tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoneymoon Ch. 02

Honeymoon Ch. 02


Quick recap of part 1; Kathy's ex boyfriend had dumped her, and now he shows up on her honeymoon in Jamaica. She and her new husband Billie are at a cottage resort in Montego Bay.

"So Kathy, just play along with my plan and everything will turn out OK."

"I don't trust you Frank, you have fooled me before."

"You had better start, because if I tell Billie about what we did on your wedding day, there goes your marriage before it even gets started. How do you think he would feel if he knew that when the minister said you may kiss the bride, that you kissed him with my cum in your mouth?"

"OK Frank, I'll do what you want. I'll go along with your plan"

When Billie returned with a coffee and donut for his new bride, Kathy said, "Billie I want you to meet an old boyfriend of mine from college. I haven't seen him in years and here he is staying in the next cottage to us. Billie meet my old friend Frank."

Billie shook Frank's hand giving him a weak smile; Frank squeezed Billie's hand giving him more of a sneer than a smile.

Kathy continued, "Frank is going through a real tough time right now. He booked and paid for this holiday a few months ago. He had planed on asking his girlfriend to marry him while they were down here. First he lost his job and then she dumped him, so since this was already paid for he decided to come anyway. He is very sad and lonely so I invited him to have dinner with us tonight."

This was Billie's honeymoon and the last thing he wanted was another man around, especially an old boyfriend. He could tell that was what Kathy wanted so he reluctantly agreed. They had dinner at the resort restaurant with cocktails before dinner and wine with dinner.

After dinner Kathy said, "Let's all go to the disco. I love to dance and Billie does not know how. Now as I remember Frank, you were a very good dancer, so let's do it."

Billie spent the rest of the evening buying drinks and watching them dance. He knew they were old friends but it annoyed him to see them dancing so close and whispering to each other. Also he did not think it appropriate for his wife to have her arms around Frank's neck and give him a brief kiss at the end of each dance. Even when they returned to the table they spoke mostly to each other, almost ignoring Billie. At the end of the evening Kathy said, "That was so much fun Frank and it brought back good memories. How about dropping over tomorrow afternoon and we will reminisce about the good times we had in college?"

As soon as Billie got Kathy back to the cabin he said angrily, "How could you invite him over? We are on our honeymoon and you invite an old boyfriend over."

"Now Billie, he is lonely and depressed. He even got kicked out of his apartment because he could not pay the rent. It was the least I could do."

"I don't care; I don't want him hanging around you."

"Now you are starting to annoy me. I think we had better go to bed and get some sleep before you say anything more and get yourself in deeper trouble."

"But Kathy, it's our honeymoon; I want to make love to you."

"You piss me off and then you expect to get my pussy? Forget that, I'm going to sleep. If you are that horny go jerk yourself off."

The next morning Billie thought maybe he did over react last night, maybe she was just helping an old friend over a rough stretch. He went up to the restaurant and brought back a coffee and donut for her. He woke her up with a few kisses saying, "I'm sorry about last night; here is your morning coffee honey."

"If you are really sorry show me by sucking my pussy the way I trained you."

Billie did it just the way she liked it and she came twice on his face. They got dressed, had breakfast and went to the beach. She was laughing and talking, so Billie thought she had forgiven him. After lunch they changed out of their swimsuits and Billie watched as Kathy got ready for Frank's visit. All she wore were brief white silk panties under a short black dress.

When Frank walked in he kissed Kathy which annoyed Billie and it made him jealous when he saw her kiss him back. That started the afternoon off bad and it got worse when they talked about things they did in college.

"Remember the first time I fucked you Kathy? I got you in the back seat of my car and you were willing to jerk me off but you didn't want to fuck me on the 1st date?"

"I remember but you fucked me anyway. You were such a beast in those days. When I knew you were going to fuck me anyway, I said please put on a condom but you said only sissies wear condoms.

"I'm sorry Billie; it wasn't me that said that. You see Frank; I make Billie wear a condom."

"And remember that night at Tom's party; and all the booze and drugs he had?"

"I remember all right you bastard. You wanted a hit but you had no money so you made me fuck Tom in exchange for your high."

Billie had to speak up. "I don't think this is appropriate conversation on our honeymoon."

"Why Billie, most husbands want to know about their wives sexual past. It's not like I'm cheating on you, I didn't even know you in those days so there is no reason to be jealous. Its fun talking about the good old days, but if this is too intense for you maybe you should take a long walk on the beach."

"I'm fine, I'll stay here."

Kathy reached over and felt Billie's cock through his pants. "Billie you naughty boy, you have a big stiffy. I read stories on the internet about guys like you that get all excited thinking about their wives and girlfriends having sex with some other guy. That's why you don't want to leave us alone, you want to hear more."

"No I don't. I am not like that"

"You say that but you don't mean it. The stories I read say the husbands get so excited thinking about another man screwing their wife that as soon as they get a chance they make mad passionate love to their wife. They like to fuck her after another man has blown his load in her.

"I am going to tell you one more story, one that Frank doesn't even know about to get you all hot and horny and then we are going to have great sex as soon as Frank goes home.

"One time Frank took me to meet his parents. We arrived Friday afternoon and left on Sunday. Frank fucked me Friday night and in those days I was quite vocal. I would say things like, fuck me harder or I love your big cock. Franks brother Chuck slept in the next room and I guess he heard us because the next morning as soon as Frank and his dad left to go fishing Chuck came into the room. I was nude under the blanket and Chuck was in his pajamas. He didn't even ask me, he just pulled off the covers and fucked me.

