tagLoving WivesHome Invasion Ch. 01

Home Invasion Ch. 01


We drove north out of St. Paul on Interstate 35, then followed some winding state roads to state 53, and finally up to county 123. It was a pleasant drive and the fall leaves got prettier as we approached the lake. Lake Kabetogama, that is, which is my favorite of the ten thousand lakes in Minnesota.

We had some off highway driving on dirt roads to a small cabin, miles from nowhere. I owned half and a colleague of mine – Roger Adler - owned the other half. Roger and his wife, Sarah, were close friends of ours and we often vacationed together here at the lake.

The cabin was small and simple, but adequate for our needs. It was located near Woodenfrog Campground in a mostly deserted area outside the park but on the lake. We rarely saw any other people when we vacationed here. We could even skinny dip in daylight with impunity if no boats were around, although moonlight was our favorite time.

Our plan was simple: fishing, maybe even get a muskie, relaxing, and watching the falling leaves in the most beautiful season that Minnesotans can possibly enjoy. That rare moment every few years when the weather warms up after a short freeze kills the helicopter sized mosquitoes that rule the north woods. Old clothes, a little cash and no credit cards, my fishing gear, and not much else were all crammed into my old pickup truck.

My name is Shane Morgan. My wife Donna and I were stealing some time from a hectic schedule. I'm a money manager with a lot of demanding clients and my wife helps out in the office. Correct that: My wife RUNS the office. We had both just turned forty.

We had been working our butts off under a lot of stress for the last couple of years, because our boy got into serious trouble during his senior year of high school. I was badly stressed out helping him and keeping the business alive at the same time. It seriously affected our relationship. Although I loved my wife very much, I hadn't fucked her in almost two years. I saw a shrink and was on a drugstore full of pills. Now I'm finally starting to recover.

Now that both our kids are away in college and my 401K is in good shape, I figured we could cut ourselves some slack. I had a secret agenda on this trip. Well maybe not so secret because I had hinted at it to my wife. I wanted to reawaken our sex lives, dampened by all that pressure on me. I even got some Viagra from a buddy to experiment with.

There was a beautiful sunset as we unloaded the car and put things away in the cabin. I climbed a small staircase and stashed some things in an attic supported by a couple of four-by-fours. It was a rustic cabin with a stone fireplace. There was a big rug on the floor – thick wool, soft with an Indian pattern of some sort. The room was well lit by several bare light bulbs hanging from the rafters with strings dangling down.

After we unloaded we sat down to relax. I opened a bottle of good scotch, Johnny Walker Black, and we added water and drank it without ice – the way the Scots drink it. I secretly popped a couple of Viagra. I wanted to be ready. I think Donna expected to get well fucked tonight. As it turned out she DID get well fucked, but not the way I had planned.

It happened so fast that even if I had had a means of defense it would have been useless. The door banged open and two kids with switchblade knives entered the room, scoping out everything in it in seconds. They couldn't have been more than eighteen at the most.

"Check the back," the tall one said.

The short guy opened the back door and looked around.

"It's all clear Mike."

Mike walked over to me and snarled, "Don't be a smart-ass and no one gets hurt. Understand?"

I nodded. I wanted nothing to excite these kids. Those knives looked sharp. Besides, even without the knives I could not handle both these muscular young guys in a fight.

"Over to that post," Mike said indicating one of the four-by-fours holding up the attic. "Hands behind your back."

I did as I was told. Mike took a thin plastic tie out of his pocket and wrapping it around my wrists he tied me to the post. Jesus that was tight. Almost cutting my wrists. It looked thin but it was much too strong to break. I was helpless.

Mike reached into my back pocket and pulled out my wallet. It was my old one and was empty except for a driver's license and about four hundred dollars cash. I had left my credit cards at home.

The other kid made a hasty search of the room and checked out Donna's purse. No jewelry but about a hundred dollars in small bills. He ignored her wedding ring, which was a simple gold band on her finger.

They both checked out the cabin making sure there was nothing else to steal. Then they sat on the couch and had a hurried conversation. They did not have a Midwestern accent. My guess was that they were from the east.

"We need to disappear for a couple of hours," Mike said. "That county dick back on 123 looked us over real close and then he got on the radio. Maybe they know who we are. Let 'em look around for a couple of hours before we head out."

