tagIncest/TabooHook, Line, and Sinker Ch. 03

Hook, Line, and Sinker Ch. 03


Note from Slick: Please read "Hook, Line and Sinker" chapters one and two to get up to date. The sister joins the family at the cabin and all kinds of shit happens. All rights reserved.

Hook, Line and Sinker Ch. 03

"We need to get dressed," Ben said to Donna and Helene who had him sandwiched between them. "Ma is going to kill us all."

"Who says she won't want to sample some of what I have here?" Helene giggled as her fingers stroked Ben's long hard torpedo.

"No way. You don't know her," Ben gasped. Donna's fingers were pushing and probing into his rear.

Donna looked over at the closed door. "If she had objected we would have heard something by now."

Suddenly they heard Renee's scream.


"Sounds like your wife didn't stop what she was doing?" Helene giggled.


Renee felt so full of cock after Pops guided his hard-on into her mouth. She did her best to keep her lips tight around it and continued breathing because her pussy and rear was getting pounded by Paul and Jed. Her eyes looked at her new mother-in-law who had fainted and was out on the sofa hoping she would not wake up. She suddenly felt Jed's release into her anus and then Pops into her throat. Her body itself was about to explode when Paul's spunk shot up into her cunt.

"OH YES I'M CUMING!" She screamed. Never again would one penis please her.


"We better all get dressed," Pops said as Renee crawled off of Paul's spent tool. She hurried into the kitchen to clean the cum from her lips, pussy and ass before putting on her pink panties and bra. "What are we going to say to her?"

Pops thought for a second. "We will just tell her she imagined Jed and Paul fucking you," he grinned. "Maybe not in those terms."

After they got dressed Pops sprinkled some cold water on his wife's face. She opened her eyes and suddenly jumped up. "OH GOD I SAW..." She stopped when she saw Paul, Jed and Renee standing over her completely dressed.

"Honey you fainted," Pops said. "Are you OK?"

"I........uh.....think so," she answered. "But I thought I saw Renee and Jed..." Before she could finish Helene walked into the door with a towel around her nakedness followed by Donna and Ben.

"They.........they were naked.......in the lake."

"Honey, when we are at the cabin no one worries about nudity," Pops said. "I should have told you."

"You all see each other........naked."

"We're adults," Paul said to his mother. "And after a while you don't even notice it."

Jean sat upright and glanced at the huge lump in the front of Ben's towel. She remembered how big his penis was when she saw it in the lake and it looked as if it was stiff. She turned and looked at Renee. "You too?"

"Yes Ma'am," Renee smiled. "It took me a while but I got used to it."

"Oh God, I must have imagined seeing you and Paul and Jed doing it right here on the floor."

Pops laughed followed by everyone else. "Yes, you must have imagined it. Here take a sip of water." She did and after a few minutes took a deep breath.

"I'm OK." She glanced around and noticed the cabin was pretty clean. "I see the women have kept it clean." The cabin had been in her family for years and was normally a dump because the men didn't keep it clean. She looked at Donna, Helene and Ben. "You really walk around naked?"

"Yes but we don't have to if it bothers you," Donna said as she pulled the towel tighter across her breasts.

"No, if it's OK with everyone else it's OK with me," Jean said. "I don't want to be a party-pooper."

Donna, Helene and Ben looked at each other afraid to disrobe in front of her especially Ben. Finally Helene moved over to her bag against the wall and removed the towel. She could feel their eyes on her naked flesh as she pulled up a clean pair of panties. This time she kept her legs together.

Jean gasped when Donna dropped the towel and looked away. It was going to take some time to get used to it. She peeked at Helene when she did the same but didn't turned around when her youngest son drop his towel. She wondered if she was dreaming about his size but he quickly pull his underwear up over his white butt before she found out.

Donna pulled only a tee shirt over her tits and knew her nipples were hard when she turned to show her chest. There was a silent agreement among them all that they would have to take it slow with Ma.

After they got Jean and Pops stuff in from the car they all moved out to sit by the lake. "Isn't anyone going in?" Jean asked. She knew it would mean they would have to get naked and the idea was starting to grow on her.

"I will," Pops said while standing next to her chair.

