelled as he began to thrust into her mouth once more in earnest.

In short order, Adam was rock hard again, and he pounded away on her mouth without pause this time, leaving Lucia dazed and listless, unable to fight back anymore. This no longer seemed to phase him, as he appeared more than happy to simply use Lucia's mouth like a well-worn pussy. He throat now well broken-in, she gagged less often, though she still drooled profusely, soaking the car seat under his ass cheeks. Eyes red from lack of oxygen, and back growing sore from the twisted position he held her in, Lucia glanced up as he felt Adam begin to tense an impossible third time in less than an hour. His balls were so tight not that her chin bounced off them as he pulled her in on each down stroke. Finally, he pulled out, and rubbing his cock's length up and down her cheek, proceeded to cum all over her hair and left ear.

Lucia stayed silent this time, scarcely wanting to breathe as she waited to see what Adam would do next.

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