tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuddled Together Ch. 12

Huddled Together Ch. 12


Chapter 12 -- True Coupling.


Note from the author:

This is the second last chapter of the 'Huddled' series.

A huge thank again to CaptainsSiren, a wonderful editor and co-author on this chapter.


Anny was still slightly dazed from having cum moments before, and also at the ferocity of their coupling. It felt so raw, so primal; she hadn't known that depth of need before. The slight, tired ache between her legs was a pleasurable one as she dried John's back with a thick, soft towel. She felt sated in one way, but restless in another. She still felt tension in his body, even after the incredible climax they just shared; but there was tiredness in him too. She turned him around to dry his front, the two smiling into each other's eyes as she completed her task.

John picked up a fresh towel and reciprocated; taking his time to gently remove all drips of water from her front. He took her hand as if they were dancing, twirling her to face away from him; a slight thrill of excitement spreading in Anny's belly at the silent dance between them. John continued to dry off her back and legs when she stopped facing away from him.

When his task was complete, she turned to him, tilted her face up, and rose up on her toes; kissing him softly. As Anny drew back she looked into her love's face and eyes. His constant strength was on display; but subtle nuances that only she could have picked up let her see a weary look lurking behind his strong facade.

She smiled warmly at her man, and quickly scavenged through the drawers finding a fresh toothbrush and some paste. They shared the toothbrush, she went first, then he; not for a moment losing touch of each other. As she led them out of the en-suite, she considered the last several days that had pushed John to this state.

He had always been strong for them all. He and Tom had rescued Anny and her friends from probable death in town. He had worked hard with Tom to provide her, Skye, and Merry with a safe home, and food to eat as they awaited the growth of the garden's long-term food supply. Then last week, Tom and Merry had been taken from them by the Walkers, brutally, in front of John's eyes. He had endured capture; rescued by chance when Mira caught up to his keepers, men she had been tracking for several days. The day Mira had come back with John, they all had been forced to run from their home, and John had again led them to safety.

Now, with the destruction of their haven by the bush fire, John had led them yet again to shelter. Anny felt a single tear slip down her face, the sorrow of lost friends breaking through briefly before the pride and love she felt for this strong, caring, resourceful man flooded her heart and mind. Anny chased thoughts of the past away. She was grateful and happy to have found such a remarkable person to love her, and father her child. She resolved to bring him comfort tonight, and let him put down for a while the responsibilities he had chosen to carry without question.

As they reached the edge of the large bed, Anny recalled seeing something in the bathroom that would aid her mission. Too much for their still heated bodies, they folded down the blue and white quilt, and John slid into the cool, soft sheets. Anny squeezed his hand, and with a quick, teasing smile, turned back to the en-suite bath. She retrieved the baby oil from the medicine cabinet, and the butane lighter from one of the drawers. Grabbing a hand towel, bath sheet, and the pair of old candles from the shelf near the tub, Anny headed back to the bedroom.

She drew the curtains and lit the candles from the bath; as well as a few more she found in the bedroom on the dresser. The soft yellow candlelight was warmer than the moonlight, soothing in a way different than the moon's glow had been earlier. John eyes were on her, watching with appreciation as she approached him. Anny felt a small smile on her face that echoed happily in her mind at seeing his expression.

Anny pushed the covers back as she climbed onto the bed. When John reached for her, she ran her hand down his arm and pushed at his shoulder.

"On your stomach, love. You've had your way with me. Now, it's my turn." Anny told him with a wicked little grin.

His eyebrows arched in questioning surprise, but he complied and settled himself on his stomach. Anny admired the play of muscles in John's back as he moved. Her eyes roved down over his body. She always enjoyed the sight of his tight buns under his clothes, the bare cheeks before her were testimony to the reason and she smiled even wider.

Anny reached down for the bottle of oil and the towels she had discretely set on the floor beside the bed before lighting the bedside candles. She picked them up and placed the folded bath sheet on the upper corner of the bed, then shook out the hand towel and dropped it near the crook of John's elbow. Anny uncapped the bottle, poured a small palm-full into her hand to warm it, and recapped the bottle, laying it on the small towel before straddling John's body just at the base of his ass. John squirmed a bit at the tickle of her curly little patch as she settled over him.

