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Hospitality to the Last Degree


My name is Jim and I have a lovely wife, Sandra. This story will sound like pure fiction but I can assure you it is a true story. Sandra has two sisters and for three girls to have the same parents when the girls look so different it really makes you think! Sandra is reasonably short, very fair with lovely red hair. She has that beautiful soft red hair, not the brassy looking red hair which some girls have.

Sandra's sisters are Stephanie and Selina! To have three girls having their names begin with S sounds crazy but when you know their father is Samuel and mother Stella I guess the "S" isn't so crazy after all. Their initial name starting with the same letter is about all they have in common. Stephanie is an extremely outgoing, tall brunette with very dark hair and a quite dark complexion. Stephanie has a lovely figure - her breasts are very large but she carries them well because of her height. Her waist is ever so slender and her hips are just meant to be desired by all men! Selina is a definite blonde and she is quite tall but not quite up to Stephanie. She is very slim and attractively built with large breasts and a wonderful cheery face.

Stephanie is married to Greg and Selina is married to Peter and they have both been married about 4 years. Sandra and I have been married 5 years but Sandra is not the same sort of outgoing person and she tends to be rather quiet. She is quite pretty but not in the attractive way that Stephanie and Selina look. Sandra's breasts are fairly small and are rather pointed whereas the other two girls have very large but rounded breasts. Sandra beats them with her nipples because hers are quite long and very attractive.

This story began when Stephanie rang Sandra and told her she had won a holiday for one week, for six persons, with all expenses paid! Of course, she was telling us this because she was inviting us to go on the holiday with her and Selina as well. What a treat - it was some time since we had been away together, in fact, not since our honeymoon. The holiday was to promote a new resort in Alabama and we were looking forward to a wonderful holiday together. All sisters got on very well, even though they were so different, and also us three husbands. We had never been away on a holiday together before but we had spent a lot of time together in one way or another.

When we arrived at the resort we were amazed just how delightful the place was and the way we were made a fuss of when we booked in told us we would be having a lovely week together. We had three double rooms with wonderful views and we had every amenity at our convenience. We would be spoilt for this week. It was fortunate we had all been able to have holidays at the same time because we all worked in different areas but this time luck was on our side.

We spent the first day just wandering around the resort and tried out many of the amenities which were all there for us to use. Tennis, swimming, and archery were three of the highlights and we were looking forward to enjoying more time with these.

After we had a rest in the rooms during the late afternoon we made inquiries from the desk staff about where we could find a good bar or nightclub away from the resort for a good time tonight. They recommended several places but told us the Deep South Bar was definitely worth a visit.

During the rest time, Sandra and I had climbed onto the bed and both dropped off to sleep in not time at all. The temperature was in the high 90's and so we had stripped off our clothes and just lay naked on the bed. I woke a little before 5pm and thought it was time to shower and get dressed for the night out. I leaned over Sandra and began to lick and suck her long nipples but she woke quite quickly and chastised me for sucking her because she doesn't like that very much. She is into very straight sex provided it is in the missionary position but there is no way she will experiment with different positions or try anything different. It didn't matter; I loved her no matter how we had sex just so long as we had it!

We knew Sandra's sisters were the opposite of her - they loved sex, talked about it constantly and never hesitated to try something different, always telling us what they were up to. As I said earlier, my Sandra was the odd one but she was my choice and I love her for what she is. I have to be honest and say I have often dreamed about having Stephanie and Selina just for a night each to see how differently they would fuck but that was out of the question. Anyway I am content with Sandra.

The arrangement was for the six of us to meet in the foyer of the resort at 7pm and we would go together to the Deep South Bar. We had booked transport at the resort and our mini-bus arrived on time to pick us up. These buses seemed to be the common means of transport around here they were all well fitted out with three bench seats across the bus so that three persons could sit comfortably on each, each bus able to carry 9 people including the driver.

