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Houseboat Blues


I had only been out of work for a week, and already I was getting bored. And that's a bad thing for me . . . to be bored. It's how I always get into trouble.

Okay, it's one of the ways I get into trouble.

So here I am, back home in the mountains of Tennessee, and I need something to do. It's beautiful here, and very secluded. I got back into hiking the trails in Smoky Mountain National Park, and I'm still running and exercising. I was so glad to see my husband and my dogs; I thought I'd never leave again. But he's so busy this time of year, with all the tourists and hikers and campers, there's always some kind of crisis in the park. I was left alone again, and that's not good either.

I started running with my neighbor's 17 year old son; he's on the local high school cross country team. We run a 10 mile course on Saturdays and Sundays, unless he has a meet. Even he's starting to look good to me.

Don't worry dear readers, your favorite cat doesn't rob the cradle . . . . yet.

One day, an old friend from college called me up. "Hey Cat, how ya doing?"

"Bill Randall! How are you? How's the family? Lisa ever wise up and dump you?"

Bill lives in Michigan with his wife Lisa and their kids. He's a school teacher, teaches composition or computers or sex ed or something, I can't remember.

"Still a smart-ass, huh Cat? Are you ever serious?"

"Why should I change now, Bill?"

When I was in college, as in high school, I hung out with the guys more than the girls. I did a lot of traditional "guy" things. I took a bunch of physics and math courses, I played sports, I liked to party, I could belch and fart with the best of them. There were these five guys who had been friends since high school, and were now in college together. We met on the racquetball courts and I hung out with them for the next four years. It wasn't anything sexual; I was one of the boys. We stayed friends until well after we graduated.

"Hey Cat, I'm planning a reunion for the old gang. Just the six of us, talk about old times, get away from the boss and the family for awhile. Whadda say?"

Hmm, me and five guys . . . . . . . alone. Sounds like trouble. I hope Bill knows what he's getting himself into.

"Sure Bill, count me in. Where are we going and what are we doing?"

"I thought we'd rent a houseboat for a few days, sail around a big lake, do some drinking, smoke cigars, play cards, maybe do some fishing, rent jet skis, stuff like that."

Guy stuff . . . . . . cool! "Sounds like fun. Um, I'm the only girl going right?"

"Well, yeah, I guess you are. I hadn't thought about that. Is it going to be a problem?"

"Not for me Bill. What about the wives? They know you're inviting me, don't they?"

Dead silence. I thought we'd lost our connection for a minute.

Bill stammered, "I'm thinking I might not tell Lisa, you know how jealous she gets. I don't know about the rest of the gang. You think we should?"


"Bill, what happens if you don't say anything, and she finds out on her own? Doesn't that look like you're trying to hide something? You're not hiding anything are you? You want me to talk to Lisa?"

"Uh no, that's okay Cat. I'll tell her. I promise."

"Bill, we're all still friends right? I'm still one of the guys?"

"Yeah Cat."

"Then there's nothing to worry about. Just some friends getting together for a reunion. Tell Lisa you'll call her every day, and I'll make sure that you do. Okay?"

"Hey! That's a great idea! I'll tell the other guys to do the same thing."

Boys are a lot of fun to play with, but they need training and discipline in order to make them acceptable for public display. I do love them though!

Bill made all the arrangements and the rest of us sent him money. We split it six ways. We were going to rent a houseboat on Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky for 6 days. I couldn't wait! Finally, something fun to do. My husband was okay with it, especially after I invited him to drive up and meet us for dinner at one of the marinas on the lake. It would only have been a two hour drive from our house. He declined, but told me to have a good time.

"And behave yourself Cat."

People keep saying that to me lately. Is my reputation that bad? Would I tease five guys I've been friends with for 25 years, five guys I will be alone with on a houseboat in the middle of a secluded lake in the heart of rural Kentucky?

Hey! Don't answer that! That was a rhetorical question!

I shouldn't even have to say it: You betcha!

I figured I'd be in a bathing suit for most of the six days, so I went out and bought a new two piece. The top was two scraps of material with strings attached and the bottom was an itty bitty thong. My nipples and Miss Kitty would be covered, but that's about it. I also bought some short shorts, a tube top and some bare midriff tees.

I also packed my usual sleepwear: boxsies and racer back tank tops from Victoria's Secret. I only packed one pair of jeans; I figured we wouldn't be going anywhere fancy, maybe to a marina restaurant at most.

