tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI Become Wendy's "Wife"

I Become Wendy's "Wife"


After the amazing weekend I thought things would settle back down to our usual routine. She was out working all day so I had to wait until the next weekend to go shopping with Wendy for my new wardrobe. In the meantime she allowed me to wear any of her clothes that I liked but most were a bit too big for me and Wendy had only a few dresses and skirts to choose from. She told me I was no longer allowed in trousers or slacks, at least for the time being. On the Monday when she got home she found me with my legs nicely shaved wearing a flesh coloured pair of tights, a pink bra and pantie set and a dress in pastel shades with a small intertwined flowers or reddish coloured leaves, I wasn't sure which, but I thought the outfit suited me. I was quite self conscious and confessed to Wendy that I had not gone to the door when the postman arrived with a parcel. He knew me as a man, so I thought he would laugh at me. He'd pushed a card through saying pick it up from the Post Office.

"Simon, I wanted that parcel. You silly little sissy. I've had a really stressful day and now this." She sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and beckoned me over. "You've been a naughty girlie haven't you? Lie across my lap for your punishment."

Wendy had promised to spank me and it was something I had fantasised about. Her mother's smacks had hurt me but for some reason I wanted it again, the earlier spanking had aroused me and made me feel better afterwards.

"Yes, darling, spank my botty, I've been a naughty girl. Shall I slip off my tights and panties?"

"You shouldn't need to ask silly. Get them off at once. And another thing, I don't want my wife wearing tights in future. Is that clear?

"Yes ma'am." I said blushing. I hurriedly pulled them down and off my feet and placed myself across her knees.

"I want you to count and thank me after each slap. You're looking forward to this aren't you?" She was looking at my growing erection.

I blushed again and nodded. She gave me twenty hard slaps with the flat of her hand ensuring that all my bottom was smarting by the time she had finished. Not as bad as the paddle but still painful.

"How many more can you take?" Wendy asked grinning. My cock was hardening as she paused after softening a little with the onslaught.

"Please can I have another ten? I promise to be a good sissy from now on."

"OK. Ten it is then. I've got a job for you when I've finished the spanking. My, isn't your bottom red? I didn't realise how sexy this is dear. My panties are absolutely soaking."

As she laid into me, even harder than before, she casually remarked that I would be needing a new name. "How does sissy Susan sound?" she said, laughing. "Come on now, speak up."

"Twenty-nine, thank you ma'am. Yes, I am a silly sissy Susan aren't I? Ouch. Thirty, thank you ma'am."

Wendy pointed to the floor then, stripping off her trousers and panties as she moved over to her usual position on the settee, she switched on the TV to watch a quiz show whilst I licked and sucked at her wonderful vulva. The programme distracted her a little, she wanted a good long session tonight and the distraction helped to make it last. Her first orgasm was not enough to satisfy her and I enjoyed a good thirty minutes pleasuring her on my knees before she requested that I go to the kitchen to finish off dinner.

Wendy was always friendly and courteous but we both knew that she made all the decisions. Somehow I craved it, I was turned on by doing her bidding. I was her slave and the spanking only served to confirm what we both knew. I was there to make her happy. My needs were secondary and not really important. So far she had been a benevolent dictator. Perhaps dicktator was nearer the mark. I had given a lot of thought to my strap on experience at the weekend realising I had not seen the last of that kind of thing. I also thought about the lesbian affairs she had had. If her plan was to have my balls cut off that was one particular step I was not prepared to take. No, making me dress as a woman was Wendy's way of making me obedient and subservient, as women were to men years ago. I was sure it would never go as far as surgery. I wasn't gay but I had discovered that I did enjoy feminine things, wearing women's clothes made my cock hard. There was something wierdly sexy about this world I had entered and I didn't want it all to change back to my previously lonely life without a partner.

That night as we lay close together in bed, me in my new long silky nightie, Wendy confided about her lesbian flings. "I'm not an out and out lesbian you know. I think I really prefer men. I've got a strong lust for life; that means I look for new experiences. Can you live with that darling?"

"You are the one who wears the trousers darling. And I like it that way. My willy is hard with me thinking of you shagging other women, will you let me put it in your pussy just this once, please?"

