tagBDSMHot for Teacher Ch. 02

Hot for Teacher Ch. 02


NOTE: Please read chapter one before continuing to this chapter.


Jess was confused. Yesterday had been a mess - first fun, then heartbreaking - and after ignoring the fact of the matter for the rest of the day, she had last period again, and she had to sit through a class with Him. She avoided it for as long as she could, breaking her record of perfectly early attendance to enter just seconds before the bell rang to start class.

She sat through the first half of class in a daze. She was silent, taking notes and doing work, but not raising her hand even once. Finally, as the class settled in to work on a typical quotation worksheet, Jess walked to Mr. Wales desk. She tugged at the hem of her skirt, a little anxious.

"Mr. Wales...." she spoke quietly, not wanting to disturb the rest of the class, but grateful that they were there to avoid any argument from him or any mention of the day before. "I have something after school. It won't be done till 5. I can't do the hours." She was vague. She was lying. She just didn't want to endure any awkward tension between them.

Charles looked up from his work and regarded Jess with the most normal expression he could muster. "Oh, I see... Well, you'll just have to come in a do them when you're done with your, 'thing'. I was planning on staying late anyway, so it won't be a problem." Before she had time to object or get out of it, Charles added, "Remember, you made a commitment, and you should still come in to fulfill it."

Jess's eyes narrowed. Goddamn it, what was he trying to do? She flexed her fingers in and out of a fist briefly, out of sight of the class, and let out a slight huff. "Ok." She managed, scowling, and turned on her heel to return to her seat.

Charles went back to his papers without another word. He knew that he had made the right decision. She had said herself that it wasn't a mistake, and that she knew what she was doing. Well, if she really had total control, than this was just the opportunity that she was looking for. Besides, if she was going to tease like that, she should have to take what comes with teasing. He didn't pay much attention to the class after that, and he wished the students a good afternoon like always before finally returning his attention to Jess.

Jess was a little lost in her head as she packed up her English binder. She was a little perplexed, a little grateful, and very confused about how things might be. And what should she wear?

Charles stood up from his chair, and intercepted Jess before she could fully make it to the door. "Oh, Jess, one last thing before you go. Be sure to be back her at 5:30 for those hours. Also, bring that iPod of yours. It really helped move things along yesterday."

Jess cocked her head in confused surprise. So that cleared it up. He'd changed his mind. Well, after what he did to her, leaving her like that yesterday, he wouldn't be getting it so easily. As she walked down the hallway, her lips curled to a smirk. She may not have a plan yet, but she'd sure as hell have one by 5:30.


Charles had left about half an hour after school let out. He had gone home to drop off his papers, and some excess things laying around on his desk. It would be a lot nicer to not have lots of clutter on it that always gets bumped into and knocked over. In addition to dropping off, Charles also wanted to pick up a few necessities for his upcoming study session. He placed the condoms and lube in his pocket, and hung his jacket up on the doorknob.

After preparing, he took a shower, dressing in something business casual, and ate a quick dinner. He still had about an hour to kill, so he set to work doing some actual grading before grabbing his jacket, and finally heading out the door at 5:00. He arrived at the school at 5:20 to an empty classroom, just as he had expected.

He turned on the back lights, and unlocked the door before closing it and pulling the second chair up to his desk as he had done the previous day. He sat down in his own, reclined, and waited patiently.


Jess hadn't wasted her time. She'd taken a relaxing shower, of course, and gotten what she considered a 'dunch' to hold her over for a late dinner. She got rid of the depressing songs on her iPod. And she went shopping. If he wanted her to seduce him after how he'd left her yesterday, he had to see her as that sinful vision he couldn't let slip away.

She wanted him walking the line between wanting to attack her and wanting to cover her up so she wouldn't be attacked. She would be the image of Lolita, a perfect sly nymphet. She already had most of what she needed at home, but she decided to do a little shopping for the occasion anyway.

By the time she was ready to go, she looked like a cross between a porn star and a nun. She had the mary jane heels, the quite short plaid skirt - but a politely conservative button up and cardigan. Her lips were bright pink and she sucked a lollipop, but instead of the cheesy ponytails her hair was back in dual french braids.

