How My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 03


I flushed a little. "Yes, you do," I whispered.

The next couple of days went by without extraneous sex. I mean, I called Allie each night and we came together over the phone, but nothing more than that. I was looking forward to my date with Bobby on Friday and the homecoming dance on Saturday. I hadn't decided if I wanted to go all the way with him, but I was sure going to get something. Allie and I talked a couple of times about what might be in Miss Julie's upcoming Sexkitten Primer. She agreed with me that if we hadn't started reading that thing, we wouldn't be spending so much time thinking of new ways to enjoy our pussies.

One night I was asleep in my bed dreaming. We had had our usual after bedtime phone sex, and then I'd drifted off into a satiated slumber. I was dreaming that somehow Allie had come over and one way or another snuck into our house and into my room. She was wearing her black leather jacket, a choker with a little red feather, bell bottom jeans and a pair of black leather high heel sandals. She looked like some kind of sexy motorcycle chick. She had even put on her eye makeup. She didn't use that stuff often, so I knew in my dream that this was some kind of special occasion.

I dreamed that she was kissing me softly as I lay in bed. Allie was gently tickling my lips with her tongue as she whispered my name. "Natalie. Wake up baby." Another kiss, and a gentle trace of pressure between my legs. "Natalie. Come on honey." Over and over. Kisses. Caresses. Whispers. I could almost feel her soft breath, her hands caressing me tenderly through the covers, and her dark hair draped over our faces. As you can probably guess, it turned out that it wasn't a dream at all. But my journey from dreamland to consciousness was so slow that there was no sudden moment of recognition. Just a languid journey to the realization that my new lover was really there.

"Are you awake, honey?" she finally asked.

"Mmm-hmmm," I mumbled sleepily, opening my eyes. There was enough moonlight and starlight coming in through the window that I could see her pretty face above me, if not particularly well. "How did you get in here?"

"You remember last summer when you guys went on vacation and I came over to water the plants?" She giggled, and I could feel her sweet breath on my face. "I still have the key."

"What time is it, anyway?"

"About 3 o'clock."

"God, my dad'll kill both of us if he finds you here."

"I won't be long." Allie looked at me lovingly and pushed my hair back behind my ear. "I just had to bring you a present."

Remembering the sexy kissing, I said, "And a delicious present it was. Please sir, may I have some more?"

Allie giggled. "No baby, that wasn't it," she said, giving me a quick kiss. Then she straightened up and started unzipping her leather jacket. And I can't say that I was really surprised, but she didn't have anything on under it. The contrast of her flat white belly and her tits peeking out from the leather was way erotic. Allie was standing near the edge of the bed, and my eyes were close to her waist as she reached down with her slender hands to slowly unbutton and then unzip her jeans. Do you know how sexy it is to watch your girl unfasten her pants just so that you can have access to her private places? I don't believe that there a sexier sight in this whole world. All of a sudden I felt a pleasurable warm rush between my legs.

Allie turned away so that her back was to me and bent over slowly and slid her pants down. She was mimicking what I had done to Bobby, and what she had done to Mark. But this time it was all for me. She has the most gorgeous tight ass, and it was only inches from my face. I could see her snug little asshole and her puffy pussy lips, and I do believe that my mouth started watering. I know that I had to rub my legs together to get some friction on my clit. Allie reached behind her with both hands and grabbed her ass and pulled it open so that I could see even better. She slowly wiggled her butt back and forth for me, and I could smell the heady aroma of Allie in heat.

I licked my finger and then put it at the top of her ass. I ran it slowly down between her cheeks, and lightly touched her little asshole before I stroked her pussy lips. Allies shuddered with pleasure, and then finished pulling her pants off over her shoes. I don't know how she managed to get them off over those heels, but she did and in a moment was standing before me in nothing but a choker, a leather jacket and heels. She was mostly naked and so sexy that I couldn't stand it.

