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How to 7/7/7 On GCN Gor

byJoseki Ko©

How to do a 7/7/7 on GCN Gor

A 7/7/7 is actually made up of 5 different posts. These include an intent post, three separate action posts, and a done post.

Intent post; This post shows ONLY the intent to commit action against another person. The person being attacked MUST be stated in this post and a distance defined. No attacks are permitted in an Intent post.

Combat posts; These are posts showing a single action. An attack post must be at minimum 7 words of at least 3 letters in length. No abbreviations are supposed to be accepted as legitimate words. (In practice lt and rt work for left and right) There must be three of these posts. All actions in a post must be accompanied with either attempts or tries. If you attempt two actions in the same post each must be attempted or tried. However only one action may be an attack, An attempted strike must be made TOWARD a specific point on the target.

DONE; The word DONE in caps as it is here must be the last and actual 5th post of the Melee.

Any post by an attacker starting with the intent post can be broken by the person being attacked as long as their post is also a minimum of 7 words of at least 3 or more letters. Again abbreviations do not count as words. (except for lt, left and rt right) The defender must state who the attacker He or She is trying to defend against is. In the case of two combatants if a 7/7/7 is broken there are two alternatives. First the combatants may start their combat posts again trying to get three posts. (This starts from the first post after the break) Or two if a 7/7/7 is broken properly then the combat may be taken to the pit or the arena of combat in the Home the action has started in. In the case of a Woman trying to collar a Man this rule does not apply but the FW attempting to collar a Man is at risk of being collared Herself in the same 7/7/7 format.

All actions must be realistic and believable. Which brings up the second way to break a 7/7/7, It can be broken with a story line. For example when a slave goes through the escape tunnel to exit outside the home or a combatant is thrown from a moving wagon.


[20:25] Piosenna has entered the room.

[20:26] *JosekiKo nods for chubby to open the gate for theFW and the girl*

[20:27] *Piosenna slowly makes her towards the main room, eyes darting about at those present. Bracelets jingles at her slender wrists as she lifts her chin, "Might a traveler rest within your walls?"*

[20:27] *JosekiKo looks over to the FW and looks her up and down*

[20:27] *JosekiKo chuckles*

[20:28] JosekiKo: Dressed as a slave are you sure you wish to enter a Gorean room?

[20:29] *Piosenna furrows her brow slightly. A hand comes to rest against her hip as she scoffs slightly, "A dress as I will."*

[20:29] JosekiKo: In Gor if you advertise you will be collared not a threat just a fact

[20:31] *Piosenna crosses her arms over her chest as she nods, "I am aware of this fact. However, where I currently reside, the heat begs for whatever dress one may stand."*

[20:31] Kaer has entered the room.

[20:31] *Kaer walks in and takes My seat*

[20:31] *JosekiKo chuckles looking forward to collaring this FW*

[20:31] JosekiKo: You were warned hun

[20:31] Kaer: Tal Jo

[20:32] Kaer: Tal FW

[20:32] *Piosenna chuckles softly as she moves towards the chair nearest her, "I would make a terribly bad slave, at that. However, I must say, you have a beautiful home."*

[20:32] *JosekiKo looks to Piosenna and and thinking her to be about 50 feet waya and Just outside the open gate. He attempts to pull a collar from his pouch with his rt hand*

[20:33] *JosekiKo attempts to close the distance on Piosenna to 4 feet at a fast walk*

[20:33] *Piosenna steps back with each step he takes towards her, arms dropping to her sides*

[20:34] *Piosenna tries to move out of reach as best she is able*

[20:34] *JosekiKo attempts to grab Piosenna with his rt hand as he grins*

[20:34] *JosekiKo chckles and starts the chase as he attempts to cut her off and close to zero feet again*

[20:35] *JosekiKo attempts to reaquire the girl with his right hand*

[20:35] *JosekiKo attempts to spin her to the ground by her arm with his right hand*

[20:35] *Kaer attempts to move 6 feet to the gates and tries to ensure they are clsoed*

[20:35] *JosekiKo attempts to kneel on Pios back attempting to pin her*

[20:36] *Piosenna shakes her head at the guards but tries using her legs to push up and away from the man.*

[20:36] *JosekiKo attempts to pull a collar from his ouch with his left hand*

[20:36] *JosekiKo attempts to pull her right arm behind her back top keep her from getting up*

[20:36] *Kaer attempts to fill the entrance with My body that none may pass*

[20:36] *JosekiKo attempts to place the collar around her neck with his left hand*

[20:37] *Piosenna grumbles under her breath as she tries to turn her body to the right, to spin around and face him to get better leverage*

[20:37] *JosekiKo attempts to close the collar using both hands and hears the snick\*

[20:37] JosekiKo: DONE

[20:37] *Kaer does a word count and nods*

[20:38] *Piosenna pushes away, her arm coming up to pull futily at the collar with her fingers.*

[20:38] Kaer: good collaring

[20:38] *JosekiKo chuckles*

[20:39] JosekiKo: It took way to long I missed that her actions weren't valid

[20:39] Piosenna: thats what happens when you try to deal with that and the phone, things dont work properly)

[20:40] *JosekiKo looks down to the new Asperiche slave*

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