"He did have a big cock Billie, much bigger than yours. He pumped me hard and it was really getting me hot and he could tell I was close to coming. He said, tell me you love me and that I can fuck you anytime I want or I am pulling my cock out. I was so close to cuming, and that was the last thing I wanted so I begged him to fuck me saying I loved him more than his brother and if he ever came to visit us he could fuck me all he wanted.

"Sunday morning Frank, Chuck and their mother went to church. Russ their dad did not go to church and I had a little too much to drink the night before so I stayed home also. Soon after they left Russ came in and asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee. When he returned with a hot steaming mug I had to sit up in bed to drink it exposing my tits. He said hang on to the cup with both hands so you don't spill any while I play with you a little. He then started feeling my tits while I was helpless to stop him. Then he put his hand under the blanket and started fingering my pussy. This got him very hot and his cock was sticking out of his bathrobe.

"Then he said you gave me a hard on so you need to relieve it. Put down that cup of coffee and suck me off. You caused the problem so you need to solve it. I had no choice but to suck him off.

Frank said, "Your story has got me hot also so you need to relieve me too."

Kathy replied, "Billie what should I do? I see you have a big stiffy too, so should I suck both of you off to relieve your tension?"

Billie flustered said, "No way. Frank it's time you went home so I can make love to my wife."

"But your wife is the cause of my hard-on. If you don't want her to suck me off at least make her give me a hand job,"

"That sounds fair to me Billie. You get to fuck me so I think I should do something for Frank."

"Stop it, both of you," Billie sputtered. "Frank please go home now."

Kathy answered, "He can be so unreasonable at times Frank. He won't let me do anything for you. Billie is playing golf tomorrow at the weekly tournament so how about picking me up for lunch and then we will go to the beach. I have a new bikini I want to show you."

After Frank left they got ready for bed. Kathy wore this shortie nightgown that barely covered her pussy. She liked it because it drove Billie wild with lust. "I think I would like a rum and coke before going to bed Billie; then come and sit on the floor beside me. You know how warm and fussy that makes me feel."

Billie was in his pajamas sitting by her feet. "Billie you have lost your hard on. I know what will bring it back. Come and suck my pussy; you are already in position and I know you get a big stiffy every time you suck me."

Billie did it and after a few minutes she said,"you have got me soo hot, come and fuck me now." She just leaned back in the easy chair and Billie climbed on. She didn't mention condoms so Billie got to make love to his wife for the first time without a condom. The sensation was definitely better and with Kathy saying, "fuck me lover" Billie could not control himself and he came in her pussy in less than 2 minutes.

"That was wonderful," Billie gushed.

"See Billie, if you are good to me and listen to me, I can be good to you."

Billie played golf the next day but his heart was not in it so after 9 holes he quit. He went down to the beach to look for them but they were not there. He returned to the cottage and heard voices coming from the bedroom. "Kathy is that you?" He heard the shower turn on just before Kathy came out. She seemed to be trying to get her breathing under control.

"What are you doing back here? I didn't expect you for a couple hours yet."

"More important, what are you doing back here? I was expecting to find you two on the beach."

"It was too hot so we came back to take a shower and cool off. Frank is in the shower now and I was going to take mine next."

"But how do you think that looks. I am away playing golf and you are almost naked with an ex boyfriend in our honeymoon cottage?"

"Now Billie, don't get all excited. Nobody knows he is an ex boyfriend."

"But I know and it's not right."

"You look so cute when you are jealous. Now remember what I told you last night, how I can be nice to you if you are nice to me?"

"Yes Kathy."

"And would you like to get tonight what you got last night?"

"Yes Kathy."

She reached over and started massaging his cock. "Frank needs a job and if you were nice you would give him one."

"I suppose I could. I know the warehouse needs an extra worker."

"Not the warehouse. You told me the sales manager is getting old and lazy and sales are suffering. Fire him and hire Frank who is young and full of energy. And you know he is a good talker; he can talk a girl out of her panties or talk the shirt off a guys back. You told me sales are slipping and you are getting concerned."

"But he has been with the firm for over 25 years."

"And is he doing the job? No, so fire him and hire Frank."

"I think you are right. I'll do it."

"Good. Now that I am your wife I can no longer work for you. People would talk and accuse you of favoritism; but I could work for Frank. I am a good salesperson and I could help Frank bring in lots of sales for you."

"I suppose that is a better idea."

Just then Frank walked in wearing the bath robe that Kathy had bought for Billie. Kathy with a big smile on her face said, "Billie I want you to meet your new sales manager, Frank, and Frank I want you to meet your new salesperson me."

Frank spoke, "I appreciate the job Billie, and Kathy just because you are the bosses wife means nothing to me. First of all you no longer call me Frank. You call me sir, you got that"

"Yes sir."

"And whatever I want you to do you do it; you understand?"

"Yes sir"

"And you never say no to me."

"Yes sir, I mean no sir/"

"And when I want you to do something, you do it with enthusiasm."

"Yes sir."

Billie could see that Frank would put up with no nonsense but he wished he had some of the control over his wife that Frank had.

"Oh one more thing," Kathy said; "Frank will have to stay at our house for a few days until he finds a new place to live."

It all made perfect sense; these changes would definitely improve sales which he needed so why did he feel so uneasy about it?

Coming soon part 3

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