Tipping her hand slightly, Anny drizzled the baby oil from the base of John's neck down the length of his spine, zigzagging along until the oil stopped flowing. She rubbed her hands together, coating them both with the remaining oil. Laying a hand flat on each side of John's spine at the small of his back, Anny started to smooth the oil outward with slow movements, palms pressing gently into the muscles as her thumbs rubbed more deeply along the ridge of his vertebrae. She heard John sigh loudly; felt him start to relax and enjoy the feel of her hands flowing across his skin, moving upward until her fingers curled over the top of his shoulders, her hips raising off him as she went.

Anny put some more oil on her hands, and used it to gently knead the tight muscles in John's shoulders. She worked her fingers up along both sides of his neck to the base of his skull, massaging the muscles into a more relaxed state. Anny could visibly see some of the tension drain from John's body as she worked his neck and shoulders. A little more oil; Anny stroked and kneaded her way down John's right arm, taking time to massage his palm and fingers before smoothing her way back up to his shoulder.

Anny repeated the massage along John's left arm, to his hand, and then rubbed slowly back upward, ending with several deep, kneading movements on both shoulders.

"Mmmmm..." John let out into the bed, clearly enjoying the generous attention that Anny's hands were pouring into him.

He started to stir on the bed, trying to get up; "I should be the one massaging you though, love."

"Relax love, you've earned this," Anny said softly, pushing one hand into the middle of his back to coax him back into the bed.

John let out a satisfied groan at her demands, sinking back down. Anny leant in to lick along his ear before giving it a nibble; her firm breasts rubbing against the warm, oiled skin of John's back as she did.

"Besides, I have plans to take advantage of you once you're putty in my hands," Anny whispered teasingly, then ran her tongue around his ear and along his chin before kissing him lightly on his temple.

John turned his head back slightly, as if asking what she had in store for him, but quickly relaxed back into the bed. Anny sat upright again, smoothing her hands down John's back as she did; her hips settling against him. She felt the feathery movement of the short curly hair of her mound over his skin followed by the awareness of how wet she had become when her sex nestled against John's thighs. Anny rode him with a few easy rocking motions, rubbing herself along his skin, feeling the drag of her outer lips tugging her sex open and closed again. She gave a quiet groan as she pulled herself away from him and felt John's hips rise with her.

Anny slapped his ass lightly and shifted herself to kneel beside him. She grasped the corner of the hand towel and dragged it, along with the oil, down the bed as she moved to John's feet. Anny pushed his feet and knees apart and knelt between his legs. She had an enticing view of John's body; muscular legs, a cute ass, and a lean waist leading up to strong shoulders and arms; all of it toned by the hard physical work of providing a life for them in their bizarre new reality. She felt her heart swell with love for the wonderful man she knew him to be, as she also felt the heat build between her thighs at the sight before her.

Bending John's left leg at the knee; Anny raised his foot and massaged it with both hands, rubbing the oil from her hands into the calluses. She lowered his foot and poured another small palm-full of oil, then drizzled it up John's left leg ending near the top of his thigh. Anny worked her way up his leg just as she had his back, with smooth, slow, forceful strokes; coaxing his muscles to relax. Near the top of his thigh, she slid her hands to the outside so her left hand ran along the side; her right slid over the back and up over his cheek, pressing deeply into the muscles.

Anny used the same process on John's right leg; massaging the foot, oiling and massaging up his leg, until she was raised to her hands and knees, with her left palm kneading into his cheek as her right hand massaged his hip. Once again, Anny settled back and picked up the bottle of oil, putting a smaller amount in her hand this time before closing and laying the bottle back on the small towel, then rubbed her hands together so they were generously coated and slippery.

A hand's span below the curve of John's ass, Anny placed a hand on each of his thighs so that her thumbs lay on the tender inside flesh. She pushed her hands firmly upward and slightly outward as they moved over his skin causing his legs to separate farther and his cheeks to spread slightly with each stroke. Anny's thumbs slid along each side of his crease, spreading them even more exposing the tight puckered star hidden there.