"Jed........I didn't mean.........you," she gasped as he stripped off his shirt and pushed his shorts and briefs down over his semi-hard penis. She looked at Renee to see if she would be upset but saw the young woman smiling.

"Me too," Helene giggled as she too quickly stripped and stood proudly displaying her naked titties and hairy bush before turning and diving into the cool water.

"I'm in," Donna giggled. She pulled the tee over her naked mounds and then slowly unsnapped her shorts. She waded into the water as they watched her round buttocks flex up and down.

Renee was shy and nervous undressing in front of her new mother-in-law but knew she was next. She faced away from her as she removed her sweatshirt, pants, bra and then her pink panties. She started walking but heard Jean talking.

"Oh my God Renee. You are so beautiful," Jean said. "Please turn around and let me look at you."

Renee blushed as she did as Jean asked. Her small but uplifted nipples were hard and excited as was her swollen clit that pushed out between her damp pussy lips.

"Very beautiful," Jean smiled. As Renee walked to the water Jean stood up and walked towards the house.

"Where are you going?" Paul asked his mother.

"I'm not ready to see my sons naked yet," she whispered.


Pops was behind Donna touching her soft ass cheeks underwater when he saw his wife get up and walk into the house. "Looks like she chickened out. And I was hoping to get some of this tonight."

"You still can," Donna giggled. "When it's dark you won't know who is fucking you."

"Jesus this is better than I imagined." He saw Renee walk up to his front.

"Is she going to stop us?" Renee whispered. She still had Jed and Pops to fuck her pussy. She remembered what the other women had said about Pops fucking better than any of his sons.

"I'm not sure," Pops answered. "I guess we will just have to wait and find out."


Jean moved into the cabin and immediately over to the small window. She didn't want her son's to know she was watching as Paul undressed and turned just long enough to show her his front. She giggled and watched as Jed proved he was his father's son and then Ben stripped. When she saw his huge prick for the second time she realized how lucky she had been covering up her affair with the family dentist. Dr. Johnson had touched and rubbed against her for months before she just reached out and grabbed it. That night his massive tool opened her up completely unlike her six inch husband had done. Nine months later she had Ben. As Ben moved into the water her fingers pushed down under her short and panties until she touched her damp clitoris. She wanted to undress and jump into the water with the rest of them but didn't want to look too easy.


"What do we do now?" Jed asked his father as they all climbed out of the water. "Do we get dressed?"

"No, we need to know now how she feels about the nudity. Let's just all walk into the cabin naked," Pops answered.

Jean was sitting at the small table drinking a beer when the door opened. She turned and froze when they all walked in buck naked. "How was the water?" She was determined not to show any reaction.

"Good Ma," Paul grinned as he moved up in front of her with his jewels and rod hanging. He could see her neck was red as was her cheeks but she kept her cool. "You should try it."

"Yeah Ma. Why don't you go in?" Jed asked as he moved next to Paul. His semi-hard-on was stirring.

"I don't want to go in alone," she said feeling faint. She could see their manhoods below but didn't look at them directly.

"We'll go with you," Ben grinned as he stood shoulder to shoulder with his brothers.

For the first time Jean had to look down at Ben's nine inch penis first and then at Paul's and Jed's six inchers. "What do you think Jed?" She turned and asked her husband who was sitting between his naked daughter-in-laws Donna and Renee.

"I think you need to just let it all hang out," Pops grinned. Besides he wanted to get her out of the house so he could have some fun with the other naked women.

"OK but I'm undressing down at the water," she giggled as she stood and moved out the door. "Coming?" She asked back at her sons.

"Shit........she's doing it," Paul whispered to Jed. Before they could react Ben was out the door.

Once they got to the water Jean stopped and turned facing them. "I never thought I'd be doing this." Her face was red as she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her shorts. She neatly folded it and put it on a nearby dead log before standing proudly in her full 40DD bra. She knew she had their wives totally beat in the breast department.

The three sons watched her unsnap her shorts and then teasingly push down her zipper. They watched as the matching white granny panties appeared and then the shorts move down over them. Although they tried to fight it their cocks slowly started to rise upward.