Underneath she'd chosen to go conservative as well. If they got that far - which she highly doubted, given his reaction the day before - her youthful innocence would be on display in simple cotton panties and a pink polka-dot bra. Nothing overtly sexy. She smiled at herself in the mirror. She looked fresh-faced, young, and utterly forbidden.

With a grin she grabbed her iPod and headed out, zipping over to the school in no time. Luckily, she didn't meet a single teacher on her way to Mr. Wales' room. She shifted the lollipop into one cheek to free up her hand to knock, the other hand holding her purse (she'd switched to a heart-shaped one for the occasion). And then she stood there, waiting for whatever brief amount of time it would take for him to open the door.

Charles leaned on his desk, and stared at it casually, pretending to be intent on his work. "Come in, the door's not locked." He didn't glance up from his work, waiting for Jess to make the next move.

Jess opened the door, scuffing her feet in exaggerated unwillingness as she entered. She sighed heavily, the lollipop making a popping noise as she took it out of her mouth. "Okay Mr. Wales: what's my job today?" She rolled her eyes like a good little delinquent.

Charles still didn't look up, although his peripherals were telling him that he would be in for quite the show. "For starters, close the door and lock it. The keys are on the filing cabinet. Also, tack up the Lock-Down paper." He then began moving the objects on his desk over to the smaller side part, so that the main portion was free and clear of any kind of clutter, not once looking at the spectacle at the other end of the room. "When you're done with that, then, just come over and sit in a chair."

Jess's heart started to race. She felt her insides tingling as she forced herself to walk at a regular pace to the filing cabinet. Taking the keys, she tried to remain as casual as possible as she locked the door. Turning her back to Mr. Wales, she put up the paper, her heart thudding loudly in her ears. When it was up, she turned back to him. She was surprised to realize just how turned on she was, following his orders. Keeping on her bored face, she took the offered seat, crossing her arms over her chest and slumping.

Charles now looked up from his desk and turned to regard the spectacle next to him. The outfit certainly was impressive, and it awoke more than one of his best fantasies. He just wanted to jump Jess right there, but another part of him wanted to have fun with this. A lot of fun.

"Thank you for coming Jess. I'm glad to see that you dressed up for the occasion." He took the opportunity to take a quick look over, from her perfectly braided hair, to her almost see-through top, to her skirt that showed off her sexy legs, all the way down to her cute little heels, and back up again. "Now, I just need to ask you something before we get to work. Why should I help you with your hours?"

Jess narrowed her eyes at him, shifting the lollipop to one cheek to speak, aloofly. "I made up the hours thing, Mr. Wales," she told him, rolling her eyes. "I finished those like a month ago. I just wanted to help because I find you exceedingly attractive." She shrugged, like it was no big deal.

He smiled at Jess' show. "I know that. After all, I am on the English Honor Society Council. I took the liberty of looking at your profile yesterday when I got home. As for the attractiveness part, I was pretty much already aware of that as well." He now stood up, and leaned against the other chair's armrests, his body hovering over hers. "And if I do say, you're quite the tempting one yourself."

Jess's lips curled into a smug smirk as she took the lollipop out of her mouth. She crossed her legs, casually, looking straight at him as she did the most sexual licking of a lollipop she'd ever done in her life. Nothing overtly crude - just eerily sexual. She didn't bother answering.

Charles leaned closer to Jess. "I would answer when spoken to if I were you. You don't want any of my punishments. I'm just too creative with them." He pushed himself back up to a standing position, and looked down at her for a moment before turning around. 'This is so wrong... This is so good...' "Jess, open up the bottom drawer on my desk and get out the folder sitting on top."

Jess stood, going to his desk. "I didn't find it necessary to answer, considering you hadn't actually asked a question," she pointed out, bluntly, as she pulled open the drawer. She grabbed the folder sitting on top, suddenly aware that she'd been unconsciously squeezing her legs together. She turned back to Mr. Wales, holding the folder out in one hand, the other returning the lollipop to her mouth.