Obviously these kids were running from the cops. Mike seemed to be the leader. They found my scotch and helped themselves to a drink.

"Where's the ice?" Mike asked.

I shook my head. "I haven't turned on the refrigerator yet."

"Shit," the kid said.

They sipped their scotch and sat there, looking around the room. One kid started to stare at Donna's tits. She had big breasts and usually dressed to show them off. Jesus! I thought. Rape?

"Nice tits," the kid said to Donna.

Donna looked at the floor and said nothing.

Mike laughed. "She's twice your age Duke. Too old to fuck."

"They're NEVER too old to fuck. And she's got big tits," the kid said. "Lets have a look at 'em baby."

The kid got up from the couch and walked over to where Donna was sitting. Putting the tip of the knife blade under the top button of her blouse he moved it slowly upward forcing Donna to stand up. I could see she was slumping her shoulders to minimize the size of her tits. She was scared. So was I.

In a single quick motion he flipped his knife upward and cut off the top button of her blouse. She gasped softly and turned her head away from the blade.

"Get naked bitch," he said.

Donna just stood there, motionless.

The kid looked at her, then at Mike, then at me.

"I'm gonna have some fun with this bitch," the kid said. "Let's see if I can persuade her to cooperate."

With that he walked over to me and slashed my leather belt with a single swipe. Damn that knife was sharp! Then he pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees. He grabbed my testicles in his left hand and squeezed. The pain was unbearable. It shot into my groin and belly and I screamed.

He held my testicles in his left hand and put the sharp blade of that knife under my scrotum in a position to cut them off. Then he turned back to Donna.

"Show me your tits bitch or I'm gonna cut off his balls," he said.

Donna didn't hesitate. She began unbuttoning her blouse. Off came the blouse and then her bra. Her 36D breasts dropped out and sagged only a bit.

"Yeah," the kid said. "Look at those tits! Big! Real nice!"

I had to admit that my wife had great tits. They were big and still firm after two kids, with only a slight downward tilting of her large nipples. Her shoulders were back now, proudly, and her nipples were erect. I guess she figured that if the kid was gonna see 'em he might as well see 'em at their best.

"Let's see the rest of you baby," said the kid. "Show me your pussy."

Again, without hesitation Donna slipped out of her jeans and then her panties and stood naked before us. Her breasts jiggled now as she moved about. I had to admit that she looked great. Suntanned skin except where a two piece bathing suit, almost a bikini, protected her. Good legs, a great ass and a very hairy, dark brunet beaver.

The kid finally let go of my testicles, to my great relief, and walked over to Donna. Standing next to her he fondled her breasts. In that moment, as I looked at my naked wife I knew they were gonna fuck her! They were both gonna fuck my wife! And there was not a damn thing I could do about it except stand here - up close and personal – and watch those bastards fuck her as much as they wanted.

"On the floor, bitch," he said, pointing to a spot on the big wool rug four or five feet from where I was tied to the post. "Lay down on your back!"

Donna did as she was told and the kid closed his knife, put it on the table, and began to undress. When he was naked he lay down beside her and stroked her body from boobs to beaver. They were on the floor, just a few feet from me.

"That's the hairiest pussy I ever saw," he said stroking her curly haired beaver. Then he fingered her clit. I could see that her clit was soft. It made no sense but I suddenly wondered what happens to a clit when a woman is raped. Does it get hard?

Putting his hand behind her head he pushed her toward his crotch and said, "Get me up bitch."

Donna was past caring now. She just followed orders. Taking the shaft of his dick in her hand she skinned back his heavy foreskin to reveal the moist, bulbous head of his cock. She took that big, moist glans into her mouth and fellated him rapidly and skillfully, running her tongue under his foreskin, until his dick got hard. I heard wet, slurping sounds as she sucked that big cock.

I just stared at his cock. That little bastard was really hung – a good nine inches – thick and uncircumcised. She was holding the shaft of his cock in her left hand and I saw her gold wedding band flash in the bright light from the naked bulb above as she stroked his dick. I suddenly felt a tingling in my groin.

"Spread your legs bitch," he ordered. "Spread 'em wide!"

She spread her legs, knees up, thighs wide spread and feet flat on the floor. I was looking directly at her hairy pussy and her inner pussy lips were slightly spread and glistened in the bright light of the bulb hanging above them.

