tagBDSMHostile Takeover Ch. 04

Hostile Takeover Ch. 04


"Lets begin," Cecile announced. She began by putting a chastity belt on Casey and a cock ring on David. Than wrapped a rope around the loose end of his prison.

"Face to face my slaves, " she ordered. She than tied a rope around the waist pressing their naked bodies together.

"Donna come over here," Barry said. "Give me a blow job while I watch.'

Cecile began swatting Casey with a large paddle. Each hit reacted with the cock ring casing more pain to David.

"Ow, "

"You are such a wimp," Cecile said scornfully. Looking over to the serviced Barry. "What good is he for?"

"He does have a large tool to please the customers. Not a redeeming personality."

"Like you do, " David retorted. "Ah!"

Cecile jabbed him with the prod, "Silence slave! You don't show disrespect. I see you need more discipline if you are going to serve here."


She picked up a bullwhip, "No", she said coldly. "You are my bitch." Then she put a ball gag in his mouth. "Too much talk."

Cecile began whipping both their asses with tremendous accuracy. Leaving all sorts of interesting marks.

"Mercy Mistress", Casey pleaded.

"Am I the better woman?" the blond demanded.

"Yes you are a Goddess!"

"Don't be so melodramatic, I am just your Mistress." She looked at David. "This one needs more work.


Cecile released them both from their combined tie and took off the chastity belt, "Now on your knees cunt and wait for my next instruction."

"Yes Mistress."

"Join your sister slave," 'Barry ordered Donna.

"As for you fake man", Cecile yanked on the cock ring driving David to the floor. "Crawl like the worm you are."

Davey with his arms restrained, because moving on his knees.

"No idiot, on your belly. Not a dog, a worm!" Cecile put her knee in his back.

Barry strode over to Casey and Donna and grabbed their hair, "This is what you intended to do with me?"

Neither replied.

"Barry love, " Cecile called, "Please bring a strap on and Casey over to me."

Barry grabbed a big black one and grabbed Casey leash.

"Would you mind helping put it on?"

Barry kissed her as he cinched it tight.

"Now Casey lubricate it," The Mistress ordered.

Barry forced Casey's head down.

"Deep throat it!

Casey gagged.

"Now," a triumphant Cecile said. "David you are my bitch. Prepare to get fucked1"

"No please no!"

"Oh yes, " the tiny dominatrix replied thrusting in. "This is how you a break someone." she said.

"Ah" Davey screamed.

"Shut up worm, I'll regag you."

"Wait' Barry said. He walked over and put a penis gag on Casey. Now open your mouth David as he forced Casey tool in his mouth. Then he spread her ass and went in with his hard cock.

"Oh yes, take it slaves."

"Yes," Cecile cried. As they dominated their property.

After both Doms climaxed. Donna was put in the spit roast.

"You could had had Mistress's Cecile's position," Barry taunted.

"I don't think so, "Cecile objected. "She could not have broken you the way I did David."


A totally beaten naked slave kneeled at his Mistress feet.

Cecile attached a leash to his neck, "What are you?"

"Your slave Mistress Cecile."

"That right now suck slave Donna's pussy."

David began his work.


"Yes Mistress."

"Lick Donna's ass."

The former flamed haired Mistress went to work.

Looking over at Barry, "What do you think?"

"Well done", he complimented her. He held up her hand, "how were you planning to keep them under control?"


"Slaves up!

The trio obeyed.

She grabbed a cock cage and put it on Dave and than grabbed two chastity belts for the female slaves..

"Next weekend is my annual party, " Barry announced. "Where Mistress Cecile will be the guest of honor and you three will be her slave escort."

To be continued.

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