tagLesbian SexI Dream of Vestal

I Dream of Vestal


In a veil of white mist, at the temple of Vestal, two of the virgins bathed me. Pretty, sweet things adorned in wraps of loose white linen. The one, with dark hair, seriously seductive, while the other with hair flowing long and blond was playful and sweet - neither uttered a sound from the moment we met. Both were long-limbed with small clever hands, silently and sensuously easing a stress and tension from my body that, until now, I hadn't realised I possessed.

Closing my eyes, I lost myself to the heat of the water and wickedly sensual sensations as their hands caressed me beneath the surface. Their lips finding mine as well as each other's - we three lost to these precious moments as steam rose around us. The only sound was the play of water and the soft sounds of my contentment.

Dozens of candles spread their golden light about the room forcing back the shadows to dance at the edges of perception across a ceiling and walls of marble painted with frescoes of women bathing, hunting and making love. The enchanted light spilt in glistening patterns upon the bare, tanned flesh of my body as they finally encouraged me to rise from the water and step naked upon a raised dais.

Pouring warm oil into cupped hands, they began to softly massage and caress my wet skin. I sighed, bringing my head back in delight as new and incredible sensations enveloped me. The girl at my feet, the blond and surely no more than eighteen summers, encouraged me to spread my legs apart a little further and gently massaged oil from hips down to toes, hesitating at my inner thighs, brushing, as if by accident, against the naked, puffy lips of my vagina. Taking a razor, she carefully removed the small amount of pubic hair upon my mound of Venus.

I gazed down and watched her, mesmerised as she moved forward and softly kissed my now completely naked sex sending shivers sparking through me.

Hearing me gasp, she glanced up and smiled.

The darker girl, taller than me by a hands span, moved behind me, slipping her arms beneath mine, around my chest, hands cupping and moulding my breasts, smoothing more oil into willing flesh, tormenting already erect nipples into greater heights of arousal. As well as a delightful tease, her arms offered support lest I swoon. I glanced down once more as long red-lacquered nails teased out each nipple, pinching them hard, the pain all too exquisite, before allowing them to spring back to pucker and harden further, glistening with oil in the warm candlelight.

Once oiled to their satisfaction, I was gently towelled and then drawn towards a chair where they attended to my nails, hair and make-up.

'Thank you,' I murmured. The sound of my voice an intrusion to their ministrations, yet I wanted to thank them so much. 'You are both so ... wonderful.' I closed my eyes, knowing they would not reply, and allowed them to continue pampering me.

My nails were painted, Vestal red, as were my lips. Thick, black kohl was used to line my eyes and my hair was braided into a white silk. A strong musky scent was dabbed on my neck, wrists and stomach, and my legs were parted so it might be applied to my inner thighs. I didn't recognise the fragrance as anything I had ever smelled before but, as I drew in a breath, I felt the familiar stirring of arousal deep in my pussy.

I opened my eyes as they took my hands and helped me to rise, and then they led me still naked from the room. We entered a long, dark corridor barely illuminated with burning candles placed at several points along its length. The small yellow flames guttering, fighting to stay alight in the chill draught that chased about raising goose bumps upon my exposed flesh. I drew my arms about my naked body and felt my nipples hard, erect and incredibly sensitive against my forearms. A hand upon my arm stopped me in one of these feeble pools of light, and I realised we were facing a door. My two young friends bid me enter.

The handle was cold, stiff and hard in my hand as I tried to turn it. With a creaking groan, it finally opened and we entered. The room was warmer than the corridor, but only just. A fire crackled in a small hearth and I was tempted to run over and crouch beside it to warm myself, but I managed to stay the impulse. Awaiting us were two women, both a little older than my first two companions who, without a word, silently retreated into the corridor and another part of the temple. I waited nervously, trying to cover my naked pussy with one hand while holding my other arm across my chest. The women both watched me saying nothing, clearly enjoying my discomfort. They wore similar linen robes to my first companions and were equally beautiful. My nerves increased and a shiver of apprehension past through me as they slowly approached, smiling, breasts swaying gently beneath loose robes.

'You, are Josephine?' It was strange to hear a voice after several hours of silence and I confess to being startled.

