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It was the last week of school; and unknown to his parents, school was letting Seniors out at Noon. He'd humped a ride from a friend who dropped him off at the corner when they saw his Dad's rig out front. His Dad had a temper and would not give him a chance to explain Seniors were being rewarded. Plus, he knew his Dad was talking off on a 3 week route and in all likelihood was knocking off a last piece before he hit the road.

The front door was unlocked; and in passing he'd seen his Dad's bags were already aboard the rig . He slipped in quietly and went upstairs to his room without being heard; that did not mean he could not hear the sounds from the room down the hall. He knew she'd be crying shortly. Dad was pounding it pretty hard; he could hear the bed springs squeaking all the way at the end of the hall.

A couple of slaps on the ass and he knew Dad would be gone soon. Sure enough, about 3 minutes later, he heard the bedroom door open and his Dad slam the door as he hit the road. In no time, the Kenworth was cranking and he could hear it pull away.

Thinking it safe, and assuming she would be asleep, he had stripped down to a loose pair of gym shorts and been stroking on his cock. What was a fellow to do after all, with all that sex taking place down the hall. He stopped before he came when she called his name.

Tommi, she called, come here please. He put his cock back in his shorts hoping she would not see the bulge. He knocked on the door before entering, Yes Mom?

Tommi, my back is killing me; would you give me a back rub. He gulped for she was laying on her belly on the bed with a portion of the sheet barely covering her ass crack. Part of her right ass cheek was exposed as was all of her back. Get the oil from the bathroom Baby, she asked. My back is really sore right now. No wonder he thought after the ride she had just been given.

He got the oil and a towel so he could wipe off his hands when finished. He knelt next to her and began at the shoulders. Applying oil into his hands and then rubbing it into her shoulders, he could feel her relax. He was working down her spine when she wiggled and threw what little portion of the sheet was covering her from her ass.

Please kneel between my legs, Tommi. My ass hurts so badly I need a good rub there. I could see the hand prints and knew the cause.

As she wished I was kneeling between her legs and was massaging oil slowly onto her ass cheeks. OOOH, that feels so good. She raised herself on her knees and asked me to rub some oil between her cheeks which I did.

I looked down and saw my cock extended from the shorts and had no way to push it back in as both hands were covered with oil.

She remained on her knees and as my hands were rubbing between her thighs, I realized my thumb was rubbing her clit. She was groaning slightly; rather than pull away; she raised herself even more as she told me how good it felt and not to stop.

Obedient son that I am, I continued. At this point, my fingers were rubbing her pussy and she actually pushed back so my thumb and finger entered her. Her groans became louder; and I had a raging hard on.

She was a woman of 31 who had married early; the result of a pregnancy at 13. Standing 5'2"; she weighed about 105 and was still firm and trim. I on the other hand was 18; about 5'10"; 190 and had been awarded a football scholarship for the coming college term.

She was thrashing around and her legs rubbed against my hard on repeatedly. She pushed herself up further and slid back so that her pussy opening was poised at my cock head. She thrust back and I found my cock impaled in her sloppy pussy.

Ride me Tommi; Ride Me; I need it so. I slid my hands onto her hips and began to thrust in and out. Thankfully, I had been jerking off before; although I had not cum, I knew I was in no immediate danger of cumming.

I was grasping both hips and thrusting my cock in the hole where my Dad had so recently been. She was soppy wet; I could not tell whether from a previous load, the oil, or what. She was bucking those hips with all her might as I was slamming into her with increased thrusts.

Stop, I gasped before I cum. She thrust harder, pleading give it to me give it to me. I complied as I shot the biggest load of cum I had ever unleashed.

I finally pulled my cock from her pussy and collapsed on the bed. She rolled over and put her head on my shoulder and chest. Thank you Son; I needed that.

But soon we must talk. With that, she lay her head on my chest and fell asleep. Her breath on my chest was driving me wild and in no time my cock was hard as a rock.

More to follow. This is a true account of how I entered into an illicit relationship which could have resulted in the hospital for me had my Dad ever discovered our secret. I was 18 at the time and she was truly 31.

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