With a warm thought for Skye, Anny remembered John's reaction to Skye's ministrations the first night their little band had all enjoyed each other not so long ago, and decided to try it herself. Once Anny had eased John's legs far enough apart to suit her needs, she allowed her fingers to dance across his scrotum and wrapped her fingers around his balls. Her thumb moved up and started massaging his perineum.

John had been quietly enjoying the massage until this point, with only an occasional sigh escaping him as Anny worked over his prone body. He was making different sounds now, and his hips started subtly grinding lower to try and get her thumb to press even harder into him.

Pleased with the signs of his enjoyment, Anny continued her ball play; massaging her fingers as if she was playing a piano scale up and down. John was now shifting his torso left and right; clearly trying to get more comfortable with a growing erection pushing into the mattress.

Anny's own excitement began to drip down her thighs, so she eased her play to a stop. She took a moment to enjoy the sight of his oiled skin, the sheen of oil in the candlelight giving relief to the sculpture of his form. Stretching up over John's body, she reached for the bath sheet and laid it out next to him. Anny moved from between his legs and tugged on his hip.

"Time to pay a little attention to the front." Anny said with a sexy slur in her voice; tugging again.

John rolled over in earnest; his back coming to rest on the towel Anny had put there so the oil wouldn't stain the sheets. As he turned, she was greeted by the fruits of her massaging labour; his thick shaft pulsed at attention as he lay there admiring Anny's naked form. Anny quickly straddled John's legs; her pubic hair just barely touching against John's waiting erection.

Her breasts glistened in the candlelight; oiled from contact with his skin. Anny could see John's admiring eyes enjoying them, so she brought her arms forward and together; swishing her bountiful breasts together, her nipples peeking out the edge of where her arms were touching them.

"So, you like?" she asked with a cheeky grin, fully knowing the answer.

John could only nod in agreement, his mouth involuntarily opening slightly at her display; his hands moving up to her thighs and starting to massage her. Anny felt the excited tingle of being risqué with the presentation of her body, but also completely comfortable being before her man.

Anny slowly traced her hands up her stomach; taking her breasts into her hands. She leant her head back and let out a sigh of contentment as she massaged her orbs; giving John a very favourable display. She flicked her nipples around in the gaps between her fingers; enjoying the stimulation as she watched John's intense gaze follow her movements.

When Anny saw John lick his lips hungrily she decided to step up the seduction, and wiped her hands clean of the oil on the spare towel. She draped her hands around his cock in a gentle grasp; it jumped at the start of her touch. They locked eyes as she started long, slow strokes of his wanting cock. She continued to stroke him as she leant down over his body. They locked in kiss. Tongues dancing, John's hands started rubbing across her back.

Anny moved her hands off his cock and brought them up to support her over his body; her nipples playing through his chest hair as she rubbed up and down with slight rhythm. She brought her hips forward and placed her outer lips down onto the top of his burning hot manhood; her wetness falling down around him.

John groaned into her mouth as she continued rubbing her body over his front; trying to angle his hips down into the bed to allow the tip of his cock to begin in her waiting entrance. Anny smiled through the kiss as she could feel his want.

John's hands felt tantalizing to Anny as they came around to caress her breasts. She let out a soft cry as his fingers gently pinched and rolled her nipples, and she felt them tighten at the attention, the feeling spreading deeply through her. Anny teased John's nipples in return, then felt her body flush in delight as he tweaked her dusky pink buds sharply, then moved his hands to milk her breasts firmly, while rubbing his thumbs over their taut peaks.

Anny felt the yearning building even higher in her body as she slid John's shaft along her aching slit, pressing it against his abdomen. The sensation of John's hard manhood wrapped in its soft skin was teasing her from desire to true need. Each pass back and forth rubbed the fat edge of his shaft along her swollen clit, sending waves of heat from it through her groin, down the back of her thighs, and all the way to the soles of her feet.

Anny's need to have him inside, have him fill her with his presence, overwhelmed her and she lifted her hips slowly allowing John's cock to rise upward. She eased her way up, feeling the head of his shaft glide along her wet folds until she felt its tip near her entrance.