'I... ...Yes, I'm Josie ... Josephine, Mistress.'

The one who had spoken reached out and tilted my chin up, moving my head to the side inspecting me before dropping her hand to trail down my neck to my collar-bone, and then down the right side of my chest. I dropped the protection of my arm and her nail drew across my oiled flesh sending tingles of excitement through me. I gasped as her nail caught on the puckered skin of my erect nipple. I drew in a breath but managed not to flinch away. She smiled.

'I am not your Mistress, Josephine. Sit up on the table and lean back.' She indicated the stone table behind her and taking my hand drew me towards it. Nervously, I sat on the edge then moved across to the centre where the two women arranged me, leaning me back on my elbows with my legs drawn up, my vagina offered and open. The stone surface was rough and cold and it hurt my elbows but I said nothing.

'Stay like this and don't move.'

The second, silent woman brought a bowl to the table and placed it beside me. She smiled and then dipped her fingers into the bowl and dripped warm, oily liquid onto my exposed sex.

'Good girl, don't move,' said the other. She took my knees and opened my legs a little wider while her silent friend spread the lips of my vagina and gently sank two fingers deep inside my cunt. I threw back my head and gasped, the muscles of my sex drawing on her fingers seeking more movement, more satisfaction from this invasion.

'No!' A stern look from both attendants stayed my motion and, properly chastised, I tried to relax.

'That's better.' She used both hands to spread my vagina and both women studied me, exploring my inner sanctum. Once satisfied, the probing fingers finished their inspection and were withdrawn.

'Turn over onto your knees.'

I did as she bid, quickly assuming the position familiar to me of crouching down with my bottom up and head down on folded hands. For a few moments, nothing happened, and then I felt warm oil dripped onto my anus and a finger softly circled my puckered hole. It was gentle at first but became slowly insistent as it sought entrance. Bighting my lip I tried to relax and then let out a breath as the finger slid past the barrier of my sphincter muscles and into me. A feeling of slutty depravity overwhelmed me as the slim finger slowly began fucking my bottom, moving in and out of my anus several times before a second finger pushed in beside the first. More oil dribbled on and the fucking continued. Sensing movement, I glanced up to see the first woman gazing down at me.

'Do you like that, Josephine?' I nodded, unable to speak. 'You're very beautiful. A very beautiful dirty slut that enjoys her bottom being fucked, aren't you?' I nodded again ...because I am. 'We are nearly finished with you.'

The fingers gently withdrew. 'Hold still.' A towel wiped me down and I felt knickers drawn over my feet and up my legs. I lifted my knees to let them pass.

'You will always do anything that is requested of you within this temple. There is no room for refusal here. You have made this agreement and you understand it ... don't you Josephine?'

I nodded. 'Yes, I understand.' They helped me from the table and passed me a short white skirt, which I stepped into and pulled up - no top was offered.

'Step into these.' White sandals were placed in front of me. They had five-inch heels and I swayed, reaching out to the table for support as I stepped into them and they were fastened. Although uncomfortable, I knew they would make my legs appear impossibly long and sexy.

'Walk.' I took three steps and received a nod of approval. 'Come this way.'

I followed the two women, intimately aware of my breasts swaying freely, aroused and heavy. My nipples still engorged, painful and neglected. I felt deliciously exposed. A beautiful sexual, lesbian object - an offering to the goddess of vestal - I wondered with a shiver what would become of me.

Back in the cold passage, I wished I had something to cover myself. It was dark, there was a chill draft, and the only sound was from my heels as they made contact with the stone floor. My two attendants, barefoot, moved silently behind me.

We stopped by a large door with three candles burning brightly in a candelabra beside it. One of my attendants turned the handle and pushed the door before stepping back and I took a deep breath as it slowly opened inwards revealing a large room with several women sitting about a large table. A hand pushed me forward and I stumbled, blushing with embarrassment for my clumsiness and the fact that I appeared to be the only person with breasts bared.

'I present Josephine, Priestess.' I heard my two escorts withdraw and the door clicked shut behind me.