When we arrived at the Bar we expected a larger crowd. There were only about 20 people in the bar and, when we asked the barman, we were told the crowd didn't arrive much before 11pm! Well, we were able to enjoy our meal and looked forward to just having a very good time that evening. Stephanie was dressed in a very thin, short shirt which was tied with a knot under her breasts. As usual she wasn't wearing a bra although she could have done with one. She also had on a very short mini-skirt which was low slung around her hips and didn't reach even half-way down to her knees. She wore high heeled shoes which made her look even taller. She is a very attractive girl. She is 27 years old. Her prominent belly button looked very sexy and I couldn't take my eyes off it! I would have loved to be able to kneel down in front of her and lick her navel.

Selina was dressed in a similar fashion except her blouse was of a very silky material and definitely showed off her nipples very well - she also wasn't wearing her bra. She wore a slightly longer skirt than Stephanie but it didn't hide her beautiful legs. Her navel was visible but wasn't as sexy as Stephanie's!

I suppose you could almost guess my Sandra was wearing a thick cotton shirt, bra and an undershirt as well as slacks on the bottom half. She always looked very neat but didn't have that attractive zing which the other two girls had. Us three men were dressed quite casually and all looked very neat.

The evening progressed without incident. We were in a quiet part of the bar and our table was well looked after by the attentive waitresses. The only other table near us had three black men sitting quietly drinking. Several other tables were near but no one was sitting at them so we had a good spot to chat.

The conversation eventually got around to sex - as anyone could imagine, it was Stephanie who asked aloud the stupid question "I wonder if the locals have sex the same way as we do?" Sandra tried to hush Stephanie up but to no avail. Apart from our responses which meant it would be the same as us, the three black men grinned over at us and the tallest stood up and walked the short distance to our table. He leaned over and spoke quietly to Stephanie and said, "Well my pretty one - I can answer that question for you but first I should offer you Southern hospitality. As it is obvious the six of you are strangers in our city, perhaps my brothers and I can show you around and let you see some of the more interesting sites of the city. We can safely take you to places the other tourists don't go. Would you be interested?"

Stephanie could hardly contain her excitement and urged Greg to go on the offered tour. Of course Selina wanted to go and so it was left to us to make a decision. We really didn't want to go but agreed so that we would all be together for the evening.

The man who had spoken to us was Sam and his brothers were Carl and John. Sam told us he had a mini-bus outside and they would be happy to escort us around the city. When we were getting into the bus, Sam was the driver and he asked Stephanie to sit next to him with Greg alongside her. Carl sat in the back seat with Selina next to him and Peter next to her and we were in the middle seat with John sitting next to Sandra and me on the other side of her.

Sam kept up a constant patter telling us all about the important sites of the city and every now and again he would venture down some side streets and show us some of the seamier side of the city. We felt quite safe with them and we trusted them completely.

I glanced back over to the back seat and saw that Carl had one arm around her neck and his other hand on Selina's leg, right up next to her skirt. His hand was moving and it was obvious to me he was rubbing her leg right up to her pussy. Selina was taking no notice of her husband but was moving her legs apart to help Carl feel her up. I then leaned over the front seat and saw Sam's hand right up Stephanie's leg under her skirt. If her husband saw Sam's hand, he chose to ignore it. We already knew the two sisters didn't usually wear panties when they were on a night out and guessed that would be the case tonight.

John, sitting next to Sandra hadn't attempted to place his arm around her and was acting like a gentleman, sometimes pointing out something of interest but otherwise remaining quiet. Sandra and I both knew the two sisters and their husbands had rather open marriages and had often told us how they had swapped partners or had other couples join in with them.

After two hours of touring, Sam said he would now be able to answer Stephanie's question which she asked back at the table! He said, "Stephanie, I can truthfully tell you the method of having sex down here is exactly the same as you do back home. The difference here is that you can have black cock instead of white cock and, unless you have already had a black cock, you won't know the difference! My brothers and I would be only too pleased to show you how a black cock feels different - have any of you had a black cock?"

Sandra and I were both shocked to hear this conversation and Sandra remained silent but Stephanie said, "No, I haven't had a black cock - why would it be so different to a white cock?" Sam chuckled and said, "I don't know how your husband would feel about me showing you but if you would like to find out we could all go back to your apartment now and I would only be too pleased to demonstrate!"

