tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Really Got My BA In College

How I Really Got My BA In College


I was living in an off-campus apartment building two months into my first semester of a two year BA program. I lived on the 22nd floor and my three friends Ray,Jim and Dan lived together on the 13th. As it was Friday night I threw a couple loads of laundry into the wash and went downstairs to cadge a few beers until the clothes were ready for the dryer. They were well into the sauce by the time I got there (it was about 9:30) and were watching the miss teen USA contest on TV.

I helped myself to a cold ale and joined Ray on the couch.

The girls were beautiful of course and we were making all sorts of rude comments - and making up fuck stories to try and out- bullshit each other.

This went on long enough for me to grab another beer when Jim made a comment that I would make a good-looking girl. I basically told him to get fucked and said I had to go get my laundry and would be back for more beers later on.

When I finally got the laundry transferred into some dryers that actually worked and got back downstairs again, Jim was sitting in the recliner all done up like a chick. I said What the fuck are you guys doing and Jim said that they were just wondering what it would feel like to dress like a girl and asked me if I had ever been curious about it? I said no way and Jim said I was just lying because pretty well all guys wondered at some time or another and that each of them were going to dress up and that I was going to go next.

Well I didn't really like the idea but I agreed I would dress if everyone else was going to so Jim took me into his bedroom and had me strip and put on all the clothes that he was wearing. It did feel pretty sexy- the nylons on my legs the black lacy bra and the tight white blouse and black mini I put on. Jim then did my face and I put on the black wig and white strappy shoes and he led me back into the living room. Ray and Dan were obviously impressed and said I looked really pretty without being slutty.

Then they said they didn't feel like playing dress-up anymore they just wanted to get wasted and make up some more bullshit stories.

I was going to change back to my regular clothes but I just kicked my shoes off and sat on the couch. Nobody made any comments about it so I just decided to relax and have a few more beers. By this time the laundry was done so I just went back upstairs without bothering to change and got the laundry back to my room and went back downstairs again.

The guys were all pretty well passed out by now - jim and Ray were on the two couches and Dan was doing a dead man impression on the carpet (with his hand still holding a half-full beer).

I was chuckling to myself- these losers are wiped and there's still half a case in the fridge so I settled in for some serious drinking.

I vaguely remember staggering into a bedroom and flopping on the bed and the next thing I knew somebody was lying next to me had lifted my skirt and was doing some serious deep throating on my cock. Something was brushing my face and when I opened my eyes there was a hard throbbing cock not an inch from my lips. I decided to just put my tongue on it but as soon as my tongue touched the head it seemed to get a mind of it's own and went right in my mouth. I was almost choking on it but I managed to move my head back a bit and started to suck it just the way mine was being sucked.

Whoever it was started moaning around my cock and was sticking his finger in my ass which was really feeling great so I was really enthusiastically sucking when he lifted his mouth from my cock and he softly told me to roll on my stomach. I recognized Dans voice and realized I must have crashed on his bed.

Dan had moved over so I was able to roll onto my stomach and immediately I could feel his slippery cock on my asshole. I wasn't worried as I was pretty sure there was no way anything that big was going to get in my ass. Dan just kept pressing- his cock felt hard as steel and as big as a telephone pole when I felt the head slip past my outer ring. I groaned from the pain but Dan gave a sudden thrust and buried his cock right to the balls in my ass. I could feel his hairy balls resting on my cheeks. We must have made a little too much noise because the lights were suddenly turned on and Jim and Ray were standing beside the bed- both buck-naked with their hard-ons pointing right at the ceiling.

I was trying to stammer out some kind of an explanation when Ray just smiled and pushed my head down onto his cock. I started to suck and it was really an amazing feeling with Ray's cock pumping my mouth and Dan stroking my ass like it was a pussy. Dan started really pounding my ass and in seconds I could feel his cum blasting into me. As soon as he pulled out- Jim slid his even bigger cock in me and as I rubbed my steel- hard cock on the bed-sheets he too blasted a load- my whole ass felt really warm and I could feel cum dripping out when Jim finally pulled his cock out.

Ray was really face-fucking me now and I could taste his pre-cum and then he held my head really tight and I could feel the cum squirting into my throat.He pulled his cock out and said I was a great cocksucker.

All of this was really too much for me at the time and I just managed to get back to my room and crash. The next day though I got thinking and decided to advertise myself in the local paper as a TV escort and make some cash. It worked out even better than I expected and I was able to graduate with all my student loans paid and I immediately started a TV strip/escort club with my new business degree.

The club was fantastically successful- we had many regulars and I was able to convince many straight guys to dress and dance. I was still boffing every chick I could find and I could never really figure out why tvs were so popular- so I asked one of our regulars why he preferred tvs over regular escorts. He said sure everybody wants to boff young chicks but you have to realize most of the really sweet stuff just hooks up with a sugar daddy and only the leftovers get stuck as escorts. They are generally older,a little bitter,not really in good shape, and about as much fun as fucking a bag full of warm water.By contrast tvs are young,sexy,intelligent,usually keep themselves in fantastic shape, fuck like a sixteen year old girl on prom night and give blowjobs that make you feel like your cockhead will blow right off when you shoot.

When it comes to paying for sex I don't want to be disappointed I get a tv escort and I know i'll be getting my money's worth.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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