Hostel Ch. 02


"Where am I? What is going on?" is all I could think to say if it wasn't for the penis gag strapped in my mouth.

Last thing I remember was having an incredible night with Nadia and Amelia. These girls were kinky. Maybe too kinky. All I remember was licking Amelia's pussy while Nadia was fucking me up the ass. Then everything went black.

As I started to come out of it I realized I was in a bed but it was cold and pitch black. The bed was simple. Just a metal frame and a single matress. One sheet and one pillow. I had to be in some sort of basement or something.

Once I fully came to I realized I must still be at Nadia and Amelia's house. Reason being is that my wrists were handcuffed behind my back. I was also wearing some type of penis chastity but I couldn't tell because of the darkness. I could also feel that some type of dildo was shoved up my ass. I tried to push it out but it was held in place by a bunch of straps. My ankles were also handcuffed together. I could get up and walk small steps but to where? I was in some kind of predicament.

About ten minutes later I could see a light had been turned on and I could now see my environment in which I was a prisoner to. Three sides of the walls were all stone like some medieval dungeon. The door was a jail cell door that you would see in any modern day prison. I obviously couldn't get out of my bondage or even scream. I certainly couldn't get out this cage I had been locked into.

Then I heard a door open down the hall and could hear two sets of footsteps coming towards me. It was Amelia and Nadia. Both looked gorgeous. Both were dressed in short dresses, stocking, and heels. I tried to get hard but I couldn't with my penis locked in this metal tube that was locked around my balls.

"How does your ass feel this morning slave?" Nadia asked. "You liked me raping your ass last night didn't you?"

"You probably wonder what the hell is going on?" Amelia asked.

"He would Amelia if it wasn't for that cock shoved down his throat." Nadia said laughing. "He likes having a cock strapped in his mouth."

"Here is the deal. You are our prisoner. We can keep you like for the rest of your life if we choose to. No one will come looking for you." Amelia explained to me.

"We make our money by selling you weak little American boys into slavery. We make a fortune and pay off the local authorites from searching for any of you. You will be no different." Nadia said.

They went on to explain to me all the different men they had sold into slavery all over the world. Some were sold to men and some to women. My profile had been put up on their internet site and I would be sold to the highest bidder. The auction would end tonight at midnight. Then is where I would find my fate.

Apparently the bidders could email Nadia and Amelia and tell them how they would like to see me. One of the bidders must have told them something. Nadia and Amelia unlocked the door and came into my cell with a box. Amelia started to unlock me from the handcuffs securing my arms and legs.

"Don't try anything funny or else." Nadia said while showing me a small handgun she had secured around her thigh.

Amelia also removed the penis gag from my mouth. The chastity and dildo in my ass remained in place. Once I was allowed to stand up I noticed the video camera on the wall. The bidders must be able to watch live through their website.

"Open the box and put on everything in it. Amelia will help you. Do it now." Nadia yelled.

"But ma'am I have money I could.." I tried to say.

"Shut up and do as I say." Nadia screamed pulling out her revolver.

"OK, OK, Please don't hurt me." I said sobbingly.

I sat down on the bed and opened the box. I could tell right away it was some sort of female attire. I started with the black silk panties. Next came the garter belt and white silk stockings. Then the short little dress which I realized was a French Maid outfit. Then came the black 4 inch heels with locking ankle straps that Amelia secured in place. The last thing was a corset that fit over the dress that Amelia helped me with. It also locked in place.

The next step was a blonde wig and makeup that Amelia applied. I now looked like a woman and to make matters worse is that I was locked into this outfit. All this time Nadia just laughed at me while holding her gun.

"If all else fails we could whore you out." Nadia laughed.

They both laughed before giving me my next set of instructions.

"Get on the bed face down slut." Amelia commanded.

I layed on the bed face down awaiting what was next. Amelia started tying me face down spread eagle with rope. All four limbs were tied to the corners of the bed. She obviously had done this before because I couldn't move an inch. Amelia strapped the penis gag back down my throat. Here I was completely helpless again. Amelia then unstrapped and pulled out the dildo from my ass. I screamed into the gag from how much it hurt.

"You must be loosened up by now slut." Amelia laughed.

Amelia then left my cell and disappeared leaving me with just Nadia and whoever was watching the video on the website. Nadia came over to me. She put her heel of her shoe into my ass and started fucking me with it. I screamed into the gag because it hurt so much. Nadia just continued fucking me with it and laughing.

"Look at you slut. Dressed as a woman, tied down in a cage with a high heel up your ass. Get used to this. I'm sure your new owner will do much worse." Nadia laughed wickedly.

After a few minutes Amelia came back wearing a strap on dildo that was at least ten inches long and and inch and a half in diameter. I tried breaking free but it was no use. That thing was going in me and I couldn't do anything about it. Nadia unstrapped my penis gag and removed it from my mouth.

Amelia positioned the dildo in front of my mouth. She took the head of it and eased it into my mouth and forced it in as far as it would go.

"Suck my dick slut. I want to see lipstick on my cock." Amelia demanded.

Amelia fucked my face for probably twenty minutes forcing me to gag countless times. My mouth was sore from the face fucking I had just taken.

"Nadia our slut definitely likes cock in his mouth. Let's see how he likes getting fucked in his pussy." Amelia laughed.

"Fuck him hard Amelia. I want to hear him scream." Nadia said.

Amelia shoved the ten inch dildo right up my ass. It hurt so bad I started to cry. She didn't care as she fucked me as hard as she could. They both laughed as I screamed in pain. This went on for about fifteen minutes. When Amelia was finished so was I. I was wiped out. Before they left Nadia strapped the penis gag back into my mouth. They left my cell and locked me in still tied face down.

"We'll be back at midnight to tell you the good news." Nadia yelled while walking down the hallway.

They left the light on this time. Even if I could get out of this tight bondage I can't get out of the cell. And even if I could I don't know how many more locked doors there are. Nadia also has a gun. I figured even if I could get by all that I'd still be locked into a French Maid outfit. I was screwed.

After pondering my predicament and future I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to the sound of Nadia and Amelia returning to my cell. They unlocked the door and came in.

"Good news slut." Nadia said. "Your performance earlier today was a hit. You have been sold."

Sold? My head was spinning. This was becoming all too real. At first I thought these girls were just really kinky. But this is no joke. I was being sold into slavery. I needed to escape, but how?

"The woman who purchased you is a Japenese woman." Amelia told me. "Her name is Mistress Akira. She is a dominatrix in Tokyo. She is very rich and powerful. She is on her way here to claim her prize."

"So what do you think of that?" Nadia asked me as she removed my cock gag.

"But why would she want me if she is a dominatrix?" I asked. "Men pay her to be dominated. Why would she pay for a man?"

"One thing we left out slut." Amelia responded. "Mistress Akira has a hobby of turning men into women. That is her plan with you. You will become a woman and her personal slave."

"Unfortunately for you she will be here on her private jet within a few hours so we need to get you ready." Nadia said.

Once again Nadia had a rag with liquid on it. I knew what is was.

"Nighty night slut." Nadia laughed as she pressed the rag over my face.

"No please no. You can't do this to me. I don't want to be a girl." is all I remember screaming.

Then once again everything went black.

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