Stephanie simply said, "O.K. Sam, lets go back straight away - I for one want to know the difference! I guess that is all right with you Greg?" Greg grunted and said she would have to make her own mind up about that.

I guess Sam had planned the evening very carefully because we were almost to the resort and he quickly swung the bus into the parking area. All nine of us went up to Stephanie and Greg's room and we remarked how fortunate it was that the room was as large as it was for us all to fit in.

When I spoke to Greg, I quietly asked him if he was O.K. about this but he said Stephanie would do her own thing and that was right by him. He said he didn't care.

We all managed to find somewhere to sit around the room and the only unoccupied place was the bed. Sam pulled Stephanie and Greg together and asked them again if it was O.K. for him to show Stephanie what sex with a black man was all about. They both agreed and Greg moved off to find a place to sit down. Most of us were sitting on the floor as there weren't enough chairs for everyone.

Sam made a big thing of telling everyone that he intended to demonstrate sex Southern style and he didn't want anyone complaining later on. Nobody said a word so he moved over to Stephanie, pulled her into his arms and began kissing her deeply. They kept this up for a few minutes before he stepped back and untied the knot of her shirt under her breasts and pulled it apart and off her shoulders. This exposed her beautiful large breasts and, as she was not afraid of nudity she showed no embarrassment. He next unhooked her skirt and unzipped it and it slid down to the floor. She was now completely naked in front of us except for her shoes.

He again began to kiss her and caress her and we could see she was getting very excited by all the attention. Sandra looked over at me and jerked her head towards the door as if to ask me to leave with her. I shook my head, no, and so we sat there watching what was happening. Sam then took Stephanie's hand and placed it between his legs. She could obviously feel his cock and she showed a lot of expression in her face as she felt it. Sam quickly undid his shirt and removed it. He also unzipped his jeans and they too dropped to the floor. He was standing there quite naked - no underwear - and his huge cock was slowly beginning to stand up from his belly. He took Stephanie's hand and again placed it on his cock. She looked over at Greg but he didn't give any expression on his face so she turned back to Sam and began kissing him again. We watched his cock slowly growing in her hand until it was an enormous length. I was probably 11" long and it looked as though it was still growing! Stephanie began stroking it and it grew even more, but it was now as hard as a piece of steel. His cock was enormous!

Sam pushed Stephanie down until she was on her knees in front of him and he moved his body until his cock came up to her mouth. She was still holding his cock but she pulled it so that it slowly moved into her open mouth. She began to suck the head of his cock and gradually took as much as she could into her throat. She did a marvelous job of swallowing his cock and must have had about half of it in her mouth.

I had also been watching Carl with Selina. He was sitting on the floor next to her and he had his hand on her leg and his hand was slowly climbing up her leg, pushing her skirt with his hand until he reached her cunt. He was working his fingers in her and Peter wasn't saying a word although he was watching Carl's hand intently.

Stephanie was still sucking Sam's cock when he beckoned Carl to come over to him. They whispered something together and Carl stepped back and began to remove his clothes. Soon he was naked and his cock was just as long as Sam's cock. Sam carefully pulled his shiny cock out of Stephanie's mouth and pulled her up onto her feet. He than backed her onto the bed and she lay down on top. Sam moved over her body and knelt with a knee on either side of her breasts and he again placed his huge cock into her mouth. She began sucking it again, only too eager to get it in her mouth. Carl, in the meantime, had moved onto the bed and positioned himself just by Stephanie's feet. He picked up her feet and pulled her legs apart exposing her bright red cunt lips under her very dark bush. She looked very excited and her lips were a sharp contrast to her almost black pubic hair just above. When her legs were apart as far as they would go, he bent her knees and pushed her legs up alongside Sam who quickly hooked his arms around her legs and she was totally exposed to Carl. He began kissing and licking her cunt and clit until Stephanie was writhing on the bed. As he sucked her clit he placed his finger inside her cunt and began stroking her back and forth. Stephanie came rather violently and we could see her body shaking. Carl then moved up between her legs and pushed his huge cock into the mouth of her cunt. He began to sink into her slowly until he had his whole cock inside her cunt! It was then that he began stroking in and out at a steady pace and Stephanie would have screamed louder except for the huge cock still stuck in her throat. Stephanie came several times while she was being fucked so hard and we all began to get excited just watching her. Sandra wasn't too happy having to watch her sister being fucked by a black man but she watched just the same.