He crawled between Donna's knees roughly. Looking down at her he again played with her tits. She was lying right below where I was standing.

"The bitch has got really big tits," he said, jiggling them. "Look at 'em shake like Jello. She's an old bitch but I'll bet this is gonna be good pussy."

Then he reached down and grabbed the shaft of his cock and guided it into her. She's gonna scream I thought, because she'll be dry and that big thing will hurt her. But she didn't scream. His cock just slipped into her easily.

He started fucking her with long strokes using the full length of that monster cock. I could see his large balls slapping her in the ass every time she took him deep. She looked up at me. Our eyes met and we stared at each other as he fucked her. I couldn't tell what she was thinking from the blank expression on her face. He fucked her steadily for a couple of minutes and I maintained eye contact with her. Then the kid looked up at his buddy sitting on the couch.

"Oh yeah. She's startin to juice up real nice. This pussy is gonna be dripping in a couple of minutes. The bitch is getting horny!"

That little bastard was right. I could hear those wet, squishy sounds a horny pussy makes. She had been looking at my face but after the kid laughed she looked away, avoiding eye contact. Then she closed her eyes, clinched them tight and lay unmoving as he fucked her. What the hell was happening?

Suddenly I saw Donna's ass lift up just a little when the kid shoved his dick in deep. She clinched her fists. I could tell that she was trying to lay still, but her ass was moving anyway. Shit! She couldn't help it! Jesus! She's lifting her ass up with every stroke now. Oh my God! Is my wife turning on? She wrapped her arms around his chest and held him tightly. She's not gonna start humping this kid. No way!

The kid put his arms under her knees and lifted her ass up in the air to fuck her deeper. He raised her knees up over his shoulders so her ass was up very high and he could get that big dick really deep. Jesus! He's gonna hurt her. She's grunting but not like her usual grunt when I fuck her. This grunt is hoarse and low pitched like an animal. She's grunting in pain! That huge cock is hurting her!

I think that kid's long dick is bottoming out. Mine's not long enough to do that. She's not gonna be able to take this for very long. She kept grunting for several minutes. Damn! Something's happening to her! Her whole body is trembling. Her head is back and her face is contorted. This can't be an orgasm. This is something I have never seen before. It went on and on and on.

Now he's about to pump his load into her. Hell! He can't be more than eighteen – younger than our son! Did he make my wife cum? No way. Women don't turn on when they get raped. Now he's squirting his jism deep into her.

When he finished, she lay there helplessly for a moment. Then she opened her eyes and looked up at me, then down at my crotch. She looked surprised. Then she closed her eyes and relaxed. Why? What the hell did she see?

I looked down at my crotch. Oh my God! I've got an erection. A hard on! I had just watched my wife get raped by this kid and I got a hard on. Donna had seen my erection. What must she think of me?

Mike is naked now stroking a hard cock. Big but not as big as that first kid. Their dicks make mine look small! The kid rolls off my wife and his buddy crawls between her legs and starts to fuck her. My God! Is Donna humping? Mike rolls her over on top of him.

"Okay you horny bitch," he yells. "You wanna fuck? Do me cowboy."

Donna positions herself astraddle him with her tits hanging down over his face and starts to fuck him cowboy. Was that kid right? Was the bitch horny? This was no bitch. This was my wife!

My erection was starting to throb. Donna turns her head and looks up at my hard cock as she fucks Mike. Shit! Was that a smile? It couldn't be. No way. She looked at my throbbing erection again. Then, she looked me in the eye, smiled and winked, and started fucking Mike harder. I could tell now she was fucking for another orgasm. I don't understand this.

She was on top, pounding him hard and regular. My God! She's rubbing her clit against his pubis with every stroke. She had fucked me like that for years when she wanted to cum. Was my forty-year-old wife fucking this eighteen-year-old kid like she fucked me?

My God she was! I could see her get closer and closer to her orgasm, panting and grunting. Her tits were bouncing to her rhythm as she fucked.

Suddenly she arched her head back, eyes staring up at that naked light bulb but seeing nothing. She began pumping her ass faster and harder. Her tits were bouncing and jiggling violently.

"Oh God! Play with my tits. I'm gonna cum," she shouted at Mike. "Play with my tits."

Mike reached up and began to massage my wife's bouncing tits vigorously and I saw a violent orgasm wrack her body as she collapsed on Mike panting in helpless ecstasy. It was the same orgasm she had with me.