"Scootch down," she said. "And you have way too many clothes on." Since our first lovemaking I had taken to wearing the tops of my leopard print pajamas and a pair of panties every night, kind of a reminder of our wild night. I quickly unbuttoned the tops and pushed them open to expose my breasts. I gave them a quick pinch, and then I slid down a little farther in my bed and lifted my ass so that I could slide my panties off. It was fine with me. They were sticky already from our earlier phone sex, but I was suddenly wanting more. I spread my legs and felt the cool night air on my wet pussy.

Allie got up on the bed and straddled my head with those elegant long legs in those sexy high heels. The mixed odors from her pussy and the leather jacket invaded me from my nose to my toes. She held on to the headboard as she settled herself into position.

Her pussy only was only inches from my mouth, and I tried to give her a lick, but she was holding herself just out of reach. Then she stretched behind her with one hand and laid her finger down in the cleft between my spread legs. As she started to slide it up and down, the pressure on my clit suddenly had me scampering right along towards an orgasm. As Allie reached around with her other hand for her own clit and began rubbing her cum around her crotch. Allie moaned, and I had learned enough about my lover to know that this particular moan meant she wasn't far from cumming. "Here's your present," she said.

I mmmmm'd, getting ready to lick her cum as it came from her sweet tunnel. I reached up and held her tight ass in my two hands. But suddenly Allie stopped. "Wait a minute, you can't see!" she said. Allie leaned forward and turned on my bedside light. She quickly moved her pussy back into position, and I looked up past her dripping slit and firm breasts and saw her loving face gazing at me as if she was waiting for me to notice something.

My eyes took a second to adjust to the light, and then they were drawn to focus on her drenched slit. She was dripping cum, and her inner pussy lips were swollen, huge and slippery. She looked for all the world like she had been playing with herself long before she reached the point where she just had to come to me. She smelled wonderful, and the combination of her odor and the sight of her drenched lips had me ready to cum.

As I gazed at her soaking slit, I noticed little drops of gooey white cum dripping from her tiny hole. It wasn't squirting, but there was definitely cum coming! It was funny, because I hadn't noticed that her cum was white the other night. My girlfriend must have decided that I wasn't going to get it without a hint. She started wildly fingering her clit, which immediately put her on the edge of a colossal orgasm. She started gasping, and she panted out my clue, "Mark came by to see me tonight…….!"

I suddenly knew what I was seeing. It wasn't just her cum, it was hers and Mark's! He'd come home and screwed his little sister, and she'd brought me his cum as a present! Plainly Allie couldn't stand it a moment longer, and she shoved two fingers inside herself and pried her lips open so that Mark's cum could drool into my waiting mouth.

Like some kind of reflex action my head shot up and I clamped my lips over her hole and sucked greedily. That did it for Allie. She had walked all the way over to my house saving the sperm inside of her for just this moment when she could feed it to my hungry lips. I stuck my tongue as far into her as it would go, and she started the longest orgasm I'd ever seen either of us have.

Allie let her pussy go and seized my head in her hands and ground herself into my lips while whispering, "Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod." I sucked and licked, and even in the excitement of my lover's cumming I could taste the difference. Under Allie's light sweet musk was a salty tang that had to be sperm. My first taste. I wanted more, and I almost wished that it wasn't mixed with Allie's cum so that I could taste it straight and unadulterated. Allie spread her legs wide as the mixed cum literally dripped from her gaping slit into my greedy mouth. She moved gently against my lips, her entire being focused on the sensations from her well used pussy. I couldn't seem to get enough, and every feverish lick I bestowed, every frantic mouthful I slurped caused another delicious shudder through my girlfriend.

Finally she had cum so much that she couldn't take any more (I know because she said, "I can't take any more!!"), and she shuddered as she reluctantly withdrew her pussy from my mouth. Little post cum aftershocks ran through her almost naked body as she collapsed panting on the bed next to me, still shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. I turned on my side and slowly caressed her warm naked skin through her cum-down, paying special attention to those long legs and heavenly breasts as she gasped for air. I licked my lips, trying to separate the taste of Allie from the taste of Mark in my mouth, and savoring the flavor of both.

