tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHopeless Situation Ch. 03

Hopeless Situation Ch. 03


A little learning never hurt anybody, or does it?

This is a six chapter story, unfolding to a twist at the end. Please give feedback as I am interested in your views, and thank you to slickNick2412 for his input.


Rebecca's eyes fluttered open, the sleeping face of her captor only inches from hers, his long black lashes laying in a curve along the edge of his closed eyelids, his high cheekbones and strong mouth relaxed, deep in rest.

She winced as she tried to shift to ease the throbbing ache in her arms where they had been held fast for so long, and the pain around her middle where the leather belt bit in to her flesh. Groaning as her body discovered muscles she didn't realise she had as they hurt with every small movement, she wriggled her body a little to try to get more comfortable.

Chris woke up, instantly alert, as he felt and heard her move, and lay watching her sweet face as she concentrated on trying to move to ease the discomfort he knew she must be feeling, her bottom lip clutched between her teeth, a frown marring her lovely forehead, her silky hair falling about her heart shaped face as it lay next to his.

"Morning baby." The sleepy voice whispered causing her eyes to fly up to his face, making her still the small movements trying to ease her muscles.

"My arms are hurting, please can you release them?"

"All in good time my little captive."

"And the belt, it's biting into my skin, I can't breathe properly."

"Any thing else you want me to do?"

Blushing she whispered so that he almost missed what she said, "The toilet, I need to go to the toilet."

Leaning up over her back, one leg thrown over hers, he brushed the hair back from her face, and kissing her ear whispered, "Remember the rules? Reward or punishment. If you want me to do something for you, you're going to have to do something for me."

She lay silently below him as he carried on kissing her ear and down the side of her face until he reached her mouth, his head leaning down, and the tip of his tongue teasing at her lips.

"So what, my little captive, are you going to trade off for the chance to go to the toilet?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I'm sure you can feel my cock laying rock hard against you. What do you propose to do in return for me allowing you to go to the toilet?"

Staying perfectly still, Rebecca felt him covering her completely with his warm hard body, waiting for her answer.

"Come on baby; tell me what you're going to do. How about a nice early morning blow job?"

Timidly she turned her head into the pillow, mumbling, "I don't know how."

"You're a virgin at sucking cock? Wow, a looker like you. I don't believe it." Laughing as he rolled on to his back beside her, and then turning his face towards her where she still hid her face into the pillows. "Wriggle your face over to my cock Miss Williams. I am about to give you your first lesson on how to please me, and I hope you're a fast learner as I don't intend to do this a second time."

Rebecca lay still, mortified with embarrassment and shock, and desperate to go to the toilet.

Chris lay there waiting, and then in a harsher voice, "I said get your fucking face over my cock right now, or else that chain goes back on your collar and you'll spend the rest of the day with your head pulled back,"

With great difficulty Rebecca moved her body until her face was down near his hip, and then using her knees and legs curled up under her, lifted her torso, until she was sitting up on her knees, her lovely body exposed to his hot and hungry eyes.

"Sweet, very sweet my love." and his hand raised up to stroke her body, the back of his fingers caressing the tip of her breast before stroking gently down to the brown leather around her waist. He ran his finger along the edge, where it compressed her flesh, smiling he murmured, "I'm feeling very generous today, you give me a good blow job and I'll take off the belt, as well as letting you go to the toilet."

As the tears fell down her cheeks she bent forward from the hips, her thighs spread to take the weight and balance, her hands uselessly pinned still behind her. Locks of silky brown hair fell down to tickle his groin as her mouth opened ready to take the large hard cock laying against his body, pre cum glistening at the end, into her warm wet mouth.

Sweeping up her hair in his left hand and cupping the back of her head, he lifted up his cock so it pointed upwards towards her face with his other hand.

"Kiss the tip baby, and introduce yourself to it."

Gentle lips shyly kissed the sensitive tip, warm and soft as a feathers touch.'

"Now lick the end, swirl your tongue all over me, then put me in your mouth baby and start sucking, and no teeth."

Following his instructions, the hand on the back of her head heavy and persistent pressed her down. Rebecca licked and swirled her tongue against the rock hard cock, feeling the silky skin, the large vein running along the length of the underside, the hard ridge around the dark smooth end.

As she took the end of his cock into the depths of her mouth his body moved, his right leg pulling up to bend at the knee, hips rising up to push deeper into her mouth, a groan of pleasure escaping his throat as he threw back his head, absorbing the gratification she was bringing him. Pushing down harder on the back of her head he growled, "Swirl your tongue baby, suck it hard and deep, move your head up and down so your mouth fucks me. Yeah that's it baby, deeper, deeper."

Rebecca felt his hands pushing harder on her head as his cock pushed towards the back of her mouth, hitting the start of her throat, and then moving further down causing her to gag. Trying hard to breathe through her nose she moved her head up and down, sucking and licking the object as it pumped in and out, Chris's groans getting stronger, his hips bucking up, pushing him towards the release he craved.