'Ahh yes, Josephine. We've been expecting you.' One of the women rose from the table and walked towards me smiling kindly. She appeared to be in her middle years and was strikingly beautiful with a slender figure, high cheekbones and startlingly green eyes. She wore the same plane white temple wrap as the others, exposing arms, legs and a generous cleavage. Around her slim waist was a golden belt, setting her apart from the others as the highest ranking amongst them.

'Sisters, this young lady has been brought here to entertain us after our tiring day.' Reaching out, she stroked my right breast and then, taking a firm hold of my nipple, drew me towards the table. It hurt and I bit my lip but followed meekly without protest.

As we reached the table, I gazed about at the smiling faces with mixed emotions fluttering through me - I was scared and embarrassed but also extremely aroused at being the centre of so much sexual tension.

'She's very pretty. Did you choose her yourself, Priestess?'

'No, Illana.' The priestess moved behind me and turned me to face the table fully. I felt her arms come around me and her hands cupped my breasts. She lifted them to show her sisters. 'Her Mistress has sent her here to learn obedience and, seeing a photograph of her, I agreed to take a personnel interest.' Her fingers found my erect nipples and pinched them, pulling them out painfully from my chest as she kissed my neck softly. She let them go and my breasts dropped back. Her hands began slowly moving down to find the hem of my skirt. I felt a rise of shame as she lifted it and knew I was blushing. She let it drop and sat down beside me, her hand caressing my inner thigh as she turned her attention more fully to the other women.

'What should we do with her sisters? She is ours to play with, to do with as we wish. She is a naughty slut who has to do anything we ask of her, don't you Josephine?'

'Yes, Priestess.' I hung my head in shame yet kept enough presence of mind to keep my breasts pushed forward.

'If she is here to learn obedience, then her Mistress would want her punished for any past crimes and conditioned for future obedience.' The sister speaking was to my right. She took my wrist and pulled me roughly across her lap. The next thing I knew I was staring at a floor tiled in an intricate swirling pattern, my skirt was being pulled up and my knickers ripped away. I could feel my bottom naked and exposed for whatever was to come. Knowing what would be expected of me I straightened my legs, opening them slightly, put my hands on the floor for support and arched my back to offer the best possible sight for those watching me.

A sudden slap came down hard on my left cheek making me cry out in shock.

'Silence, girl. Take your punishment well or there will be worse for you.'

I held back a sob and bit my lip as a second, and then a third hard slap jolted through me. Several softer slaps followed making my bottom wobble, then I felt the cheeks of my bottom parted and my anus and vagina exposed. I held my breath and closed my eyes not knowing what was to come.

'Stand up, I'm finished with you.'

I got unsteadily to my feet and, smoothing my skirt, turned back to the group of smiling faces. The sister to the right was standing up and holding out her hand. I took it and she drew me towards her into a deep kiss. I responded as her tongue forced my lips open and pushed past my teeth. She tasted faintly of peppermint. Still kissing me, she sat back onto the table, drew her legs up, and then broke the kiss and pushed me down.

'Lift my skirts and give me pleasure, Josephine.' I did as she asked.

Aware of the six other women watching this intimate sport, I lifted her short skirt revealing smooth, milky thighs and her naked vagina, wet and open. Two vestal sisters held her legs and opened them further. I knew this wasn't just a matter of licking a beautiful woman's pussy. I was still the centre attraction and had to offer the best performance I could. Keeping my legs straight, I bent down and began to lick softly around the folds of pink skin making sure my attentions were visible to all those watching. The Vestal sister had no pubic hair to hide her secret treasure her cunt was naked and beautiful. As I licked, tasting the musky juices that glistened on her soft folds of skin, my embarrassment was slowly began to be replaced by the slut within. I pushed my bottom out further as my skirt was raised, knowing that perched on my heels, with legs straight, I was presenting a pretty sight. I gently opened the soft flower of her vagina with my fingers and licked her, lapping up the nectar that flowed from within.

My bottom was being groped now, my breasts were being squeezed and pinched by unseen hands but, despite the distraction, I managed to concentrate on my task.

Some of the fingers on my bottom moved down to my vagina, and began gently stroking around the soft sensitive skin. As I licked and sucked I could feel the fingers move closer and closer and then they softly opened my cunt and began to explore within me - I spread my legs a little wider. Hands parted the cheeks of my bottom and a finger tickled around my anus before it pushed harder, insisting upon entry - although the posture was becoming uncomfortable, I kept my legs straight and my back dipped. My breasts, hanging heavily from my chest, were being weighed, squeezed and pinched by more insistent hands.

