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I Get Foxy Jorja Fox


This was like a dream come true for me. I had left my friends and family in Toronto Canada and headed off to Hollywood California in the United States to pursue my career as an actress. I had done a little in Toronto a few things here and there but nothing really major and I wasn't contacted by any agencies so I most likely wasn't even noticed. I knew if I wanted to make it and be noticed Hollywood was the place to go.

I had saved up a lot of money to cover my rent for nine months and food for maybe three months. By then I hoped to have something that brought me steady income. My dream was to be either in movies or a popular drama series on television, whatever came first. I had looked for places to stay and that I could afford and contacted the landlord before leaving to Hollywood to notify him that I would take the place and will pay him as soon as I arrived so he saved it for me. It wasn't very big but came with a single bed, a mini fridge, a microwave, a small dresser, closet, television set, and telephone jack. After settling in I decided to go to the closest market which was only about a 10 minute walk from where I was staying to get some food. I ended up picking out a loaf a bread, some tuna, deli meat, some Chef Boyardee products, a can opener, and a few newspapers. I brought a couple of plates, bowls and utensils from home so I was good with that.

On my way back I started looking at boards and lamp posts to see if anybody was advertising for possible jobs in the entertainment industry. At this point I would take anything, however no such luck. I got home an and made a tuna sandwich sat on my bed and began looking through the newspapers to see of they were any auditions for anything. The it hit me right there. It read "Small part on television show, possibility to be a recurring role." I couldn't believe it, it was a rather small add I thought for a television show it would be almost a full page. So I copied down the address and telephone number, plugged in the small phone I had also brought from home and called them immediately to set up an audition. I decided this could be it and I had to be ready and had three days before my audition to maybe practice reading some stuff. It really didn't matter what I read just to get my voice right and practice pronunciation and annunciation and I wanted to get a good night sleep the night before. I immediately went to my closet to look for the perfect outfit to wear something professional but also something that I would be comfortable in. I was so excited and knew I was ready for this. I finally settled on a black pant suit with a blue blouse. After I took a shower changed in my pajamas and plopped on my bed to watch a little television and e-mail my mom back home with my laptop which I had also brought with me to let her know that I had arrived safely and told her about my audition.

For the next two days I was reading articles from the newspaper out loud just to practice. I didn't look for any other auditions or jobs quite yet. I didn't want to be running around in a city I don't know trying to find places. I went on Mapquest to find out where the audition was held and thankfully it wasn't too far and lucky for me they had public transit there.

The day of my audition had finally arrived I got a good nights sleep and woke up excited and totally ecstatic. I took and nice hot shower and got dressed ready to head out. My audition was for 11:00 am so I left at 9:00 am I definitely wanted to be early show them that I was prompt. It was held in a small office building of five floors and the audition was on the top floor in a suite. I entered at about 10:20 am, and saw there were only three other people there. Maybe I would be lucky since the add was so small maybe a lot of people might have passed it up. So I checked in, sat down in a chair and waited to be called. I tried to remain as calm as I could I knew if I was relaxed I would do much better in the audition. The time seemed to pass by rather quickly and 4 others showed up. But I knew it was still early in the day who knows how many people would show up later or how long they were holding auditions for. At about 11:10 am they called my name. I entered the room where there were two men and one woman sitting behind a desk.

They had me pose for a Polaroid and handed me a script. I had me read a scene which seemed like a police drama from the way the scene was written and the lines. I read the scene with the woman as the other person in the scene. I read for about 10 minutes and I really got into the character well I thought. The scene and ended and they conversed with one another quietly and one of the men spoke. "Thank you Miss Hampton, if you are chosen you should receive a call within a week." I walked over smiled and shook each of their hands firmly thanking them each for their time. I walked out knowing I did a good job and felt very confident. On my way home I decided to pick up a job application from the local supermarket. I thought I could get a job a few days a week just to have some extra money. Only a few days though so I still had time to go to auditions. I got home and plopped on my bed still totally psyched that I did such a good job on my audition and I knew it.

Three days later my phone rang and I dived across the room to the side table next to my bed where the phone was sitting so fast to answer it I almost slid completely off my bed.

"Hello," I said.

"Jessica Hampton please."

"This is her," I said smiling brighter than I ever have before

"This is Eric Dawson I handle the casting for the television series CSI. I was in the room the day you auditioned and we absolutely loved you and have decided to give you the part in our show if you are still interested."

"Oh my gosh yes absolutely."

"Great come by the office at 8:00 am Monday and one of us will drive you to the set and get you all set up."

"Thank you very much Mr. Dawson."

"See you Monday."

I hung up the phone and started dancing around my apartment. I did keep the supermarket application cause I might need it who knows how long this CSI thing will last.

I arrived at the office early again and then shortly after Eric Dawson (I recognized him as he said one the men seated at the desk during my audition) pulled up in his car. I got in and as he drove to the set he started explaining to me what my part was. My name in the show is Kate Parsons I am a young intern and will be working with Sara Sidle (played by Jorja Fox). I was so excited but acted very professional. I always thought Jorja Fox was super sexy. Basically I would be Sara's assistant, not as experienced as her but soon I would be.