The day finally arrived for me to drive up to the lake to meet the boys. I hadn't seen them in about three years, the last time was for a funeral; someone's relative had died suddenly. I really was looking forward to having some fun and sharing memories. These guys were like brothers to me, and they've always treated me like a kid sister. And as some of you out there know, I have always been very good to my brothers!

When I arrived at the marina, I checked in at the office, and was escorted to the houseboat. At 74 feet long and 20 feet wide it was huge. Bill got the top of the line. There were six bedrooms all with queen beds, and two bathrooms, but only one had a shower. I had to share one shower with five guys? Oh well, it was only for a few days. Bill and Rich were already on the boat, the rest of the gang was nowhere to be seen.

Bill came out to greet me first. "Wow Cat, you look great!"

I was wearing my new tube top and white short shorts, my water sandals, and a straw sun hat. Bill had on a loose pair of multi-colored swim trunks and no shirt.

"Bill, how are you? Hey, you've been working out. Look at those biceps!"

"Thanks Cat, I lift weights every now and then. I still need to lose 30 pounds though."

"Aw you look great Bill!"

Bill said since I was the only girl, I could pick my room first. There were three on the main deck and three on the upper deck. The bathrooms were on the main deck, but I chose one of the upper berths. I liked the view out the window. I unpacked my things, which wasn't much, and headed out to the galley to see what we had to drink.

Bill and Rich were drinking Coors Lite, my favorite beer.

Rich said, "Hey Cat, wow, you look great! What do you want to drink?"

Rich Maxwell lives in Philly with his wife and three kids. He is a quality assurance manager for an auto dealership. I love the man dearly, he's a great guy, probably my favorite actually.

"Aw thanks! I'll have one of those silver bullets you're drinking."

One-by-one, the other three guys showed up, and greetings were made all around. The guys shook hands with each other; I got kissed on the lips, by everybody. Go figure.

We shoved off and cruised around the lake a bit, checking out various spots to anchor for the night. We stopped a few times to swim and cool off. The water was perfect, not too cold, not too warm, and clean! I had changed into my bathing suit, and soon realized the top was probably a size too small for my 36 D's. It nearly came right off a couple of times when I dove into the water from the deck of the boat.

For lunch, someone had thoughtfully brought some sub sandwiches from a hometown deli. We docked in a cove, broke out the sandwiches and beer, and had our first meal together.

Neil said, "So Cat, how's outer space these days? Met any Martians yet?"

"Outer space is still a big empty vacuum, just like the space between your ears." That got a chuckle from the others. Neil's an attorney in Atlanta, and he has a great body, not an ounce of fat. He's big into cycling, and competes regularly in races. He's the best looking of the bunch. He and his wife Betty have two boys, nice kids. I totally adore Neil.

We talked, and laughed, and had a great time. I was in heaven, surrounded by five guys I loved, the only woman alone with them for six days, the center of their attention. It doesn't get much better than that for me.

That evening as we coasted into a quiet, secluded cove, I put my homemade pasta sauce on the stove to heat up, then filled another pot with water, and got it going for the noodles. I decided to take a shower, and then change into dry clothes. I retrieved a half tee and cotton short shorts from my room, some shampoo, and headed for the bathroom. Just as I opened the door and stepped in, I realized someone else was already in there.

Neil was in the shower stall, clearly visible behind the glass door. He had his right hand wrapped tightly around an impressive hard-on, and was obviously practicing his chicken choking techniques. If my husband had a dick as long and as wide around as the truncheon I was looking at now, he wouldn't have time to jerk off because I'd be all over him day and night. And, like they say at American Express, I'd never leave home without it.

"Oops, sorry Neil, knock, knock."

Neil turned away and brought both hands to his head, as if he were washing his hair. I couldn't see his boner anymore.

"Oh hi Cat, I'll be done in a sec."

We had all agreed earlier it would be nearly impossible to have any privacy here, with the six of us sharing two bathrooms and one shower. Since I was the only girl, the boys wanted to know what I thought we should do.

"Look guys, you know I'm not shy, and I don't need too much privacy. As long as you can handle it in a mature manner, I'm going to dress and undress, shower and pee, whenever the need arises. Just pretend I'm your sister."

