I Am My Daughter's Bitch


"That's it bitch, we'll make a cocksucking whore of you, no trouble," my daughter teased as I felt my own cock become as hard as the thick rubber one violating my mouth.

I couldn't help it and had to reach down and stroke it off through the sensual lace material of my daughter's lacy thong I was still wearing. Even though I had already cum once today over my daughter's chest, the feel of going down on her fake cock, that new experience of being the one on the receiving end, begging for it, and it being my own daughter wielding the monster at least twice as big as mine, all contributed to me filling up my panties with my warm spunk once more. I gasped and let Kaylee's strap-on out of my mouth and she noticed what I had done.

"I didn't tell you you could cum, bitch," she said, slapping my across the face with her strap-on, "Now look what you've done, you've ruined a perfectly good thong there. We're going to have to find you something else to wear." She went over and started rummaging in her underwear drawer, "I was going to wait for this but since your such a slut you can't help but get yourself off with a cock in your mouth then I guess it's time you started looking more like a slut."

She pulled out a very sexy looking black bustier with suspenders attached and a pair of black bikini cut panties.

"Here, put these on," she said, passing me the panties, "I think they're just right for a cock loving slut bitch like you, daddy."

She was right, they were gorgeous, soft, sexy satin and felt great on my cock and arse. As she helped me into the bustier and filled the cups with tissues to give the impression that I had real breasts, I was starting to feel quite sexy like I had never felt before. Next, she pulled out a pair of black stockings with lace tops and showed me how to slide them up my legs and fix them to my suspenders. I loved the soft, sensual feel the stockings gave to my legs, I just couldn't help but rub them together and run my hands all over them, it felt incredible and I almost came inside the second pair of panties that afternoon, which would not have made my daughter/mistress very happy at all. She had obviously prepared for this as she now pulled out a wig, a platinum blonde bob and fitted it onto my head before applying make up, lots of dark, dramatic eyeshadow, red blush and shiny scarlet lipstick. Finally, she turned me to face her full length mirror and I saw myself for the first time all dolled up and it was quite a sight. My daughter had totally transformed me until I could no longer recognise myself in the sexy woman staring back at me from the mirror, in such saucy lingerie and slutty make up there was no doubt that she looked like a whore but a very fuckable one. It was as if my daughter had brought out a side of me that had always been there but nobody had ever known about, the slutty whore-like woman I now appeared to be seemed to me to be just right for a vision of me.

"Wow, you make one sexy bitch daddy," Kaylee said, standing beside me, "It doesn't matter if mum doesn't want to fuck you anymore, looking like that you'll have a queue of guys who'll be quite happy to oblige." Her hands were running over my panty clad arse as I turned to look at my other side in the mirror, "I'm even a little jealous of your arse in these panties," she said, slipping her hand inside and fingering my arsehole a little, "I can't wait to see what the boys make of a slut like you, but we'll have to leave that for another time."

She kissed me on the cheek, patted my arse and left me to admire my new reflection, which I did for quite some time. It was with some regret that I had to strip from the clothes and clean off the make up before my wife came home. Indeed, I couldn't really bare to part for too long with the sensual feel of wearing lingerie and stockings and for the next week I started wearing them under my clothes, even shaving my legs to make the soft smoothness of the stockings feel even better on my newly smooth skin. I started to raid Kaylee's underwear drawer for sexier and sexier undies and spent a lot of my time at home and at work in the bathroom, stripped to my lingerie, admiring myself or jerking off and imagining my life as a cock hungry slut just like the way I was dressed. The last thing that Kaylee had said to me on our last day together, "I can't wait to see what the guys make of a slut like you", still rang in my head, filling me with nervous excitement at the thought that she could make me go down on a real cock, feel another guy cumming down my throat. I didn't have to wait for long to find out just how that would feel.

That Friday, Kaylee invited a friend round for dinner, I wasn't in the habit of ever refusing her anything she asked for these days. It was Joe, a guy I remembered her dating a while back. He was tall and muscular with sandy blond hair. In the last few days since dressing in my daughter's lingerie, I had been looking and thinking about guys in a completely different way and Joe was just the kind of guy I had been thinking about. Over dinner I could hardly concentrate for wondering what his cock looked like or what it would feel like between my painted scarlet lips. My cock was actually quite hard in the pair of pale blue satin boy short panties I was wearing beneath my masculine clothes.

