tagGay MaleHot Summer Night at the Beach Ch. 01-03

Hot Summer Night at the Beach Ch. 01-03


It was a hot summer night at the beach and I had been enjoying the sun and the bodies a good part of the day, but had also been careful to get enough sleep as I had plans to stay up late with the hope of finding some late night action. This was the week after many high schools had graduation and housing was booked beyond capacity, so there were many sleeping bodies on the beach by day that partied most of the night. Many hoped to hook up with friends and crash on the floor with a sleeping bag, but then they were all young and flexible. Opportunity abounded.

I walked the boardwalk for an hour or so after dark when I saw a staggering trio, two guys and a girl and the girl was quite agitated and in heated conversation with the more sober of the two guys. I sat down on a nearby bench to observe and scope out the situation. The one lad was clearly wasted and from what I could make out the girl was ready to party hardy for another hour or two and not about to give that up. The other more sober guy didn't want to abandon his friend, but also didn't want to leave the girl. Finally they all three sat on the next bench, or I should say they lowered the wasted guy on to the bench and he immediately slumped over while the other two continued their conversation or argument. Finally the girl won out and convinced her friend that they could leave "John" on the bench and check back on him from time to time.

John from what I could see was quite an attractive young man with blond hair and a good build. He was dressed in a T-shirt, chinos and sneakers. A green blanket, for use on the beach (which I still have), had considerately been left by his friends covering his lower body. He was out cold seated somewhat sideways on the bench with his left arm hanging over the back of the bench and his head was resting on his arm.

After watching his friends enter a club down the boardwalk, I continued to watch the even rise and fall of his chest from the next bench for at least five to ten minutes. Then I got up and stood between the two benches just watching the ocean while listening to his stertorous breathing for at least another five minutes while keeping my peripheral vision on John and the other young people coming and going on the boardwalk. No one else seemed to be paying any attention to John, or me for that matter at all. After another five minutes I walked to the other side of the bench and watched again for a few minutes and then sat down on the other end of John's bench.

Slowly, I began to move over toward John. We attracted no notice whatsoever even as I approached direct contact. I scanned the surrounding buildings and balconies and there didn't appear to be anyone focused our way at all. I turned toward John and put my right arm over the back of the bench where I could lift his hand and move his arm. As I did so there was no response on his part at all and when I dropped his hand it fell lifeless to its original position. He was out for the count.

Getting bolder, I turned back around and crossed my legs leaning in toward John with my right hand beside his leg. I let my head nod a time or two to appear also somewhat out of it. Carefully with an eye to the passersby and also the club up the boardwalk, I adjusted the blanket so that it covered my arm and I began to explore with my right hand. When there was no response and his breathing remained even, I became bolder feeling up his crotch directly. After feeling the full warmth of a nice bulge for a while I gradually worked my way up the fly and found the top of the zipper and unlatched it. Slowly, I worked the zipper down a bit at a time. At about half way, I reached in a finger and felt nice soft cotton. I was in heaven as I reached in and felt about with just one finger and not a bit of response from my new friend.

After working the zipper down the rest of the way, and getting a good part of my hand in to explore his package, still snug in what I now knew were cotton briefs, I decided it was time to check on his friends. After extricating myself and pushing the blanket in under his leg, I left a note on the bench on top of my wind breaker: "John, if you wake up, stay here, I'll be right back. Mack" I knew he wouldn't come around, but I wanted to ward off anyone else that might claim my place.

I found the two friends in the club, drinking toward the back of the bar with several other friends. They seemed to have completely forgotten John, passed out on the bench on the boardwalk and took no notice of me at all. I didn't think that they had really taken stock of anyone in the heated state that they had left John anyway, but at least I now knew that I had a least a bit more time to develop my plan.

When I returned to the bench, John had not moved and if anything his breathing was even deeper. I pocketed the note and put my jacket over the back of the bench as I sat down again beside him. I've learned to walk slowly and to appear a bit out of it myself which helps me to fit in with the landscape. In fact if someone starts to awaken with my hand in their lap, usually all it takes is to start to lift my hand and then let may hand and head start to fall again, as though oblivious to where, to give me sufficient cover before they too are once again out of it. I, of course, at that point regain control.

