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I've been studying and doing hypnotism for a few years now. I'm really quite good at it. I don't do it professionally, mind you. Strictly amateur, that's me.

At times, it's a useful ice-breaker at parties and social occasions. You can always find a couple of people willing to have a go at being put under. Of course, hypnotism gets a bad rap at time. People worry about what you might make them do once they're under. Young women are particularly wary about that sort of thing.

I often find myself explaining that you can't hypnotise someone into doing something that they wouldn't normally do, and I generally start any little display I do by demonstrating this.

One neat little trick is to pick a pretty girl and put her under. I pull a few funnies, like having her bark like a dog or pretend to be a cat, and then I finish up with a killer.

One useful killer is to tell the subject that she is to strip naked and walk home in the nude, singing all the way. The subject snaps out of the trance pretty damn fast hearing a command like that.

That sort of example relaxes other subjects, and I generally get a few more volunteers. That's when I do a few parlour tricks. You know the sort of thing I mean. Your hand is stuck to the top of your head. Stand on your head. You're on the beach, building a sandcastle.

I tend to wind up with a few post hypnotic suggestions. When I say cat you will curl up and start purring. When I say dog you will pick up the ball with your mouth. Little things to keep people laughing.

I was at a mate's place recently and his sister was there, with some friends. Kate, his sister, had seen me do my little act a couple of times and asked if I'd demonstrate for them. I had nothing else I particularly needed to do, so I said OK.

I went through my little routine, starting with Kate as my first subject. Johnny, that's my mate, said he was running down to the shop and he'd pick me up in fifteen. That was OK by me. It was ample time for a quick show and a mild flirtation with some nice young women.

What with one thing and another, I arrived at a situation where I had all four girls under at the same time. That's when a few evil thoughts crept into my mind.

Like I said, you can't make a subject do something they don't want to do, but you can make them do something they would do if the situation arose. I decided to experiment a little.

Stage one was to put the girls under a little deeper. Then I told three of the girls to not notice what their friend Tracy was doing and to not listen to what I said to Tracy.

Then I had a chat with Tracy.

"You're at home in your bedroom. You're standing in front of the dressing table looking in the mirror, considering the top you're wearing. You're not sure if it's the right one for you. Take it off and hold it up."

Like a lamb, Tracy took of her top and held it up, cocking her head slightly while she looked at it.

"You notice yourself in the mirror. Throw out your chest and look at yourself. Take off your bra so you can see your breasts better."

Moments later Tracy was topless, examining a very nice pair of breasts in a non-existent mirror.

"Now put your bra and top back on and if you remember this it happened when you got dressed this morning."

As soon as Tracy was dressed I had the girls acknowledge that she was with them, then told them to not notice Kate. I started on Kate.

"Kate, you are under the shower. Start washing yourself."

Kate started going through the motions, having a nice shower.

"You realise you've forgotten to take off your panties. Take them off now and toss them out of the shower."

A moment later a pair of panties hit the floor.

After that I let her know the shower was over and she need to put on panties, which she did.

Then I fed a couple of post hypnotic suggestions to each of the girls, harmless ones, and brought them out of their trances.

Then I waited. The girls were suspicious. They knew something had happened, but weren't sure what. They found out when Johnny got back.

He walked in the door and the next thing you know the girls were all over him.

Cries of "Uncle Johnny, what did you buy us, Uncle Johnny?" sounded out in girlish voices.

Then the girls heard me sniggering and saw the stunned look on Johnny's face and realised what they were doing. I'd halved their ages and made them think Johnny was their favourite uncle, coming with treats for them. There was some general laughter and then Johnny and I went elsewhere, leaving the girls to their own devises.

I had left the girls with another post-hypnotic suggestion, but I wasn't sure how well it would work or for how long it would hold.

I got a chance to find out later that day. I ran into Cheryl at the shop, and I took my chance. I snapped my fingers and said "Sleep, Cheryl," and she drifted back into her trance.

"Tell me, Cheryl, how old are you and are you still a virgin?"

"Seventeen and yes," she said, while I mentally cursed.

"OK. You will forget about this. When I snap my fingers you will wake up, free from any further commands from me."

Cheryl blinked and seemed to notice me for the first time. She smiled and said "Hi" and I said "Hi" back and we went our separate ways.