"So, Joe, are you and Kaylee back together?" I asked, trying to make ordinary small talk.

"I hope so," Joe replied, "She's so great to be with, such fun, don't you think Mr. Day?"

I blushed, wondering how much he knew about my relationship with my daughter, fortunately my wife remained oblivious.

"So, what are you two up to today then?" she asked.

"Well," said Kaylee, "I've got this new friend, Jasmine, that I want Joe to meet," she said, giving me a significant look and a dirty smirk, "She's a bit of a naughty girl but I hope me and Joe can teach her a bit of a lesson."

"Good for you," my wife said cheerily not noticing any subtext in what she said, "It's nice to see you helping out other girls. Have fun."

"Oh, I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun," my daughter grinned lasciviously at me again.

"Just don't get to bed too late," my wife continued, "Me and your father are going to a party at a friend's house."

I let out a gasp as I felt Joe's foot rubbing up my leg, lifting the leg of my trousers to rub against the white silk stockings that I was wearing today, it was turning me on even more and forcing me to struggle to concentrate without looking at him as I told my wife, "I'm sorry honey, I'm not really feeling up to going out tonight, I think I'll just stay in."

"OK," my wife replied, still not suspecting anything, "You can keep watch on the kids."

"I think it'll probably be us taking care of him, mum," Kaylee laughed and I blushed and cringed once more.

I was delighted and relieved when, at last, my wife left for her party and I no longer had to worry that Kaylee would let something slip. Things were far worse for me now. Before all I had had to worry about was my wife discovering my affair, now in my desperation to stop her discovering that, I had made sure that there was plenty worse she could find out, about my fetish for wearing women's lingerie, my deep desire to suck a guy's cock and my passionate oral sex I had already had with our hot eighteen year old daughter. Anyway, things were about to get a lot worse on that count as this evening truly kicked off with my wife out the door.

Kaylee told Joe to wait downstairs and then took me up to her room to help prepare me to change from her father to her bitch, Jasmine. She smiled to see that I was wearing stockings and panties beneath my usual clothes, it was a pretty great confirmation of the success of her transforming me, of how I was now totally in her power. Today, she had me wear a pale blue corset with white lace patterns, lacing me tightly into it to give me a more feminine waist and pushing my chest up to almost seem like I had actual breasts. Next was a suspender belt which she affixed to the white silk stockings I was still wearing from before. She had me put my blue satin panties back on over the top of my suspenders, "just in case we need to get them off in a hurry" she said, implying perhaps this evening might go further than I had expected. Next came strappy dark blue heels which I had never worn before and proved pretty difficult to walk in at first especially being a very high six inches, "don't worry, you'll be spending most of the evening on your knees anyway" was Kaylee's way of reassuring me. They did however improve my stance and make me walk in a more delicately feminine fashion and made the arch of my stockinged legs look amazing and showed off my perfect arse even better. Over the top of my clothing, Kaylee put me in a simple pale blue and white floral print mini-dress with a very short skirt. Next came the blonde hooker wig and make up, sparkly blue eyeshadow and glittery pink lipstick. Finally, she attached long sparkling pink false nails to my fingers to give me more feminine looking hands. Once again, my reflection came as quite a turn on, this was the first time I had been in a full feminine get up, dress and heels and all, and once more I looked amazing. Still slutty and fuckable but in a slightly less whorish way than before.

"Why don't you go downstairs, Jasmine, and make our guest comfortable before I come down and join you," Kaylee said, pushing me out of the door.

I tottered down the stairs in my ridiculous shoes and into the living room where Joe sat waiting. He looked up at me and took in my full feminine form with a lustful grin on his face as I stood paralysed, suddenly shy and unsure of myself.

"Wow, Kaylee wasn't kidding, you're one hot bitch, Jasmine," he said, making me go a little weak at the knees, "Don't just stand there, why don't you get me something to drink?"