'Enough!' The hands left me and I was drawn reluctantly away from the sweet pussy.

'Lay back on the table, Josephine.' I did as the priestess asked, and allowed the sisters to guide me up, sitting on the table with my hips close to the edge. Two sisters took my legs and held them up and out to either side as another Vestal sister approached me pulling up her skirt to expose a large white phallus strapped to her hips. The two sisters holding my legs parted the lips of my vagina, opening my cunt wide and a little oil dripped onto my naked sex, just as the large phallus touched me. With little warning, she entered me, filling my cunt to bursting. She reached forward and took my nipples, pinching them hard, using them for purchase to pull herself into me. I bit off a scream and gazed up into the woman's face as she rocked back and forth in a determined fucking motion. She was in her early thirties and stunningly beautiful. I focused on her red painted lips as she thrust into me stretching me, filling my cunt to its limit.

'Enough! Turn her.' The Dildo quickly withdrew and I let out a sob of frustration. Hands pushed, pulled and lifted me. I was suddenly face down, my knees drawn up under me, and my bottom offered up. I could see nothing and felt panic rise within me. I tried to rise but hands held me down. My breasts were again fondled, my nipples pinched, and a hand slapped down hard on my bare bottom making me yelp.

Oil was dripped onto my anus, warm and wet and then came a growing pressure. I suddenly prayed they were going to fuck me with something smaller than the dildo used on my cunt, and then with a surge my sphincter muscles surrendered and it was in me, I cried out and tried to move but they were restraining me.

'Hold her!'

After two slow thrusts of whatever it was, I realised with some relief that it must be smaller ... but it still hurt. I was held firmly as my bottom was fucked and my breasts were abused and then the voice came to end this particular torment.


The dildo slowly withdrew and the restraining hands let me go. Panting slightly, I lifted myself up and gazed about through tear-filled eyes.

'Are you a good little slut, Josephine?'

'Yes Priestess. I am a good little slut.'

'Your mistress has paid well to have you here today. You will thank her when you next see her wont you.'

'Yes, Priestess.' I watched as pillows were piled onto the table.

Lay back and entertain us, Josephine. You will display and use yourself for our pleasure. If we find you pleasing, the rape and abuse will cease ... for now, but you must try hard to please us.'

'Yes Priestess, thank you, Priestess.' A tray of vibrators and dildos were set next to me and I lay back, propped up on a crimson cushion.

Doing my best to display myself prettily, I drew up my skirt and began caressing my naked shaven cunt, teasing my clitoris and running my fingernail down to my now tender anus. I glanced about at my attentive audience who were touching and groping each other as they watched me. I parted my vagina lips and offered a view of my open cunt, enjoying the approval from every eye that was upon my sex. I slid in a finger and, putting my other hand beneath me, moved it around until I could dip a finger into my anus displaying both my secret holes for the pleasure of my audience.

'Turn over. I want to lick you, naughty slut.' The voice came to me through the white mist of my dream and I instinctively turned over onto my knees and lifted up my bottom.

'Yes, Priestess.' The cheeks of my bottom were gently parted and a wet tongue began licking me from my anus down to my wet vagina. I gasped, feeling confused, and then realised I had just awoken from a dream. Carmen was behind me doing delicious things to me, her tongue pushing hard trying to enter my anus as a finger dipped into the sopping wetness that was my cunt.

'You call me Priestess now? ... I think I like.'

'No ... Carmen ... please I was dreaming ... I...'

'Shhhhh, don't move.' She patted my bottom lightly then lapped at my vagina again sending shivers through me. 'You do as you told. You like to do as you told ... you know you do ... be good slut!' I love the way she speaks ... her Spanish accent soft and sensual. I love serving her, doing as she tells me ... and I love waking from a dream and finding myself in another dream, yet this one real.

As two slim fingers slowly began to fuck me, I can feel an orgasm begin to rise threatening to overwhelm me and I know that I have to write this one down.


Please email me your comments.

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