After rearranging the blanket and working my hand back into the now familiar crotch, I could tell that John was still on a different planet. While I had great plans for this puppy, I've learned from long experience to get what I can, while it is available, as opportunity can be cut off at any moment and it is not worth the risk of pushing beyond a certain point if events turn against one. That in mind I work a finger through the fly of his cotton briefs to get my first direct feel of his flesh. I would have to wait for the pleasure of even sniffing my finger which was collecting the musky moistness between his cock and balls since I planned to move on to the next stage of my plans quickly before the opportunity evaporated.

Even with the restrictions of his chinos and his position, I could tell that he had a nice set of balls, and his flaccid penis was of a healthy size. Following a fair exploration I tucked everything back in place and prepared to move on. I allowed myself a brief whiff of his musky smell on my fingers. While he should remain fairly out of it for some time to come he had been in one position now for at least an hour and discomfort would bring him around however briefly before long anyway.

Getting to my feet, I put on my wind breaker, to not have it to carry it and threw the blanket over my shoulder. Calling his name, I started to hoist John up with my arms around his chest under his arms. As he started to come around he gave me a look without recognition and I started to give him a frame of reference. I explained, making it up as I went, that his friends wanted to continue partying and that I had said, that since I had had enough already too, I would stay with John. As he made an attempt to nod his understanding, I went on that a policeman had come by and that he had said we couldn't sleep on the boardwalk so that I would take him to my car which was parked near by and take him back to the room he was sharing with his friends.

Just as John started to become dead weight again, a policeman did come by and asked what was up. I explained that a group of us had been together at a club and John had a bit too much. I was the designated driver and was taking him home. The officer was very nice, and not bad looking himself, I might add, and he offered that I could take him to the station in the next block and give him a cold shower to help wake him up! Tempting as this offer was, wondering just what else this officer might have in mind, my other plans held more potential on this occasion. I couldn't help but think back to another time when I had helped half a dozen friends, none of whom I knew, undress their passed out mate and hold him under the shower. That however is another story to be told on its own.

I did accept the officers help as we each put one of John's arms around each of our necks and held it with the other hand, each with our other arm around John's back. This opportunity only heightened my own excited state not to mention lending good credentialization for me to anyone passing by or observing. An endorsement of sorts. As John's feet started to drag, it was more difficult for us to coordinate and keep John off of the ground. As we were near the parking area I thanked the officer for his help, hoisted John up over one shoulder and, with his head and arms hanging down my back, proceeded to my car.

Once or twice a slight groan escaped as I arranged John in the passenger seat of my car and lowered the seat back to about 45 degrees. I put the window down and closed the door. After making sure that his jewels were all in place and secure I could tell that he was comfortable as his steady breathing continued to deepen. Just as I was starting to go around to the driver's door, several young men with two girls came toward the car and started calling John's name. The two original friends were not with them, but I did recognize several of them from the group at the bar.

Seizing control to not loose the rest of my opportunity I came back around and said "he is really out of it" and I promised the police that I would get him home. They acknowledged that they had seen the officer and me carrying John, and that not wanting to get into trouble themselves, had stayed back. What wimps. I knew that I had complete control.

Explaining that we had all been drinking together earlier, a bald faced lie, and that the officer had only agreed not to take John in on the condition that I take responsibility for him. So they had to understand that since he had been released into my custody, as it were, I had to follow through. They all had a bit of a buzz anyway and without enough light for them to I.D. me, if they had been up to it, I felt quite sure of myself. After one guy took a poke or two at John's chest calling his name and finding him totally unresponsive, he drifted off with the rest of them.

Getting into the car myself, I started the engine and slowly pulled out of my parking space. I drove with one hand not rushing anything while I casually explored my prize with my free hand. After driving a dozen blocks or more, I pulled onto a side street near a street lamp and put the car in park, but left the motor running.

Reaching a hand under his butt for a brief feel, I pulled his wallet out of his hip pocket to see just who I had. By the light coming in the windshield, I could read his drivers license. His name was John and he was a good three hours drive from home. He had just turned 18 the previous week. His High School I.D. showed that he had been a member of that year's graduating class and was on both the football and wrestling teams. He had no plastic, not even a bank card, six or seven girls pictures signed to him and about thirty dollars cash. I pocketed his HS I.D. with his picture and the cash. I left him his drivers license. The picture on his HS I.D. would be future jack off material, but the cash was just in case it was needed for a later cover story.