Charles enjoyed the view while she bent down to open the drawer, his mind creating numerous fantasies surrounding her outfit. He took the folder from her, and generally ignored her comment that came with it. "Do you know what this folder is?" He didn't bother waiting for her to answer, and continued after opening the folder and tossing a few of the papers inside onto the desk. "This is your class folder. It's got all of the graded assignments in it that you've ever turned in in my class. Now, you might be my most active student, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're the best. In fact, there are two or three things that you did less than well on in here."

He closed the folder, tossed it onto the other part of his desk, and tapped the three papers on the desk: a short analytical essay on The Grapes of Wrath - C-, Vocab 2B test - C, and Character Comparison in The Great Gatsby - D+. "I thought that you'd want to raise these grades, so I came up with an idea for some extra credit." He reached out, took the lollipop out of Jess' mouth, and put in his own. "What do you say to that?"

"I say you just stole my lollipop." Jess folded her arms over her chest, cocking her hip and glaring at him in annoyance. She couldn't help but arch her back slightly, shifting her hips a bit to quiet some of the eagerness of her loins. So much for being scared. So much for having her be the seductress. He didn't realize how much trouble he'd be in if she didn't like him so damn much.

Charles loved the feeling he was getting from this pissed off teenager. She was turning him on more than Rachelle ever had. She thought that a schoolgirl uniform "objectified her". Well, this girl certainly didn't care. "I apologize. Please, feel free to take it back."

"I think I will, thankyouverymuch-" Jess stepped forward, taking the stick from between his lips and popping the sweet back in her own mouth. "Now. What's your proposal?"

Charles was getting annoyed at this girl. She teased, but was seemingly unwilling to act on it. "I suggest that if you want something from me: to help your grade, then you need to give something to me." He lifted her chin to look at him as he had done the previous day, only with different intentions today. "Can you think of anything?"

"Well, quite honestly I'm against the idea of bribing someone for grades," Jess smirked, walking her fingers up his chest, lightly, "But in your case....." When her fingers reached his collarbone, she paused. She turned on her heel, strode over to his desk, and tossed her lollipop in the trash, turning to face him again.

"Now that that's out of the way..." Her eyes narrowed slightly, and she moved to sit on the space he'd cleared on his desk, facing him, letting her shoulders hold her weight on her palms as she sat relaxed. "Touch me," she ordered, recalling the previous afternoon.

'Now we're making some progress...' Charles moved up to Jess, and placed a hand on her thigh. He moved it up, pushing one side of her skirt even higher than it had already been. His other hand moved to her waist, and his fingers trailed over her back before coming back around front to her chest. He explored the forbidden body, desperately hoping that it would actually be his. "What else?"

Jess forced herself to stay still as he touched her, her head dropping backward as she held back a whimper, biting her lip from the inside. His question brought her back to a lust-clouded reality. She slowly righted her head. "You're the teacher," she pointed out, shifting to take her weight off of her hands and lean forward. She brought her lips to his ear, "So teach me something."

Charles was quick to comply. He dropped his hands from Jess, and stood back slightly. "Alright, today's lesson will be how to make a horny teen soak her through her panties for her teacher." He smirked, "First point: always go for erogenous zones, like the thighs." He brought his hand back to her legs, now massaging her inner thigh. "Her breasts." He brought up another hand to cup her firm and ample breast, running his fingers over the small hard nipple underneath. "And, the neck." He brought his mouth up to her throat, and began a series of bites and kisses along her jugular, down to her collar, and across to her jaw.

Jess clenched her legs, feeling the wetness seeping between her thighs as his expert hands worked on her. "A- oh-" she choked out a moan at his ministrations, attempting to bite her tongue, but she couldn't keep it in. "Augh- fuck!" She hissed between her teeth, shifting her body to try and cope with the intense arousal. She'd never actually cursed in front of him before - maybe mentioned 'damn' or 'bitch', but nothing stronger. But now she was a little past the point of caring about that.

Charles brought his mouth up along Jess' neck, and intensified the workings of his hands. His right was alternating from perky breast to perky breast, and the other was going deeper into her crotch, forcing her legs apart to permit his hand entry. He moved his lips up to hers, and gave her a quick, sweet kiss before moving them over to her ear. "Are you and your dirty mouth ready for the next lesson?"

