tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Ch. 02

Homecoming Ch. 02


Homecoming Ch. 02: Morning After

I showered, dressed, and headed downstairs, flipped on ESPN to watch game day college sports programming and set about getting breakfast ready. I felt great this morning, I had emptied my nut sac, had every drop swallowed, and played with a sweet, young pussy. What a way to start any morning.

I started a pile of hash browns, threw on some strips of bacon, and pulled eggs from the refrigerator. I yelled for the girls to wake up. Breakfast would be in 20-minutes.

Shortly, the girls came bounding down the stairs, rounded the corner to the kitchen. They both had grins on their faces. “Morning Dad” they chimed.

“Good morning” I echoed back, hardly turning from the stove.

Kim my daughter, approached me, put a hand to my shoulder, leaned up close to my ear, and whispered “Thanks for this morning Daddy”. She planted a kiss on my cheek and gave me a quick hug. She retreated to her place at the table and sat down. Sara, Kim’s best friend on the planet, was in Kyle’s place at the end of the table. I turned to the girls, and drew a quick breath. Both girls were still in their night shirts and panties. Long legs peeked from the bottoms of their shirts. They were touching toes in the sunlight that was cascading through the window and warming the tiles on the floor. Both girls grinned from ear to ear at me.

“Who’s hungry?” I asked.

“Me, me” retorted the girls.

“Well, get off your pretty little asses and set the table” I replied and laughed loudly. Both girls jumped up and made a beeline for the cupboard and dish washer. I turned to watch them. “Coffee is ready as well” I stated. “What kind of eggs would you like for breakfast?” I continued.

Each girl said “Scrambled” simultaneously. I could not take my eyes away from the girls.

Kim had opened the dishwasher, bent at the waist to pull the lower rack of dishes out. Her night shirt climbed up her ass. Flat footed, bent at the waist, I had a terrific view of my daughter’s panty clad ass. High cut panties barely covering her rear end. And bent over like that, the panties were drawn tight against her backside, leaving little to my imagination. A lump came to my throat. Stirrings started in my crotch, my cock chubbed quickly. Just as quickly, I noticed Sara was also looking at Kim’s ass, glanced at me and caught me staring at her.

She just grinned at me and said “Nice huh?” God, I thought I was going to die. I turned back to the stove, my face had to be a crimson red. Maybe I would die any second. It would be better!

“Dad” Sara chimed. I turned back to the girls, expecting to have my lunch handed to me. Instead, the girls, were hip to hip, feet apart, both bent over at the waist, and were standing straight legged, looking through their legs at me. Each was grabbing their calf muscles. I was speechless. What a beautiful sight. Now I definitely had the beginnings of a raging hardon.

“Wow” I said unexpectedly. Both wiggled their asses slightly, and stood up. They came over to me, and both hugged me tightly.

“We need to get the table set, do not burn the bacon” Kim stated. I, lost in a fog, turned to the breakfast cooking on the stove. I must be still dreaming this morning I thought. But, it was real. I finished cooking, put the food on plates, and served the girls their breakfasts. I could not help but to notice the twinkle in their eyes, like they got the old man. That will teach me I thought.

The rest of breakfast was uneventful. I chatted with them about the homecoming dance from last evening. I watched their little nipples run little circles around the front of their night shirts. I knew I wanted to catch Sara alone again. The ache in my cock was growing larger, just like he was. I quietly ate, expecting to visit my bedroom after breakfast and fix my growing problem.

I finished cleaning up after breakfast, grabbed a cup of coffee, the paper and retreated to the family room, expecting to watch some football and relax for a bit.

“Daddy, Daddy” I heard Kim calling from upstairs. I put the paper down, and with coffee cup in hand, headed for her bedroom. Lightly tapping on the door, “Enter” Sara said. Both girls were on the bed, lying on their stomachs facing the door.

I entered. “What’s up girls?” I asked.

Kim spoke first. “Daddy, what do you remember about last night?” she asked. I was flabbergasted. Stuttering, no words came out. My breath was gone. I now was getting hot flashes, mind going numb, ready for all hell to break loose. “Woe Daddy, sit down before you blow a gasket” Kim said with a grin. “Take it easy, it is OK!” she continued.