I knew the post-hypnotic command worked. Now all I had to do was catch a victim who was eighteen or more and preferably non-virgin. (Not that I have anything against introducing a virgin to the joys of my illimitable love making, but non-virgins know what they're doing. Or what I'm doing, anyway.)

That evening I was lucky. I ran into Tracy at the local pub. I managed to snap her under before she even realised that I was there. I knew Tracy was over eighteen, so I didn't waste any time. I gave her a couple of firm commands to take place later that night and then brought her out of it.

Hopefully the commands would work at the right time and place, but it would have to be up to me to persuade her to be at the right place at the right time. (I didn't want a helpless sitting duck, but I saw no reason not to give myself a hand at the right moment.)

I snapped Tracy out of the trance, and said hi. I knew Tracy didn't have a current boyfriend, so it was fairly easy for me to see quite a bit of her during the evening, laying on a bit of charm. Neither of us were drinking too much. Me, because I didn't want to, and Tracy because I persuaded her to nurse her drinks. I didn't want her getting blotto before the night was out. Lowered resistance is one think. Out cold is something else again.

The night progressed and eventually I offered to walk home with Tracy. She accepted and we headed out. Tracy lived at home with her parents, and it wasn't a long walk. There was also a very nice park near her place.

We ambled along, just chatting generally, Tracy doing most of the talking, as girls will. I didn't have anything of real interest to say until we reached the park, when I casually suggest we take a stroll through it.

Somewhat to her own surprise, Tracy agreed, although warning me that there would be no monkey business. In the middle of the park there's this big old oak tree. I suspect that it pre-dates the park and was one of the reasons the park is where it is. When we reached the tree I stopped and turned Tracy towards me.

"Um, I did say no monkey business," she said hesitantly.

"I know," I said, "but you can't consider a kiss or two to be monkey business."

So we exchanged a kiss or two, then had a couple more. Those kisses were getting quite interesting. Tracy had been a bit nervous to start with, but when I didn't go the grope straight away she started to relax.

I could feel her tense a little when my hands cupped her bottom, but as that was all they did she managed to ignore them. Tracy was wearing a short dress. It covered her bottom, but just barely, and it wasn't a tight dress. My hands slipped down and then back up, still cupping Tracy's bottom, but now under her dress.

When I stroked my hands down along her hips, Tracy didn't even feel her panties moving down with my hands. The first she realised that things weren't going the way she expected was when she felt my cock pushing up against her bared pussy, and easing in between her lips.

Her eyes flared wide in shock and she stood there, staring at me, while my hands held her bottom firmly in place while I pushed deeper into her. I saw her blink as I pushed past her hymen, knowing that I'd broken it but not really feeling it happen. She just continued staring at me as my cock took possession.

The two main commands I'd given Tracy were not to notice if I took down her panties until too late, and to not feel any pain if I popped her cherry. All the rest was going to be up to me.

She was standing there, looking slightly stunned to suddenly find herself with my cock inside her. It wasn't something she'd anticipated and she didn't know how to react.

I just smiled at her, and started moving slowly inside her, my hands cupping her bottom to help me control her. There was no hurry, just a gentle rocking, and Tracy very quickly started rocking with me.

We stood there, coming together, while Tracy stared at me, her only solid point in a world that had suddenly become strange. Time passed, slowly and too quickly, if you know what I mean.

Tracy was starting to gasp, feelings she hadn't known before washing over her. She was pressing more urgently against me now, and I was going with her, happy to be of service.

Her eyes started to close. I was no longer her focal point, or at least, my face wasn't. She was looking inward, focusing on where I was joined to her, anticipating the future as we moved together.

I was starting to drive into her harder, increasing the tempo. My hands on her bottom were pulling her vigorously towards me as I drove into her, and Tracy was moving with me.

I lifted one hand to the back of her head, pulling it towards mine and taking control of her mouth. She was kissing me frantically, mouth plastered to mine while we rocked together. Then she was screaming, her voice swallowed by my mouth, as she climaxed and I came into her, hard and strong, flooding her internally.

Tracy sort of leant against me afterwards, while I pulled up her panties. When she seemed to have her breath back I started her walking, heading towards her home. For a change, she didn't seem to have anything to say and we walked in silence. She did, however, give me her phone number before I left her at her front door.

I've seen Tracy several times since then, and I've observed a little oddity. For some reason, the command that she not notice when I take down her panties, seems to have stuck. It always comes as a surprise to her when she finds she's no longer wearing them.

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