When her breathing got near to normal, Allie gently pushed me on my back so that she could rest her head on my breast and cuddle against me. Did I mention her long naked legs? I looked down and saw that she had entwined them in mine, and I felt that nothing ever looked or felt quite so luscious as my girlfriend's bare legs. Her high heels glittered in the moonlight, and her feet looked adorable all the way down there.

Finally, she softly said, "Wow."

"Wow," I whispered. "That was some present."

"You like?" she said.

"God, that was delicious. What did you think when you tasted it?"

Allie started toying with my nipple as she talked. "Oh, I haven't tasted it yet. Mark snuck out of school and came home a couple of hours ago and practically raped me again. That's what gave me the idea to come over here. I mean, if he can sneak into a girl's room and have sex in the middle of the night than so can I. But he didn't seem to want anything but to shoot it inside me. It was really intense, but fast, you know? He left right after he was done and I came right over for some real sex." Allie giggled. "I had to walk all the way over with my legs held together, trying to save you as much as I could. You should have seen me!"

We both giggled, and I was taken aback at the wave of affection that swept over me. My girlfriend's first thought after getting screwed was to come over and share it with me. We cuddled languidly for a little bit, and then Allie, perky as a cheerleader should be, said, "Your turn."

She moved into a kneeling position above me, but facing the foot of the bed this time. Her pussy, which I had licked quite clean, thank you very much, was once again just inches from my face. Allie bent over, and I felt her hair brush my thighs as she lowered her face towards my crotch. I wanted so badly to taste her some more, but she kept her pussy just out of reach, where I'd be teased by the look and smell of hot girl cum.

Allie used her tongue like a little vibrator, wiggling it back and forth as she delicately licked. I drew my knees up and spread my legs wide to allow her maximum access. She drew a line with her tongue, moving from my swollen clit to my puffy inner pussy lips to my needy hole to my taut asshole. I squirmed as she tickled, brushing each part of my private places with her wriggling tongue. I was writhing so much under her ministrations that I don't know how she kept on track. Clit, pussy lips, pussyhole, asshole. Over and over. Faster. Harder. I was so ready.

After only six or seven tickling light licks she went for the killer stroke. Allie pressed her tongue really hard on my clit and then licked slow and straight to down, pushing hard and spreading my cunt lips, entering my pussyhole as her tongue slid by and even getting a little into my asshole. I couldn't take it, and I whispered, "Oh God, I'm cumming!" as those delightful spasms came over me.

Allie grabbed my ass hard and pulled my pussy to her mouth. She pressed her lips over my clit and gnawed and sucked gently as the waves ran through me. Her tender nibbling in my clit was unbearable. I'd never experienced a cum like it. I'd always pushed hard on my clit when I came, and this was so different! It was as if this giant orgasm was being teased out of me instead of beaten out of me. It didn't diminish my need by one bit, though. I wrapped my thighs around her head to hold her in place as my cum tremors caused both of us to shake.

Allie, my game lover, held on and kept licking and slurping my tender pussy as a huge orgasm wracked through my body. I bucked against her face like a cowgirl on a bronco, but I couldn't help myself. Allie licked between my legs relentlessly, riding my pussy as the waves of pleasure drove through me. Finally I was able to relax my thighs and let her head go. She seemed to take great delight in giving my clit little brushes with her tongue, because each time she did my body would jerk with little post cum spasms.

Allie giggled softly, and then gave my pussy a last kiss as she got up. "I'd love to stay, Nat, but if my dad finds out I'm gone you may never get to see me again." Allie zipped up her jacket, pulled her pants on and kneeled on the floor and rested her arms on the bed next to me.

"And we wouldn't want that, now would we?" I said.

"No we wouldn't." Allie gave me a soft kiss on the lips. "You wanna spend tomorrow at my house this time?"

"Can't," I said. "Bobby and I are going to the movies, and you know my dad. He's not about to let me go out on a date and then spend the night. But we're still on to go shopping for homecoming dresses on Saturday, right?"

"Right," she said smiling. She looked at my face as she reached up and twisted a lock of my hair in her fingers. "Love you, baby," she said.

"I love you too."

Next: Natalie gathers her courage to try something new...

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