tagIncest/TabooHow My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 01

How My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 01


How My Daddy Made Me a Cumslut Ch. 01

This story took on a life of its own, and is much longer than I’d originally intended. But I really liked the story line, and it’s chock full of fun sex, so I left it alone. Enjoy it, and feel free to vote and send feedback. Thanks!

Chapter 1 - The girls begin their education………

How My Daddy Made me a Cumslut.

Maybe I should rethink that title. After all, it wasn’t as if he didn’t have help. A lot of it. I may even have become a cumslut without his helpful hints, but it would have taken me a lot longer to figure things out, and I wouldn’t have had nearly so much fun.

Like a lot of parents, Dad was stuck driving his daughter around a lot when I was in high school. Fortunately he is a lawyer, and he was able to make his own schedule. He’d drive us back and forth to classes, cheerleader meets, football games, my friend’s houses and the like. I’d often hinted that I’d like a car of my own, but Daddy always said that driving me around allowed him to keep a closer eye on me. I knew it wasn’t really a money issue because we lived in an upper class home in the affluent end of town.

Very often Dad would also give a lift to my best girl friend, Allie. She was on the cheerleader squad, too, and we had been best friends for, like, forever.

Anyway, Dad was always driving us around and giving us little bits of daddy advice while he drove. Sometimes he’d talk about the evils of drugs, sometimes about how to study better and grow up to be smart and rich, and sometimes about boys. Come to think of it, he joked around about boys a lot. Little did either of us know how soon we’d both discover how much he really knew….

Allie and I were riding in the backseat and giggling about Bobby, the wide receiver on the football team. I was wearing a short top and a new pair of low slung jeans I had just gotten for my birthday. I was entirely within the school dress code, but Bobby, with a kind of dazed look in his eyes, had made some crack about how much more of me he’d like to see while he was gazing at a spot somewhere south of my belly. I liked Bobby a lot, and we’d made out a few times, but I had made damn sure that it never went any further.

Anyway, I told Allie about his drooling on the ride home that night and we couldn’t help but giggle. Dad even made a crack - “You two need to watch out. Being cheerleaders makes you prime bait. Boys will always be fishing for sex from you.” He was right, though. Boys are like, so stupid.

“That reminds me!” Allie said, as she pulled a newsletter from Boulder University out of her backpack. “You’ve gotta see this!” she said. Allie passed the paper to me, and pointed to an article on an inside page. Allie whispered to me, “The college is getting into all kinds of trouble for letting them print this. They think it’s like corrupting our morals or something. A lot of the parents are trying to get the paper to stop.” I looked at her like she was crazy, but she pushed my hand holding the paper back towards me and said, “Go on! Read it!”

Girl Talk – A Sexkitten’s Primer by Miss Julie

OK girls, here’s your sex lesson for this week. Remember it and promise to use it only for good (that means getting yourself laid!). Here goes. Boys are visually excited. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but think about this a little bit. That means that they can get horny just by seeing a little bare skin. Trust me on this. Even if all you’re doing is letting your belly button wink out from under a short top it’s enough to turn his thoughts to screwing you. You don’t have to do a thing but let him see some skin. You want to get a guy excited quickly? Flash him a pert nipple or your dripping pussy by pulling your clothes aside, not off. I guarantee a major reaction!

But if you really want to get him hot, don’t let him see you naked! That’s right – keep some of your clothes on. It adds a little mystery to your encounter, and a little urgency. Remember this rule - he’ll always be wanting more if he feels like he hasn’t seen it all. It’s like if you’re screwing around and you haven’t had time to even take off your skirt or your shoes, it must mean that you really want him badly. At least that’s what your boyfriend’s poor little mind will believe! Did you do your homework from last week and look at a few porn sites on the internet? How many totally naked girls did you see? Not many, right? They were usually only partially clothed. They had on just a skirt (pushed up around her waist, of course), or some stockings. Some jewelry, or maybe just a pair of high heels (lots of guys really go for that one!). That’s because boys always see a partially clad young girl as way sexier than a totally naked one. Hard to believe, but it’s true. Try it, and you’ll see that I’m right. Next time you’re screwing your current hunk, retain some mystery and don’t let him see everything. And remember from now on, as long as you’re in a relationship with a boy, keep some clothes on!

