tagIncest/TabooHow My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 03

How My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 03


How My Daddy Made Me A Cumslut Ch. 03

Over the weekend Allie and I talked on the phone a couple of times, but aside from exchanging quick quiet 'I love you's,' our nite together wasn't mentioned. It was enough to savor without any rehashing, and we both knew that there was more to come. Bobby called, too. I'm sure that he was angling for a repeat session, or maybe a move to the next step, but I wasn't quite ready for that. I knew that soon he'd be the one, but I didn't mind making him wait and teasing him a little. We made a date to go to the movies on Friday.

Monday morning before class, Allie was waiting beside my locker. Her face was radiant, and it was obvious that she wanted to tell me something badly. As I was putting my history book into my locker, she took a glance around to make sure that nobody was close enough to hear, and then quickly whispered in my ear, "I did it!"

I looked at her, and with a cajoling tone like you'd use on a kid, said "Did what?"

She took my arm in her hand and waited until I stopped getting my science paper out and looked at her to say, "Mark was home this weekend?….." waiting for me to add two and two.

Suddenly I knew how Allie had felt when I teased her about me and Bobby. I felt a flush run through my body, and I wanted every little detail, and I didn't want to wait for any of it. "Ohmigod," I said. "What did you do?!!"

But Allie just giggled at me as the passing bell rang. "I'll call you tonight!" Then she looked around to see if anybody was watching, and then gave me a quick kiss on the lips, right in front of my locker! She immediately turned and sashayed off to her first class. I was flabbergasted, and hurriedly finished getting my books so that I could run off to mine.

I don't know if it was the kiss, or the anticipation of hearing her story about what she had done to Mark, or remembering our night of passion, but I was as horny as I'd ever been in school. Seriously horny.

About lunchtime I decided that I was just so randy that I couldn't wait until I got home to hear Allie's story and whack myself off. So I ate very quickly, and then went to the girl's room. I'd never done anything like this at school before, and I was definitely nervous. But I just couldn't stand it! I got in a stall, and pulled my jeans and panties down. From the outside, I figured it'd look like I was just using the facilities. But what I really did was finger myself wildly until I came. It didn't take long at all. I was trying so hard not to moan or cry out I didn't notice my legs becoming rubbery, and I had to reach out and catch myself on the stall wall to keep from falling down. Note to myself - sit down when whacking off at school!

It took the edge off my desire, though, and I was able to get through the rest of my classes. That day after school, Allie got a ride home with her mom, and it wasn't until late at night that my phone rang and I got her story.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Yeeees!" I said excitedly.

"I mean really ready?"

"Yes," I said, enjoying the tease but ready to move on.

"I mean really really ready?"

"What do you want me to say?" I said, exasperated.

"I want you to say that you're lying there naked with your fingers up your pussy while I tell you this!"

I have to admit, I was planning on getting there sometime during the night, but I hadn't started. "Okay, okay!" I said giggling. Were we ever going to have a phone conversation without some mutual wanking going on? I didn't think so, and I didn't mind a bit. I put down the phone, jumped out of bed and got undressed. When I crawled back in, I sat up cross-legged against my pillows, pulled my blankets around me and slid my finger into my pussy. I took a deep breath and whispered into the phone, "Ready. Are you ready, too?"

Allie giggled. "Oh, yes, I'm very ready."

I pictured my new lover's slender body with her dark hair all naked in her room. I wished that we could be together. I gently rubbed myself, wishing my fingers were Allie's. We didn't talk for a minute, both of us getting 'ready' and all. Then she started talking, slow and sexy as she spilled her story.

"Well, Mark came home Saturday night. He was kind of bummed. His girlfriend, Ashley, had told him that she wanted to split up, and, you know, see other guys. I guess he didn't see it coming, cause he was really kind of messed up."

"Poor guy," I said. I pictured Mark in my head, kind of tall, dark and with wavy black hair. I'd always told Allie that he reminded me of that guy Tom Welling on Smallville. He was intelligent, and really nice. Why any girl would want to break up with a hunk like that I'll never figure.

"So anyway Mom and Dad went out to a movie." This was pretty normal, her folks had a standing date on Saturday night. "They asked us if we wanted to go, but Mark just wasn't in the mood and I told them I didn't feel good."

"What you really felt was an opportunity to tease Mark," I said.