We ran scenes a few times over and I couldn't believe it after they yelled "cut" Jorja pretended like I didn't even exist. She didn't acknowledge me at all. Could this be true a girl I had fantasies about be a total stuck up bitch? I decided to take no note of it, it was the first day and I was new. Maybe she was just having a bad day. I did mange to converse a bit with some of the other stars but still not the one I wanted, Jorja. I figured she would talk to me the most since we act together all the time. I figured I'd wait maybe she takes time to open up to new people.

It was now the end of the first week and still not a word to me from Jorja. That's it I had had it with this bitch who treats me like dirt. It was Friday and as I had expected everybody packed up quickly to get home as soon as they could. The last scene of the day was in a lab and soon I noticed everybody gone except Jorja and me she was just tidying up the set a bit. Now I was going to make her notice me. Her back was to me 'perfect' I thought.

I walked up behind her as quietly as I could. I grabbed her by the wrists as I spun her around and pushed her against the glass cabinets causing the them to shudder as well as the fake solutions in them and shoved my tongue in her mouth. I broke the kiss and stared her deep in her eyes which now showed fear and surprise.

"Jessica what...what..." was all she was able to stutter out before I kissed her again.

My hands pulled off the lab coat she was wearing then my hands went to her blouse opening the buttons as fast I could as I started to grind against her body and kept kissing her. "You ignored me long enough," I responded to her, "now I am gonna make sure you never forget me." As I finished opening up her blouse I yanked her bra down causing her breasts to hang over her bra.

"Jessica we can't...this isn't..."

I slapped her cheek not too hard but hard enough as she gasped at me. "Nobody is here Jorja they are all gone I have you all to myself. So we can and we are." With that I lifted her up so she was sitting on the counter as I took off my blazer and started undoing my blouse, the costume had to wear for my part. To my surprise Jorja just sat there and watched me she didn't try to escape or anything. I finished taking off my blouse and unsnapped my bra revealing my 34C breasts to her.

"Oh my gosh," she breathed heavily.

I grabbed her head hard bringing it over my nipple. "Suck it bitch," I screamed at her. She didn't need to be told twice and she sucked hungrily at my breasts and her tongue flicked over my nipple. I couldn't believe this, Jorja Fox was a lesbian. My hands ran through her soft hair and her mouth worked magic on my breasts. I reached behind me and unzipped my skirt letting pool at my feet. Now I was wearing nothing but a pair of peach coloured panties and shoes that I also had to wear for the part. Then I reached behind Jorja and undid her bra letting her breasts fall free. I pulled her to me causing her to slide off the counter. I needed her to stand up cause she was wearing pants and I couldn't take them off with her sitting down. I slid her dress pants down along with her panties then took a step back to look at her, her body was exquisite. "Get back on the counter and spread your legs," I commanded her. She got back on without looking causing flasks and test tubes to topple over. Neither of us took any note of that. I knelt down and began lapping her her trimmed pussy.

"Oh God," she swooned as she threw head back. Her hands immediately went to my head and she held my head firmly to her crotch. "Jessica I had no idea. You are making me so hot." I reached for one of the test tubes that were on the counter, wet it a bit with my tongue before I began to slide it in her pussy fucking her slowly with it. Then I began to kiss my way up her body, just above her pussy, over her flat yet muscular stomach, then to her breasts and I began to suck her breasts hard and bite her nipples. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. I knew she was loving every second of this. Her nipples were hard like diamonds.

I lowered my panties revealing my neatly trimmed landing strip. "On you knees skank," I demanded of her. She fell to her knees her eyes locked on mine. "Now eat me out whore." Her head slowly moved forward her eyes never leaving mine as her mouth closed over my cunt and began to suck it hard while shoving her tongue deeper up inside me. Then I turned and bent over the counter as she licked me from behind. I felt her tongue rise up her hands immediately spread my ass and she jammed her tongue up my ass hole. This girl was a total slut. "Argh yes," I grunted, "eat my ass you fucking slut." Jorja just moaned as she continued to shove her tongue in my ass. I spun around and leaned against the counter as she stood to face me. I spit twice on her face then rubbed it all over her face.

"Ahhhhhhh yeah," she sighed as I rubbed the spit all over her face and slapped her again.

"You like that bitch?"

"Oh yeah."

I slapped her again. "You like being treated like the slut you are?"


I roughly pushed her on the table that was on the set which she layed back on. Reaching into my purse I pulled out my vibrator which I always carried with me. I turned it on and the buzzing sound was heard but before Jorja could say anything it was sliding inside her pussy. I slowly began to move it in and out of her pussy and waves of pleasure took over her body.

"Oh God yes yes ummmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried as her sweaty body began to slide on the table. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum."

I started to fuck her with the vibrator faster and harder. "C'mon bitch, cum, cum for me." Her body started to convulse.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," with a final scream Jorja let go. As I removed the cum covered vibrator from her pussy turned it off and placed it at her mouth and she began to lick and suck it clean.

We each got dressed and left the set without saying a word to each other. I continued to shoot a few more episodes before I was told my work was done there. Two weeks later I got a call back that they wanted me back as a current character on the show. I had a job at the market which I had to quit after only a week So I am now a regular on CSI, I wonder if Jorja had something to do with why they wanted me back.

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