tagBDSMHoney, I'm Home

Honey, I'm Home

byAvalanche Man©

Carrying two sacks of groceries, I hollered out as I came through the front door. Using a hip and a foot, I closed the door and proceeded down the hallway to the kitchen. Stopping halfway, I looked into the living room to see you still bound and stretched out lying in the floor.

"I know, I know...I promised that I would only be a minute or two, but I ran into some of our friends at the store, and just had to chat for a bit."

From the eye bolts in the ceiling were two thin cords strung taut and tied to your nipples. It appeared that you had given up the strain and let them pull your tied nipples to about a good two inches more than normal. Arching your back to lessen the pull had apparently been a past endeavor and now you just lie flat on the floor with the super extended nipples pointing to the ceiling.

I could still hear the faint buzzing of the dildo with the vibrating clit tickler from between your legs. From the puddle of juices under you, it was evident that you had enjoyed the extra stimulation I had provided. Your legs were bound in four places with straps to help you hold in the dildo and get the most out of it, or maybe, that should be, the most out of you.

Seeing as how you were off in your own world of bliss, I chatted away as I put up the groceries. Once everything was in its' proper place, with the exception of the items I had gotten for our dinner, I checked on you again.

Not really liking the purple, bluish color of your breasts and nipples, I cut the lines going to the eyebolts. Quickly, I untied the looped knots around your nipples and then stepped back as you were trying to roll around and shaking with spasms.

Thinking it was a good thing I had tied your arms and legs to sturdy furniture, and definitely a good thing for the ball gag, as you fought to adsorb the pain of the blood rush back to your nipples and breasts. After you were lying there still twitching, as I went to the bar and mixed myself a drink to enjoy as you settled into a light whimper.

Sitting in my favorite chair and propping my feet up on the ottoman, I could look you over as I began to tell you of my outing. Once I had taken several sips of my drink, I then started to let you in on the latest that would be happening.

"You remember Phil and his lovely wife Denise. Well, of all people, that's who I ran into at the market. We had a wonderful chat about our new lifestyle. AND, can you believe, they are most interested in exploring along with us."

"I know that I was letting you take more than you had before, but time just flies when you have to explain details that they were hungry to hear about. That party we all went to at Bill and Shirleys' must have triggered their curiosity. Both, Phil and Denise commented on how you raved about the climaxes you were getting from our games."

Musing that I would soon have to untie you, so that you could clean up before preparing dinner, I sat and sipped on my drink. I briefly considered taking out my dick and having you suck it as it was making itself known. But there would be plenty of time for that later as I had a full evening planned for us to explore.

"As you and Denise work together somewhat, she seems most interested in the anal aspect of things. I don't know what you've said to her about this, but I could tell she was just wiggling her tight, little butt as we talked about it. And, Phil, that toad, was just nodding and going along with anything that she and I got into. He's such a boob...I felt as though I would have to lead him by the hand for him to see what all she is interested in doing."

After untying your arms and removing the straps around your legs, I gave you a few minutes to get your muscles working again. However, I insist that you lick up every drop in the puddle underneath where you were, and then you can go take your shower. All the necessary items for dinner are set out in the kitchen, so it shouldn't take you long to have it ready for me.

I, further, thought to tell you that they would be coming over on Saturday night for more insight into new avenues for them to see and experience. As you were on your hands and knees, licking up the puddle of your own juices, I had you get some on your fingers so I could have a taste also.

Your hanging breasts occasionally touched the floor and caused you to groan a bit as they were still quite tender. Smiling, I knew that any squeezing of them later would get your undivided attention on whatever I wanted.

When you had finished cleaning the floor to my satisfaction, you stood waiting for permission to go shower. Arms behind your back, legs spread, and chest thrust forward, I was pleased that you didn't hesitate in assuming the proper position.

"GO, take your shower, clean up good, and be sure to lube up good...as I plan to see if I can get my whole hand in the back door later."

Knowing that Phil and Denise would see things as they should be, I drained the last of my drink. Rising from my chair, I thought of mixing a second drink, and Denise's tight, little ass.

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