tagIncest/TabooHot Spots Ch. 06

Hot Spots Ch. 06


When I had arrived for the vacation, I had merely dreamt about peeping through the binoculars and getting my rocks off by watching couples making out. At that time, I had firmly believed that Shaila's little brother had been accurate enough and that I could really get to watch couples making it out on the secluded spots that lined the beaches.

What I experienced instead was something way beyond my wildest imagination. First, the really, really hot action that I watched on the beaches. Next came my cousin's seduction. Then, there was that amazing, busty neighbor and the hot session I had with her and my cousin.

The threesome with Shaila and Salil was the grand finale. I knew that things between us could never be the same again.

After that night when we started it all, we couldn't stop. I was young and I knew I could keep up the furious pace. What amazed me though was the fact that Salil, despite his age, was just as enthusiastic and as eager as me. He seemed to have changed drastically. I couldn't believe that this was the same guy who had once told me that he couldn't last "for more than a coupla strokes, kid," because he seemed to be as eager as Shaila and me to start all over again.

As for Shaila, I began to suspect that there was a nymphomaniac lying inside her – dormant for so long and now suddenly erupting to the surface. After the initial period of "breaking-in" that had lasted all of about five minutes, she wanted to be fucked in any which way for any period of time.

Salil had taken the next day off and we just continued where we had left off the previous night. Even during the times that she had to feed Junior and put him to sleep, either one of us or both would be at her.

I can never forget the long sensuous bath that the three of us had that morning. A thoroughly wet Shaila grabbing the edge of the tub on her fours with her husband holding her hips as he stood behind her, his cock furiously plunging inside her while I lay in the tub, my equally wet cock gliding back and forth between her milky tits. And then, not too long after that, a flushed, panting Salil, sitting on the floor of the bathroom, his legs spread out in front of him, fondling his erection as he watched Shaila riding me barely inches away from him. Ever so often, he would lean forward and take one of her tit in his mouth, sucking away noisily.

Now that Salil had broken the barrier, he seemed obsessed with fucking her tits. Whenever he was erect (which was quite often) he would either begin or end his session with his cock between her tits. During these times, he liked to watch me fucking her pussy or her mouth.

"Makes me want to prolong it, kid," he grinned.

He specifically liked the upside-down position when he would lightly crouch above her head, his ass inches away from her face and cock wedged between her tits. He would look with glazed eyes at the sight of my cock piston in and out of her cunt during this time, even as I, facing him, would gaze at the sight of his cock fucking her tits. He called this position "Face Off," because he would be facing me while we did our things to her tits and pussy.

We introduced him to the sexy sights around the beach as seen through my binoculars – the hot spots.

He was genuinely shocked and amazed at the goings on in the secluded spots on the beaches.

"I never really thought that it would be going so far!"

"Hey, times are a-changing and you don't expect those folks out there to just feel each other and steal kisses and end it there, do you? Times are way ahead!"

So we would crouch at the window, the three of us, taking turns and watching through the binoculars the poor unsuspecting couples playing with each other.

"Man," he had said exuberantly, "this beats the shit we watch on the tube!"

Needless to mention, we played this Peeping Tom game in the nude and invariably ended up having a hot session there in the room.

The greatest part of the relationship was that Salil didn't mind if I played around with Shaila in his absence. In fact, he enjoyed watching us.

The first time it happened was when I was lying beneath Shaila on the bed in the guestroom. We were in the sixty-nine and of course, stark naked.

I was clutching her ass-cheeks and she was grinding her pussy deeper into my face. She was bobbing her head up and down, her lips sliding over my shaft. She wasn't taking it all the way in; instead, she was just sucking on the cock head and had wrapped one dainty fist over the base, pumping it as she sucked. Her naked tits rubbed my belly and I had spread my legs wide apart, wrapping them over her shoulders.

Because her legs were pointed towards the door, she wasn't aware that her husband had walked in. And because I shifted my body sideways to lick at her clit, I chanced to notice him.

Initially, I was nervous. We hadn't had such a situation before: he had sneaked up on us without our realizing it and never so openly.

"Hi," I whispered to him nervously and hearing me, Shaila immediately swung her head around.