Shifting her hips slightly, Anny captured him; her breathing paused as she felt John's manhood begin to slip inside her. As she started to lower herself onto him, Anny felt the satisfying stretch of her opening as she welcomed his thickness. She felt almost high as John's cock started to fill her, driving away the empty ache coming from her loins.

She focused her entire mind on the sensations of her lover easing inside her. Anny started gently rocking her hips left and right as she continued to part around John's manhood; causing her slick vaginal muscles to stretch, and tingles of delicious pleasure to spread through her groin as his hard shaft's varying angles stimulated every inch inside her. John's hands moved down her frame, followed her curves, and rested on her hips. John brought his mouth up to hers and they started soft kisses.

She felt John's hips buck upwards slightly as he finished her long plunge onto him; his hands pushing down on her hips until she felt their pubic bones meet. Her juices seeped out of her onto her lover as they lay there completely coupled. A sigh escaped her lips as she luxuriated in the fullness of him inside her entirely.

John's hands moved up to her back again, and started a roaming massage. Anny rolled her hips forward; their stomachs not parting, as she freed a couple of inches of John's cock from her. She slowly buried it back in however; not wanting to be parted from him for too long. John and Anny groaned into each other's mouths as she descended again; she loved the way that their feelings were reciprocated with such a strong connection.

Anny pushed herself up and placed her hands on John's chest; his cock slipping slowly out of her as she lifted. When just the tip was still inside her tight, hot tunnel, she looked deep into his eyes, and sank back down onto him completely. She let out a satisfied moan as he filled her up again; before she repeated the process.

They indulged in a nice, long, slow fucking. John brought his hands up to her breasts, gripping onto them firmly as at the end of every down stroke, Anny would let herself 'fall' the last inch; gravity helping bring John's cock home inside her, their thighs slapping together softly.

With his cock buried completely inside her, Anny dropped her hands to either side of John. She ground her pelvis against his; her clit being delicately rubbed by the mix of their pubic hair and skin friction. Anny bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, as she felt the amalgamation of sensations taking their effect on her. She kept a constant pace rocking and shifting her hips so John's cock was pressed nicely everywhere deep inside her as she rode him. Tingles started spreading out from her sex; down her legs, up her stomach, prickling up her spine, and into her brain.

Orgasm flowed through her; the muscles of her slick tunnel clenched around John's thick shaft as her hips bucked involuntarily in little wild movements. Anny's whole body trembled with the waves of warm delight, and for just a bit, she didn't even breathe.

Her sex quivered around John's cock; slowly, slowly subsiding until her breath resumed with an unavoidable sigh leaving her lips. Anny fell down onto his chest, her hair scattered across his neck and shoulders.

After a time, John brought his arms around Anny's back, and rolled them both over so that he was now on top of her. Anny's mind was in a warm haze from her orgasm, and she was only barely aware of being moved; but soon she could feel John moving his hands. He placed one above her shoulder, and the other nestled under her neck; his fingers entangled with the hair on the back of her head.

Her attention started to regain focus as John held her like this; as he slowly withdrew from her then pushed his hips forward again, burying his manhood deep inside her with accelerating thrusts. Anny brought her hands up to his hips; wanting to feel the flexing muscles as he pressed into her. John levelled off at a decent pace, finding a rhythm that allowed their pleasure to build steadily as their bodies rocked together.

Anny moved her hands up the side of John's body, over his shoulders, and gripped onto his upper arms; she loved the feeling of his muscles working deep inside as her man took her. She looked up his chest through half-lidded eyes; his hard body was completely at the task of fucking her. Anny pressed her knees outward farther, lifting her pelvis and opening herself up even more for him. She could feel John's cock delving more deeply inside her, his body rubbing harder against her stiff, sensitive little clit, sending currents of pleasure streaking through her core..

John's grunts started to change and his pace backed off slightly; he was approaching his release. Anny raised her legs up and locked them around his back; her hips moving upwards with them. As the angle of John's cock inside her changed with the movements, he could hold out no longer.

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