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Many stories of my Hot Wife whom we'll call her, her name she takes while on vaca.... "Trixie", I could probably do a book with many chapters, but a story on one of her exploits will allow me to relive and put to print instead of memory.

When we went to our Home away from Home in Negril, Jamaica, and those who have been to this resort will know the true meaning of "Home", it was a night that the air is filled with sex and those that want to get in on the sex. The hot tub is the hub of activities of couples doing their own sexual activities of first timers doing one another orally, or actually copulating, if you could film, this would be a nonstop video that would be the most popular of all sex tapes, however..... to Trixie, there is an initiation that is "tradition" to all Virgins to this resort.... It would be to have one half of the couple, usually the male that will be layed upon the floaty mat, then the women in the hot tub will all lick and feast Jamaica's finest Rum Cream from his genitals and nipples, all the women in the group will take a turn in between the legs of this male when the idea is to make them welcomed to the resort, no longer a Virgin. Now not be outdone, the other, (better half ) us men say will lay the woman down for her initiation that of course all the men take turns drinking up the rum cream from her nipples and baby maker.

Now Trixie has this streak that @ 5'2 all of 115 cannot ever loose at anything, she seen that there was this particular guy of this couple that will always be virgins regardless how many times they return that is Very well endowed in length. There was another woman in the group that is talented enough that she could almost swallow this endowment to the root, but it was a bit more than she could swallow, as all were around and cheering and amazed at her talent along with the guy not losing his composure of this treatment, Trixie just has to outdo this other woman and take this to the root. Since the rum cream has her in a state of not losing, she commences on going down on this poor guy for a good five minutes of deep action, until as we are all watching and cheering her on, she finally gets this baseball bat past her reflex and in her throat canal. This pretty much has all of us stop and admire this unbelievable sight, but as we seen, the helmet on the end of this baseball bat poking in her sweet little throat. The poor (yeah right) lucky guy has his mouth wide open and eyes rolling in back of his head when Trixie finally pops up off this guy and continues to suck and lick up and down his shaft as his wife also jumps in and they double lick and suck him to an eruption that he probably will remember for a good chunk of his life to come.

As memorable as this was, Trixie still makes her rounds in this hot tub, pretty big hot tub. As she does a couple of friends we had met during the week had popped in (two single gentlemen from New York), now these friends are of the saying "once you go _____, you never go back", she is teasing them by holding and rubbing their prize possessions, since she knew that in the limp stages they are pretty impressive, that in the aroused state they could bring much excitement. The good things about our new friends they went along with Trixies playing and they also played along rubbing, holding tweaking her all the while. Trixie being the great host that she is will not let a toy that rises to the occasion go unnoticed applied her mouth to the appendages to welcum them to the hot tub this evening. The gentlemen were impressive because as I know of her talented mouth, I could not hold out that long, they were marathon men that let her suck them and play with them while they rubbed and played with her.

Trixie now would like more than this play and asked if these guys would like to accompany her to our room. While in the room Trix now has one up on the headboard as she climbs on all fours to suck and lick him as she motions for the other monster to take her in her favorite position to be completely filled, and bottomed out. This goes on while when one of them gets close they change positions, Trix finally get the one she's sucking past his point of moving when she finally gets a mouthful that as I see it pouring out of her mouth around his snake as she's swallowing as much as possible. The guy that's plowing her from behind cannot take much more himself when I see him push further up in her as he yells and see his body tense up and his ass jerk upward as each squirt shoots out the end of his snake. When I think he's finally drained in her he is still moving little small strokes in and out of her, I commented on his stay power and he sweats out that she's so tight that he isn't soft.....

Trix is in her sexual orgasmic state, has her body is moving as he continues to pump her, the other one gets hard again and want to switch. When the one pumping her pulls out, there was an audible pop, but due to his girth her baby maker is so stretched out that before the other could mount her I had to rub her stretched out lips and wide open cave, I had to even put my fingers in her hot cavern and feel her juices along with his, stepping back in amazement the other mounts and continues to pump her, now the bed is moving so much that it is moving along the floor and she can't stay mouthed to the one till the other finally stiffens up and he makes a deposit in her.

I would love to say that this will continue, however as they have all had the big O's, they exhausted allot of energy, all were in a heap on the bed. After awhile the gentlemen made their way to their rooms allowing me to cuddle up with my Hot Wife, again I would love to say that I now was able to jump in, or fall in, but Trix was at her max and said that the next day would be a new day and that more would cum.

In conclusion, appreciate your reading, hopefully you enjoyed this evenings story as it happened, since we frequent this Home away from Home one to two times a year for many years now, I have many more exploits that also include me the male half and us as a couple in many different stories and variations, thanks.

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