I threw his wallet on the passenger side floor and slowly pulled away from the curb, not wanting to remain in one place any longer. I had prepared for this week some time before and I had two rooms, both rented with false I.D. so that I could not be traced. One was walking distance from the boardwalk, which I decided to keep for other prospects, the other was a mile or two out of town.

I headed in the direction of the second room, not yet sure that I would even end up using it. Toward the edge of town, I pulled off in a parking area near a marina. Near the trees, with a street lamp just over the passenger side door, I eased the car to a stop and put it in Park. Once again leaving the engine running. John had nice steady deep breathing, with a snore rattling every now and again as his lower jaw sagged and just a bit of saliva would drool down over his lip.

It was time to take things to a new level. No one else was out and about that I could see, but I got out of the car and walked around a bit, both to stretch my legs and be sure that there was no one in any of the picnic areas. Things seemed totally deserted. Getting back in the car, I was again looked over my good fortune from head to toe. I reached across his body not able to resist feeling his tight abdomen and chest before releasing the seat back until it was all the way down. He was still not responding to any of the attention that his body was receiving.

His belt was of the army/boy scout variety and I made short work of unfastening it. I unbuttoned the waist of his chinos and worked the zipper back down all of the way and laid them wide. Now, for the first time I could see his tighty whities though open spread of his slacks. All that I could do for the first few minutes was to enjoy the sight. Then with open palm of my right hand I soaked in the warmth and feel of his package through the soft white cotton.

Next I lifted the waistband of his Jockey shorts, yes, now I could see that, and admired what had been hidden from view earlier. I wondered if any of the girls in his wallet had ever gotten to see what I beheld. Getting the scissors, that I kept in the glove box, I started by just clipping through the elastic waistband on both sides to release the tension. This allowed me to explore more freely and easily hook the waistband under his balls so that I could see it all. His scrotum was warm, moist and nice and lose so that his balls hung low. I leaned over and drank in his scent.

O.K. Not knowing how much of the night I might have, I wanted to move right along and it was time for him to lose the jockeys. I worked the chinos almost to his knees, inching them out from beneath his butt. Then I clipped both sides of the Jockeys wide open. Reaching in under his balls, I bunched up the front of his shorts and pulled ever so slowly until they started to move out from under his butt. Free at last he was lying back with his naked butt on the plush seat of my car and his T-shirt up under his armpits. His underwear I slipped into the pocket on the back of the seat and put his I.D. and cash there as well.

Next, I stared to clip off his pubic hair with the scissors and place it in the baggy I had ready for that purpose. He had a nice full bush and not only would I enjoy it in the future, but the prospect of his later discovery that not only had he lost his Jockey shorts, but also his pubic hair excited me beyond belief. Once the better part of his hair was clipped, I added a nice hunk of the hair from his head to the bag and put that also in the pocket on the back of the seat. Now I applied a bit of shaving cream around the base of his cock and used a bic razor to clean up the stubble. If only we had digital cameras back then... At times I got a polaroid or two, but not this night.

Time to move on again. Still not ready to commit to one of my rooms, I moved to a nearby rest area that also seemed not to be in use that night. Pulling to the end near the exit, where there was just enough light to enjoy what I would do, I once again set the car to idle. With one hand I started to stroke while with the other I explored under his balls and sought the no man's land between his cheeks. I felt the tight moist pucker as his prick was starting to grow. How could consensual sex ever be this great? Be it with a beautiful woman, man whatever your preference, there is nothing like the excitement of a straight male who has surrendered completely to something he would not knowing permit.

Just to smell both of my hands at his point, if only there were a way to immortalize that scent other than in the mind's olfactory banks. If only time could stand still. I returned to his stimulation both front and back until my left middle finger had worked its way in, with the addition of a bit of lubrication applied before my return, and his cock was at full attention. His breathing was more rapid now, but he was still not responding other that in the areas of his body receiving direct stimulation.

It was all that I could do to not give myself a bit of direct stimulation at this point. But the best will cum, to those who wait, so you too will wait a bit for the next installment.

To be continued...

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