I was totally amazed. I had never heard this kind of stuff before. I mean, who’s going to tell you stuff like that? Your mom? No way! Your friends? Maybe, but none of my friends had anywhere near enough experience to write something like this. I mean, we may have been the cheerleaders but our reputation was much bigger than our reality. This was a real live college girl. One who had obviously been there, done that and got the pictures. As I imagined myself maybe flashing a titty at Bobby, I have to admit, I felt a pleasurable little tingle between my legs.

“Natalie?” My reverie was snapped when Dad spoke over his shoulder, “Natty, what is it? Let me take a look.” Now Allie’s always had a little crush on my dad. He is pretty good looking, with a firm jaw and thick black hair with just a touch of gray, and she considers herself pretty mature and likes to joke around with him. So she giggled and started to hand the paper over the back of the front seat to him. I reached out and took her hand in mine and stopped her. She gave me a look like, “What are you doing!” but she stopped. I said, “It’s nothing, Daddy. Just something about the swim team that only Allie would find funny.” Dad was driving, but he wasn’t stupid. I’m sure that he thought that it was something else, but just then we arrived at Allie’s and he let it go when she jumped out of the car with a “Thanks! Bye!”

Now I was all kinds of anxious to try out my new knowledge, but I was also more than a little timid. I mean, aside from my daddy no male had ever seen any part of me that wasn’t covered by my swimsuit. And he hadn’t seen anything since I was a very little girl. Mom was kind of stuffy about stuff like that. I mean, she’s really pretty and all, and I had a sneaking suspicion that she and Dad had a pretty good sex life. But everybody was always dressed in my house, and aside from an occasional crack from Daddy, sex just wasn’t mentioned. But the idea of turning that dazed look of Bobby’s up a notch or two really fascinated me. And for the next week or so I was so horny that I had to play with myself every night.

Thursday night I had just settled into my bed a little early. My homework was all done and all I really wanted was to dip my fingers into myself. Just the thought of flashing Bobby had me really craving a good orgasm. I propped myself up on a few pillows, pulled up my nightshirt and watched my hands start working their magic on my bare pussy. I softly fondled the lips between my legs and watched as they became swollen and red. I had just reached that stage where I became so sensitive that it was time to plunge my finger in and start working towards a good cumming when the phone rang.

“Damn,” I whispered. I wrestled with the idea of just letting it ring so that I could finish my self pleasuring, but you know as well as I do that no teenage girl can resist the siren call of her phone. It was my own fault for starting so early in the night, but my pussy just wouldn’t wait! I reached over to my bedside table with my left hand and picked it up while I continued to make small circles around my clit with my right. God, did that feel good!

“Hello,” I said, trying not to sound too breathless.

“Hey,” said Allie. “Whatcha up to?”

I had to pause for just a second as a shudder of delight ran up from my pussy. I caught my breath and than said, “Nothin.” I spread my legs a little wider.

There was a kind of pause on the other end of the phone, and then Allie kind of whispered, “Me neither.”

I was preoccupied by the slippery feeling of my finger gently rubbing my clit, so I didn’t say anything for a minute. Allie didn’t either. It really wasn’t that unusual – sometimes we’d just hang on the phone for company without talking. And I found I was grateful for the pause so that I could enjoy my fingering.

Then she said, “So did you work up the nerve yet?” We’d talked about the article by Miss Julie every time we’d seen each other all week. It was like some kind of forbidden knowledge that was insinuating itself into our every thought. It was titillating, and it was because article had taken residence in my brain that I had been horny for days. We wondered what kind of girl Miss Julie was, and what she was really like. On top of that, Allie had spent all week trying to talk me into giving Bobby a good look at my breast, or maybe my bare ass.

“No,” I said, sounding just a little exasperated. I mean, how many times were we going to go over this? I flicked my finger idly against my clit, just enjoying myself while keeping my pussy warmed up so that I could give myself a good thrashing when we got off the phone. Besides, it was really delicious to be fondling myself while I was talking to Allie. Before Miss Julie entered our lives, talking to somebody, even Allie, was something I would never have dreamed of doing while I was delighting the opening between my legs.