"Sorry Susan I doubt if I could feel your little willy after the pounding I've had from bigger cocks over the years. Why don't you wank off in front of me? I'll tell you something about my sexy past whilst you pull away on your little prick."

"Well you know how hot it can get in hospitals? And how the doctors wear white coats? One really hot summer's day I was on my way out in a lift travelling down to the ground floor with one of the doctors. I'd been to visit a friend who'd had a baby. I was wearing a thin summer dress without any bra or panties to keep cool. The doctor must have noticed my nipples and that there were no bra straps and his sharp eyes had caught a glimpse of my hairy fanny reflected in the polished floor. I saw him looking lustfully at me and my smile was so inviting that he bent and kissed me on the lips. I returned the kiss as he was fumbling with the buttons of his doctor's coat revealing that he just had on a pair of thin boxer shorts underneath. He somehow managed to stop the lift between floors as I was pulling his shorts down. His cock was huge- sorry darling. Oh, you've spurted into your hand. Lick it all up, there's a good sissy. We fucked standing up and both came at about the same time. We never saw each other again. I'm such a slut aren't I darling?"

She pushed my head down towards her pussy and I was happy to oblige, more than satisfied that I had just jerked off as she watched. That was infinitely better than masturbating alone.

Wendy said I had to go for a walk out of the house dressed as a woman so I went for a stroll around the local park whilst she was at work. It was cold so I muffled myself up in one of Wendy's coats and wore a headscarf. Nobody seemed to notice me as being out of the ordinary so it gave me confidence.

A few nights later Wendy explained that she had had a long chat with her mother who had reminded her that she had fucked me with the strap on.

"How would you like another fucking darling? I'm warning you that once I've fucked you, I may want to do it every night."

"I was hoping that you would suggest it. If I'm to be a good sissy it's something I should be getting used to. But please be gentle and use your smallest strap on."

"OK. But I can't promise to always take it slowly once your pussy becomes stretched. I know; I'll get you a butt plug to wear every day until your bum hole is more accommodating. You want to have a pussy that is available for my use at all times don't you."

"Yes dear. Please fuck me with your strap on."

We drank a bottle of wine between us whilst I gave myself an enema to wash out my back passage and then it was upstairs to bed to do the dirty deed.

I knelt on the bed naked with pillows on my chest. Wendy took her time whispering endearments, kissing my neck and nuzzling my ears as she kneeled behind me and began to insert the strap on. The position I was in felt a bit humiliating this time. I had to remind myself of my status. No longer the fucker. I was now the "fuckee". But again my cock was hard as if I was revelling in my new position, in more than one sense of this word. As the rubber cock began to work its way past my sphincter I suddenly lost my erection but as last weekend once Wendy began to get into a rhythm my willy rose again. Wendy was kind enough to reach around as she fucked. She stroked my little cock in time with her thrusts. She was breathing heavily, grunting and letting out little squeals of enjoyment.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. I hope you're loving this as much as I am darling." She said. "Take this and this and this." She shouted, in time with her thrusts. "You're my little sissy aren't you darling."

I could only nod my head appreciatively. Wendy was the first to come but again she was kind and continued until I spurted. I had been holding a plastic cup as we fucked (Wendy's idea) and managed to collect all the sperm. She smiled approvingly as I drank it down.

"That reminds me darling, I've got a date on Saturday night. It's somebody high up at the firm I work for. I'll let you help me get all dolled up for him. You did say you fantasised about me seeing other men didn't you? So I thought you wouldn't mind."

I hadn't really come out and said so but it was true I had jerked off thinking about Wendy with another man. My feelings were mixed as I was afraid I might lose her.

"And if he fucks me I'll let you eat his semen out of my cunt. You like the taste of come don't you?"

What could I say? This was my new life; plenty of excitement and unexpected events. As I humbly nodded my head I blushed with embarrassment and humiliation. I noticed that my penis had responded despite my recent orgasm. Did she want me to meet her boyfriends and, if so, what would they say to me? Would she have more lesbian affairs? What was going to happen next?

To be continued...

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