tagBDSMHostile Takeover Ch. 05

Hostile Takeover Ch. 05


(Writer note, I've borrowed characters from Amazon Tamed and Frontier Bondage)

Barry's annual domination charity event was always well attended. The cause tonight was support for refugees of Islamic terrorism.

Drinks and food were served by a legion of Barry and his special guest's nude slaves. No domination was allowed until the special bidding was over. Among the guests were Paula Davis the environmental guru , her husband Keith and their playmate Greta von Eich. Flying in from Montana was Bonnie Calhoun and her Latin lover Senta. There were also some colleagues and a few hated rivals.

The host spoke in a loud voice, "Thank you for coming this year and your generosity."

Conversation had stopped.

"I'd like to introduce, a newcomer to our ranks and my new partner, "Mistress Cecile Diamond."

Some polite applause, "As the small blond dress in black with ruby earrings took the hand of her friend."

"Has someone finally captured your cold heart? "Paula teased.

"If so," Bonnie chimed in. "You must be impressive."

"Oh I am ," Cecile wickedly replied.

"We have a few surprises tonight and a couple of former associates to deal with.." Barry announced.

Cecile grabbed a leash male slave whose face has been hidden by a hood. With a flourish she removed the hood to showed a naked David.

"Some of you", she began. "May recognize this former assistant Master of this house.." She gave him a hard slap, "he was involved in a rebellion to take over."

"He is now the property of Mistress Cecile, "Barry told the group. "She is auctioning him off for a woman to use as she wills.

"One million " Greta said.

You are a dom tonight?" A surprised Barry asked.

"She has been expanding hew awareness," Keith told him. "She does top on a regular basis, just not with Paula and me."

"Two million," Bonnie said in her western drawl. "You are going to have to pay for this awareness." Bonnie said

The two woman went back and forth, before Greta won with a 10 million bid.

The tall blond grabbed David by his leash. Than she attached a cock ring and chain to his member. "On your knees!"

"Yes Mistress, " he said fearfully.

"This bully, Cecile broke. He did not have the brains to start the rebellion, but was hired muscle. And Greta part of the deal he was going to get to dominate female clients."

So," Cecile added. "Except for injury, please make him suffer."

"I will."

"Number two," the crowd could sense Barry's disgust; as he thrust a female on the floor. Cecile removed her hood.

"What am I bid for my former number 1 Mistress!?"

"10 million, " Bonnie said boldly.


"Too rich for me."

Anyone else?" Bonnie she's yours for the night."


Her lover used a lasso and quickly hogtied Diana to the delight of the assemblage. With the exception of a scowling woman in the back. Paula had observed it and had edged to the back of the room.

"Now for the finale! Former Mistress Casey!"

"Enough! Mistress Jane strode down the hall. Red haired and voluptuous she walked with purpose. 'How dare you enslave my protégé?!"

"She tried to enslave me, " Barry responded coolly." She is the slave of Mistress Cecile.."

"That midget", she said scornfully.

"This midget has heard enough," Cecile replied. She edge past Barry and without any fear. "Do you challenge me?"

"Challenge? I don't accept challenges, I take what I want." Jane drew a weapon, "Now release Casey and will see who are the slaves."

Before she could react, Paula had performed a quick aikido grab taking the pistol from her hand.

Joining his wife, "It would seem that you have another problem, Barry."

"Yes, my thanks Paula. Cecile and I were going to put Casey up for bid; but I think you should have her."

"Any objections, Mistress Cecile?"

None on my end. But this midget is issuing a challenge to you Jane.. Face me in a fight."

"You dare? You think a mistress of my standing has to accept this." She made to leave. 'This isn't over."

Bonnie stepped in front of her, "Not only will you have to go through Paula and Keith; you have to go through me."

"4 Black belts in this room and enough wealth to ruin you Jane, "Keith noted.

"Wait can we negotiate, " the formerly arrogant Mistress asked.

No penalty, " Cecile said. "You face me woman to woman. Winner take all.."


"One of us becomes the other's slave."

Jane had a foot height difference on Cecile, "If I accept no inference?"

Cecile looked at Barry than the group. "No inference."


The room had been cleared and all the slaves had been sent to another chamber. Barry had rewarded them with the opportunities to gang bang their formers Masters David and Donna.

A Master Victor had been selected as neutral arbiter.

"You ladies have agreed to a contest for dominance, anything goes."

Jane rushed Cecile who stepped to the side, Jane crashed into the table serving table.

"Clumsy, the tiny terror taunted.

Jane suddenly threw a wine glass full of Champaign at Cecile.

The liquid blinded her and Jane took advantage kicking her in the ribs.

"No rules bitch, I'll make you suffer.." She put her breasts on the blonds face smothering her.

This went on for a few minutes and than Jane rose to kick Cecile again. "Barry you will have to trade Casey to get your slut back."

But the cunning Mistress had been playing possum and tripped. her to floor. Twisting the redhead arm behind her. "Submit."


Cecile added a neck pinch.


"Whose your Mistress?"

"You are!"

Cecile got up.

Jane laughed, "You don't think I am going to be your slave."

"This was broadcast to all the groups and your own dungeon," Barry informed her.

Jane was horrified, "But..."

"Silence slave, " Victor said. "You proven tonight you are no Mistress. " Looking at Barry, "I usually hate your affairs colleague but tonight it was memorable." He looked at Cecile, "As for you Mistress Cecile, I think you will do well."


Much later the room was empty except for Barry, Cecile and their new slave Jane.

"A memorable night," Cecile said. And I have a gift for you.

"Which is?"

She grabbed the bound Jane by the hair, "This slut!"

"What can I do with you?." he asked.

Jane did not answer but there was hate in her eyes.

"I have an idea," Barry said. Flicking an intercom. "Paula are you done with slave Casey."

"No sexual energy at all, "Paula replied. "We are done with her."

"Why don't you Keith, Bonnie, Greta and Senta come join us."

As their friends rejoined them, the two other slaves were looking ragged.

Greta looked at Barry, "You said be hard on him."

Paula gave the still naked Greta a big kiss, "That's my girl!"

Bonnie and Senta also nude lead a red marked Donna to her fellow slave. Barry quickly tied his two rebels together in a 69/"No Cumming you two", putting a ball gag in both their mouths.

"Well?" Keith asked

"We are grateful for the assistance tonight. " Would you like to join us in breaking these two permanently?"

To be continued.

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