I sat, time to catch my breath. I regained my composure, or at least I thought I did. “Why do you ask Baby?” I said.

“Daddy, last night was a great experience for me. I was able to reach two cunt numbing orgasms, and feel fulfilled. I wanted to do all those things to you. Suck your cock, and swallow your cum” Kim replied.

I knew now I was going to die. I looked from one to the other and back. My mind was going 100 mph again. This time, in a panic mode. “It was you?” I blurted out. “I thought it was Sara!”

The girls looked at each other and back to me. “Dad” Sara interjected, “after feeling the size of your cock after Kim’s birthday party, I knew I had to have it for me. I told Kim about what I had done, and it excited her as well. I told her it was probably a foot long. Our plan was for Kim to get it first since you are her Dad.” My head was spinning like crazy now.

“You planned this?” I said quizzically.

“Daddy” Kim spoke. “Sara and I have dated many guys in high school. We have felt their cocks as they try to get in our pants. But that is all they want. A fuck! Neither Sara or I have fucked any boys. We both have played, done oral on a couple of guys each, and the guys have finger fucked us, but that is it” she continued.

“Only heavy petting” Sara said. “Kim and I have masturbated in front of each other, played a little with each other to learn what we like, but we want the real thing now” she continued. “And you are going to be our teacher” she said excitedly.

“I am going to do what?” I blurted out. “I don’t think so”.

“Why Daddy?” Kim asked. “You love us, you have a hard cock at the moment” she said as she and Sara looked at my cock. My sweat pants were too damn tight, or so it seemed. The front of my sweats were sticking straight up from my crotch.

Both girls turned around to sit on the edge of the bed, facing me now. Their night shirts were covering their bodies, and with planned movement, each girl spread her legs to reveal bare snatches to me. They were both naked under their night shirts. Each girl reached to her pussy, and began playing with her pussy. Teasing the lips, opening the cover just enough to reveal the little bud guarding their respective holes. I sat staring.

“The deal is” Kim stated, “you have to fuck me first. I want your cock in me. Not a wham bam fuck, but a real, making love fuck” she continued. “And Sara will watch us, participate if you so desire, but I get it in my pussy first.” I sat dumbfounded. I just watched them finger their pussies, looking from one to the other. I knew this was wrong, but I was now to be a teacher?

“Here are my requirements then” I stated. “I am so horny, we begin now. We will go to my room, the king sized bed will be better for us all. And most importantly, this will stay between us”.

Both girls jumped up, grabbed my hands and literally dragged me to my bedroom. They jumped on the bed, Kim reached to Sara and pulled off her night shirt. Sara returned the favor, pulling off Kim’s night shirt. I stood by the bed, looking at two to the most perfect specimens of female flesh around. They were absolutely beautiful! Kim had the larger frame, toned muscular body, flat tummy, perfect mound, larger tits, and a broader bone structure. Her body was fabulous. God I wanted to climb her and fuck her brains out. Sara, nearly as tall as Kim, had a more slender body, small pert tits, nipples that stuck out begging to be sucked, and similar flat stomach and mound. Sara’s bush was more trimmed than Kim’s. Sara was pinching Kim’s nipple lightly, licking her lips.

I walked to the edge of the bed between the girls. “Girls, take my sweats off me please” I said. As they removed my shirt, I had each of them lean to kiss my chest, and run their fingers through the hair on my chest.

I told them to sit on the edge of the bed pull down my sweat pants. After they removed my sweat pants, I had them trace the outline of my cock through my briefs. I had them each reach up a leg hole to feel my nut sac, the base of my cock, and wrap the hands around my shaft.

“Pull down my shorts” I told them. As they pulled down my briefs, I had each place a hand on my cock at the same time, and take turns kissing the head of my cock. I had each suck the head into their mouths, then lick down the side of my cock. I had them kiss each other while pumping my cock gently. I requested that they each feed the other one my cock, direct it to their mouth.

“Pump my shaft while putting my cock was Sara’s mouth” I told Kim. “Switch” and they traded tasks.

