Hot for Teacher Ch. 01-03


Lisa slipped off the bed and walking around, undid the other restraint, allowing Michelle now to embrace her lesbian lover with both hands. She grasped Kim firmly, as Kim slid a leg over hers, their hot pussies grinding against each other as they continued to kiss, each taking turns frenching the other with their tongue.

Michelle flipped Kim over onto her back and then dove madly to her breasts, sucking one then the other nipple. Licking her chest, all around the soft flesh and then moving back up to kiss her again, her tongue pushing madly into her hot mouth.

Michelle couldn't get enough of her new lover as she sought Kim's hardened nipple, biting and tugging gently on the little gold hoops piercing through Kim's buds, as she saw Lisa slipping something over her legs, fastening around her waist.

Looking over, it registered with her, that was the harness she had seen before, the strapon she had been fucked with months before at the conference.

"You know what this is?" Lisa smiled as she buckled the harness into place and held the rubber phallus in her hand. Michelle didn't respond. She continued to lick, sucking on Kim's taut nipple, working her tongue between the gold hoop and the soft flesh.

"This is my cock. Not like some other penis you might have had before. This is a cock" Lisa said with emphasis. "And you know what I'm going to do with it?" she smirked.

Michelle slowly nodded without uttering any response.

"Tell me! What am I going to do?" Lisa demanded.

Michelle looked at the menacing cock which swung from Lisa's hips. "You're going to fuck me. You're going to fuck me with it," she said softly, almost like a little girl.

"That's right. Now scoot down and eat Kim's pussy while I fuck that hot little snatch of yours," Lisa demanded.

Michelle scooted down as Kim inched up, resting her head on the pillows which gathered at the headboard. Lisa meanwhile positioned herself between Michelle's legs and pulled her up doggie style. As Michelle lapped at Kim's delicious pussy, Lisa wet her fingers and pulled apart the brunette's already slick cunt.

Lisa had lubed the cock up in preparation for this next assault and was pleased with how easily it slid into Michelle's tight opening. Michelle gasped only slightly before retuning to the task of lapping her lover's pussy, digging her tongue deeper, trying to explore as much as she could of Kim's hot hole.

Lisa's hard shaft slid in little by little, filling the young woman completely. While she and Kyle made love often, his penis could not compare to the large intruder that now filled her womanhood.

"Take it baby. Take my cock. Take all of it," Lisa chanted as she worked the rubber phallus all the way into Michelle's greedy box. Michelle backed her ass into Lisa's hips drawing an appreciative groan from her new mistress.

"That's right baby. Fuck me. Give me that pussy. Look to your left. Look in the mirror... what do you see?" Lisa chanted as she urged Michelle to take notice of the vanity mirror which stretched across her bedroom bureau.

Michelle looked over, looking at the sight of the older woman fucking her in the candlelight. It was almost as if it were someone else she was watching. But strangely, it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen.

"What do you see baby?" Lisa pressed.

"You fucking me," Michelle finally acknowledged as she moved her ass back in rhythm to Lisa's thrust.

"Yea, I'm fucking the shit out of you while you're eating pussy....aren't I baby," Lisa shot back.

"Yea," came Michelle's one word reply as she moaned into Kim's pussy lips.

"What was it you called me a while ago? A crazy dyke...was that it?," Lisa chanted between thrust, her own hips slapping loudly when they met Michelle's wet sweating flesh.

"Tell me. Is that what you called me? A crazy dyke?" Lisa kept on, only this time she slapped Michelle's ass hard with her open palm, sending a stinging blow, and leaving a red handprint across her cheek.

Michelle groaned lightly but didn't yell or complain knowing full well any utterance would likely produce another blow. "I think so," came her feeble reply.

Lisa again slapped her cheek, this time causing her to jump, grinding her face into Kim's wet box, and drawing a muffled cry, almost buried in Kim's vagina.

"Yes, that's what I said. I did. I'm sorry," she moaned as she looked back at Lisa who was smiling smugly.

"Don't be sorry baby. I am a crazy dyke. I'm just wondering what you call a girl that likes to eat pussy and get fucked by crazy dykes. You think you're really a straight chick?" Lisa teased. "I don't think so. I think you're just as much a lesbian as Kim there. What do you think Kim?"