My cock was so hard just watching them that I wanted to jerk myself off but there was no way Sandra would allow me to do that! Peter and Greg were both playing with their cocks and eventually Selina took over for Peter and she was giving him a good hand job before she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him until he came in her mouth! Sandra was shocked but kept quiet about it all. I noticed John still hadn't touched my Sandra.

Sam suddenly increased his stroke in Stephanie's mouth and he soon came in her mouth with Stephanie trying desperately trying to swallow all of his cum. Carl slowed down and then pulled his black shiny cock out of her cunt. We could see the look of sadness on Stephanie's face as the cock left her, but she needn't have worried. Carl eased he up off the bed and then rolled over in her place. He then, with the help of Sam, had her standing up above his cock. Sam produced a tube of lubricant from somewhere and was liberally applying it to Stephanie's asshole. More lube was added to Carl's already wet cock and then they lowered Stephanie down onto Carl's cock. Their aim at her asshole was very accurate and she felt Carl's cock press into the entrance. His cock was huge but with a bit of movement it soon slipped into her hole and she now had the huge cock right up inside her rectum. She had been fucked in the ass plenty of times but never with such a huge cock! They lowered Stephanie back down onto Carl's belly so that she was lying down on him. Sam then spread her legs wide and she was exposed in the most obscene way with her very wet cunt glistening. John then moved away from Sandra's side and began to undress. His cock was just like the others and was huge. He stroked it to complete hardness and with something like 12 inches, he placed it on the mouth of her cunt and slowly pushed his way in her. In no time at all he was completely in her cunt. Now she had a man completely in her ass and another in her cunt, both to the unbelievable depth of about 12 inches each. Sam now moved to her head and thrust his hardening cock into her mouth. She now had a huge cock in her three main holes! She was being fucked Southern style. Sam, Carl and John all came about the same time and pumped huge loads of cum into Stephanie! She was completely fucked out after all this. The three men withdrew and slumped down on the bed exhausted. The glow from Stephanie was something to see. She was sweaty all over and where it wasn't sweat it was cum which had leaked from her three holes, some down her neck, some leaking from her cunt and the rest running from her ass. She was a mess but had a very satisfied look on her face.

Sandra was very upset by all this but didn't say a word - her expression told the whole story. Greg stood up and went over to Stephanie to see if she was O.K. and, when he found she was right, he turned and thanked the three black men. We all had some drinks but Stephanie remained lying naked on the bed still covered with sweat and cum. We just left her there. The black men dressed and soon after they left but not before offering to take us for another tour the next night. We agreed and arranged to meet them at the same place and time next night. Sandra and I left at the same time as Selina and Peter and as we walked to our rooms, Selina said she wanted to try Southern sex next! Peter didn't comment and we said goodnight and went to our room. Despite Sandra's misgivings about what had happened, she was very turned on and she was ready for me to fuck her as soon as we entered our room. We were soon fucking hard and enjoying our sex both, I am sure, remembering what we had just seen in the other room. I offered to fuck Sandra in the asshole but she really told me off for suggesting that sort of filth! Sandra came at the same time I did and this was something she rarely did - I usually had to play with her clit to get her off!

The next evening we all met in the Bar again and, after drinks, Sam again suggested they would show us around the city. We were all fairly fresh because we had all slept in until late and had rested again in the afternoon. We all piled into the bus and the seating was the same as the previous night. The girls were all wearing clothes almost the same as the first night. Selina and Stephanie with their skirts and Sandra with her slacks. The tour certainly took in the main tourist highlights and we were grateful for all that we were able to see. When Sam asked Selina if she wanted to find out about Southern sex, she said, "Of course, what sort of dill do you think I am? Of course I want to try it!"

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