Mike let her lay on top of him, trembling, for a moment and then he rolled her over on her back and pumped his load into her completely relaxed body. If my wife had just been raped, I thought, she had clearly enjoyed it.

Then Mike got up and he and the kid poured more scotch into their glasses and sipped them slowly as my naked wife lay on the floor breathing heavily. Her legs were spread, with one knee up, another leg stretched out straight, and that freshly fucked pussy gaped wide open with those big, wrinkled lips hanging out. Thick creamy cum was dripping out and running down on her inner thighs. She made no effort to cover her nakedness.

Mike walked over to where I stood bound to the four-by-four. He reached down and squeezed my still erect dick and chuckled.

"I think hubby enjoyed watching his wife get fucked," he said, laughing. "His little dick is as hard as a rock."

Then he released my dick and smiled at me. "She's better pussy than I thought she'd be," he said.

The shorter kid finished his drink and walked back to where my wife lay naked on the rug. Dropping to his knees he played with her tits, then ran his hand down her belly and fingered her clit. This time I watched her clit get hard. Shit! She WAS horny! No question about it now. Just a couple of strokes from his finger and her clit got rock hard! She wants to fuck this kid again!

"That was good pussy, baby. Wanna fuck some more?" The kid asked.

Without a word to the kid, Donna looked up at my erection. Then she made eye contact with me, laid back, and spread her legs.

The kid looks up at me, laughs, and says, "Yeah, I think your wife likes to fuck. Watch me give her another load."

The kid was right. My wife wanted to fuck!

He crawls between her legs. Donna reaches down with her left hand and grasps the shaft of that thick cock to guide it into her pussy. Her fingers don't reach all the way around that big thing, but her gold wedding band glistens in the bright light from the naked bulb hanging down from the rafters.

She spreads her legs a little wider, lifts her hips, and pushes that cock into her pussy, and grunts when the kid shoves it in deep. They start fucking again. She shows no hesitation this time, just eager cooperation. Donna takes that big dick deep, lifts her legs up and wraps them around the kid's waist. She wraps her arms around his chest and starts to pump her ass enthusiastically.

Her mouth is open on his shoulder and I can see her tongue lick off his sweat. I hear those wet squishy sounds again and, as the kid fucks her harder, she starts to grunt every time she pumps her ass.

Then, after a few minutes, she moves her knees up over his shoulders and grabs her legs with her hands to pull her ass up higher, just like he forced her to do when he fucked her the first time. In that position her grunting became just like before - hoarse and low pitched like an animal. Something I had thought was pain before, I can now see is ecstasy.

She cums real quick this time screaming for the kid to play with her tits. It is stronger than her previous orgasm. One thing was sure. Duke gave her a much better orgasm that Mike. Why? Did his bigger dick make that much difference?

She lays there panting after the kid ejaculates looking up expectantly at Mike who is standing over her, stroking his erection. It is impossible for me to believe, but it looks like she wants Mike to fuck her again and Mike is ready. I have never seen my wife act this way.

Mike looks at me and grins and then looks at my erection.

"I think your wife wants to fuck some more."

He's taunting me!

"But I think she likes big dicks. That little pecker of yours must not be doing the job she needs. I think this is what she wants," he says, shaking his huge erection.

Shit, I thought. That damn thing of his must be eight inches. Am I too small for her or is it just that I haven't been fuckin her. But he's right about her wanting to fuck. She's really been pumping her ass tonight and I can see the desire still on her face right now. She wants more! Even after three orgasms.

Mike looks down at her, steps closer, and shakes that engorged monster inches from her face. Donna's eyes stare at it with unconcealed desire.

"You want it again baby?" He asks with a grin. "Your husband and I both want to know."

Donna looks off across the room, then up at me, then again at that monster cock. Closing her eyes, she nods her head yes. It's a small nod but it is a definite yes.

"I didn't hear you," Mike says. "Say it! Your husband wants to hear it."

She looks quickly up at me. There's fear on her face. I knew at once that it is fear of my reaction if she asks Mike to fuck her. The bastard! He knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted me to hear my wife ask him to fuck her – fuck her in front of me – a wife he knew was horny enough to do exactly that. He wanted to humiliate both me and my wife – just for fun.

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