Jean had only seen Jed Sr. and Dr. Johnson naked before so seeing her virile sons naked with growing hard-ons was a big turn on. She stood looking into their eyes as she reached back and released her bra. As she pulled it over her shoulders and then off of her large breasts she saw their cocks all rise up at the same time. "You all like your mother's breasts don't you?"

Breasts were one thing but showing her pussy was something more. She took a deep breath and slowly pushed the elastic band down over her mixed brown and grey bush before they left her legs and feet. When she stood up she was as naked as they were as just as excited but she didn't show it like them. "Are we going in?"

As her naked buttocks shook with each step the boys followed her into the cooler water.


"Shit she really did it," Pops said while looking out the window. He turned to see what the women were doing when he saw Renee lying on her back on the sofa. Her right leg was bent upward and outward enough to see her glistening inner lips.

"She needs you to welcome her into the family," Donna giggled.

"Definitely," Pops chuckled. His cock was semi-hard and needed a little help. "Would one of you help a little?"

"We both will," Helene giggled as she moved down in front of him along with Donna. Her mouth opened to suckle in his crown while Donna's tongue licked up and down the sides. A minute later the senior shaft was ready for action. After they moved away he stepped between them and up to the sofa.

"God you were such a pretty bride and I was imagining how you looked without that big white dress on."

"Now you know," Renee giggled.

"What do you want me to do?" He teased as he sat at her feet and pulled her outside foot outward. Her pussy lips opened welcoming him inside.

"You know," she whispered. She could see his eyes looking at her most private area. "I want you in here." She reached down and opened her inner lips.

"Say it," Pops whispered while moving his hands up her thighs until they too opened her pussy lips even more.

"I want you to...........to.......fuck me Pops," she said now breathing heavily.

Pops grinned and moved his body upward between her legs. As her legs wrapped around his hips he nibbled at her tiny nipples before moving his lips to her mouth. His cock was so hard it didn't need any guidance from his hand so he just pushed and rubbed it up and down her dripping gash until she nibbled on his ear. "Fuck me Pops.. please."

Helene and Donna sat on the floor nearby the sofa and watched as it played out. Helene was the first to diddle with her swollen clitty and then Donna was next. When his cock pushed into Renee's hole Donna reached over and pulled Helene's fingers from between her legs. "Let me."

Helene was shocked at first but her body's need took over. She moved onto her back and opened her thighs to let Donna's fingers bring her off but instead Donna's lips kissed up her opened thighs until her tongue slipped into her wanton pussy.

Donna had never had sex with another woman but knew what to do. Her tongue explored and experimented until she had Helene rolling side to side on the floor.

Renee thought at first it was her own moans filling the room but when she looked down at Donna's mouth on Helene's pussy she knew where they were coming from. Pops took his time and was in no hurry as his ram moved into her and then slowly out and in while he nibbled on her lips, ears neck and breasts. His hands and fingers were everywhere which made it seem as if she was being fucked by two or more men. Her fingers kept busy as well stroking his swollen nuts and roaming over his back. She had thought she knew what intercourse was all about but suddenly realized she had not been even close.


"Um.....it does feel good." Jean said while bouncing up and down in the chest high water. Her large breasts and hard nipples came out and then moved back under. The sons all surrounded her. "Don't I get a hug?"

They looked at each other to see who would go first.

"All of you at the same time," she grinned. She closed her eyes as their bodies came closer and closer until they meshed into hers. She felt Ben's bigger cock press into her hips as Jed's and Paul's cocks pressed into her sides. "Put your arms around me and pull me closer," she directed. Jean smiled when hands and fingers searched around her and both of her breasts were covered with exploring fingers.

Jed played with the nipple on her right breast and lowered his hand to her right buttock. Paul did the same to the left breast and hip. But it was Ben whose cock pressed lengthwise up her butt crack while his fingers moved down her stomach into her thick bush and then into her ready-for-action pussy lips.

"My men," she moaned as she lifted her hands and found Paul's and Jed hard-ons. "Please make Mommy happy."

Jean knew now that seeing Renee getting fucked by Paul and Jed really happened. Her sons had swapped wives and now everyone was involved. Hands were moving everywhere on her body and when the one in her pussy rubbed her needing clit she cried out. "OH GOD RIGHT THERE!"