I tottered into the kitchen in my heels, feeling Joe's eyes staring at my pert arse beneath the short skirt and thin material of my floral pattern summer dress, I felt both flattered and nervous at the attention. In the kitchen, I tried to take a few breaths to calm me down before getting Joe a beer and one for myself and rejoining him in the living room, sitting beside him on the sofa and handing him the beer. As he drank it, he placed his hand on my knee and began to rub my leg through my stocking. It felt nice and his touch was starting to make my little cock stand to attention. He leaned over and kissed me, pushing his hard, manly body against my soft one, exploring my mouth with my tongue. It was like no kiss I'd ever had before, he tasted of beer and smelt of manly sweat and yet it was intoxicating to me. As we broke from the kiss, I heard footsteps in the door and we were joined by Kaylee.

"What's going on here?" she said irritatedly, "Joe, I brought you here so this bitch could learn what it's like to be a real man and here I find you getting all lovey dovey."

I turned around to look and was shocked by what I saw. Where she had dressed me in soft, girlish colours of pale blue and white, my beautiful, innocent daughter dressed like a slutty dominatrix. Or rather, barely dressed at all. Her gorgeous young nubile body was in show for all to see, her long dark hair falling around her perfect round breasts, completely exposed and looking completely stunning. Her long legs were covered in a pair of thigh high PVC boots with high spiked heels and this was just about all she was wearing except for between her legs hung a huge purple strap-on even bigger than the one I had gone down on before. This must have been approaching eight inches, thick and realistically veiny. I wanted it right then. Instantly, my attention was diverted from Joe's strong, masculine form to my daughter's gorgeous feminine body with its decidedly unfeminine rubber cock.

"Please, Mistress Kaylee," I purred longingly at her, "Please let me suck your cock, it looks so big and tasty that a dirty slut like me just can't help herself."

Joe looked astounded to hear these words come from my mouth, even dressed as I was and with all that he had probably heard about me, it must have come as something of a shock to hear me beg so much to suck my own daughter's rubber cock. He certainly seemed impressed in watching as what appeared to be one hot woman knelt before another and began to lick her strap-on.

"Good that you know your place slut," Kaylee said as she stood over me in her tall, sexy boots, "Your not my daddy any more, you're my bitch, you're a cocksucking whore who likes nothing more than worshipping her mistress' cock and swallowing cum."

"Yes Mistress, I love sucking your cock, it feels amazing to be your bitch, Kaylee" I said as I took it in my mouth, smearing it with my pink lipstick, it really did feel great to have it fill my mouth.

"How would you like to have a go with a real cock, Jasmine?" my daughter grinned down at me.

"Oh yes, Mistress Kaylee, I would like that very much," I moaned, letting her strap-on leave my throat, "I've dreamt about being allowed to suck on a real cock like a true slutty whore."

She stood me up and turned me to face her boyfriend who still sat on the sofa leering at me.

"Like what you see, Joe?" Kaylee said, unzipping the back of my dress and letting it fall to the floor so I was dressed in just corset, panties hiding my little erection, stockings and suspenders, she spun me round so he could take all of my lingerie clad body in, "She looks pretty great doesn't she? It's quite a transformation to turn my boring daddy into this super slut. Look at that arse," she said, slapping it and giving me a painful but arousing reminder of our first day together, "It looks pretty fuckable, and I bet you've wondered what those pretty pink lips could do with your cock."

In answer, he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, my eyes bulged at the sight of it. It was massive, huge, long and thick and as he stroked it, it only became bigger and harder.

"This is what you do to me, Jasmine, you little slut," Joe grinned, jerking off.

"Get a closer look at it bitch," my daughter said, pushing me to the floor, "That's what a real man's cock looks like, not like that girly little clit of yours. Don't you just want to taste it, bitch? That's what naughty girls like us do."

"Come on, suck it slut," Joe said as I knelt down before him and extended my tongue to flick across his cock's uncut head and took in his translucent pre-cum, getting a tasty precursor to what I longed for, the full feeling of him shooting his cum down my throat just like in a porno flick.

"You're right Mistress Kaylee, this is a real cock, this is what a slut like me just wants to take in her mouth," said as I licked up Joe's shaft with every pause in my conversation, "I want to make your boyfriend cum for me Mistress, I want to taste his warm juices shooting down my throat and over my face."

"That's a good bitch," said my daughter/Mistress as I opened my lips and she pushed my head forward onto her boyfriend's cock until I swallowed about half of the length of it.

