tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Met My Boyfriend

How I Met My Boyfriend


This is the true story of how I met John who has been my boyfriend for the past two years. I had returned to my hometown to attend our ten year class reunion- which went about as well as you would expect- meeting half-remembered people who weren't important to me then and who aren't important to me now. With some exceptions- my two old friends Bill and Bruce were there and we had a great time swapping stories and Bill invited us over to his house to play some poker the following night ( which was a Saturday).I promised to attend so about 9 pm I arrived to find the guys already well into the sauce and Bill introduced me to his friend John who seemed friendly but kind of reserved.

Bill informed us we would be playing strip poker which I thought was kind of dumb seeing as there weren't any women there but kept my mouth shut.

We played for awhile and all of us had to remove some clothing but I was down to my socks and boxers when Bill said Ok- time for a change- and brought out four plastic bags full of clothing. He said we would all dress up as women now and start all over again. I thought that was a pretty good deal as I was losing and this would give me another chance.

We all went off into the different bedrooms and I spent a good ten minutes getting dressed - putting on all the sexy lingerie- the blouse and skirt, shoes and wig- those idiots were going to have to win a lot of poker hands before I had all this stuff off.

When I came back out the guys were all just sitting around drinking- none of them had dressed up at all. I said What the hell is this? They just laughed and said it was a joke and to relax and have a beer. Well I was a little ticked off but I had a few beers and when Bill put "let the good times roll" on the stereo I pretended to be a stripper and did a little dancing.

We were all pretty wiped so Bruce and I crashed on the two chesterfields and Bill and John grabbed a piece of carpet on the floor and the lights went out.

Bill woke me up sometime later-he was poking me in the ribs- I said what do you want and he said look- I got a big woody when you were dancing and could you help me out with it? He grabbed my hand and put it on his dick and sure enough he was as hard as a rock. I moved my hand on it a bit and he whispered yeah-yeah thats great- and moved up so that he was sitting on a chair at the end of the chesterfield and was pulling me towards him.

His dick almost hit me in the face- I didn't want to blow him but it was dark so I figured what the hell and wrapped my lips around his cock.

Immediately the lights came on and as I turned my head Bruce and John were staring at us- their cocks pointing right at the ceiling. It must have been quite a sight with me dressed as a chick laying over the end of the chesterfield with Bill's cock in my mouth. Bruce got up behind me and was rubbing his cock in my ass crack. Yeah- I gotta get me some of this he said and I heard him unwrapping something and then I felt his slippery cock pressing against my hole. I was trying to get up but Bill kept pushing my head down on his cock and as Bruce pressed harder and harder I felt my ass muscles give way and his cock slid all the way up my ass till I could feel his hairy balls on my cheeks. Yeah- oh yeah- that feels great- your ass feels so good Bruce said as he stroked my ass. I was twisting and squirming but Bruce just fucked me harder and faster until I could feel him shooting in me. He then pulled out and John grabbed me around the waist and turned me over onto my back. I want to look in your eyes while I fuck you he said and I felt his thick cock slide up my well lubed ass- I instinctively squeezed my ass muscles and he said yeah- that's it baby- milk that cock-every time he pulled back I squeezed so I would be tighter as he stroked back in and after just a few minutes I could feel his cock jerking as he shot another huge load up my ass. He leaned down and kissed me and said You're my girl now Tracey. We left hand in hand.

It's a great relationship- He loves my ass and I love his cock.

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