There was a collective sigh of relief, as if they had been agonizing over this for quite awhile. Obviously they agreed with me and I'm sure they were happy I made the decision they were hoping for anyway.

I told Neil, "Oh that's okay, I'm just enjoying the show. Cute butt by the way."

Still facing away from me, Neil responded, "We probably ought to double up on the showers; you know, to conserve water."

With soap all over his face, Neil didn't see me walk over to the shower. I took off my bathing suit, opened the shower door and stepped in. I don't think Neil was expecting me to call his bluff.

"Uh, hey Cat, what're you doing?"

"How long have you and Betty been married Neil?"

"Uh, I don't know, 20 years I guess."

"Hmm, no wonder you don't know what I'm doing. We're conserving water remember? Give me the soap, I'll do your back."

I picked up a wash cloth from the towel bar, moistened it with shower water, and then rubbed the bar of soap into it. Once I had a good lather, I started at Neil's shoulders, scrubbing his back all the way down to his butt. I started soaping up his ass, running the wash cloth up and down his crack. Neil had his butt cheeks clenched tighter than a crab's ass, and that's water tight! Mental note, Neil's not into anal. Squatting down, I went up and down first one leg, then the other.

"Turn around, I need to do the front of your legs."

Probably not realizing I was crouching down, with my head level with his waist, Neil abruptly turned to face me. He was still sporting a rather large hard on, and as he turned, his dick whipped around and smacked me right in the face!


"Oh jeez Cat, I'm sorry! I didn't know you were down there!"

Still squatting, with my nose less than 4 centimeters from his hard cock, I rubbed my cheek like it still hurt.

"Damn Neil, what's that thing made of, concrete?"

At this distance, I didn't even need my glasses to see I was right about Neil's cock; just the right length and very wide. His balls hung down as if they were filled with a viscous fluid. (Duh!) Neil doesn't shave his balls, but he must trim them. His pubic hair was thin and close cropped. Getting tired from squatting, I got down on my knees, reached up and grabbed his prick with my right hand.

"Nice package you got here Neil. I thought I saw you spanking the monkey when I first came in."

"Sorry Cat, I'm kinda horny. I don't get much at home, and you looked pretty sexy in that skimpy bathing suit you had on before."

"If I was your wife you'd be too drained to jerk off. Well, you're not going back out there with a loaded gun, let's see what we can do about it."

"Uh, you know Cat, you don't have to do that if you don't want to. I could finish myself."

Slowly pumping his shaft with my hand, I said, "Look Neil, I'd be happy to do this for you. But we've all been good friends for a long time and I don't want to ruin that. I'd like to take care of this, but I don't want to announce it to the others, okay? If we can agree to keep this just between you and me, I'd like to finish what I started."

"Of course Cat, I won't say anything to anyone, I swear on my life."

"That's good enough for me."

I had been gradually pumping his tube faster, now I tilted the tip towards my mouth and placed it to my lips. Still jerking him with my hand, I lowered my mouth onto his cock, sliding it deeper and deeper down my throat. Soon I was massaging his balls with my hand and bobbing my head up and down on his shaft. I could feel my own juices beginning to flow; my pussy was tingling with excitement. I lowered my other hand down to my twat, and started frigging myself.

Neil was moaning with pleasure, and he had placed both of his hands on the back of my head, lightly holding my face close to his crotch. I could feel his balls starting to swell, getting ready to unload. But I was so horny now, unable to get myself off with just my fingers. I needed something longer and thicker.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I looked up into his eyes and smiled, licking the outside of his pole.

"Mmmm, damn Cat, don't stop now."

"I need a good fucking Neil, how about I give you an IOU for the blowjob?"

"Oh, well, I think I can accommodate you. But I still want that blowjob later."

"You know I keep my promises. And just think, Atlanta's not that far from Gatlinburg. Now let's get this hickory stick inside me."

I stood up, turned and faced the wall, placing the palms of my hands on the wall. Leaning forward, I spread my legs wide and looked back over my shoulder at Neil, and gave him a wink.

Neil stood behind me, placing the head of his prick against my ass. He stuck two fingers in my cunt and pumped them in and out. I was already soaking wet, and not just from the shower water. Removing his fingers, Neil guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. I shoved my hips backwards, impaling myself on his manhood. Neil didn't waste any time and began fucking me hard and fast, just the way I like it.