Renee felt her body about to explode a few times but he seemed to sense it and slow down. Her body was pasted to his and they moved as one except for his cock which pumped in and out so mechanically and smooth. When he slowed down he concentrated on her breasts which Ben normally had not spent much attention on. His mouth opened to enclose most of it and then come together until her nipple popped from his lips. His tongue flicked and licked and made small circles around the hard tips until she couldn't stand it any longer. "Pops please........make me cum." She begged. As his hips took off faster and faster she looked down to see the two women now in a 69 position and both moaning loudly. She knew she would be tasting pussy before the weekend was over.


"Let's go inside," Jean said as she pushed both Jed and Paul away. The water was fun but it was not what they all wanted.

They ran bare ass naked to the porch and stopped when they heard Renee's climax.


"Shit Pops is fucking my wife," Ben grinned.

"No I think he just fucked your wife," Jean laughed. It was the first time she had ever cursed in front of them. "Let's go inside."

They all moved in and focused on the sofa where Pops was still lying between Renee's legs. None saw the action on the floor until Helene moaned. "Kiss it.........suck it.....oh lick my pussy!"

"Holy shit," Paul said as he watched his wife getting her pussy sucked by Donna.

"Fuck!" Paul said watching Donna pull her lips from Helenes thighs.

"Hi honey," Donna grinned as she wiped her lips and chin.

"So I see it's more than just nudity," Jean said as she moved over and sat naked on the sofa arm. "But this causes a small problem."

"What's that?" Pops asked after moving back and sitting up next to her.

"What about me?" Jean asked. So far no real blood relatives had fucked.

"Uh........I can take care of you," Pops said realizing the sons were not ready to fuck their mother or she them.

Donna and Helene sat up and smiled. "We ....uh..could help."

"That sounds pretty good right now," Jean grinned. She had always wanted to try it with another woman but never had the chance. As she stood to move down to the floor they heard a car horn. Ben dashed to the window and saw the SUV headed into the clearing and his sister's face looking out the window.

"OH SHIT its JOYCE!!!"

"Quick everyone get dressed!" Pops yelled.


Joyce and her husband Mike had saw the other cars parked near the cabin and decided to make a grand entrance. "Honk the horn," she laughed as she stuck her head out the window and waved at the cabin. However no one came out.

"I wonder if they are here?" she asked as Mike pulled the vehicle next to the others and they took their time getting out. They moved into the clearing and looked all around but didn't see anybody.

"Maybe they all went hiking?" Joyce said just as the door opened and her whole family walked out onto the porch. "Didn't you hear the horn?"

"We thought it was some maniac," Pops laughed as he moved down to hug his only daughter. He had not seen her in about six months and felt something different. He suddenly realized her breasts were bigger. "Is something different?" He whispered.

"Yes. I'll tell you later," she whispered back.

The rest of them hugged and Renee got to meet her and Mike for the first time. "Sorry we couldn't make the wedding," Joyce said. "I had some medical appointments and ..."

"I understand," Renee grinned. The new Renee was wondering if they would join the festivities.

"What are you doing here?" Jean asked somewhat disappointed that her fun was spoiled.

"We thought we would surprise you," Joyce replied. "Aren't you surprised?"

"Without the warning you would have been the one surprised," Donna thought. She had never really like Joyce because she was kind of stuck up especially after she had married into money.

"Are you staying the night?" Jean asked as she glanced into the SUV and saw the luggage and sleeping bags.

"Yes.......I know, it's only one room but we can squeeze in somewhere," Joyce answered.

"Let us help with the bags," Jed Jr. said as he and Paul walked to the SUV. As the others showed Joyce and Mike around Jed said, "So what are the chances we get Joyce and Mike to join us?"

Paul glanced at his tight ass sister who was wearing probably a $700 skirt. "Slim to none."

"We thought that about Renee too," Jed grinned.

"Yeah but Renee is not our debutant sister."

"Remember when we all went skinny-dipping up here as kids?" Jed asked.

"Yeah but what were we 7 to 10 years old?"

"Let's see if we can get her to go for it again?" Jed laughed.


"Well this is more primitive than I remembered," Joyce said looking around the tiny cabin. "Honey if you want to go find a motel I understand."

Mike had seen his sister-in-law's looks and smiles and knew they were flirting with him. "It's just for one night."

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