It tasted and felt even better than her prosthetic fake, it was warm and throbbing with life and excitement, I could feel its hardness and knew that that was the work of my own slutty cocksucking abilities and taste a little saltiness on it which suggested I could make him cum soon.

"Oh God, that's it Jasmine, oooh that feels great," Joe moaned as I went further down on him, trying my hardest to deep-throat his massive length, "Wow Kaylee, your dad's become quite the proper cocksucking whore, I never would have guessed he'd make such an eager, talented slut."

"I know, it surprised even me how well Jasmine took to it," Kaylee said, standing behind me and slapping my arse, "I'd expected to have to break her a little more but she was only too eager to become my little slutty plaything. Maybe daddy knew what a fuckable woman he'd make. Maybe he knew that all those years he hadn't been fucking mum was because he'd rather be going down on a hard manly cock like yours or taking one up this gorgeous arse."

Here, she landed another slap and then started to feel my arse cheeks through the satin material of my blue panties.

"It is such a perfect arse, I'm sure a slut like her is just waiting for it to be fucked," I was starting to worry a little and get excited at the same time as my daughter played with my arse and talked about fucking it, this was after all the ultimate pleasure of the truly slutty woman and one I was starting to yearn for, even the feel of my daughter's hand slapping my round cheeks made my clitty-cock harder, but it did still make me a little nervous. I had to admit I found the situation a little humiliating, down on my knees in girly lingerie, sucking a hard cock while my own daughter taunted me about how easy a slut I was. I guess I could have done something to stop it but I didn't, I guess that tells you how much I was loving being so used and humiliated by my own gorgeous teenage daughter.

Kaylee tore off my blue satin panties and cast them aside where my summer dress had fallen, my round arse was now exposed, as was my ever harder little erection.

"Wow, bitch, your clitty is so hard and wet, you must be loving playing the slut for my boyfriend," Kaylee grinned, now she stuck her finger right up my arse in a way that made me squeal with surprise and pleasure even with my mouth around Joe's hard manhood, "Fuck bitch, your arse is so tight, doesn't it just make you want to fuck this slut's brains out honey?" she said to Joe.

"Oh God yes, Kaylee," Joe moaned in reply, "This little whore of yours is doing such a great job with her cocksucking mouth I can't believe she's not had a dick inside her before, I'd just love to see how she feels when I stick mine up her arse."

"You'll wait your turn," Kaylee said, shoving a second finger into my tight arse and moving it around, "This bitch is mine and I'll be the one to break her and take her cherry. Then my daddy will know who's really the boss around here. Isn't that right, Jasmine?"

"Yes Mistress," I said, letting her boyfriend's hard dick from my mouth for a second and stroking it instead with my hand, liking the sight of my painted pink nails running across it like a real woman's, "I'm your bitch to do as you want with, I'll be your slutty sex slave forever."

"Ha ha ha ha," my daughter laughed, "Just think, before my daddy thought he was in charge of the household and now here he is dolled up like a slut with his own daughter fingering his arse and he's just gagging for more. Does it turn you on, daddy bitch, having your dominatrix daughter have such power over you, wondering if she's going to fuck you with a dick bigger than that pathetic little thing you used to call your cock?"

"It really turns me on hearing you taunt me Mistress Kaylee, I know I'm not adequate to be a man and I'm not your daddy any longer, I'm your bitch slut Jasmine and all I want is cock."

"That's right bitch," said Kaylee, sticking a third finger inside me before pulling all of them out, "And you're about to get it so why don't you beg like the slut that you are."

"Please Mistress, I want to get fucked, I want you to make me into a real woman and take my cherry, I want to feel my arse completely fucked by your monster cock, make me your bitch Kaylee, fuck my virgin arse and turn me into a real slutty whore."

Well, I guess this is where we came in, with me, moved onto all fours in a doggystyle position in the centre of the floor, dressed in a lacy corset with white stockings and suspenders, heels and a whorish blonde wig, my slutty lipstick and makeup smudged over my daughter's boyfriend's massive dick which I had a pretty good look at as he stuck it back between my lips, while my daughter herself opened up my arse cheeks and violated my tight little virgin anus with a big hard thrust of her eight-inch strap-on cock which caused me to almost pass out with the heightened emotions of pleasure and pain combined.

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