Suddenly his body stilled as the sticky thick cum shot into her mouth, causing her to choke as it hit the back of her throat, filling her mouth.

"Swallow it baby." He ordered, lifting her head up by her hair as she coughed, and spluttered droplets of cum, dripping down her chin and spraying over his body.

Laughing up at her shocked face, he said, "Tomorrow you'll catch it all. Not bad for a first timer. Now let's get that belt off you and into the bathroom before you wet both of us."

Getting up off the bed he scooped her up and placing her on her feet next to the bed, standing behind her, he unhooked her wrists from the belt before unbuckling it and letting it drop with a heavy thud to the floor. Bending slightly down he inspected the red angry mark circling her body where the belt had been.

"Mmm little one, you're a bit raw around there, I'm gonna have to be a little careful with you as I don't want to permanently mark you. Not unless you misbehave that is. Come on lets get you on that toilet and then into the bath, and after that I'll phone down to the kitchen for some food for us."


Kneeling down at his feet in the position he had told her she had to sit in, and too scared to move, her hands resting on her splayed out thighs, she opened up her mouth as he fed her another piece of toast.

Earlier he had sat naked on the edge of the enormous free standing cast iron bath as she had sat on the toilet, inside the en-suite bathroom, head bowed, humiliated as he watched her as she emptied her bladder.

The water was filling up in the bath, and he swirled the water with his hand, testing the temperature. "Hope you like it hot, it should ease up those aching muscles baby."

"Please. What are you going to do with me? Can I go home soon?"

Looking at her as she sat, trying hard to close her thighs and sit as demurely as she could on the toilet. "Home? My sweet little captive, this is your home! Your old life is just a memory; your new life is here with me."

"But you can't do that, I have a life, I have a home, I have a family that will miss me. My sister and my parents."

"I can do it and I have. Your job is no more, your boss, Bowman has run off with my money, my men have visited your home and packed up a load of stuff, so it will look as if you have run off as well, your family no doubt will miss you, but you are staying here with me Miss Williams, I intend to keep you, for as long as I want."

Shocked she started to cry, her body shaking as she sat there a picture of abject sorrow.

Chris let her cry for a while, watching her sitting naked in front of him, a small wave of compassion for her un-expectantly catching him, only to be tampered quickly down.

"Come on, stop snivelling, get up and turn around. As you've been a good girl I'll remove the cuffs whilst we have our bath.. But the collar stays on. You look too good with it on for me to remove it baby."

Taking off the cuffs and releasing her wrists, her arms fell apart to her sides, unable to make them move after being held in the unnatural position for so long, all strength in her arms depleted. As they dropped her muscles screamed out in pain, a small whimper escaping her, and pins and needles started up as the blood rushed back to her hands.

Taking hold of her arm, Chris led her over to the high side of the old Victorian bath, and lifting her up in his strong arms, placed her on her feet in the hot water, before stepping in behind her and sitting down his back against the curved high end.

"Get down here with your back against my chest and I'll rub your shoulders and arms."

Frowning she slowly lowered her body, her small bottom between his legs, her back ramrod straight as she tried to avoid any contact with him.

Grinning to himself at her obvious ploy of avoidance, Chris pulled her back towards him, his hands starting to knead her sore shoulders and biceps, easing out the tight knots, and then after a while he picked up a large soft sponge and pouring shower gel on it, rubbed her back, making her feel a little more relaxed.

He seemed such a contrast to her, at times deliberately hurting her, humiliating her and forcing her to have sex with him, and then he was suddenly gentle, as if he cared about her, playful like a lover. Confused and wanting to know what was to happen to her she asked. "If I'm to stay here with you, what am I supposed to do? Will you keep me naked and with those horrible cuffs on my wrists?"

Leaning his head forward next to hers he whispered, "Yes you will wear the cuffs, no I do not expect you to be naked all the time. I do not want my staff to see your body. You belong to me, and I don't like to share what's mine, and what you are supposed to do is obey me and do as you're told. Be a good girl and give me what I ask for and your life shouldn't be too painful, make me angry and you'll feel my wrath, hard and fast. I'm not a sadist, I just like a little bondage and control over my little sex slave. Just think along the lines of Dominant and Submissive. You the Sub, and me your Dom, you my captive and me your owner. Baby you're my spoils of war, payment in kind against the missing money. Just keep that in mind and you will find I can be a very good Master."

So here she knelt, at his feet, whilst he sat in the big leather chair in the bedroom, chewing on the toast he fed her, remembering what he had said as she had sat in the hot water, her tired muscles being rubbed by his clever fingers as they eased the knots left from the night before.

"As my little plaything you address me as Master or Sir, and from now on only speak when I give you permission. Today you can rest up here in the bedroom, chained to the bed, but tonight I expect to enjoy using you, and I don't want to hear you begging to be let free, because my little captive it's never going to happen."

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