"Duh. Anyway, Mark kind of crashed on the sofa. He was laying there in the dark kind of watching this sci-fi movie, but I could tell he wasn't really into it. I saw my op-por-tun-it-y. I picked up the remote off the table and left and he hardly noticed."

I slid my finger between my pussy lips, not entering, just sliding up and down. Picturing Allie plotting some kind of sexy plan was getting me past hot and bothered and up towards a good cumming.

"I went up to my room and took off everything but my shirt. Bare ass, bare feet, bare legs, bare pussy. I didn't really have any idea what I was going to do, but I didn't want to pass this chance. I just knew that I had your fine example to follow, and as much fun as you had, there's no way I wasn't going to do it."

"So you had on….?"

"My blue shirt." This is one of my favorites. It's a real pretty shade of shiny robin's egg blue, with a button down collar with little flowers embroidered on it. She'd let me borrow it once, and I knew that it would come down to the top of her thighs, but not much further.

"That's all?"

"That's all," she said dreamily. I hear her give a little gasp and figured that she must have just gotten a little pleasure jolt from her own fingering. "I went downstairs and got next to him on the sofa. He kind of moved away, wondering what I was up to and all. But once he got to the edge, he couldn't go any further. I just kept moving closer until I was able to curl up into a ball with my legs under me and my head on his shoulder."

"Then he looked at me and said, 'What are you doing?' I told him that I thought maybe he could use some female company, what with Ashley leaving him and all, and then right away I asked him, 'You don't mind, do you?'"

"He said, 'No, I guess not.'"

"And you were using your best 'innocent girl' voice, too, right?"

"You betcha. We talked a while about Ashley. It was like he needed someone to talk to about her, and I just let him. I mean, I really feel sorry for him. He didn't deserve what happened at all. So I made little sympathetic noises in all the right spots and just kind of cuddled there."

"But your mind was really on your pussy," I said.

"No! Not really. Well maybe. Just a little bit. Okay, yes," she said laughing. "Like it is right now," Allie said. We stopped talking for a minute and let our minds, (and fingers) wander toward our pussies. We both knew the drill now. You had to intersperse the conversation with the caressing, or you couldn't hear the story over the gasping for air.

"Anyway," she went on, "he finally wound down, and I told him that he could put his arm around me if he wanted, you know, 'Just so you can hold somebody.'"

"And he bought that?"

"Oh, yeah. He didn't even hesitate. I nestled into him, and then I thought maybe I'd give him something else to think about. I waited until he looked down at me and then I kind of dragged my hand down from my knee to my ankle, real casual like. His eyes followed every inch. That was when his mind started getting off Ashley. He pretended that he hadn't noticed and tried to watch the movie, but I could tell that he had something new on his mind."

"Something you planted there," I said.

"Yepper. So we watched the rest of the movie like that. And every once in a while I'd take my finger and slowly run it up and down his chest, just so he couldn't forget I was there. So we just cuddled 'til the end of the movie, and then when it was over, I figured it was time to make my move. It wasn't as if we had all night 'cause Mom and Dad were going to come home sometime."

This was the part I'd been waiting for.

"I told Mark I wanted to change the channel. He looked around for the remote, and I pretended to, and when we couldn't find it I got up real slow and walked over to the TV. I bent down at the waist so that my shirt rode up and my ass was pointing straight at him and he could get a real good look. And then I took my time channel hopping without the remote."

"Ohmigod," I said.

"Yeah. He could see my bare ass and my naked pussy. I'm sure that he couldn't see too well because the only light was coming from the TV, but he saw enough. God, that felt delicious and scary all at once. I mean, you got to see my bare ass,"

"And a delicious one it is, too," I interrupted.

"Thank you, but somehow it's different when it's a guy and you know that he'd like nothing more than to plunge his thing into it."

My fingers started rubbing harder as I tried to put myself in her place. I was slippery enough that I knew I was making a large wet spot on the sheets under my ass. Mark was such a hunk, and a college student to boot. Not at all like Bobby. I moaned softly into the phone as Allie went on.

"I found some other movie and then went back and cuddled up next to him again. He said 'Just what do you think you're doing?' But he didn't move a bit as I ran my finger up and down his chest again. That was when I made up my mind. I figured, like, he hadn't gotten a really good look. After all, I was across the room and my ass was kind of in the dark, right? I wanted to really give him something. And I really did feel kind of bad about Ashley dumping him." I swear I could hear the sound of Allie's fingers wetly rubbing her pussy over the phone.