Allie reminded me that tomorrow was Friday. She had kind of set the end of the week as a deadline for me to show off some part of my naked body. I’d never agreed, but I guess I didn’t really argue with her, either. My best tactic was a strong offense, I’d decided.

“What about you?” I asked. “I told you I would if you would.” My defense was that Allie didn’t have a boyfriend. I think that most of the boys were intimidated by her because she’s always been about the smartest girl in school. Allie’s really cute, with a body I wished I had – all soft curves hinting at warm secrets. Her breasts are fuller than mine, and she has the most gorgeous set of pink lips and an upturned nose. Her hair is brown, soft and thick. I’m more the gangly all American girl type – I think they call it coltish. Blond, long and slender. Still, I figured that if I was going to try something like this, then my best friend had to come up with a way to try it, too.

“I was thinking…….,” she said. “I was thinking……” she said again, and I thought I heard her gasp. “Now you promise that you won’t think I’m crazy or something!”

“Noooo,” I said. I mean, I had to know, right? I may have even stopped my own fondling for a moment.

“I was thinking……………Mark!”

“Your brother Mark!?” I said in amazement. “You’ve gotta be kidding!”

“He’s just so…….dreamy!” she said. She had me there. Mark was Allie’s older brother. A real live college student, and a major hunk to boot. He’d had plenty of girlfriends through the years, but he had mostly ignored Allie and me. As I pictured his chiseled good looks and his dark curly hair I suddenly realized that I had started rubbing my pussy with a lot more energy than I was using only a second before, and I was suddenly a whole lot more slippery.

“I’ll tell you something else,” she whispered. “Once I started thinking about him, I couldn’t stop.” Allie gasped right out loud, and then moaned into the phone, “I’m playing with myself right now.”

“Omigod!!” I cried. “Me, too!!” A picture of Allie naked on her bed, her legs spread and her fingers dipping hard and fast into her pussy sprang into my head. Her dark brown hair was spread over her pillow as she tried to watch herself cum but couldn’t, because her eyes kept closing in ecstasy. I couldn’t help myself, and I moaned loudly into the phone just before I dropped it. I think I remember hearing Allie’s soft whimper at the same time, but I’m not sure. I was too busy being amazed watching my own pussy. The sensation of knowing that Allie was on the other end of the phone with her legs spread and her fingers wet with cum propelled my caresses immediately from languid play into imminent orgasm. My self pleasuring had reached a whole new level of intensity that I’d never experienced before, thanks to the vision of my nude girlfriend.

Suddenly something new happened. I was frantically rubbing, faster and faster, watching my fingers massage my pussy and trying to get myself off when squirt of cum shot out of my puffy red lips and drenched my fingers. All at once the air in my room was all gone. I thrust two fingers into myself as far as I could while I came and came harder than I ever had before. All those years of what I’d thought were intense cummings vanished in a heartbeat, because this one made them weak and pale in comparison. I thrust my pussy up against my hand, my ass in the air as I strained for more. My body shook involuntarily, and I would have screamed, but I was too busy gasping for oxygen.

After what seemed like forever, my orgasm started to subside. The aftershocks came every few seconds and I was slowly able to relax back down into my bed. I stretched my legs out in front of me as I eased down. My back and the inside of my thighs ached from the strain they had endured for my grateful pussy. I’d rub little circles around my clit, wait for a little mini-orgasm, and then rub again. Gradually my cummings tapered off, and I was able to remember where I was. Even who I was, for that matter.

I picked up the phone again, and said “Allie?” My voice came out all scratchy and weak. There was no answer but some soft moaning and the kind of squishy wet sound that you get when you rub your pussy. I figured that Allie was finishing cumming too, and so I waited patiently, gently caressing myself in post orgasmic languor. Every once in a while I’d say her name into the phone again.

After a few minutes, she answered. “God!” She said. “I just came like I’ve never come before.” I had to consciously take a mouthful of air so that I had enough breath to answer.

“Me too,” I said.

“Wow.” It sounded like she was still having trouble breathing too.