"I think the bitch sure knows how to eat pussy," Kim answered back as she reached down and spread her lips apart allowing Michelle to rub her whole face in her hot box. "Yep, looks like we have another little lesbian on our hands. She loves my pussy!"

Michelle was too busy enjoying the cock up her twat to argue as she ground back at Lisa's cock ramming in and out of her box as she sucked madly on Kim's clit. She would have never believed she would ever be doing what she was doing at that moment – having passionate sex with two lesbians. But here she was and she loved it.

Was she really a lesbian? This was all so new to her. She'd only had sex with a few guys but she couldn't deny the feelings she had. She loved being taken by these women, being forced to have sex like this. She didn't want to admit it but it was true.

"I thought it would take longer with this one but she's no different than the rest. Just another little lesbian slut," Lisa chided "I think she's going to love being our little slave for the week. Servicing us, eating our pussies, letting us take her any time we want," she kept on.

The more Lisa spoke about her plans the hornier and more excited Michelle became and when Kim began to orgasm, it sent Michelle into an orgasm of her own as both women came hard, clutching madly at the sheets, and then reaching out, locking fingers.

Lisa pulled the long phallus from between Michelle's legs and allowed her to collapse to Kim's side. Lisa moved up to Michelle's other side and all three lay together for several minutes.

Michelle was the first to speak as she looked over at Lisa, the strapon still fastened securely to her waist. "So, you intend to keep me here all week. And I'm to be your slave. Is that what you have in mind?" Michelle asked weakly.

"That's pretty much it. But more like a training. An education only Kim and I are the teachers and you are the student. We're going to teach you to be the perfect lesbian. To appreciate the love that only another woman can give," Lisa explained.

"And if I said no. I didn't want to experience it," Michelle asked.

"You do. You just don't want to admit it. Anyway, you have no choice. You wouldn't want the folks back at your school to see the home movies you made at the teacher's conference would you?" she answered.

"And if I said I would...what then?" Michelle inquired.

"There are some simple rules, the least of which is you must obey. Hesitancy on your part will only be met with stern punishment," Lisa warned.

"You are not our equals. We will be your mistresses and you will refer to us as such. We will introduce you to other women, other girls and you will do what we request, no questions."

Lisa kept on, "You will remain nude at all times and beginning tomorrow we will have you waxed. I want you completely smooth and hairless. And we may give you a new look," Lisa said as she swept Michelle's long hair away from her face. "Something to remind you, you've surrendered yourself totally to me."

"Do you understand these things?" Lisa asked.

Thoughts ran quickly through Michelle's mind. She knew she wasn't a lesbian. But she had to admit, she had really enjoyed this wild experience. It was perhaps the hottest sex she had ever had.

What real harm would there be to give in? To allow this woman Lisa and her friend Kim to keep her as their sexual plaything for a few days. After all, it was just a week and her boyfriend thought she was on vacation. Who would ever know what she really did while on this vacation. What the hell. It might be a lot of fun!

Even after two mind blowing orgasms her pussy throbbed with excitement. She would play along and do what they asked. The sex was great and after it was all over, she'd just go home to Kyle and her old life. Everything back to the way it was.

What choice did she really have? Say no and have Lisa or Kim release the video they had made? Her career as a teacher would be over. No, this was the only choice, play along. Michelle nodded her head slowly in acknowledgement.

Lisa eased out of bed and removed the harness and the dildo which had earlier shook Michelle to her core. Stepping out of it, she placed her hands on her hips. "Come here," she commanded.

Michelle eased out of the bed, over Kim's outstretched legs until she stood facing the older brunette. "Kneel," came the one word command.

"Before we begin, remove those earrings, all your jewelry, and particularly that ring," Lisa commanded as she looked down at Michelle. "I want every reminder of your former self removed."

The young girl looked so submissive kneeling naked before her new mistress.

Michelle did as directed removing the earrings, slipping off the watch and then removing the diamond ring that Kyle had given her. She looked at her hand as she twisted it off and then handed it to Lisa who took the items and dropped them on the dresser haphazardly.

"Now place both hands behind your back. Your left hand in your right hand palms up." She directed.

Michelle sank to her knees, her hands behind her back as instructed. Her head down staring at Lisa's toes, polished in a bright pink.

"You agree to our terms and understand fully what is expected of you," she barked.

"Yes mistress," Michelle replied back.