"Mmmmmm, goddamn Neil, that feels good. Fuck me!"

"Jeez Cat, you're as tight as a 20 year old. Fuck yeah!"

I didn't ask how he knew what a 20 year felt like. Holding my hips, Neil was thrusting as hard as he could. My pussy felt soooo good; he was hitting all the right spots and my orgasm came quickly.

I knew Neil would cum pretty soon; he was ready to pop a few minutes ago when he was tickling my tonsils. Sure enough, his cock grew even larger inside me, and I felt the first shot of jism, then a seemingly endless series of short hard spurts. When they finally stopped, Neil slowly eased his cock out of my pussy. I turned around to face him and, standing on my tiptoes, kissed him passionately on the mouth. Neil was always my favorite.

Holding his still semi-hard cock in my hand, I leaned down and gobbled his meat back into my mouth. I sucked all of our combined goo off the entire shaft, and then I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered it all over his dick and balls. Staring warmly into his eyes, I said, "Now remember, not a word to the others. Promise?"

"I keep my promises too Cat. Don't worry, it's our little secret. Hey, how come we never did this before?"

"Because you never asked, silly."

After getting Neil's equipment nice and squeaky clean, I started to wash out my own cream filled kitty, sticking three fingers way in there. You know, just to make sure I got everything out. Neil offered to help, but I figured we'd end up filling it back up again, so I told him maybe later, and suggested he get dried off and dressed before the others noticed we were both missing.

After Neil stepped out of the shower and dried off, he put on some shorts and a shirt, and then snuck out. I finished washing my hair, and the rest of my body, then dried off also. I put on a half shirt and shorts, and then I went back out to the galley, and saw the water for the pasta was boiling.

Stan was just standing there staring at it, so I said, "Stan, make yourself useful. Stick it in for me."

Stan turned around and stared at me with a funny look on his face. Like I just told him he won the lottery but he couldn't remember what he did with his ticket. He was staring right at my boobs, and then his eyes wandered down to my crotch.

"Stan? Are you going to put it in or not?"

"Uh, put what in Cat?"

Oh these guys, I do love them so!

"Let's start with putting the pasta into the pot of boiling water, and then we'll go from there."

Stan came out of his fog, and put the noodles in the water. I'm convinced all men are prone to seizures.

"Oh, be a sweetie, and stir the sauce too? Good boy, love ya!"

After we ate, the guys all complimented me on my cooking, then they went to work cleaning up and putting everything away. I got to go out on the deck with my wine, and sit in the lounge chair. By now, the sun had set, the crickets and frogs were performing their nightly concert, and all the stars were out. It was a warm, pleasant evening, and I was feeling the effects of the day's activities, the sun, the alcohol, and the meal we just ate.

"Hey Cat! You're not sleeping are you? Getting too old to party?"

Chuck came out on the deck and found me dozing in the chair. It had probably only been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. I felt really good, and noticed my nipples poking out through the thin material of the tee shirt. I also felt a familiar tingling in my nether region. Boy, I must really be enjoying this, I thought to myself.

"No, I'm not sleeping, just relaxed."

"Well here's more wine. Mind if I relax with you?"

"Are you trying to get me drunk? And, yes, of course you can relax with me. That's what we're here for."

Following Chuck out the door, Rich said, "Yes we are trying to get you drunk, as a matter of fact, is that okay?"

"As long as you get drunk with me."

We talked and laughed some more, but soon everyone was starting to get heavy eyelids. It was nearly midnight anyway, and we had several more days of sun and fun to get ready for, so by group consensus, we decided to get some sleep. I got kissed goodnight, full on the mouth, by five sets of lips.

Arriving at my room, I pulled off my tee shirt and shorts, and retrieved my sleepwear from the dresser. Just as I slipped my boxers on, I heard someone in the doorway clearing their throat.

Speaking sotto voce, Stan said, "Oops, sorry Cat, I didn't know you were changing."

Now Stan Johnson is a neat guy; he's a computer programmer for the town of Columbia, TN. He has also been a volunteer fireman and a reserve police officer, and he helps run a vintage train tour between a couple of small towns in Middle Tennessee. And he loves to chat and flirt with women on the internet, so I gave him my email address. He's currently divorced. He's my favorite of the bunch.

Whispering back, I said, "That's okay, want to help me fluff my chest pillows?"

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