We were immensely happy when he grinned at us, setting his briefcase on the floor and beginning to undress.

"Wow! That's beautiful. Go on go on. Don't mind me. I think I will watch for a while – you guys look so beautiful like that – before I join in."

So we went back to what we were doing while he sat naked on a chair and jerked off his cock, watching us. Of course, shortly thereafter, he stood beside the bed and offered his cock to her and she took turns sucking us off, always playing with the cock that was not in her mouth.

She creamed a couple of times over my face before we decided it was time for us to let ourselves go. She wanted us on her face and we stood on the floor beside each other, watching her suck on us furiously, alternating from my cock to his, and then back again, again, again, again...

I came before he did and my semen rained down on her upturned face before dropping heavily on her heaving tits. I went into an uncontrollable spasm and heaved and grunted and shuddered.

"Gee, thanks," Salil said, now taking a step forward to stand bang in front of her. "That's a lot of lubrication, pal and just what I wanted now that you have drained off all that milk off her!"

And as usual, he thrust his cock between her tits, beginning to fuck them hard and fast. He was in his 'Face Off' position, her face between his legs, her nose pressed against his balls, but I was already too drained out to fuck her again. So, I contended by shoving my finger in and out of her while he fucked her tits.

Another thing happened three days before my vacation ended and I left Bombay.

I raised the topic of Nina.

"What about her?" he asked me. We were sitting on a pair of stools in the study, taking turns with the binoculars. Shaila was doing her rounds with the baby in the garden below and it was already twilight.

I suppose Nina came to mind because we were spying on a little threesome occupying that hot spot beyond the rocks, seemingly away from prying eyes on the beach. The guy was middle aged, I guess and the pair of women with him almost seemed to be mother and daughter. They looked remarkably similar. The woman would be in her late thirties and the girl just about nineteen or perhaps in early twenties.

It was Salil who had spotted them.

"Aha!" he exclaimed. "Now, this here is interesting!"

Though I perked up immediately (I was addicted to Voyeurism) I waited because I knew he wouldn't give me the binoculars till he was satisfied that he had a good hard on.

When I did peer through the glasses, the vision of the group of three sprang up like always as though they were in the same room as we were sitting in.

The guy had liberated the woman's tits from her blouse that still hung over her shoulders and was suckling on her breast while the girl was lying across his lap, playing with his dick, leaning forward from time to time to give it a quick suck or a quick tongue swipe.

Salil had casually fished out his dick from within his shorts and was stroking the hard shaft. For some strange reason, I was always a bit uncomfortable when we got naked without Shaila being in the picture.

"Just lemme see them when the weasel comes. I bet he's gonna shoot over the little bitch's face. And very soon now. The asshole is twitching like he's got a candle under his ass."

The girl looked up and said something to the woman. The guy laughed and spread his legs further. The woman crawled down and now, both the women began to suck his cock and lick his balls. He thrust his hands below, fondling their bare tits. I watched his mouth open wide and his eyes beginning to close.

Salil was right: only, the guy came not just on the girl's face, but began spattering his juices over the woman's face as well.

I thrust the binocular to Salil and picked up my beer, aware that I had an enormous hard on. I glanced at the clock on the wall, willing the hour hand to sweep forward an inch for the time when Shaila would return.

"Oops, oops," Salil chuckled, increasing his pace of his fist and then suddenly deciding not to go all the way. "I bet they are a couple of whores. High class, maybe, but whores just the same. Shit, but that was hot! Look at those tits on that slut!"

And that was how the opening presented to me.

"What about Nina?" he asked again, laying the binoculars on my lap and picking up his beer.

"Well, I was just thinking, why not call her up over for a romp with the three of us?"

He chuckled, sipping his beer. "You randy little kid! Aren't you already having your hands full of Shaila? And besides, you are already fucking with Nina. Why want another additional member in our little threesome? Shaila does take care of both of us pretty well, I should say!"

I shook my head. "It isn't that, uncle. I thought another big-breasted babe would be additional attraction."

He stared at me, nursing the bottle in his lap. He had shoved his dick back into his shorts.

"Listen, Nikhil. What we have with Shaila is different. We involve Nina and pretty soon that wimp husband of hers is gonna join us."