“I’ve never…..”

“God,” I said. I know it wasn’t Shakespeare, but somehow it was the best most personal conversation of my whole life.

“The picture of you playing with yourself just did something to me,” Allie said languidly. “I don’t know why, but when I thought of your blond hair and your fingers in your pussy………..” I could hear a contented ‘I just came’ smile in her voice, as well as the beginnings of some post orgasmic sleepiness. I felt the same way, and I didn’t mind at all that she was hearing the same things from me.

Contented, drained, and drowsy beyond belief, we each said, “I love you, baby,” and then hung up.

The next day was Friday, and I think my legs were still a little rubbery from my session the night before. I had been playing with myself for a couple of years, but I’d never cum like that! It was a whole new ballgame. Fueled by the Sexkitten Primer, a desire had started swimming through my brain begging to be released.

Allie was in all of the advanced classes, so we didn’t actually spend much time together during the day. We only ever saw each other during passing periods. But we always spent a lot of time together during cheerleader practice. So I was a little surprised to find her standing by my locker before first period. Aside from a slight blush and a wicked knowing smile, she didn’t bring up anything about our newfound mutual activity.

She did, however, point out that it was Friday and that I was supposed to let Bobby see some of me naked. She knew that at this point it wouldn’t take much of a push to make me do it. We both seemed to have crossed a line, and what was unthinkable yesterday was not only doable now, but almost necessary. On the way to school I had made up my mind for sure, and Allie giggled with glee when I said that I was going to do it. Of course she wanted details. But I really didn’t have any. Pussy, ass or breast? Passing period in the hall, or an under the desk look in the science class Bobby and I took together. I’d been contemplating my choices ever since I’d read Miss Julie’s article, but I still hadn’t come up with a plan. Or even a where or when, for that matter.

I managed to spend the whole day thinking about what to do during classes without actually taking any action. I suppose I was stalling until school was over. I knew that I’d be seeing Bobby at the football game, and I figured that that would be my chance. During the game, when I wasn’t cheering, I came up with a plan. And by the time the final whistle blew, I knew what to do and where.

Dad would be by right after the game to take us home, so if I was going to do anything, my window of opportunity was pretty small. The girls and I ran over to the door where the players were going in for their showers, which was what we always did. We liked to cheer them into the locker room. As Bobby went by, I said, “Meet me by the tree.” He looked tired as he ran past, but nodded.

The tree was known to all of the students. It was barely off of the school grounds, and so it was used as a meeting place for all kinds of stuff. All you had to say was “the tree” and anybody in school knew what you meant. After school though, nobody went there.

I’d never looked at the tree before as a spot for an assignation, so I checked it out as soon as I got to it. It was on the farthest edge of the school, and not really near anything. There were some bushes and the fence that belonged to some unlucky guy who I’m sure thought he lived too close to the student body. The tree wasn’t exactly hidden from sight, but it was far from the school and a couple of kids hanging out there for a few minutes wouldn’t be noticed.

I stood so that the tree was between me and the school, and quickly reached up under my cheerleader skirt and hooked my thumbs under my panties. I bent over as I slid them down my legs, which suddenly seemed even longer than usual. I had a little trouble getting them off over my shoes, but there was enough elastic in them that I managed. As I stuffed my panties into my pack, I felt to my amazement that my pussy was becoming wet. And I hadn’t even touched myself. I was already building towards a major cum, and I wondered if it could possibly be as intense as the one last night.

Bobby showed up in a few minutes, his hair still a little wet from the shower. He said hi as he took me in his arms. He’s pretty tall, and I enjoyed cuddling myself against him as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

“Why’d you make me come out here?” he asked.

“Oh, no special reason,” I said. Then I pulled his head down and gave him the biggest, wettest, most passionate kiss that I could. He was too surprised to respond for like, a second. Then he started kissing me back. We both knew that I’d have to leave in a couple of minutes, and that fact spurred our kissing harder and faster. Knowing that we couldn’t get “too far” before I had to go added some serious enthusiasm. My newfound eagerness gave Bobby a little courage, and his hand found its way to my breast. For the first time ever, I didn’t push it away.

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