Jess couldn't help the way her hips were squirming around on the desk any more than she could help her own breathless whine in response to his question. Her back was arching and contracting, nearly spasmodically, as she struggled to remain in control of her own actions. "Yes," she whispered, hotly, her eyes squeezing shut, "Ohhh yes, Mr. Wales," her eyes rolled back as she used his title, causing an inexplicable wave of pleasure to crash over her.

Charles let his lips trail over Jess' ear as he spoke, his right hand now having to hold up her arching back. His other hand finally made it to her panties, which had been thoroughly wetted. "Well, you sure got an A+ on that first assignment," He grinned wolfishly, then moved his hand out and undid the zipper on the side of the skirt, and began to slip it down. "Lesson two: how to properly suck your teacher's cock."

Jess squeezed her jaw and eyes shut, trying to hold back the moan that shot through her at that brief moment his hand brushed her panties. She couldn't even laugh at his comment, she was too busy shifting her hips back and forth, trying to rebalance her pleasure somehow. She lifted her knees to help him slip off the skirt, her fingers splayed on the desk behind her, trying to keep herself up.

Charles wasn't going to wait for this virgin to get ahold of her sexual urges, so he decided to give her a little push. He took his hand off of her breast, and used it to grip her braids. "Did you hear me? I know that you did." He pulled her off of the desk, and quickly undid his belt, fly, and button, while still holding her hair. "Now, you want a good grade, right?"

Jess gulped as he pulled her off of the desk, her eyelids fluttering open and closed as she froze in place, except for the minor gyration of her hips. "Yes," she whispered, breathlessly.

Charles pushed her head down, forcing her to her knees. "I believe that you mean to say, 'Yes, Mr. Wales Sir.' That is what you meant to say, right Jess?" He gave her head a slight push forward, almost bringing her face to his slightly tented pants.

Jess whined, suddenly more eager than she'd ever imagined. "Yes-" she swallowed, "Yes sir - Yes, Mr. Wales, sir." She corrected herself, her hands splaying themselves on the floor to keep her balanced where she sat on her heels.

Charles used his free hand to pull his pants down, exposing his member. He thrust it into Jess' face and pulled her up a half-inch by her braids. "Then let's go. Come on, you have to work for good grades."

Jess felt her lust slicking her legs as she leaned forward, moving her hands to take him. She felt another wave of desire wash over her as she realized how utterly filling he could be. Tentatively, she let her tongue lick over his head, kissing it gently, and running her tongue around its ridge carefully, her hand gently massaging and squeezing rhythmically.

Charles' cock was growing harder by the second, and Jess was handling it surprisingly well. He let go of her hair, deciding to let his student take the test without his help. Instead he just rubbed her shoulders, playing with the fabric, before finally grabbing each side of the button-up and pulling, ripping the first four buttons off, exposing her ample breasts.

Jess yelped a little at the surprise, but her noise was muffled by the cock she now had almost filling her mouth, her jump just pushing her farther down briefly. She began to suck in earnest, working her head up and down his shaft as she worked the base below with one hand. She was moaning almost constantly now, incredibly turned on.

Charles reached down and trailed his fingers over her amazing tits, with one hooking the front strap and tugging on it playfully. He let out a low growl at her work, incredibly turned on by her willingness and skill. "That's a good slut. Suck it dry."

Jess pulled her lips off of him, briefly, looking up with eyes of the perfect lust-tainted innocence. "Yes, Mr Wales, sir," she gasped, before returning to her task with a new vigor, her tongue stroking along the bottom of his cock as she sucked him harder, pushing herself to fit as much as she could. Her fingers just held the base of him, keeping him in place so she could thrust her mouth down on him.

Charles had to lean back against the chair behind him to keep from falling back in pleasure. Jess' skill with her tongue was amazing, and watching her go down on him with such passion was a huge turn on. After another minute of the pleasure, Charles pulled Jess away from his dick, and turned her face up towards his. "So you want my dick. Good job slut, you get another A. Now, do you want my cum?"

Jess gasped as he pulled her off, panting. At his words she let her lids close as her eyes rolled back briefly. Never could she have imagined such words coming from his mouth, and now she was the cause. "Yesss..." she moaned, turning her face up to him, eyes closed and mouth open, expectant and eager.

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