"Do you really think we couldn't ask Nina not to involve him?" I wanted to know.

He laughed. "You really got the hots for her, don't you? Listen kid, I know her husband. That sonofabitch has been gawking at Shaila ever since he first laid his eyes on her. Like me, I know he too is aware of the affair between Nina and Shaila. Damn it, every time we get to talk, he is passing subtle hints. Like I said, nobody but me and you fuck with Shaila."

"But I understand that you are interested?"

"I'll admit I was. Initially.

"Why is it not wrong for me to fuck her?"

"I don't know. I honestly don't know kid. I suppose I sort of like you. Always have liked you from the beginning. Besides, you are clean and you leak out one word about this and it's your ass in the sling, not ours. Hey, quit all that questioning: I'm getting confused. The conclusion is that Nina's husband is out."

"But don't you feel like fucking with that sexy bitch?" I asked him, not caring whether he was confused or not.

He laughed. "Thanks to you I've a real sexy lady at home now. And," he winked at me, "there always are some young ones on the campus."

I nodded, aware that he was right.

"Hey, if you want to fuck with Nina and Shaila when I'm not around, that's okay. I mean as long as her husband is aware that I'm not involved, he dare not suggest that we swap. Got the picture?"

"Yeah," I replied.

"Now, gimme those binoculars. Let's see where that young teen girl has got to with her gigolo boy beyond those bushes."

That was the end of the subject for him, though not for me. I had read about foursomes and I desperately wanted to experience one. This was a glorious chance for me. Uncle and me were already fucking Shaila together and he knew that Shaila and me got it off with Nina. It was merely a question of all the four of us meeting together.

That night the three of us were in the master bed. I was seated with my back against the bedstead, legs wide apart, Shaila riding me with her back to my chest. My cock was deep inside her pussy and it felt like it was being sucked in and spewed out again and again with her clenching pussy.

He was standing before her, his cock grilling her mouth. I was fondling her heavy tits and he had his hands wrapped around the back of her head as he fucked her mouth.

His dick wasn't fully erect as yet and he would interrupt her blowjob and jerk his cock off before thrusting forward to let it slide back into her mouth.

I ignored him and concentrated instead, on the feel of her hot pussy around my shaft. I began to pinch her nipples before rolling them between thumb and forefinger. I looked up at his cock jabbing forward to disappear into her mouth.

Finally, unable to hold back anymore, I cried out, warning her that I was going to come.

"Suck his juices off," he mumbled, backing off.

She spun around and had my cock inside her mouth just at the point at which I exploded. She swallowed my come while I lay on my back on the bed.

I watched her licking my shaft gingerly, making sure she had every drop of my come where she wanted it: inside her mouth. Then, she turned to her husband.

"C'mon, honey," she murmured.

Gasping for breath, I opened my eyes and noticed that he had totally lost his erection.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at him questioningly.

"What's the matter, darling?" she asked.

"Uh, nothing. Nothing at all, it's just that I guess I'm feeling a bit low today." The truth as to why he was in this state was to dawn on me much later.

"Aw, c'mon," I said casually. "You can't possibly get into a low mood now. Say what," I suddenly had an inspiration. "What if we have a face off? You like me fucking her tits, don't you? So what if I have just erupted? Watching you eat her out with my dick between those milky tits is enough to make me raise another hard on. You could say that it is the advantage of youth."

He gave a small smile as Shaila crawled up to him and took his limp cock in her mouth, gently sucking on it. He watched her, in a rather detached kind of a way. Idly, he gripped her tits and fondled them.

I sat on the bed, back against the bedstead, legs wide apart and picked up the blanket to wipe the juices that still clung to my shaft.

"Tell you what, uncle, I'll go get your magic potion for you." 'Magic Potion' was nothing but a strange mix of red wine, a dash of vodka and topped up by Pepsi. It seemed to have an aphrodisiac-like affect on him.

He burst out laughing as I rose and walked out into the living room.

I mixed up the drink in a tall glass, took a tiny sip myself to test the taste, and satisfied, I walked back to the master bedroom.

He didn't need it, I guess. He was already astride his wife, his cock held between her leaking tits with the help of his hands. He was rocking back and forth and I could see that he was erect.