"So I sat up slowly, keeping my eyes on his. And then I unbuttoned my shirt. He couldn't take his eyes off me." Allie said. "Once it was all unbuttoned, I fished out my right titty, and held it in my hand. He couldn't take his eyes off it! Man, you'd think he'd never seen one before! I rubbed my nipple with my thumb so that it'd stand up straight for him."

"Ohmigod!" I said. I had to give my pussy a break and give my own suddenly sensitive nipple a good firm rub. She'd gone further than I had. She had showed off her pussy and ass like I had, but had gone one more step.

"We both sat there, kind of looking at it, and then I said, 'You can suck it if you want to.'"

"You didn't!" I squealed.

"He just kind of looked at me, you know, amazed. But he didn't move. So I whispered like I was all disappointed, 'I know it's probably not as good as Ashley's. But it might make you might feel better."

"That got him," she said. "He grabbed it like it was the only one he'd ever get and tried to stuff it all in his mouth. God that felt good! I put my hand in his hair and held him to my chest. His tongue was running all around in circles and he slipped his hand under my shirt and put it on my waist."

"He tried to say something, but his mouth was so full of titty that I couldn't understand him. I let him keep on for a while, and then I said, 'What did you say, baby?' He finally kind of dragged his mouth away just long enough to say 'So my little sister thinks she's a Sexkitten, huh?'"

"You're kidding!" I said.

"Nope. It figures, I guess. I mean, he's right at the college, and he probably gets to see the school paper too."

That made sense. I just hadn't thought of it.

"Then what happened?"

"Well, I pulled his head back down and pretended that I didn't know what he was talking about. I was kind of scared, but really really excited, too. He was some kind of animal, and I knew that I was going to practically have to fight him if I wanted him to stop. On the other hand…….."

"You didn't want him to stop at all, did you?"

"No way. It just felt too good. It's like there was some kind of signal going straight from my nipple to my pussy. I could feel my cum dripping onto the sofa. But finally he stopped himself. He just sat back and stared at me and unzipped his pants. He didn't take his eyes off mine as he took it out. He said 'Well?' kind of demanding. I didn't do anything. I think I was kind of in shock. It was so big! I could see from the light of the TV that it was all red, and there was even a little cum on the end of it. I don't know exactly how I knew, but it looked like it was about ready to go off."

Remembering the feel of Bobby's dick through his pants and picturing Mark's dick leaking cum bumped my voyage to my nightly cum up a few steps. "He finally got tired of me waiting and staring, and he reached over and took my hand and put it on his dick."

"Oh, man," I said incredulously. "You're ahead of me. I haven't gotten up the nerve to touch a naked one yet."

"That's not anything. Just wait," Allie said. "I started sliding my hand up and down it."

"Oh God," I said. I was jealous, and horny and curious all at the same time. "What did it feel like?" I asked, getting rather breathless from my own ministrations. I loved the feeling of cum all over my crotch, and I was making sure that I rubbed it everywhere. Slippery thighs, slippery clit, slippery asshole, slippery pussy.

"Hot," she said. "I mean, really hot. And sort of like funny. I mean, it was all loose skin on the outside that you could slide up and down, but you could feel that it was all hard on the inside. The end was all red and stretched tight like a balloon. And there was this clear cum coming out. I always thought it was supposed to be white."

"Oh, god," I said, trying to imagine his cock drooling hot cum.

"Anyway, I got his cum all over my hand and used it to make his dick all wet. He started breathing real funny like you do right before you cum. But I only got to do that for a minute or so and then he suddenly stood up. He pulled me up too, and made me walk me over to the big chair by the fireplace. He pushed me onto it. Let's see, how do I put this? He put my ankles on one arm of the chair and my knees on the seat. In that position I had to bend way over and rest my chest on the other arm. God my ass and pussy were hanging out! I mean, you don't know what naked is until your bare ass is pointing into the room just waiting for your bare pussy to be impaled."

I didn't know, but I did know that I was panting too hard to talk myself. I'd just realized that my girlfriend hadn't just flashed a titty or given a handjob. She'd had the daylights screwed out of her. I started working my fingers in and out of my drenched slit as I listened to the rest of her story.