As Sara was sucking my cock, I told Kim to suck on my balls. “Switch” I told them again. And lastly, I had each finger herself slowly as she wrapped her hand around my cock, and took turns sucking the head into their mouths.

I jumped down on the bed between them, pulled each one to me, my hands resting on their tits. “Before I fuck you both, I want to feel your bodies pressed against me. “

We lay on the bed, bodies pressed close together, Kim in front of me, with Sara at my back. I feel Kim’s ass pressing on my cock. My cock was long and hard, pressing at her, wanting to enter her. But we are a long way from there at the moment. I reach around Kim, hand reaching for her tit. Whether the cool air, or lost in the moment, her nipples are hard as little pebbles. I pulled at the nipple, stretching it, twisting it. “Daddy” she whispered, “please do more to me”. My hand slid down her taunt belly, reaching for her mound. I grab her hip on the way by, pull her tight against me. I love the feel of grabbing a hip bone, and driving my hips forward against an ass. Usually I do this to bury my cock, but here and now it was to feel her softness. My hand continued its downward movement, over the light hair on her mound, and finds her cunt. My fingers play with the cunt lips, pulling gently at the hair of her lips. My middle finger reaches between the folds of her pussy, and finds her clit. It is engorged. And based on her reaction, still sensitive from the sex play we had earlier this morning. A moan escaped her lips. I finger her quickly. I want more. She wants more, her body reacting to my fingers. A moment or two longer I play with her clit, and now reach my fingertip into her hole. She gasps for air, body goes stiff. I play with her hole.

I raise my body off the bed, pulling her to her back. I crawl down between her legs.

“Sara, I want you to kiss Kim softly, and nibble on her tits for the next bit” I say. Sara moved to Kim’s side.

I watch briefly, and lower my mouth to Kim’s pussy. My tongue now finds her clit. I suck it greedily. I feel her body tense, she arches her hips to meet my mouth. She is now moaning loudly, hand reaching to the back of my head, trying to pull my face tighter into her cunt. The other hand is in Sara’s hair, directing her mouth to her lips, kissing her. She pushes Sara back to her tit, commanding “Sara, suck my tit.”

Her focus now is back to her cunt. “Oh God Daddy, that feels so good!! Suck it, make me cum”. I am doing the best I can. Her hips buck, pussy arches, and begs for more. I lower my face to allow my tongue to reach into her hole. Rapid movements of my tongue tease her hole. I move back to her clit and suck it into my mouth. My teeth rake over it, hold it between my teeth, and tongue begins an assault. My hands have been under her ass, around to grab her hips, pulling her tighter to my mouth. I free my right hand, and bring it to her hole. My finger finds a wet hole, open, wanting something. I oblige, driving my finger deep into her pussy. I should have warned her. A scream escapes her, her hips push downward on my finger. I retreat, insert a second finger at the same time, retreat, and insert a third finger into her hole as I continue sucking on her clit. I look forward to stuffing this beautiful cunt with my cock.

Now she is bucking wildly, grunting, screaming “Fuck me daddy, fuck your baby daughter. Make me cum.” Coherent thought exists at the moment. I need to get her beyond coherent thought into pure fucking lust, and continue to suck her hard now, slamming my fingers deep into her cunt. Faster, I work the clit with my tongue.

Kim reaches down from Sara’s head to reach for her pussy. I see her reach to her mound. Sara tilts her hips onto the extended fingers from Kim. Sara continues sucking Kim’s tits, now grunting as Kim’s fingers play with her pussy and hole as well.

“Daddy, don’t stop! Daddy” her voice trails off. Her hips arch, body raises off the bed and freezes. “Oh God Daddy, I’m cumming” she states. More of a scream. I chuckle to myself as I continue to finger fuck her hard and suck on her clit. I continue, gentler now on her clit. It is time to make her come a second time, but not as wild. I remove my fingers from her cunt, and rim her ass with the tip of my middle finger.

“Oh God Daddy, what are you doing?” she screams.

“Just relax baby, enjoy what I am doing to you” I reply. I slowly lick her cunt from top to bottom and back up, inserting my tongue deep into her pussy. As I did, I pushed my finger knuckle deep in her ass. I feel the muscle tighten around my finger. I rotate my finger around the dark hole gently. I continue to lick her clit, sucking it into my mouth. Holding it between my teeth, I flick back and forth quickly, needing to make her cum now.