I walked towards them and stood by the side of the bed, thrusting my finger inside her pussy, making her moan aloud and spread her legs.

So much for the drink, I sighed as I sat down on the chair to watch them. I began to sip on the drink.

Why waste it?


I had postponed my return ticked from Bombay thrice already, but when Dad called up to ask me just how long did I propose to stay on, I found no viable reason. I had to finally tell him that I would be on the flight the next day.

When I took the call, Shaila was kneeling on the floor beside me, buck-naked, my cock in her mouth. Uncle had already left for his office and Shaila had suddenly decided that she wanted to taste my come before we would get into the bathroom for our showers.

When she heard me confirm to dad that I would leave the next day, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and pouted. After I cradled the phone, she pulled me by my cock and said, "Do you have to?"

I bent down and planted an open-mouthed wet kiss on her lips.

I straightened and she began to rub my cock head over her tits.

"C'mon Shaila, I got to go one day. But hey, that does not mean that I wont come back again."

"When's your flight tomorrow?"

"I got to leave at five in the morning."

She looked up at me rather morosely.

"C'mon, then, lets fuck in the bathroom. I guess today will be the last time for god knows how long that we will be able to bathe together."

I grinned at her as she rose after giving my cock head a quick wet kiss.

"You go ahead and I'll join you. I'm going to call up Uncle and let him know about my plans."

I watched her delectable rear as I dialed uncle's number. He was just as disappointed as she had been.

"Don't tell me you can't postpone again," he whispered. He was in the conference room in a meeting.

"Dad will fry me if I do that," I laughed.

"Okay, okay. I'll drop you off tomorrow to the airport. That means we have to leave at around half-past four. And it will also mean that we don't get a chance to sleep tonight."

There was a hint of laughter in his voice.

"I wasn't aware that we are getting any," I replied.

Cradling the phone back, I slowly walked into the bathroom. I noticed that Shaila had already filled the tub and through the steam, I could see her naked body hovering around it, testing the temperature of the water. I walked up behind her.

I encircled her by her waist and pressed my hard on against her buttocks. She twisted around and offered her mouth to me. We kissed deeply and passionately.

"Get into the tub, baby!" I told her.

"Use your other language today," she said.

"Get your naked body in the tub, slut!"

She stepped into the water.

"Turn around and face me. I want to look at your bitch tits and whore cunt."

She obeyed, her hands hanging limply by her sides. I stepped closer to the tub.

"On your knees, slut," I commanded and she obeyed again, sliding down into the water till it was up to her waist.

"Suck that cock," I said harshly, thrusting my hips out at her.

She gripped my thighs and leaned forward, opening her mouth and trying to line up my erection to her mouth.

I plunged my hips forward and sank my cock deep inside her mouth.

"Ugghhh!" she cried out when my cock head entered up to the hilt.

"Now, bitch, suck it like I like it."

She began to suck it and by god, I really liked the way she did it! Back and forth, back and forth went her head, her tongue swirling around the shaft, the cock head impaling the back of her throat.

I grabbed her heavy tits and squeezed them powerfully till she uttered a cry. I continued to maul those heavy melons till the milk was liberally spraying over the back of my hands.

As she devoted herself to sucking me off, I slid one hand down into the water searching for her pussy. She spread her legs wide apart and I cupped her naked mound. She moaned again as I thrust two fingers inside her pussy and began to fuck her with them furiously.

"One-two, one-two," I chanted in time with her bobbing head and my fingers.

She wanted to pull her head away from my cock when she climaxed, but I held the back of her head with my hand, sliding it quickly off her breast.

I now began to pump my hips back and forth as she sucked me more vigorously and continued to fuck her hot pussy with my fingers.

"Gosh, your cunt is so wet," I gasped, thrusting harder into her mouth. "And your mouth is as tight as your sluttish cunt! Suck it, you little bitch, suck that cock! Yeah, yes, yes, like that, give me more tongue, you whore, like that, yes, like that, get that dick wetter!"

She sucked me in right earnest as I fucked my finger into her powerfully.

Finally, I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

I gripped her cheeks. "Get back, my little slut. I'm going to join you and fuck your tits now."

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