"He got behind me, and pushed my legs apart so that he could stand between them. Then he pushed my shirt up all around my neck and grabbed my feet so that he could like lever himself into me. I could feel him place his cock at my hole, and I just had to wiggle my ass a little trying to get it to slide in. Everything was all slick with his cum and mine, but he wouldn't shove it in! He just kept poking my pussy lips, driving me crazy!"

"While we were kind of rubbing our parts together I tried not to whimper, but I suddenly couldn't help myself, and I let out a long moan. When I did, he asked me, 'So my little sister wants to be a Sexkitten?' I kept moving, waiting for that thrust. My pussy wanted that thing inside it worse than I've ever wanted anything. But I guess I didn't answer him quickly enough. He grabbed my hair and pulled it hard, and practically yelled in my ear, 'So my little sister wants to be a Sexkitten?' God, I almost came right there. Something about him pulling my hair and yelling at me while my bare ass was hanging out…"

Allie's breath was coming across the phone line all raggedy, and I know that she was pumping her fingers inside herself just like I was, both of us locked in the vision of her memory of her first fuck.

"I couldn't help myself, and I yelled 'Yes!' as loud as I could, and right then he shoved it into me. God, you've never felt anything so big as a cock stuffing itself into your pussy. I started to cum right away. I mean, wait until you try this! You just haven't lived until you've had a dick in you. I felt so damned full. Like my pussy was the only part of me that even existed any more. We'll have to get us a big dildo or something. Anyway, he pounded that thing in and out of me like he was some kind of machine. I was just cumming the whole time, it was like I had ceased to exist except as this cumming pussy. Finally he started shoving slower and deeper and harder and I knew he was about to cum too."

"All of a sudden he grabbed my hair again, in both hands this time, and pulled my head back while he shoved himself so far into me that I thought he was going to knock us both and the chair over. He froze with his dick as far in me as it could possibly be and shot off. I could actually feel it shooting up inside me. It was hot, and when it splattered the inside of my pussy I could feel it touching me deeper inside than anything ever, and my cum was dripping down my legs as his was spurting up inside me. God, there's nothing like getting your pussy filled with hot cum!"

I couldn't help myself. I was so close, and I just had to drop the phone and finish myself off. I used one hand to rub my soaking clit and the other to stick two fingers in, trying for all the world to reach the same spot Mark's cum had reached in Allie. My pussy lips were spread wide for a cock, but my fingers were doing quite a job as a substitute, and I came. I spasmed so hard that the bed jumped, and I hoped as I came that Mom wouldn't come up to see what the noise was. I whimpered to myself as the spasms went through me. The first one was the strongest, but I loved each and every one as they came through me and my thrusting hips slowed.

When I finally settled down, I stretched out languidly under the covers and pulled them up under my chin. There's nothing like post cum snuggling. I licked my own cum off of my fingers as I reached for the phone.

"Natalie?," I heard Allie's voice whispering softly. "Natalie, are you done cumming?" She'd obviously finished first and was waiting for me to come down.

"Yes, baby," I said. "That was some story. I'm jealous."

"Don't be. It isn't the same thing that you and I have at all."

"That's nice," I said. "But I can hardly believe that you got laid before I did."

"Yeah, I can't hardly believe that I gave up my virginity to my brother."

"What did he say after?" I asked.

"Not much. I think maybe he was a little embarrassed. He just zipped up and went up to his room. I was so fucked that it took me a little while to get myself back together. And then there was so much cum that it was dripping out of my pussy. I had to get a rag and wipe off the floor, and the chair and the sofa. By the time I was ready to go try to talk to him and maybe get some more, Mom and Dad got home. I had to go run and put some clothes on. Wouldn't do for them to find out what we'd been doing." Allie giggled. "Then Sunday morning, he went right back to school. Said he had a big project due."

"Hmmm. Love 'em and leave 'em, huh?"

"Nah. He'll be back. I think he was just too embarrassed at having screwed his sister. But it was way too much fun for him to give up entirely. At least I hope not."

"Maybe you gave him what he needed to go back and try to make up with Ashley," I said.

"Gosh, I hadn't thought of that." I must admit, she didn't sound too concerned. "Oh well, I still have my main lover right down the street."

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