Lisa smiled hearing the words. "And you do this willingly?"

"Yes mistress," she answered back again.

"And what is it you want me to do for you?" Lisa asked, half wondering if her new project would actually give in.

"To train me. To train me to be..." Michelle paused just a second before she acknowledged, "to be a lesbian. I want you to teach me to be the perfect lesbian. Your lesbian, mistress."

"Very good pet. You've made me so proud. I'll be happy to assist you. Kim and I both. Now, to demonstrate your loyalty, I want you to worship my cunt."

Michelle looked up to see her new mistress standing over her. Michelle leaned in, her arms still behind her back as she began lapping Lisa's hot pussy. She had to admit, she really did love the taste of pussy.

What Michelle thought would be a week long adventure would turn out to be a life changing experience and it was just beginning. The young teacher was now ready for instruction and Lisa had big plans for her student.

Chapter 3

All three women were famished after their early evening of lovemaking. Lisa had earlier prepared a light meal of chicken salad on a bed of lettuce capped off with a chilled Sauvignon Blanc. Michelle felt strange as she sat at the table dining with the two women, totally nude as they required, while both Kim and Lisa donned the kimonos they had on earlier in the day. After a while she became relaxed as she enjoyed not only the refreshments but the conversation.

Lisa seemed genuinely interested as she asked probing questions about how Michelle had decided to become a teacher and in particular what her day was like with her sixth grade students. Lisa and Kim listened intently as Michelle talked about her students, the school, her best friend Denise, and even her relationship with Kyle.

Switching gears Lisa asked about other interest she had. Michelle appreciated art although she didn't consider herself much of an artist. She enjoyed music and loved to dance.

"Dance? What kind of dancing do you like," Lisa inquired.

"I don't know," Michelle replied. "I like going out to the clubs with my boyfriend. You know, just dancing," she smiled.

"Perhaps, you'll dance for us," Lisa responded back as she stood up from the table. Kim began clearing the plates and glasses as Lisa walked into her living room. She perused thru some CD's and pulled one loading it and several others in her disc player.

Initially Michelle thought Lisa might be kidding but as both she and Kim took seats in the living room, it became apparent that they intended to be entertained. Michelle stood in the middle of the room as music began playing in the background over Bose speakers strategically placed in corners of the room. The music playing was "Painted on my Heart" by Cult. It was a slow song but had a definite rhythm.

"Dance for us baby," Lisa cooed. "Show us how you can move."

Michelle closed her eyes and nervously at first began to move her hips. Lisa, using a remote, turned up the volume as Michelle began to sway, her bare feet shuffling along the plush beige carpet.

"That's right," Lisa said approvingly as Michelle now opened her eyes and began to feel a slight empowerment. "Play with your tits. Tease us!" Lisa directed as Michelle did so without thought. Michelle rubbed her breasts with her hands, her fingers, stopping to play with her nipples growing erect between her fingers.

She really began moving now. The beat was slow but methodic as she moved deliberately around the room. Her hands rubbed down her stomach as she swiped her fingers lightly over her thighs.

"... I've still got your face, painted on my heart, scrawled upon my soul, etched upon my memory baby..." the music played as Michelle felt a burning desire again down low, "... I've got your kiss, still burning on my lips, the touch of my fingertips is love so deep inside of me...."

Michelle stared directly at Lisa as the lyrics played in the background. She moved closer to the older brunette whose own hand touched the teacher's bare thigh. There was electricity in the air and everyone felt it. Michelle never felt as sexy as the women feasted their eyes on her every move.

Lisa spread her legs and Michelle moved closer dancing between them as Lisa sat on a couch. She untied her kimono. Letting it part, pulling the satin robe over her body exposing it to the young dancer who now bounced between her exposed flesh. Their legs touching as Michelle's hips swayed, moving up and down.

"Something in your eyes keeps haunting me," the words were chilling and erotic, "I'm trying to escape you, and I know there ain't no way to, to chase you from my mind."

Lisa reached out cupping Michelle's ass and pulling her close. The young brunette bent down, closing the distance, as if reading Lisa's mind, as their lips touched. Lisa's tongue parted her lips which Michelle gladly accepted, sucking it, as she returned the kiss, her own tongue flicking Lisa's lips, as they licked each others lips, before closing their mouths together in a long, passionate, wet kiss.

