tagIncest/TabooHome Ch. 05

Home Ch. 05


Jeff left Glenda in her bed asleep and went into the kitchen. Linda looked over the bottle of beer at her naked brother and spit suds cross the room when she saw his big hard cock hanging out in front of him. Jeff had to jump back to avoid getting dosed with beer.

"Gaud Jeff! When did your dick get so big?" Linda said in a loud whisper. "And mom didn't say a word about it. No wonder she was doing all that screaming. It's huge." Linda stared.

Jeff laughed going to the fig for a beer. "It has been a while since you sent it, huh?" he said.

"Don't get too close, you might break something," Linda laughed.

"Hey, I was going the go out for a swim, want to join me?" Jeff said.

"Lead the way," Linda said wiping her mouth and getting up from the table.

Jeff stepped onto the deck and then ran driving into the pool. Linda walked to the side of the pool, removed her t-shirt and drove in the water. She swam on to the other side of the pool where Jeff rested on the side.

"I'm so glad you're home," Linda said wrapping her arms around his chest and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Me too," Jeff said rubbing his sister's head.

"Mmmm," she squeezed him.


"I was thinking when you bust my cherry?" she said.

"When aren't you thinking about sex?" he chuckled.

"When are you?"

"Never," they laughed.

"It has been a long time since we done it, has it?" he said stroking her wet hair.

"Yeah, and you've gotten hug since then," Linda chucked grabbing hold of her brother's cock under the water.

"You've gotten pretty healthy yourself," Jeff replied lifting one of her float tits.

"This is really great, ya know," Linda said.

"Yeah, I've wanted mom, like forever and now I can't get enough of her," Jeff said and the thought of their mother made his cock jerk in his sister's hand.

"Are you going to be ok sleeping with me for a while," she asked looking up at him.

"Are you kidding," Jeff said. "Remember, you were my first too." He dropped his other hand and lifted her other tit moving her in front of him. "How is it with dad?"

Linda laughed. "He's hanging in there," she said squeezing Jeff's thick cock. "He doesn't have something like this, but he gives it to me good."

Jeff laughed. "I bet he does. You said that you were going to get him. I didn't know if you really were going to do it for me," he said.

Linda pulled away from Jeff turning around and then wrapped her legs around his waist with her arms on his shoulders. "I didn't your plan was going to work, but I wanted to screw him anyway, especially seeing him screwing mom," she said.

"It was a stupid plan," Jeff said.

"I told you," Linda said bouncing up and down with the movement of the water.

"How did you get dad to screw you?" Jeff asked.

Linda laughed. "I sat in his lap and his thing jumped out of his boxers," she giggled. "Of course, I only had on a t-shirt. He knew I didn't have on anything under it. I'd been walking around like that for about a week flashing him. Mom was already in bed, so he didn't even hesitate once I put his thing in my whole. Mom knew the whole time, but didn't say anything. He didn't even know that mom knew until this morning."

"Remember when mom caught us doing it in your room," Jeff laughed.

"Yeah, and she was trying to pull me off and I wouldn't let go of you," Linda laughed.

"That was so funny," he laughed. "She kept pulling on you and you kept screaming that you hadn't cum yet."

"It was funny how she kept running around trying to catch me and you kept pulling her pants down," Linda giggled. "...and when she caught me you pulled down her pants and humped her butt."

"Yeah, we really gave mom hard time, didn't we?" Jeff laughed.

"And through all of that, she never told dad," Linda said.

"Yeah, mom is great," Jeff said. "I love her."

"She knows," Linda said. "How are you going to feel when dad goes back to sleep with her? You're not going to get all jealous, are you?"

"Heck no! Why would I be jealous of dad?" Jeff said.

"Because you're in love with mom, that's why," Linda said.

"That doesn't mean that I would be jealous," Jeff said defensively. "I never was jealous of dad. She is his wife."

"She is your mother too," Linda said pointedly.

"I know that. Look, I'm jealous of mom and dad being together. I wasn't even jealous of Richard being with Sarah," Jeff said.

"What? Sarah was having an affair with Richard?" Linda asked.

"Yeah, practically the entire time we were together," Jeff said.

"That's why she wasn't upset about you'll breaking up," Linda said. "Why didn't you tell me?" She splash water in his face.

"I just found out a few weeks ago," Jeff said.

"How did you find out? Did you catch them?" she asked.

"Yeah, I walked in on them," he answered.

"What did she say? What did they do?" she asked impatiently.

"They freaked out. I left and came here and that's when mom finally gave in," Jeff chuckled.

"Gaud, I didn't think the little bitch had it in her," Linda laughed. "Worked out great for you, huh?" Linda released him and leaned back in the water to wet her long hair. "Would you have told mom, if she wouldn't have given in?"

"That might have worked, play the sympathy angle...naw, mom still wouldn't have been so willing like she is now," Jeff said.

"You're probably right," Linda said. "I'll get us a couple more beers." She swam back to the other side of the pool and looked like a mermaid as she walked up the steps with water pouring down her body.

Jeff got a few of the cushions from the lounge chairs and laid on them next to the pool. A couple of minutes later Linda joined him with the beers.

"You are so sexy," Jeff said as she lay on the cushions next to him.

"Thank you," Linda giggled.

"We use to have sex all the time, didn't we," Jeff said.

"Yeah, mom finally got tired and gave up, especially since she ended up with her panties around her ankles trying to get you off of her," Linda chuckled.

"You know, she never got angry at us," Jeff said thinking.

"She sure didn't. I can imagine most parents would have had us committed," Linda laughed.

"She has such a great sense of humor," he added. "A few times I almost had her and she would just laugh and push me away."

"Yeah, she didn't even get mad when you tore her that red dress dad had bought her," Linda added.

"I remember her telling dad that she ripped it on the door knob," Jeff said. "Hey, why don't we take her out tomorrow? Dad will be working late, right?"

"Yeah, Thursdays."

"I'll buy her a new red dress and we'll take her to Vinnie's for dinner," Jeff said.

"Yeah, she has really let us get away with...everything," Linda said. "It would be a nice surprise, but you'll have to get home before she starts cooking. You know how she is about preparing food."

"Yeah," Jeff started laughing. "I got her good one time while she was cooking. She was cooking something on the stove and didn't want to burn it. I got her panties off and fingered and humped her while she wiggled around trying to get me off her without burning the food. She was laughing then too. I remember her shooing me away when I licked my fingers afterwards. You were fantastic too, ya know."

Linda giggled.

"I know that nobody I knew got as much sex as I did," Jeff said. "I remember guy bragging about how much action they were getting, and probably weren't getting any. You were giving me some, what two and three times a day. I didn't even care that I couldn't brag about it, but I remember guys wanting to get with you."

"Fat chance," Linda laughed. "I was satisfied with you. Girls brag to ya, know. I told them that I was a virgin and wasn't going to have sex until I got married and only then if we planned on having kids." Linda laughed again. "I wanted you just as much."

"I never thought about it like that," Jeff said. "I thought you were doing it to pretend that you were mom."

"No way," Linda said. "I liked screwing you, and after I'm done drinking this beer I plan on screwing that big dick." Linda laughed.

"Big it on then," Jeff joked laying back and stroking his cock.

Linda put down the beer bottle and straddled him. Her pussy loosened quickly allowing her to spread for her brother's big cock.

She rocked back and forth as Jeff thrust his hefty meat into her through body quivering orgasms until neither of them could continue.

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