Her body responds, fire burning in the little clit between my teeth. I gently pull on it, flicking my tongue constantly over its little head. I increase the intensity of my licking, driving my finger into her ass. All air exhales her body. “Daddy” she screams. “Of fuck, of fuck”. All grows quiet. No breathing, just clenched eyes, rigid body, and my tongue on her clit. One last thrust of her hips upward, she climaxes. She holds herself there, high off the bed, me attached to her clit, finger buried in her ass. I pump my finger. She flops down hard on the bed, panting, grunting as I continue to pump my finger in her ass.

“Daddy, I want your cock in me. Fuck me now please” she hisses. I kiss her cunt, and begin a trail of kisses up her body. Sara has moved to the side, watching me eat her best friend. Now, with a steel hard cock, I am going to fuck my daughter. I am going to impale her with my monster dick. I want to feel my nuts slap her ass hard.

“Ok baby, Daddy is going to fuck you hard. Fuck you deep! Fuck you, and fuck you some more” I am talking to her as I move up her body.

I position her knees over my arms, raising her ass off the bed, tilting her hips for me to enter her. My cock looks big on her stomach. Sara reaches to grab my cock. “Let me put it in her Dad” she says. “Oh God, I want my turn”. I can hear her short breathing as well.

Once positioned at her hole, I begin to push slowly. The head disappears into her body. I stop, letting her feel the stretching of her cunt. I move back and push again. This time, more disappears into her cunt. “Feel that baby, Daddy is filling your cunt with my cock” I continue.

Kim’s head is tilted back, teeth clenched, eyes shut tightly. She is quietly whispering “Oh God, oh God”. I pull back, and push forward harder this time. More disappears in her cunt. Her cunt is extremely tight. I feel her wetness envelop me. I continue to push harder now. I need to bury my cock in her. I need it deep. Faster I pull back, faster I drive my cock deeper into her cunt. She tightens her cunt muscles, holding my cock, milking. I pull back, and drive forward with a passion I have not felt in a long time. Such a sweet, tight pussy, I push forward again. I have reached all the way in. My pubic bone is pressing on hers. We are one. I begin to fuck hard now.

“Oh Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me” she screams. I continue my driving my cock deep into her pussy. I feel sweat begin to build on me. Our bodies become covered with perspiration. I continue to drive my cock in and out of her, harder, faster.

“Fucking Jesus Christ” escapes my lips. “Daddy loves you baby”. I feel my nut sac preparing to dump a load of sperm into my baby daughter. “I’m going to cum baby” I tell her. I continue to drive hard into her body. She raises her hips higher to allow deep penetration. I drive my cock deep into her cunt, hold myself rigid, and begin pumping my cum deep into her waiting pussy. “Oh shit” I moan loudly. I keep pumping now.

“I can feel your cum Daddy” she says. “Fill me.”

I continue to pump my cock deep in her pussy, slowly reducing the intensity of my plunges into her body. I feel her pussy relaxing. We grind our bodies together, getting another shot of electricity between us. I release her legs from my arms. Groans escape both of us, I lay on her body to feel the tits on my chest. She wiggles her ass below me. “Can we do that again?” she asks.

“I promise” I respond thinking of the possibilities.

My cock begins to deflate. She brings her legs together as I straddle her. My cock still buried in her pussy, I kiss her for the first time. Soft, gentle kiss, one of passion spent, love shared. I rest on her body. Her arms wrapped tightly around me. We rest.

“Daddy, I love you so much” Kim states. “That was” she trails off. I roll to the side moving her with me, and raise my leg over her body.

“Rest now” I tell Kim. Eyes closed, snuggled against my body, Kim is relaxed, content.

“Dad, what about me” Sara asks? Her hands are buried down between her legs. I grin at her lying beside us.

“Sara my dear, you’re next. We may have to watch some football for a bit, but I promise” I said laughingly. “He needs to get a little rest for what he will do to you!”

“Can’t wait” she replied, caressing Kim’s face. “How was it Kimmy?”

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