It was Michelle who broke away, teasing her new lover as she looked so sexy, so sultry moving to the music. She padded over to Kim who had been glued to the scene as Michelle turned her back to the woman, pulling her long hair up over her head, moving her ass in rhythm to the music. She let her long brown locks fall back on her shoulders, slowly, as she turned to face Kim.

Their eyes locked, as Michelle let her right hand slide over her vulva, a burning desire emanating from her exposed pussy. She played ever so lightly with her pussy lips, parting them as Kim looked on approvingly. Michelle closed her eyes, and threw her head back as she rubbed her clit while squeezing a nipple with her other hand.

As the next disc switched to Fergie's "Clumsy", Michelle backed up in the room and continued to dance, this time throwing her hands around as she felt her body really moving with the music. She was now totally into the music as she danced sexily for the women, moving her hands over her flesh, moving in time with the beat. A passion heating in her thighs as she knew she was teasing, arousing both of the women who looked on with a hunger.

As Fergie's voice faded and a new song began to play, Michelle had worked herself back between Lisa's outstretched legs. Lisa reached out and cupped Michelle's breast in her warm hands, squeezing the soft flesh, tweaking the hard nipple between her fingers and then drawing it to her mouth. Lisa's tongue flicked the hard nub as she rubbed the cheeks of Michelle's ass.

Another song played in the background. Something she had never heard before, Melissa Ferrick's "Drive". It was slow, sultry, sexy as Lisa encouraged Michelle to lie down on the floor, to play with herself as the women looked on.

Michelle didn't have to be encouraged further as she was beginning to tire and slunk down to her knees and then eased down to the carpeted floor.

"Play with your pussy baby. Get off for Lisa," the older woman directed.

Michelle eased her fingers into her wet vagina as she pulled her lips apart and rubbed her clit with her thumb, slowly, hard as she planted her feet on the floor and spread her legs wide so Lisa could get a good view.

"You like getting off for me baby? You like playing with your little pussy," Lisa cooed.

"Yea," came Michelle's throaty response as heat built between her legs.

Kim couldn't stand it any longer and removed her satin robe, dropping it to the floor as she took up a position kneeling over the young teacher. Facing Lisa, Kim eased down until her hot cunt was inches from Michelle's face. Instinctively, she parted her lips and eased further until her plump pussy lips settled on the young brunette's face.

Michelle needed no prodding, no encouragement, as her tongue lapped the juices already flowing from Kim's hot pussy. She loved the taste and felt so sexy as she lapped at Kim's smooth box.

"Oh, that's so nice. Lick her pussy baby. Eat her cunt," Lisa said. "Does that feel good Kim. You like that?"

"Oh yeah," Kim groaned. "Damn that feels good. Eat me baby. Lick my clit. Yea, there, suck it, oh fuck," she chanted.

Michelle loved that she made Kim feel that way. She would have never guessed that she would enjoy sex with another woman but she was hornier than she had ever been in her life as her own fingers plunged in and out of her hot hole.

Kim slid back and forth over Michelle's face, enjoying the tongue which pushed into her pussy, exploring its depths, as she rocked back and forth. Michelle may have lacked in experience but she was eager and showed no reluctance at all as she sucked on Kim's clit, drawing it into her mouth, savoring the juices which ran down the sides of her face.

Kim sank down and licked at Michelle's leg and then zeroed in on her pussy. Planting kisses, and then taking her fingers, she pulled Michelle's folds apart giving her full access to her steaming cunt. Michelle felt Kim's hot tongue lapping her lips as she pushed her crotch to her face, moving her ass off the floor.

She loved her pussy being licked and Kim ate her like no one had ever done before. She knew exactly what she liked as she sucked, and bit lightly at her engorged clit, swelling under the assault from Kim's talented tongue.

Michelle felt more than heard Lisa as she walked past her on the carpet. Lying under Kim, she feasted on Kim's pussy as she now used her fingers to pry Kim's pussy apart, plunging her finger in her hole as she teased Kim's clit, rubbing it, as she moved her tongue back and forth across the clit and back to her hole.

She felt Lisa, who had returned, raise her hips off the floor. Shoving a pillow from the couch under the small of her back raising her ass off the floor. Kim pulled Michelle's ass cheeks apart as she felt something cool at the entrance of her asshole.

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